Issue 3, 2016


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you’re out there exploring the backcountry. 

As you are thus sauntering through the landscape, your progress is suddenly blocked by an intimidating body of water… But, never fear !  Even though –
truth be told – there’s no fair maiden with long, flaxen mane waiting on the
other shore, your mind is set: you got to get to the other side…

Out comes the Advanced Elements® Packlite’ kayak – all 4.33 lbs of it. 

The ‘
Packlite Footpump’ gets it inflated in just 
5 minutes, and with
Ultralite Pack Paddle’ you’re on
your way. 

Take this nifty boat to your favourite mountain lake.  Use it to cross the watery jungles of the Darién Gap in Panama.  Or traverse pathless terrain until you reach the destination river, launch your kayak, and then pass through spectacular panoramic settings as you float back to civilization. 

Sounds unrealistic, ‘cause too heavy?  Not at all ! 
Boat, pump & paddle add up to 6.53 lbs. 

If you add basic essentials, like Rain Jacket & Rain Pants,
ultralight Tent,
Down Sleeping Bag, ultralight Mattress, a lightweight Backpack and a Water Filter
you reach 15.05 lbs.

Toss in a Fleece Jacket (0.61 lbs.), plus a few other rags, odds & ends, and you’ll end up with about 19 – 20 lbs., without food. 

And if you don’t take the boat along, this weight drops to a mere 13 lbs. 
Not bad at all !

Wondering about stove, fuel and cook set?  Seriously?  Do you really need cooked meals 365 days a year? Why not enjoy some wholesome snacks for a couple
of days…

However, we do carry stoves weighing as little as 73 g. / 0.16 lbs., and
lightweight cookware.  So, if you insist, we'll happily sell you these items.

~    ~    ~

You see, enjoying the outdoors doesn't require a 'heavy' commitment…
So get out there and have some fun!

Until next time,

The Taiga Team



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