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Inflatable/Frame Folding Kayaks are…


Puncture-resistant, multiple air chambers. Super-buoyant… virtually unsinkable ! Super-stable & highly resistant to rollover.


Quick & easy to set up and inflate
(5-10 min).
Easy to paddle… practically no skill required. Suitable for ages 6 -106.


Fit into backpack or car trunk, and store in closet, cabinet,
or under your bed.

What’s more…

Due to their fat, air-filled hulls, inflatables are wider than regular hard-shell kayaks. This gives them tremendous stability & resistance to capsizing. A sleek hard-shell kayak may be a bit faster, due to it’s narrower shape – but you trade a little gain in speed for a substantial loss in stability.
Conventional hard shells are much more likely to capsize in a rogue wave, dumping you into the water, with little chance of getting back into the boat.

Buoyancy: If a hard-shell kayak gets swamped, it may sink from under you. Sure, it can be outfitted with air bags and/or a watertight storage compartment doubling as a flotation chamber. But if that chamber is open at the time of accident, it won’t be of any use. And auxiliary air bags can’t compare with the buoyancy of an inflatable kayak, which is one huge, multi-sectioned flotation chamber…  the utmost in buoyancy!

Inflatable kayaks are easy to manage. They assemble or pack up quickly (5-10 minutes –   depending on the model), and fit into the trunk of your car, with room to spare. Check them as airline baggage, or carry them onto trains & buses. Many are light enough to be carried on your back. Some even fit into your backpack.
Hard-shell kayaks, by contrast, can only be carried on the roof rack of your car – forcing you to stay out of low-overhead parkades, and not leave the valuable boat alone.

Whereas hard-shell kayaks require a garage, shed, basement, storage locker or balcony, inflatables don’t have that problem. They easily fit into any closet, cabinet, or under your bed.

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Cycling Shells

The previously announced article about our new range of waterproof Cycling Shells has been postponed to Fall 2017.

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Happy Kayaking!!!
Until next time,
The Taiga Team

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