This Is the Most Crucial Part of Your Evening Skincare Routine

Faith Xue

Our skincare routine after a long day at work can best be described in one word—fast. We save our indulgent primping and pampering for the weekend, when we can unwind with a glass (or bottle) of vino, an episode of Love, and a sheet mask that stays put. During the week, it’s another story—one that involves us collapsing into bed as soon as possible, please and thanks. To ensure this longed-for beauty sleep is actually beautifying, there’s one main thing to keep top of mind: your serum. Here’s the thing about this skincare staple—not all serums are created equal, and certain serums contain ingredients that actually work better at night. Suffice to say, we should use those serums.

We got the details from dermatologist and skincare line–founder Dr. Dennis Gross, who schooled us on the exact ingredients to look for, as well as why certain serums work better when we’re getting some much-needed shut-eye. Does your favorite p.m. serum fit the bill? You’ll have to keep scrolling to find out.

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