Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
unintentionally  u1y X unpleasant  upzt 1 urged  ujd
union  uo X unpleasantly  upzy 2 urgency  ujc
unions  uos X unpleasantness  upzn 3 urgent  ujt
unique  uq X unpredictable  updk 4 urges  ujs
uniquely  uqy X unproductive  updv 5 urging  ujg
uniqueness  uqn X unproven  upv 6 usability  ubt
unit  ui X unqualified  uqf 7 usage  ja
unit of  uio X unquestioned  uqd 8 usage  usj
United States  us8 X unreliable  urlb 9 use a  ua
United States of America  usoa X unstructured  uuu 10 use of  uso
units  uis X until  ut 11 use the  u7
universal  uvl X until the  ut7 12 use this  uts
universality  uvlt X until then  uttn 13 use your  uzy
universally  unvy X untrue  utu 14 use-case  usk
universally  uvly X untrue  uue 15 used  ud
universally  uvsy X untruth  uth 16 used by  uby
universe  unv X untruth  uuh 17 used for  ud4
universe  uve X untruths  uths 18 used to  ud2
universe  uvs X untruths  uuhs 19 useful  usf
universes  unvs X unused  uud 20 usefulness  usfn
universes  uves X unusual  uu 21 user  zr
universes  uvss X unusually  uuy 22 user ID  uzi
universities  uvts X unwilling  uwlg 23 user IDs  uzis
university  uvt X up to  p2 24 user interface  uif
unknowable  ukb X up to date  u2d 25 user interfaces  uifs
unknown  ukn X upcoming  ucmg 26 user name  unm
unless  ule X updatability  u8bt 27 user names  unms
unless the  uled X updatability  u8t 28 user-defined  uzd
unlike  ulk X updatable  u8b 29 user-defined  uzdf
unlikely  ulky X UPDATE  8U 30 user-defined  uzf
unlimited  ulm X update  u8 31 users  uz
unlock  ul0 X updated  u8d 32 uses  zs
unlocked  ul0d X UPDATEs  8Us 33 uses  zu
unlocking  ul0g X updates  u8s 34 using  ug
unlocks  ul0s X updating  u8g 35 usual  ul
unmanageable  umjb X upheld  uhd 36 usually  uy
unmanaged  umj X uphold  uph 37 utilities  utts
unmentionable  umnb X upholding  uphg 38 utility  utt
unmentionables umnbs   X upholds  uphs 39 utilization  ulzn
unnecessarily  uncy X upon  u0 40 utilization  uzn
unnecessary  unc X uppercase  upk 41 utilizations ulzns  
unpleasant  upz X urge  uj 42 utilizations  uzns
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
utilize  ulz X velocities  vcts 1 Vice President  vp
utilized  ulzd X velocity  vct 2 Vice President of  vpo
utilizes  ulzs X vendor  vdr 3 vice-versa  vcv
utilizing  ulzg X vendors  vdrs 4 victim  vic
valid  va X venerable  vnb 5 victimization  vmzn
validate  vd8 X venture  ven 6 victimize  vmz
validated  vd8d X venture capital  vcp 7 victimized  vmzd
validates  vd8s X venture capitalist  vcpi 8 victimizes  vmzs
validating  vd8g X venture capitalists  vcps 9 victimizing  vmzg
validation  vd8n X ventures  vens 10 victims  vics
validation  vdn X verb  vb 11 video  vdo
validations vd8ns   X verbal  vbl 12 videos  vdos
validations  vdns X verbalization  vbzn 13 view  vw
validity  vat X verbalizations vbzns   14 view of  vwo
valuable  vub X verbalize  vbz 15 viewable  vwb
value  vu X verbalized  vbzd 16 viewed  vwd
value added  vua X verbalizes  vbzs 17 viewer  vwr
valued  vud X verbalizing  vbzg 18 viewers  vwrs
values  vus X verbally  vby 19 viewing  vwg
valuing  vug X verbs  vbs 20 views  vws
variable  var X verifiable  vfb 21 vignette  vnt
variables  vars X verification  vfn 22 vignettes  vnts
variance  vrc X verifications  vfns 23 violate  v8
variance  vyc X verified  vfd 24 violate  vl8
variances  vrcs X verifies  vfs 25 violated  v8d
variances  vycs X verify  vf 26 violated  vl8d
variant  vyt X verifying  vfg 27 violates  v8s
variants  vyts X version  ver 28 violates  vl8s
variation  vrn X version 1  v1 29 violating  v8g
variations  vrns X version 2  v2 30 violating  vl8g
varied  vyd X versioned  verd 31 violation  v8n
varies  vys X versioning  verg 32 violation  vln
varieties  vrts X versions  vers 33 violations  v8ns
varieties  vtys X versus  vsu 34 violations  vlns
variety  vrt X vertical  vkl 35 violence  vlc
variety  vty X verticals  vkls 36 virtual  vi
various  vru X very  vy 37 virtual  vir
vary by  vyb X very many  vyma 38 virtualization  virn
vary the  vy7 X very much  vym 39 virtualizations virns  
varying  vyg X very much  vymh 40 virtually  viry
vehicle  veh X via a  vaa 41 virtually  viy
vehicles  vehs X via an  van 42 virtuous  vuu
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
vis-à-vis  vav X waging  wjg 1 wealth  w$
visibility  vzbt X wait  w8 2 wealthy  wy$
visibility  vzt X waited  w8d 3 wealthy  y$
visible  vzb X waiting  w8g 4 web page  wpj
vision  viz X waits  w8s 5 web pages  wpjs
vision  vz X walkthrough  khu 6 website  wsi
visionaries  vzys X walkthroughs  khus 7 websites  wsis
visionary  vzny X want  wa 8 week  wk
visions  vizs X want to  wa2 9 weekend  wek
visions  vzs X wanted  wtd 10 weekends  weks
visual  vzl X wanted to  wtd2 11 weekly  wky
visualization  vzn X wanting  wtg 12 weeks  wks
visualization  vzzn X wants  wts 13 weigh  wgh
visualizations vzzns   X wants to  ws2 14 weight  wei
visualizations  vzns X warehouse  wah 15 weighted  weid
visualize  vzz X warehoused  wahd 16 weighting  weig
visualized  vzzd X warehouses  wahs 17 weights  weis
visualizes  vzzs X warehousing  wahg 18 welcome  wcm
visualizing  vzzg X warning  wng 19 welcomed  wcmd
visually  vzy X warnings  wngs 20 welcomes  wcms
vocalize  vcz X warrant  wrt 21 welcoming  wcmg
vocalized  vczd X warranted  wrtd 22 well  wl
vocalizes  vczs X warranting  wrtg 23 well enough  wle
vocalizing  vczg X warrants  wrts 24 well known  wkw
void  vd X Washington  wsh 25 well-suited  wsu
voided  vdd X Washington  DC  wdc 26 well-thought  wtht
voiding  vdg X wasn't  a' 27 went to  we2
voids  vds X waste  wae 28 were  wr
volatile  vti X wasted  waed 29 were they  wr9
volatility  vtt X wasted  wsd 30 were to  wr2
volume  vm X wastes  wss 31 weren’t  e'
volumes  vms X wasting  waeg 32 what  waht
vowel  vwl X watches the  wcsd 33 what  wt
vowels  vwls X watching the  wcgd 34 what are  wtr
vulnerabilities vlbts   X water  h2 35 what does  wdz
vulnerabilities vubts   X way of  wyo 36 what does  wtdz
vulnerability  vlbt X way to  w2 37 what else  wtel
vulnerability  vubt X way to  wy2 38 what have  wthv
vulnerable  vlb X we must  wmu 39 what if  wtf
wage  wj X weaker  wkr 40 what is  wtz
waged  wjd X weakness  wne 41 what the  wt7
wages  wjs X weaknesses  wnes 42 what was  wtw
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
what will  wtwl X whole  h0 1 will take  wltk
whatever  wtv X whole  hol 2 will that  wltt
whatsoever  wsv X wholeheartedly  h0y 3 will the  wl7
when  wn X why are  yar 4 will then  wltn
when a  wna X why do  ydo 5 will there  wlth
when an  wnn X why have  yhv 6 will they  wl9
when are  wnar X why is  yz 7 will this  wlts
when it  wni X why type  yty 8 will we  wlw
when the  wnd X wide area network  wan 9 will you  wlu
when there  wnth X wide form  w4 10 William  wlm
when there are  wntr X width  wdh 11 Williams  wlms
when will  wnwl X widths  wdhs 12 willing  wlg
when you  wnu X will also  wlao 13 willing to  wlg2
whenever  wnv X will be  wlb 14 window  ww
where  wh X will begin  wlbg 15 windows  wws
where are  whr X will decide  wldc 16 winner  wnr
where is  whz X will exist  wlxs 17 winners  wnrs
where the  whd X will give  wlgv 18 wise  wz
whereas  wha X will have  wlhv 19 wisely  wzy
whereby  whb X will have been  wlhb 20 wish to  wh2
wherever  whv X will have had  wlhh 21 wish to  wi2
wherewithal  wwa X will he  wl3 22 with  wi
whether  whh X will it  wli 23 with a  wia
whether or not  whon X will list  wlls 24 with all  wial
whether the  whhd X will make  wlmk 25 with an  wian
which  wc X will match  wlmc 26 with each  wie
which are  wcr X will most  wlmo 27 with its  wis
which can  wccn X will not  wln 28 with its own  wiso
which can  wcn X will occur  wloc 29 with me  wim
which is  wcz X will often  wlof 30 with one  wi1
which may  wcma X will only  wloy 31 with respect to  wrs2
which the  wc7 X will otherwise  wlow 32 with the  wid
which will  wcwl X will prevent  wlpvt  33 with which  wiwc
which you  wcu X will prompt  wlpmp  34 withdraw  wdw
while  whl X will provide  wlpvi  35 withdrawal  wdwl
white paper  wppr X will quit  wlqt 36 withdrawals wdwls  
white papers  wpprs  X will read  wlrd 37 withdrawing  wdwg
white papers  wpps X will require  wlrq 38 withdraws  wdws
who has  hha X will she  wl6 39 within  wii
who is  huz X will show  wlsh 40 without  wio
who will  huwl X will show  wlsw 41 woman  wm
whoever  huv X will split  wlsp 42 women  wmn
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
women's  wms X would have been  wuhb 1 you can  ucn
wonder  wdr X would he  wu3 2 you can't  uc'
wondered  wdrd X would like  wulk 3 you could  ucu
wonderful  wdf X would love  wulv 4 you deem  udm
wondering  wdrg X would need  wune 5 you do  udo
wonders  wdrs X would otherwise  wuow 6 you don't  udt
won't  w' X would she  wu6 7 you have  uhv
word  wd X would they  wu9 8 you may  uma
worded  wdd X would you  wuu 9 you mean  umn
words  wds X wouldn't  u' 10 you must  umu
work  w0 X write  wri 11 you need  une
workability  w0t X writer  wrr 12 you need to  un2
workable  w0b X writers  wrrs 13 you only  uoy
worked  w0d X writes  wrs 14 you should  ush
worked  wkd X writing  wrg 15 you specify  usfy
worker  w0r X writings  wrgs 16 you take  utK
workers  w0rs X written  wtn 17 you use  uuz
workflow  wfw X wrong  wg 18 you want  uwa
workflows  wfws X wronged  wgd 19 you want to  uw2
working  w0g X wronging  wgg 20 you were  uwr
working  wkg X wrongs  wgs 21 you will  uwl
workload  wlo X wrote  wro 22 you would  uwu
workloads  wlos X Y/N  yn 23 young  yg
workout  wko X y'all  yal 24 younger  ygr
workouts  wkos X yard  yd 25 youngest  yge
works  w0s X yards  yds 26 your  yo
works  wx X year  yr 27 your life  ylf
workspace  wpc X yearly  yy 28 your own  yoo
workspaces  wpcs X years  yrs 29 you're  y'
world  wo X yes/no  ysn 30 yourself  ysf
worldliness  wdln X yesterday  yda 31 yourselves  ysv
worldly  woy X yesterday's  ydas 32 zero  ze
worlds  wos X yet to  y2 33 zero or one  z01
worse  wse X yield  yi 34 zero or one  zo1
worse than  wstn X yield  yie 35 zeroed  zed
worst  wst X yielded  ydd 36 zeroes  zes
worth  woh X yielded  yid 37 zeroing  zeg
worthwhile  wwl X yielding  ydg 38 zero-to-many  0tm
worthy  wor X yielding  yig 39 zero-to-one  0t1
would  wu X yields  yis 40 zone  z0
would be  wub X you and I  uai 41 zoned  z0d
would have  wuhv X you are  ur 42 zoned  zod
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
zones  z0s X 1  
zones  zos X 2  
zoning  z0g X 3  
zoning  zng X     4