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Hi everyone,

Why not enjoy some incredibly exciting & exhilarating fun this summer…
For a few hundred dollars you can purchase a new type of KAYAK that's lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to set up and paddle – no skill required!
Plus, it's as safe as can be – much safer than comparable boats.

Just think of all the wonderful things you’d be able to do…  explore rivers, waterways and lakes, tour coastlines, visit islands near your vacation spot,
and much more.

Fun, Safety, Convenience

TAIGA® has been carrying Inflatable Kayaks for quite a few years now.  These inflatable and frame/inflatable craft have become so advanced in materials, design and construction, that we dropped the last hard-shell and skin-on-frame kayaks long ago.  Since then, other retailers have started to come around, and follow
in our wake.

Advantages of our Inflatables & Frame/Inflatables
STABILITY:  Due to their thick, air-filled hulls, inflatables are wider than traditional kayaks (hard shells & skin-on frame types).  This gives them tremendous stability & resistance to capsizing.  A sleek hard-shell kayak may be a bit faster, due to it’s narrower shape – but you trade a little gain in speed for a substantial loss in stability. Hard shells are much more likely to capsize in a rogue wave, dumping you into the water, with little chance of getting back into the boat.

BUOYANCY:  If a traditional kayak (hard shell or skin-on-frame) gets swamped, it may sink from under you.  Sure, it can be outfitted with air bags and/or a watertight storage compartment, doubling as a floatation chamber.  But if that chamber is open at the time of accident, it won't be of any use.  And auxiliary air bags can't compare with the buoyancy of an inflatable kayak which is one huge, multi-sectioned floatation chamber, the utmost in buoyancy. 

If a traditional kayak capsizes, you may find it next to impossible to climb back in and make it seaworthy again.  But should you ever manage to tip over even an inflatable kayak, it's not the end of the world.  Due to the boat's enormous buoyancy & stability, it's possible to climb back in and continue the journey...  Just remember to always keep a spare paddle and bailing pot on board.

TRANSPORT:  Inflatable kayaks are easy to manage.  They assemble or pack up quickly
(5-10 minutes – depending on the model), and fit
into the trunk of your car, with room to spare.  They can be checked as airline baggage, or carried onto trains & buses.  Many are light enough to be carried on your back.  Some even fit into your backpack.

Hard-shell kayaks, by contrast, can only be carried on the roof rack of your car.  Plus, you need to beware of low-overhead parkades, and not leave the boat alone – lest someone makes off with it.

Whereas hard-shell kayaks require a garage, shed, basement, storage locker or balcony – inflatables don’t have that problem.  They easily fit into any storage area, closet, cabinet, or under your bed.

Range of Kayaks

We carry a wide range of inflatables and frame/inflatable kayaks…
from an ultralight 4.6-pound pack raft to full-featured expedition models.

Here are a few examples.  See our website for the full selection.

Innova® ‘Swing’
Award-winning design, great performance.  

Width: 33˝   Length: 10´6˝  Weight: 25 lbs.      

See the reviews

Width: 33˝  Length: 13 ft.  Weight: 31 lbs.

See the reviews

Advanced Elements® ‘Expedition’
High load capacity
for longer trips.
Width: 32˝   Length 13 ft.
Weight: 42 lbs.

See the reviews

Advanced Elements® ‘1012’
A popular boat that delivers performance
at an attractive price. Width: 32˝  Length: 10
Weight:  36 lbs.

See the reviews

Advanced Elements® ‘Air Fusion Elite’
Award-winning, fully-framed, inflatable hybrid. Quick and nimble, 
rivaling the
 performance of a hard
Width: 28˝  Length: 13 ft.   Weight: 32 lbs.

See the reviews

Advanced Elements®
‘Island Voyage-2’

New model, with movable seats – functions as a single or double.
Width: 37˝   Length: 11
Weight: 32 lbs.

See the reviews

Lightweight Rain Shells

We manufacture a wide range of rain jackets (right here in Vancouver, Canada). One of our most popular styles is the RainCheck (shown below left).  Lightweight and compact, it fits into its own pocket.  Ideal to carry in your pack (or kayak) for those occasions when the weather doesn’t turn out to be as co-operative as expected.
See full description here.

Also check out our versatile cycling shell, the Cyclopath (shown below right).
See full description here.

See our full selection of rain shells here.

Sleeping Bags
Unrivaled in quality & performance

Superbly designed, and made with only the world’s best materials, TAIGA® down sleeping bags are extremely light, wonderfully warm and cozy – yet squeeze down into a compact little bundle for carrying.


Waterproof/breathable shell fabric. 850+ fillpower European Goosedown.

T20-M:  0°C,  1.47 lbs.
T20-L:  0°C,  1.71 lbs.

Cloud 9

Waterproof/breathable shell fabric. 850+ fillpower European Goosedown.

MB30-M:  -11°C,  2.49 lbs.
MB30-L:  -11°C,  2.79 lbs.

See our full selection of sleeping bags here.
So, get out and enjoy the rest of spring!

Until next time,

The Taiga Team

  • For product information & advice, or assistance with fitting & buying decisions: call 1-866-777-8111 (toll-free in Canada & USA). 
    Outside Canada/USA:  +1-604-875-8388,  or  +1-604-875-6647
  • For general feedback and comments, or technical questions regarding TAIGA®  products:

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