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Got a Soft Spot for SOFT SHELLS?
Read on and see what we have up our sleeves.
We are deep into Autumn, and the weather has become chilly, wet & miserable (at least around here in our corner of the globe).

But there’s no reason to become inactive or depressed. TAIGA® can provide you with everything you need to stay comfortable, healthy & happy – regardless of what the weather throws at you.

Starting this week with SOFT SHELLS & RAIN PANTS, we’re going to introduce you to a formidable arsenal of protective gear for cold and wet weather, designed & quality-crafted right here in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

And even though this is cutting edge, top-quality stuff, our Manufacturer-Direct pricing will keep your cost down to a surprisingly reasonable level.
'Soft Shells' or Thermal Shells

TAIGA® ‘Soft Shells’ or Thermal Shells are like weather-resistant versions of fleece garments. Their cozy fleece interior provides warmth, and is covered by a protective exterior that ranges from moderately wind-resistant to windproof, and from highly water-repellent to virtually waterproof.
Furthermore, these shells are very breathable, stretchable and durable.
Ideal garments for the unpredictable weather of Fall & Spring.

NEW this season!

TAIGA® Super Hoodie
Polartec® Power Stretch® 100 SoftShell with Hardface® abrasion-resistant outer.
  • Super-stretchy & comfortable.
  • Super-water-repellent.
  • Super-breathable.
  • Super-durable.
2 zippered pockets,
plus 2 internal pouches.

Men's S-XL
Made in Canada

Power Stretch® Pro Hoodie
Made with Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro-200, this SoftShell is warmer than the Super Hoodie.
It's also highly water-repellent,
breathable, stretchy and durable.
3 zippered pockets, plus
2 inner pouches.

Colours: Black, Denim, Light-grey.

Men’s S-XL
Made in Canada

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Element 'Dry' Jacket, Reg.
Made with 3-layer waterproof/breathable
ThermalStretch'Dry' material (fabric/membrane/fleece) and sewn with water-repellent thread, this SoftShell is windproof, warm and nearly waterproof.
Excellent for wet, chilly
or windy weather.

3 zippered pockets,
plus 2 internal pouches.

Men's S-XL
TAIGA® Element 'Dry' Jacket, deluxe
Same material & features as the ‘Element Dry, Reg.’, but with zippered underarm vents and 1 additional zippered pocket inside.
Made in Canada
SoftShell Pants

With their light, fleecy inside and water-repellent exterior, these pants are a great choice for wet & cold weather, and will keep you comfortable in most conditions.

TAIGA® Wind Pro® Pants 'Reg.'
Highly water-repellent, wind-resistant and stretchy. Adjustable, elasticized waist belt. Zippered fly.
2 zippered pockets.

Sizes: S-L, 2-3 inseams/size

TAIGA® Wind Pro® Pants 'Sport'
Same as above, but with a zippered vent at the outer side of the thighs & unhemmed legs (can be left as is, or trimmed to fit).

Made in Canada

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You NEED Rain Pants!

You own a rain jacket or water-resistant Soft Shell? Great!
Trouble is, when it’s pouring, the water just runs down the jacket and right
onto your pants – which get wet almost instantly. Not very pleasant at all!

Here's what to do...
Carry the handy TAIGA® Rain Pants with you, and put them on when
the first drops are falling.
Then continue walking happily into the deluge.
(Hopefully your shoes are waterproof as well.)

DryShell® Rain Pants, Reg.
Finally, a high-quality pair of
rain pants that's affordable!
3-layer DryShell
® fabric.
Lightweight, yet tough as nails. Fully seamsealed. Elasticized
waist, plus drawstring.

Zippered calves for easy on/off.

Sizes: S-L, 2-3 inseams/size

Made in Canada
…and for more discriminating tastes
we have the 'Summit Pants'.
DryShell® 'Summit' Pants
Tough, waterproof/breathable
3-layer DryShell® fabric.
Fully seamsealed.
3/4-length side zippers.
Adjustable calves & ankles.
Zippered pocket. Waist belt.
Zippered fly.

Sizes: S-L, 3-4 inseams/size

Made in Canada

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"Discount" for U.S. Customers

All TAIGA® prices are in Cdn. dollars.
With the current exchange rate of U.S. 74-76 cents for 1 Cdn. dollar,
an item priced at $100 would only cost you about U.S. $75.

Until next time,
The Taiga Team

  • For product information & advice, or assistance with fitting & buying decisions: call 1-866-777-8111 (toll-free in Canada & USA).
    Local: 604-875-6644, or 604-875-6647
    Outside Canada/USA: +1-604-875-6644, or +1-604-875-6647
  • For general feedback and comments, or technical questions regarding TAIGA®  products: contact



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