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You get what you pay for,  right?

Well, think again!

Over the years, TAIGA® products have consistently outclassed & outperformed competitors in design, as well as function.
Yet amazingly, our prices always remained at a very reasonable level.

For instance, take our waterproof/breathable 3-layer DryShell® garments . . .
These types of shells are generally considered top-of-class.  They are expensive to make, and accordingly command top dollar.

Meticulously crafted in our Vancouver (CANADA) plant, with selected top-quality materials from around the world, many TAIGA® 3-layer shell garments are endowed with features that put competitors to shame – yet the prices are surprisingly modest.

While comparable jackets in this category can cost as much as $500, $600, or even more, TAIGA’s Manufacturer-Direct Prices for 3-layer shell jackets are in the $300 range, or below.

  • Waterproof/breathable 3-layer DryShell®.  Fully sealed seams.
  • Hood: MaxVision (Intrepid) or Hide-away MaxVision (Cimarrón).
  • Removable, low-profile snow skirt.     Waist & hem drawstrings.
  • Zippered underarm vents.   •  5 zippered pockets 
  • Made in CANADA
Cimarron  $329.50  (S-XL)               Intrepid  $298.50  (S-XL)

  • Waterproof/breathable
    3-layer DryShell® 
    Fully sealed seams.
  • Hide-away MaxVision hood.
  • Zippered underarm vents.
  • Hem drawstring.
  • 4 zippered pockets.
  • Made in CANADA
Women's 4-12:  $259.50

See all TAIGA® 3-layer shells here.
3-layer Rain Pants
  • Waterproof/breathable
    3-layer DryShell® 
    Fully sealed seams.
  • Elasticized waist,
    plus drawstring.
  • Zippered calves
    for easy on/off.
  • Made in CANADA
     S, M, L,   2-3 inseam choices
Summit Pants
  • Waterproof/breathable
    3-layer DryShell® 
    Fully sealed seams.
  • 2-way, ankle-to-hip zippers.
  • Adjustable calves & ankles.
  • Zip front pocket.
  • Zippered fly.  Waist belt.
  • Made in CANADA
     S, M, L,   3-4 inseam choices
See all TAIGA® 3-layer pants here.

New Zealand is famous for its merino wool.  And New Zealand’s very best quality is certified by MAPP® (Merino Advanced Performance Program).  Naturally, TAIGA® only uses the best.  All our merino garments are made exclusively with MAPP®-certified wool, and produced in Vancouver, CANADA.  
MAPP® Merino Wool has some truly amazing properties…

  • Non-itching & naturally odour-resistant.
  • Naturally water-repellent & quick drying.
  • ‘Sweat-free’, soft & stretchy comfort.
  • Highly breathable & warmth adaptable,
    helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Static-free, enhances body energy.
  • Machine-washable.

Merino Wool is hydrophilic (attracts water) inside the wool fibre, and hydro-phobic outside (repels water). Thus, it absorbs perspiration without feeling clammy on the skin. 

The University of Otago, New Zealand, tested MAPP® Merino Wool against polyester performance wear. When wearing Merino during strenuous exercise, all athletes had substantially lower heart rates, and sweating occurred much later than when wearing polyester.

See the test results here.

See all TAIGA® Merino items here.

For a comparison with our Merino prices, have a look at MEC®,
a Canadian chain of outdoor megastores. It’s technically a "non-profit"
co-operative with a 100% exemption from income tax.
So prices should be good, right?

Well, reality looks a little different. 
From what we can see on their website (as of 12 Nov.) MEC's merino shirts 
hail from Thailand, El Salvador & Vietnam  (TAIGA's are made in Canada),
and the prices look really interesting . . .

  • MEC's plain 155 & 165g, 100% Merino T-shirts cost $65 & $69
    (TAIGA's  140 & 200g, 100% Merino T-shirts:  $29.95 & $39.95),
  •  MEC's 155 & 250g, long-sleeve crewnecks go for $79 & $115
    (TAIGA's  200 & 260g, long-sleeve crewnecks:  $49.95 & $59.95),
  • and MEC's 250g, 100% Merino, long-sleeve zip shirts fetch $109
    (TAIGA's 260g, 100% Merino, long-sleeve zip shirts:  $69.95). 

Quite a difference!

But then, that’s probably just due to some mildly excessive, rocksolid 
“non-profits” –  really nothing much to be concerned about
. . .  
if you have the spare cash to squander.

Until next time,
The Taiga Team

"Discount" for U.S. Customers

All TAIGA® prices are in Canadian dollars.
With the current exchange rate of US$ 0.75  for 1 Cdn. dollar,
an item priced at Cdn.$ 100 would only cost you about US$ 75.

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