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What's Up?

Alright, summer’s here, and to the best of our knowledge it’s likely to stay around for awhile.  That's great!  But before you hit the trail (or road), have a look at your gear and see if there’s anything that might need replacing or upgrading.

The following are some suggestions from our side:
Power Dry
How about some Power Dry shirts?  Power Dry fabric really works well, keeping you impressively sweat-free and comfortable in the summer – and in the winter too.  And, as usual, our Manufacturer-Direct prices are very reasonable...  $19.95 to $39.95
Many base-layer fabrics are surface-treated, providing only temporary wicking ability that deteriorates with every wash.  POWER DRY is different.  Its patented bi-component construction maximizes performance by mechanically wicking moisture off your skin to the outside, where it diffuses & dissipates – keeping you cool when perspiring, and warm when the temperature drops.
Also, check out our Microfleece Crewneck, Zip-Pullover and Jacket. They're real handy for those cool evenings at the campsite.
Rain Shells (waterproof/breathable)
And let’s not forget, even on the best-planned trip you might encounter rain.  So, be prepared, and take along raingear that’s light and compact, yet provides full protection when you need it... 

Waterproof/breathable AquaNix and DryShell garments

Outdoor/Travel Vests
For another great item, check out our Driftwood and Tumbleweed Vests.
Light, tough and versatile –
perfect for travel, trail, & camp


The Caines (Alberta) enjoying their Innova ‘Swing-EX’ kayaks

Inflatable and Inflatable/Frame Kayaks  are the best choice you can make. 
These amazing inflatable and inflatable/frame craft have practically all the advantages of hard-shell kayaks, but none of the disadvantages.  Here's why...

  • Quick & simple to set up  (about 5-15 minutes).
  • Exceptionally stable & resistant to capsizing.
  • Virtually unsinkable.
  • Fast to paddle, and easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry to the shore.
  • Easy to transport…  securely locked in the trunk of your car, or on a roof rack.                  (like a hard-shell boat), or as luggage on a plane, train or bus.
  • Easy to store – your basement, balcony or apartment closet are fine.
Innova 'Swing 2'
INNOVA  Kayaks
INNOVA Kayaks are made employing a tubeless system.  The hulls are made of rubber-coated ripstop polyester or heavy-duty Nitrilon.   The air-holding seams are vulcanized and permanently bonded (similar to the way in which tires are vulcanized).  Each chamber is individually tested at the factory for air retention.
The tubeless construction is inherently light, but it also inflates to a higher pressure than competing bladder kayaks (3-psi vs. 2-psi).  The higher pressure means that INNOVA kayaks are stiffer in rough water and have snappier paddling performance.
The decks of INNOVA ‘Swing’  kayaks are supported by crosswise-set aluminum arches fore and aft of the cockpit.  These arches further contribute to the rigidity & performance of the boat.

Advanced  Elements  Kayaks
Advanced Elements 'Expedition'
The hulls of Advanced Elements Kayaks are made in a multi-layered construction, with polyester fabric sandwiched between layers of vinyl, creating a durable, strong outer cover that protects the separate inner inflation chambers.
The AdvancedFrame
 and StraitEdge styles are break-through hybrid designs that incorporate an aluminum rib frame in bow and stern.  The result: increased paddling and tracking performance unlike any other inflatable kayak.  The bow slices through the water, while the stern acts like a skeg, providing trackability that rivals hard-shell kayaks.  Additionally, a BackBone® can be added to all AdvancedFrame kayaks, further enhancing rigidity and performance.

Please note:  These kayaks are mainly of interest to our Canadian customers.  They are not Canadian-made, and would be subject to import duties if bought by U.S. residents.

Prize Draw…

The deadline for submissions to our Prize Draw has passed, and we are pleased to announce the lucky winners:


1st Prize (Taiga Gift certificate for $150.00)     Steve Elms, Ontario

2nd Prize (Taiga Gift certificate for $100.00)    Mike McGregor, AUS/NZ

3rd Prize (Taiga Gift certificate for $50.00)       Rayden Sorock, Pittsburgh, PA




Here’s the winning entry for 3rd prize.  Winners of the 2nd & 1st prize will be featured in the next issues of our newsletter.

This photo is from August 2010 on my first ever bike trip from Pittsburgh (technically started in McKeesport, as the trail wasn’t complete yet) to Washington D.C. Here I am at the border of PA and MD, not too sunburnt.  I bought Taiga panniers* specifically for the trip and attached them to the front wheel of my bike.  I was a little over loaded but luckily had scheduled a casual 8 days to travel.           Rayden Sorock Pittsburgh, PA
(Taiga panniers are currently not available.  Sorry!)

“Discount” for U.S. Customers
plus DUTY-FREE Advantage

All our prices are in Canadian dollars. Currently $1.00 US is worth about $1.25 in Canadian dollars - often even more.  So if our item is priced at $125.00 Cdn., it actually only costs you around $100.00 US, or less!

Plus, there’s 
NO DUTY on “Taiga”-brand products (clothing, sleeping bags & bivy shelters)
since they are all Canadian-made.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Next Time  we'll introduce you to...
    1) Our newest developments in sleeping bags... super-light, compact & water-resistant!
    2) An ultralight boat for backpacking... only 4 Ibs.!  Plus ultralight paddle & pump.
    3) An ultralight mini shelter for 1-2... only 2.1 lbs.!  Instant set-up.  A real delight!

Until then,
The Taiga Team

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