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Hi Everyone,

Time flies...  Since the last issue of this letter, in Fall 2015, it's been pretty silent in the publishing corner of our company.  The hectic winter season kept us on our toes: filling orders, researching & testing materials, developing new products, fine-tuning current designs…  Until one day, the first timid spring blossoms (here in Vancouver) caught our eye and made us realize that it's High Time to send out a new letter.  

So, here we go…

TAIGA Soft Shells

More breathable, stretchy & comfortable than a lot of other brands out there, TAIGA Soft Shells let you brave the cold & wet spring weather in style.

Power Shield® Pro Jacket
Windproof, waterproof, and highly breathable thermal laminate. Very good stretchability. Large underarm zips. Hide-away shell hood.


ThermaStretch Dry™
'Element' Jacket
Windproof, waterproof & nicely breathable thermal laminate.  Very good stretchability.  Large underarm zips.  No hood.


Power Stretch® Pro Jacket
Highly water-repellent, extremely breathable & super-comfortable Polartec® Power Stretch® thermal fabric.  Extreme stretchability.
With hood.

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MAPP® Merino Wool

Spring is in the air, but days & nights are still chilly.  So, it’s good to remember that TAIGA produces some of the finest Merino garments available – all made with MAPP® Merino wool, New Zealand’s very best.

See the advantages of MAPP® Merino Wool

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TAIGA Polartec® Fleece

Word of the quality of our Polartec® Fleece Jackets is spreading, and they’re going like gangbusters. If you don’t own one of these comfortable, super-durable, multi-purpose garments yet, now’s as good a time as any to get one.

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A Down Jacket in springtime? You bet!

As the snow recedes and hikers start heading into the mountains, rest stops will be very chilly, and evenings downright COLD.  Even as late as June/July, nights in the Rockies (e.g. Banff, Alberta) tend to be so cool that you’ll appreciate the warmth of a down jacket.

Enter the Challenger…  It compresses into a superlight, small bundle that easily fits into your daypack, with lots of room to spare. Yet it pops right back into shape when needed, providing instant warmth and comfort.

  • 850+ fillpower European Goosedown
  • Waterproof/breathable DryShell® fabric
  • Hide-away shell hood
  • Baffled zipper draft flap
  • 3rd-layer front liner
  • Stuffs into pocket


TAIGA Down Vests

Lightweight delights that turn chilly times into pleasant ones… and can stow away in a tiny bundle.

Filled with 800+ fillpower Goosedown.

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The Big Picture

Due to the Canadian dollar's decline, some of our prices increased, some didn’t (not yet). 
In the past few months, the exchange rate hovered around Cdn. $1.29 - 1.47 per US dollar.  Ouch, that hurts !  Bear in mind that the cost of practically all our materials rise with the U.S. dollar.  So, such a dramatic loss in purchasing power means HUGE cost increases for us… and that’s on top of the already high labour & operating costs here in B.C.

How to reduce costs and survive – that’s now the big issue.  Maybe we’ll move our production from B.C. (Brutish Cost) to "D.C." (Dirt-Cheap), rub shoulders with Who’s Who in the outdoor industry, and save a bundle…

Whatever happens in the future – if you want high-quality Canadian-made goods, NOW’s the time to buy !

On the Bright Side…

Things never looked better for our U.S. customers, who are now able to scoop up FANTASTIC BARGAINS.  At the current exchange rate, an item priced at Cdn $130. would cost them only about US $98.00.  Amazing !

Until next time,
The Taiga Team

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