Issue 3, 2015

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Top Choice of the Air Force


Proven on countless expeditions around the globe, and chosen by the Canadian Air Force for the cold-weather survival kit aboard their CF-18 Hornet fighter jets, Canadian-made TAIGA down sleeping bags are unquestionably your best bet.


In sleeping bags, as in all TAIGA products, we are perfectionists, carefully considering every aspect of the design: selection & quality of materials, details of construction, plus fit & functionality of the bag. With our decades of experience in this craft, you simply won’t find a better sleeping bag!


All TAIGA sleeping bags are available with a highly water-resistant/breathable outer shell (waterproof/breathable fabric, sewn with water-repellent thread).  Some also come in a lower-priced nylon shell version.


All our bags are filled with prime-quality European goosedown, boasting a fillpower of either 800 or 850+ in one of the best warmth-to-weight ratios you will find anywhere.

Sleeping bag production at Taiga Works (Vancouver, Canada)

Every step of the way, from the cutting room, through assembly, filling, and finishing, TAIGA sleeping bags are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. 

TAIGA Ultralight Sleeping Bags
To give you some idea about the quality of our designs, here are the data of two models:

Morning Star  M30-L   Approximate comfort limit: -11ºC,  girth: 64",  fits to: 6'4".  Fill: 725g of 850+ European goosedown.
Total: 2.85 
lbs. / 1.295 kg.      

Talisman  T20-L   Approximate comfort limit: 0 ºC,  girth: 62",  fits to:  6'2". 
Fill: 423g of 850+ European goosedown.
Total: 1.71 
lbs. / 0.775 kg.
Check out our great selection of down sleeping bags, some of which are currently selling at much reduced prices.

Kayaks – the next level

"I think the pairing of Taiga and Advanced Elements is ideal: two top designers of outdoor products."

(Lee J. with his Advanced Elements kayak & Taiga DryShell jacket on Pitt Lake, near Vancouver.)

Since we began selling inflatable kayaks some years ago, we have seen their popularity soar – not just because they're convenient to transport and store, but also because of tremendous advances in design and materials. 
Today there's no reason to settle for a hard-shell boat when you can have all the advantages of a modern inflatable or inflatable/frame kayak!
Inflatable & Inflatable / Frame Kayaks
These amazing craft have a lot of advantages over hard-shell kayaks, but none of their disadvantages.  Here’s why…
  • Fast & simple to set up.                                                                                         
  • Exceptionally stable & resistant to capsizing.                                               
  • Virtually unsinkable.
  • Fast to paddle, and easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry to the shore.
  • Easy to transport…  securely locked in the trunk of your car, or on a roof rack like a
    hard-shell boat, or as luggage on a plane, train or bus.
  • Easy to store – your basement, balcony or apartment closet are fine.
Our range of kayak models covers all types of water environment and ability levels.  We could keep writing about how great these craft are, but if you are interested in learning more it would be better to drop by or give us a call.  Our team will be happy to help you.  We carry all the gear to get you started, and also can help those thinking about moving up to a more advanced model.

Ultralight Inflatable Kayak
Weighing a mere 4.6 lbs./ 2.1kg, this ultralight craft from Advanced Elements goes anywhere you go…  alpine lakes,
rivers inaccessible by road,  vacations 
with a boat in your pack…  you get the picture. Just think about the possibilities...

PACKLITE Kayak (4.6 lbs.)  $379.50
UltraLite Pack Paddle (1.6 lbs)   $45.95

PackLite Foot Pump (0.9 lbs)   $25.95

TAIGA Ultralight Shelter
This ultralight mini shelter weighs only 2.1lbs./0.94kg (with pole & staves).  It’s spacious for 1 person, “cozy” for two.  Set-up is quick & easy with only 1 pole, 2 built-in staves and 4 pegs.
For more info. see website.
Waterproof / breathable, single-wall design. Super-light, and easy to set up.

2nd-Prize Winner
In our last issue, we announced the 3rd-prize winner in this summer’s picture/story contest. Here now is the winning entry for 2nd prize. The 1st-prize winner will be featured in the next issue of this newsletter.

A couple of pics of my Taiga Works Jacket – Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania & Mt Kenya, Kenya. The Mont Blanc Down Jacket has kept me safe and warm in my native Australia (yes we have snow!), New Zealand Alps, Mt Kilimanjaro and other mountains in Kenya and Canada.  I’m a Canadian-born Australia / New Zealander and often climb snow terrain on my own, so I need a high quality jacket that enables me to remain warm and safe, but is also lightweight.  My Taiga jacket is perfect – and came at a reasonable price.

Mike McGregor

“Discount” for U.S. Customers
 plus DUTY-FREE Advantage

All our prices are in Canadian dollars. Currently $1.00 US is worth about $1.30 in Canadian dollars.  So if an item is priced at $130. Cdn., it actually only costs you around $100. US !
Plus, there’s NO DUTY on “Taiga”-brand products (clothing, sleeping bags & bivy shelters)
since they are all Canadian-made.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the Next Issue...
  1. What makes New Zealand MAPP Merino Wool special?
  2. Amazing new Helmet Cover with Free-Flow vent system.
  3. Are you ready for the Wet Weather?
  4. Taiga Polartec Fleece – a grade above the usual.

Until then,
The Taiga Team

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