Issue 7, 2016


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Polartec®  FLEECE

Polartec®  Fleece, developed by Malden Mills (US), was so successful that the mill even changed its name to Polartec®.  

Over the years, many other mills attempted to copy this material, but none succeeded.  Polartec® fleece remains the undisputed leader.

In our experience, even Polartec® fleece made under license in China didn't measure up to the quality of genuine U.S.-made goods.

Polartec® 300  Fleece Jackets

According to what customers have told us, you can search far and wide, without
much success, for quality comparable to our Polartec
® 300 fleece jackets.

How come?

The vast majority of fleece garments is nowadays made in Asia, using
Asian-made fleece, which is thinner, rather flat looking,  has only
mediocre stretchability, and tends to dry slowly.

Contrast this with TAIGA's fleece jackets made with genuine, U.S.-sourced Polartec®300 fleece...
Crafted with meticulous care, these luxuriously plush & cozy garments are supremely stretchy & comfortable
and quick-drying to boot...
IDEAL companions for the cold season!

* The closest comparable jacket we could find is the 'Denali 2' from The North Face®
($229.99) which, besides other differences,has an extra pocket but lacks underarm
zippers.(Info. from TNF website, 26 Nov.2016)
See all our Polartec® Fleece 300 Jackets here.


Made with a lighter, 100-weight version of Polartec® fleece,these garments score top marks in versatility. They are warm (yet practically never overheat), and are very lightweight not bulky... Perfect for travel.

See all our Polartec® Microfleece garments here.

Polartec®  Fleece Pants

Made with genuine,U.S.-sourced Polartec®200 Fleece or Polartec®Microfleece, these cozy stretch pants are great for providing extra warmth at home, for outdoor activities in the fall, and underlayer of shell pants in winter.

See all our Polartec® Fleece Pants here.
Future items in this newsletter

Newly developed 3-layer DryShell® waterproof / breathable garments.
Now in production. More stock arriving daily.
See all our DryShell® and AquaNix® garments here.
Until next time,
The Taiga Team

"Discount" for U.S. Customers

All TAIGA® prices are in Canadian dollars.
With the current exchange rate of US$ 0.75 for 1 Cdn. dollar,
an item priced at Cdn.$ 100 would only cost you about US$ 75.

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