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Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great time – but now that the dog days of summer are long over, it's time to get ready for the Fun (or Misery, depending on your view) of Fall & Winter.

What makes MAPP Merino Wool special?

At Taiga Works we only use the finest Merino Wool, produced according to the stringent guidelines of MAPP (Merino Advanced Performance Program), from sheep that freely graze on New Zealand’s mountainous terrain at altitudes of 600-2000m. 

MAPP Merino Wool has some truly amazing properties…

  • Ultrasoft & non-itching,
  • Naturally odour-resistant.
  • Naturally water-repellent & quick drying.
  • ‘Sweat-free’ next-to-skin comfort & warmth.
  • Highly breathable & warmth adaptable,
    helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Static-free, enhances body energy.
  • Machine-washable.

The Merino Wool fibre is hydrophilic inside (attracts water), and hydrophobic outside (repels water). Thus, it absorbs perspiration without feeling clammy on the skin.

Merino Wool helps to regulate body temperature – keeping you warm in the cold      
(via an insulating layer of dead air trapped in the fibres), and cool in the summer        (via evaporation of sweat absorbed by the fabric).


MAPP Merino Wool performs better
than synthetic fabric.

The University of Otago, New Zealand, tested MAPP Merino Wool against polyester performance wear.  When wearing Merino, all athletes had substantially lower heart rates, their body temperature stayed lower, and sweating occurred much later than when wearing polyester.

See the test results here.

Now, if you guessed that the folks at TAIGA probably have an excellent selection of MAPP Merino garments at shopper-friendly, Manufacturer-Direct prices, you guessed right!

See all Merino garments here  (men's & women's).

Voice of the People

Ever wonder what actual users think of TAIGA gear?  Here are some recent customer comments we received.

Merino-200 Crewneck

"Bought one of these for skiing, after the person convinced me to try Merino over synthetic fiber.  Couldn't believe the difference!  Not itchy at all, and after I wore it for three days of Alpine skiing it still didn't smell."  (Shawn)

Merino-260 Zip Pullover

"This is the first time I’ve worn merino wool, and I had to write a review to say this is the best.  I’ve used this pullover for vigorous workouts outdoors, and I am amazed how it keeps my body warm and dry as it pulls the moisture away from my skin.  I've been wearing it over a polyester T-shirt base layer when the temperature is above  5 ºC, and below I wear a breathable shell over top.  I bought two of these and use the other in the office, and can't believe how well it moderates body temperature.  Usually I get hot and itchy when wearing sweaters and fleece indoors, but merino wool breathes so incredibly well.  I've become a merino-wool addict!  I seldom ever write reviews, but thought I would spread the word on this great product.  (Bill)

Read more Merino reviews...


Fabulous Taiga Fleece
I sail in Boston all winter long, and I was looking for a fleece that is warmer than the standard.  This fleece is made from the same Polartec 300 as the North Face Denali jacket, but at a far lower cost.  It fits me perfectly and I couldn’t be happier.  Warmth, style, true to fit, and a great price.  I highly recommend it.  (Mary F. Hennessey, Boston)

Better quality and warmer than the same North Face!
I bought this jacket (Polartec-300 Fleece) for my spoiled 16 year old daughter who wanted a North Face.  The reviews for this one were so good that I could not resist but to buy it.  The quality is better that the other North Face jacket my daughter has and much warmer.  (Anthony Cabral)

Polartec-200 Fleece Jacket

"Hi guys.  I am so happy to see you guys are still making great fleeces!  I lived in Vancouver from 1989 to 1994, when I returned to live in the UK.  I returned for a visit in 1995.  On that visit I bought a Taiga Polartec-200 fleece in dark blue, which came to be my most prized garment of clothing.  It was fantastic!  I wore it everywhere, and people always commented on how nice and cosy it looked…  In 1999 I moved from the UK to Seville, Spain, and my trusty Taiga fleece came with me.  In April 2000 I went to the Feria de Abril, a huge week-long party on grounds near the city centre.  I was in one of the casetas (bars) and handed my much-loved fleece over the bar (a friend was working there) for safekeeping.  Needless to say, at the end of the night my beautiful Taiga fleece was nowhere to be found, and I have truly mourned its loss to this day (and I’m really not joking, it makes me sad whenever I think about it!).  So, I have found you online, and would dearly love to have a Taiga again"…  (Chris M., U.K.)


Read more Fleece reviews...

TAIGA Polartec Fleece
 A Grade Above the Usual

Customers keep commenting on our Fleece garments, like…

      “I’ve searched all over for Polartec-300 fleece. You are the only one I could find who
      carries it.  Everyone else only seems to have the 200-weight.”

Or they say things like…

     “Your Polartec fleece jackets are better made than the others I have seen, and the
      quality of
the fleece appears to be nicer as well.”

It is understandable that people search long and hard for Polartec-300 fleece since it has a lot more ‘body’, and is so much warmer and cozier than the 200-weight.
The better look & feel of our fleece may have to do with the fact that it is made in the USA. Nowadays, most Polartec fleece jackets on the market are made with China-sourced fleece, but we decided to stick with the better quality of the US-made original.  In fact, all our Polartec materials (except the 200-weight fleece) are produced in the U.S.


And so, in the steadfast TAIGA tradition of excellence, we are able to offer you the very best in Fleece garments, at more-than-reasonable Manufacturer-Direct prices.

See all Fleece garments here (men's & women's).

NEW, Amazing Helmet Cover

With Free-Flow vent system

Our rain covers for the previously ubiquitous elongated style of cycle helmet has been a popular item for years.  Now, with the proliferation of rounder, less martian-looking styles of helmets, it was time for a new design...

... and what a great design this new helmet cover turned out to be!

Made from seam-sealed waterproof/breathable material, it ensures that your goldi-locks stay bone-dry, yet allows a steady stream of air through its Free-Flow 
vent system
, keeping your head perspiration-
free and comfortable.

Available in YELLOW,

A fantastic product !  Check out the details here.


30% ‘Discount’
for U.S. Customers

 All our prices are in Canadian dollars.

Currently, one U.S. Dollar is worth about $1.30 in Canadian dollars.

So, if an item is priced at Cdn. $130, it actually costs you only U.S. $100.

Plus, there’s NO DUTY –  since all TAIGA products are made in Canada.

In Future Issues...
Until next time,
The Taiga Team

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