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      -140 dBm at 100 feet from the building to meet
NTIA regulations
Receive Ant Gain Ant Cable Insertion Loss Repeater Amp Gain Repeater Ant Gain
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Range in Feet Repeated Signal Power @ Range In dBm Total Signal Power @ Range in Watts
GPS Carrier Frequency
Free Space loss with
Isotropic Antennas
Total System Gain Range in Miles Effective Radiated Power dBm Effective Radiated Power (dBW)
Avg Receive Power in dBm
North America
Reference Dipole Gain Transmitted Power (W) Range in Kilometers Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (dBm) Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (dBW)
  Typical value @ L1: -130.0 dBm
@ L2: -127.5 dBm
Range in Meters
  Effective Radiated Power (W)