Issue 1, 2015

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Hi Everyone

Welcome to the first issue of our brandnew Newsletter.  We are TAIGA WORKS®, a Vancouver manufacturer who specializes in producing leading-edge outdoor clothing and equipment of exceptionally high-quality. Simply put... we design some of the greatest outdoor gear on earth! 
But more importantly, we want to bring these latest designs to your in-box, keep you updated on what's new, and what we have currently in production.
I love Taiga equipment, and used it in many of my climbs and expeditions… like on Denali, Aconcagua – and on Mt. Everest, of course.  It is very well designed, and the price is just right!
Ravil Chamgoulov (Vancouver, B.C.)
Ravil Chamgoulov, a distinguished high-altitude climber, is one of a select few who have been awarded the prestigious “Snow Leopard” title for outstanding achievements in mountaineering.   Having climbed over 200 major peaks, including the 7 Summits of the world’s continents, he’s now preparing to climb the highest mountain in the Arctic: Mt. Gunnbjörn on Greenland (the “Eight Continent’).  We’ll be following Ravil’s exploits closely and tell you more about his current venture in the next issues.

What’s Hot…
We understand that, as we are in the middle of spring here in Vancouver, in other parts of Canada and the US it's still early in the season. So, we’ve looked at what we’ve recently finished manufacturing, or are just about to, and picked a bunch of items with something to appeal to everyone – whatever the weather or the locality.

- Taiga®   MERINO WOOL

Last year we launched a sample range of Merino Wool garments.  It proved a resounding success, especially at our factory-direct prices. We only use 100% Premium Merino Wool from New Zealand, produced to the stringent guidelines of MAPP® (Merino Advanced Performance Program). This year, our full range includes so much more…
  • Merino-260 Jacket (men's & women's) - $98.95 $79.95
  • Merino-260 Zip Pullover (men's & women's) -  $79.95 $69.95
    • Pictured - Denim, Coal, Taupe, Olive, Sage, Lt.-Grey, Dk.-Red
  • Merino-140 T-Shirt - $35.95
  • Merino-200 T-Shirt - $39.95
  • Merino-190 Zip Shirt - $39.95 
  • Merino-200 Crewneck - $49.95
  • Merino-200 Long Johns (men's & women's) - $59.95 $49.95
  • Merino-260 Crewneck - $59.95
  • Merino-270 Thermo-Sweater - $79.95
For full descriptions see our website under “Merino & Fleece”.


In Vancouver, to put it mildly, we get a lot of rain! With that in mind we manufacture a range of waterproof / windproof cycle gear to keep you visible, DRY, and comfortable. Check out our current designs...
  • Men's 2-layer Cyclopath Jacket (Yellow, Sage) - $189.95 $159.95
  • Men’s 3-layer Cyclopath Jacket (Gold, Red, Royal, Black) - $229.50 $198.95
  • Men’s 3-layer Cyclotron Pants (Black) - $198.95 $179.95
  • Cycle Gaiters (Black, Cobalt) - $49.95
  • Cycle Helmet Rain Cover (Black, Sage, Yellow) - $24.96 or $29.95
For full descriptions see our website under "Cycling Garments".

What’s Coming Soon...
Our production plant is hard at work producing the latest outdoor clothing & equipment for 2015. Here's what's just around the corner:
  • 3-layer DryShell®Pro Celeste Jacket, women's ($259.50) – first sizes & colours due by end of May.  New colours include:
    • Gold with Mango shoulders
    • Red with Dark Red shoulders
    • Royal with Azure shoulders
  • 2-layer DryShell® Chamonix 'All-Season', men's & women's ($179.95) – first sizes & colours due by middle or end of May.  Many colours!
Other items on our production schedule:
  • 3-layerDryShell®Pro Intrepid Jacket ($298.50) – delivery in progress.
  • 2.5-layer AquaNix® RainCheck Jacket ($89.95) – delivery in progress.
  • 2.5-layer AquaNix® Rain Pants-2 ($89.95) – delivery in progress.
  • 2-layer AquaNix® Capriola Jacket, women’s ($98.95) – delivery in progress.
  • Polartec® Fleece Vest-300, women's ($49.95) first sizes/colours: early May.
  • Power Shield® Pro Soft Shell Jacket ($159.95) – first sizes: early May.
  • Down Sleeping Bags – various styles & sizes: early to mid-May.
  • 3-layer DryShell® Bivy Shelter-2 ($198.95-249.50) – due by mid-May.
  • (We strive to keep to these timelines as much as circumstances allow.)

Prize Draw
Stories from around the globe:

We always enjoy hearing from our customers in Vancouver and around the world, especially about the experiences & adventures you encountered on trips or outdoor forays with Taiga® clothing & equipment. Send us your story and photos, and you could feature in one of the next editions of this newsletter and/or on our website. The 10 best submissions will enter a Prize Draw, and the winners receive vouchers for the purchase of Taiga® gear. The deadline for submissions is 31 May.
1st Prize…..$150 towards your next purchase.
2nd Prize….$100 towards your next purchase.
3rd Prize…..$ 50 towards your next purchase.
The Big Picture…
Are Prices Going Up?

Canada’s natural resources – the basis of this country’s wealth – entered a long-term price decline which sent the Canadian Dollar tumbling way below parity with the U.S. (around 25%), with further weakness in sight.  Since almost all our materials are payable in US dollars, our cost has increased significantly – making price increases in several categories a near certainty. 
But, looking at the bright side, this weak “Northern Peso” is hugely beneficial to our U.S. customers who are now getting the bargain of a lifetime. 
So, take advantage of our current prices.  With Taiga® outdoor gear you’ll get cutting-edge designs & Canadian-made quality – which is like a breath of fresh air compared to all those Asian imports hiding behind North American brand names!!!
Coming Issues...
In future issues of this newsletter we'll discuss topics on materials & outdoor gear design, plus interesting details about items in our line, such as... 

... And, of course, we'll report on the progress of Ravil's climb of the Arctic's highest mountain. 
Well, that’s all for now. As always, our sales team will be happy to assist you.
Here’s our contact information:
  • For product info. & advice, or assistance with ordering:  call 1-866-777-8111 (toll-free in Canada & USA). Outside Canada/USA:  +1-604-875-8388,  or +1-604-875-6647.
  • For specific questions & comments about Taiga® products:
  • For Taiga® stories & photos, or comment & suggestions to our newsletter:

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Until next time,  
The Taiga Team
 First Issue, 2015

Newer Newsletter