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With Christmas behind us, and maybe some money left
in your pocket, now's the time to self-reflect…..
and buy a gift (or two, three) for yourself.
After all, you really deserve it!

So we'll go ahead and show you more* of the amazing TAIGA® gear that turns cold, dreadful winter into joyful FUN

*(this newsletter is part of a series that began with Issue #5, Oct./Nov. 2016)


Not all down jackets are created equal!  TAIGA® Down Jackets boast a number of features not usually found on other brands.

1) Waterproof/Breathable Fabric
The outer fabric on TAIGA® down jackets is waterproof/breathable DryShell®, sewn with water-repellent thread.  Although not completely waterproof, due to the stitch lines, it works well for light rain & soggy snow – plus, the windproof fabric reduces convectional heat loss, which makes the jacket warmer.  

2) Quilting
These days, most down jackets are pre-quilted by a robot sewing machine.
Then each compartment is semi-automatically filled.  Since down "shies away" from tight spaces, this method leaves uninsulated gaps along the stitch lines (visible when held against the light).  TAIGA® down garments are filled first,
and then painstakingly quilted by hand.  This method "ties down" the down, minimizing the insulation gap, and thus increasing the warmth of the jacket.

3) Hide-Away Hood
Down jackets without hood obviously have a huge disadvantage when it's cold & windy.  A down hood, however, can be a nuisance when you don't need it.
Enter the Hide-Away Hood of the TAIGA
® 'Challenger' Jacket.  It blocks the wind, even providing a bit of warmth since it's lined
 yet it completely disappears in the down collar when not needed.
Ideally, this hood is used together with a wool or fleece hat.

4) Baffled Zipper Flap
Most down jackets have the insulated zipper flap stitched right through,
creating a cold seam along the zipper. 
® 'Challenger' & 'Seymour' jackets use a baffled design instead,
which reduces heat loss in this area, and increases the garment's warmth.

5) Waist Drawstring
A waist drawstring eliminates the bothersome "belly bulge" common with down garments.  And, in conjunction with the hem drawstring, it also makes the jacket warmer by reducing internal draft.

Challenger 'Dry' 850
Down Jacket
  • Waterproof/breathable DryShell® outer fabric.
  • 850+ fillpower European Goosedown.
  • Hide-away shell hood (lined) protects against wind & rain.
    Stores away in the collar.
  • Baffled shoulder & baffled zipper flap add warmth.
  • 3rd-layer inner front panel increases warmth.
  • 3 zippered pockets
    (2 outside, 1 large inside).
  • Waist & hem drawstrings.
Men's S–XL     $298.50

Challenger 'Dry' 800
Down Jacket

Same as above, but with 800+
fillpower Goosedown.  
Seymour 'Dry' 850
Down Jacket

Same features as Challenger-Dry 850, but with a downfilled hood 
(does not hide away).

Women's 4-10

Seymour 'Dry' 800
Down Jacket

Same features as Seymour-Dry 850, but with the following differences:
  • 800+ fillpower prime Goosedown
  • 4 zippered pockets
    (2 outside, 2 inside)
  • No 3rd-layer front panel.
Women's 6-14
Comparable Arc'teryx® down jackets without waterproof/breathable 
outer fabric cost $370 - $670, and are mostly made in Malaysia.

(Website info. from 24 Dec. '16) 

TAIGA® Down Pants are a rare breed, unmatched in their advanced design
and function.  
Ideal for tent, cabin/hut or yard. Also good for dramatically increasing the warmth of a sleeping bag (together with a down jacket & booties).  
For outdoors use these pants are best worn with protective, 
wind-blocking overpants.

Down Pants 'Regular'
  • Water-repellent taffeta shell. 
  • 800+ fillpower prime Goosedown.
  • Waterproof/breathable
    seat, knees & calves.
  • Protective taslan patches
    at seat & knees.
  • Water-repellent
    Power Stretch
    ® cuffs.
  • Elasticized, adjustable
    waist belt.
  • Zippered fly, separating
    at waist.
  • Zippered back pocket.
Men's S-L
3-4 inseams per size.   


Down Pants 'Sport'
Same features as 'Regular' version, but with 3/4-length, 2-way side zippers that open from both ends, and are insulated by generous, not sewn-through draft flaps.

Men's S-L
3-4 inseams per size.


See all TAIGA® Down Garments here.

Sierra Hat
Polartec® 300 fleece with two-layer
microfleece band. Brushed knit liner.

Sizes: S/M, M/L

Inca Hat
Polartec® 300 fleece with two-layer
microfleece band. Brushed knit liner. Strap with hook/loop fastener.
Sizes: S/M, M/L

Watch Cap
Polartec® 300 fleece.
Sizes: S/M, M/L

Thermal Pro® Hat
Polartec® 200 Thermal Pro®.
Warmest fleece for its weight.  
One size.


Merino Toque
260-weight MAPP® Merino wool
 200-weight Merino liner.
Sizes: S/M, M/L.


Merino Helmet Liner
200 or 260-weight MAPP® Merino wool with Lycra® trim.  One size.
200-weight Merino  
260-weight Merino  $12.95
Fleece Mitts
Polartec® 300 fleece 
with Lycra® trim.
Sizes: S,M,L

See all Hats, Mitts & Gloves here.
Until next time,
The Taiga Team

"Discount" for U.S. Customers
All TAIGA® prices are in Canadian dollars.  With the current exchange rate
an item priced at Cdn.$ 100 would only cost you about US$ 74 -

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