Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
tapes  tps X tell the  t7 1 texted  txd
taping  tpg X tell the  tl7 2 texting  txg
tapings  tpgs X tell them  tl9 3 texts  txs
target  tgt X tell you  tlu 4 textual  txl
targeted  tgtd X template  t8 5 textually  txy
targeting  tgtg X templates  t8s 6 than a  tna
targets  tgts X temporarily  tmpy 7 than any  tnay
task  ta X temporarily  tpyy 8 than like  tnlk
tasked  tad X temporary  tmp 9 than many  tnma
tasking  tsk X temporary  tpy 10 than me  tnm
taskings  tkgs X tenure  tnu 11 than otherwise  tnow
taskings  tsks X tenures  tnus 12 than the  tn7
tasks  tas X terabyte  tyb 13 thank you  tku
taught  tau X terabytes  tybs 14 thank you for  tu4
teacher  tcr X terminal  tml 15 that  tt
teachers  tcrs X terminals  tmls 16 that a  tta
teaches  tcs X terminate  tn8 17 that allow  ttaw
teaches  ths X terminated  tn8d 18 that allows  ttaws 
teaching  tcg X terminates  tn8s 19 that are  ttar
teaching  thg X terminating  tn8g 20 that are  ttr
team  tm X termination  tnn 21 that being  ttbg
team lead  tmle X terminations  tnns 22 that can  ttc
teamed  tmd X terminology  tjy 23 that can  ttcn
teaming  tmg X terrible  trb 24 that can be  ttcb
teams  tms X terribly  tby 25 that could  ttcu
teamwork  twk X test  te 26 that data  ttda
technical  tcl X test for  te4 27 that each  tte
technically  tcly X test plan  tep 28 that has  ttha
technically  tcy X test plans  teps 29 that have  tthv
technician  tek X tested  ted 30 that have been  ttvb
technicians  teks X tester  ter 31 that he  tt3
technique  tq X tester  tsr 32 that is  ttz
techniques  tqs X testers  ters 33 that life  ttlf
technological  tecl X testers  tsrs 34 that many  ttmy
technologically  tecy X testing  teg 35 that mark  ttmk
technologically  tgy X tests  tes 36 that may  ttma
technologies  tecs X text  tx 37 that must  ttmu
technology  tec X text file  txf 38 that need  ttne
tell  tl X text files  txfs 39 that of  tto
tell her  tl6 X text message  txm 40 that one  tt1
tell him  tl3 X text messages  txms 41 that put  ttp
tell me  tlm X text messaging  txmg 42 that said  ttsd
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
that serve  ttsv X the columns  dcols  1 the index  dix
that serves  ttsvs  X the content  7c1 2 the index  dnx
that she  tt6 X the contents  7c1s 3 the indexes  dixs
that should  ttsh X the cost  7co 4 the indexes  dnxs
that stock  ttstk  X the cost  dc0 5 the integer  7nj
that stocked  ttstkd  X the costs  dc0s 6 the integers  7njs
that stocks  ttstks  X the current  dcur 7 the last  dla
that the  tt7 X the data  dda 8 the latest  dlae
that there  ttth X the database  ddab 9 the life  7lf
that they  tt9 X the database  ddb 10 the line  dln
that this  ttts X the databases  ddabs  11 the lines  dlns
that vary  ttvy X the databases  ddbs 12 the load  7lo
that was  ttw X the default  ddef 13 the many  7my
that watch  ttwc X the defaults  ddefs  14 the mark  7mk
that were  ttwr X the difference  ddf 15 the marks  7mks
that will  ttwl X the differences  ddfs 16 the media  7me
that will be  ttwb X the different  ddft 17 the model  dmdl
that would  ttwu X the disk  7dk 18 the models  dmdls 
that year  ttyr X the disks  7dks 19 the most  7mo
that you  ttu X the element  delm 20 the name  7nm
that you can  ttuc X the elements  delms  21 the named  dnmd
that your  ttyo X the end  7en 22 the names  dnms
the ability  dabt X the end  ded 23 the necessary  7nec
the amount  7amt X the end of  deo 24 the need  dne
the amount of  damo X the entire  dnti 25 the number  dnu
the amounts  7amts X the entity  dntt 26 the number of  dnuo
the argument  darg X the environment  denv 27 the object  doj
the best  7be X the equivalent  deqv 28 the objects  dojs
the best  dbe X the fact  7fk 29 the one  d1
the best of  dbeo X the facts  7fks 30 the only  doy
the case  dka X the file  7f 31 the order  doe
the cell  7cl X the files  7fs 32 the original  dojl
the cells  7cls X the first  d1t 33 the output  doup
the change  7cg X the flow  7fw 34 the outputs  doups 
the change  7ch X the following  dflw 35 the parties  7pys
the changes  7cgs X the font  7fo 36 the party  7py
the changes  7chs X the fonts  7fos 37 the process  7px
the client  dcli X the function  dfnn 38 the queries  7qs
the clients  dclis  X the functions  dfnns  39 the queries  7qys
the column  7col X the grade  7gd 40 the query  7q
the column  dcol X the grades  7gds 41 the query  7qy
the columns  7cols X the heap  7hp 42 the queue  dqu
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
the required  drq X the type of  dtyo 1 these may  tzma
the rest  dre X the use of  duso 2 these might  tzmi
the rest of  dreo X the user  duz 3 these should  tzsh
the result  drez X the users  dzs 4 these will  tzwl
the results  drezs  X the value  dvu 5 these would  tzwu
the row  7rw X the values  dvus 6 They also  99ao
the rows  7rs X the variable  dvar 7 they also  9ao
the rows  drw X the variables  dvars  8 They are  99r
the rule  7ru X the watch  7wc 9 they are  9r
the rules  7rus X the way  dwa 10 they can  9c
the same  7s X the work  dw0 11 they have  9v
the same  7sa X the year  7yr 12 they may  9ma
the scope  dscp X their  t' 13 they represent  99rep
the second  d2c X themselves  9sv 14 they represent  9rep
the server  7svr X themselves  tsv 15 They should  99sh
the server  dsvr X then  tn 16 they should  9sh
the servers  dsvrs  X theories  thys 17 they were  9w
the service  7sv X theorize  tyz 18 they were  9wr
the service  7svc X theorized  tyzd 19 they will  9wl
the services  7svs X theorizes  tyzs 20 they would  9wu
the size  dsz X theorizing  tyzg 21 they're  tyr
the sizes  dszs X theory  thy 22 thing  tg
the source  dsrc X therapies  thps 23 things  tgs
the specified  7sfd X therapy  thp 24 think  thk
the start  7st X there  th 25 think of  thko
the stock  7stk X there are  thr 26 think of  tko
the stocks 7stks X there can  thcn 27 thinking  thkg
the storage  dsoa X there have  thhv 28 third  3d
the stories  7sys X there is  thz 29 third normal form  3nf
the story  7sy X there may  thma 30 third parties  3ps
the structure  dsuu X there may be  thmb 31 third party  3p
the table  7tb X there might  thmi 32 third teamer  3t
the table  dtb X there was  thw 33 third teamers  3ts
the tables  7tbs X there were  thwr 34 thirds  3ds
the tables  dtbs X there will  thwl 35 this  thsi
the term  7tm X thereby  thb 36 this  ts
the terms  7tms X therefore  t4 37 this can  tscn
the text  7tx X thereof  tof 38 this is  tsz
the time  7ti X these  tz 39 this is when  tswn
the transaction  dxn X these are  tzr 40 this will  tswl
the transactions  dxns X these could  tzcu 41 this year  tsyr
the two  d2 X these have  tzhv 42 thorough  hoo
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
thoroughly  hooy X ticket  tkt 1 to only  2oy
thoroughly  hoy X ticketed  tktd 2 to parse  2pa
thoroughness  hoon X ticketing  tktg 3 to quit  2qt
those  0z X tickets  tkts 4 to reference  2rfc
though  tho X time  ti 5 to run  2rn
thought  tht X time of  tio 6 to select  2sel
thoughtful  thtf X timed  tid 7 to specify  2sf
thoughtless  thtl X timeliness  tin 8 to store  2sto
thoughtless  tle X timely  tiy 9 to that  2tt
thoughts  thts X timely  tmy 10 to the  2d
thousand  tou X times  tis 11 to the query  2dqy
thousands  tous X timestamp  tisp 12 to the row  2dr
thread  thd X timestamped tispd   13 to this  2ts
threaded  tdd X timestamping tispg   14 to those  20z
threaded  thdd X timestamps tisps   15 to use  2uz
threading  thdg X timetable  tmb 16 to use  2z
threads  thds X timetables  tmbs 17 to what  2wt
threat  tet X timing  tig 18 to which  2wc
threaten  tetn X tissue  tiu 19 to you  2u
threaten  ttn X tissues  tius 20 to your  2yo
threatened  tetd X to a  2a 21 TO_CHAR  2kf
threatened  ttnd X to add  2ad 22 TO_CHAR()  2kfn
threatening  tetg X to all  2al 23 TO_DATE()  2d8
threatening  ttng X to an  2an 24 today  tda
threatens  ttns X to be  2b 25 today is  tdaz
threats  tets X to be the  2bd 26 together  tgh
three or more  3om X to change  2cg 27 together with  tghw
threshold  th0 X to create  2c8 28 toggle  tgl
threshold  thh X to disk  2dk 29 toggled  tgld
threshold  thho X to each  2e 30 toggles  tgls
thresholds thhos   X to each  2ea 31 toggling  tglg
thresholds  th0s X to execute  2x 32 token  tok
thresholds  thhs X to execute  2xq 33 tokens  toks
through  thu X to find  2fn 34 told  td
through a  thua X to form  24m 35 told her  td6
through the  thud X to have  2hv 36 told him  td3
through which  thwc X to it  2i 37 told them  td9
throughout  tuo X to make  2mk 38 told you  tdu
throw a  twa X to many  2my 39 tolerance  tlc
throwaway  tww X to many  tma 40 tomorrow  tmw
throwing  twg X to me  2m 41 tonight  tni
throws a  twsa X to my knowledge  2mkj 42 too many  2ma
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
too much  2mu X training  tng 1 transmittal  xmtl
tool  2l X trains  tns 2 transmittals xmtls  
tools  2ls X transaction  xn 3 transmitted  xmtd
top of  tpo X transactional  xnl 4 transmitting  xmtg
top-down  tdw X transactionally  xny 5 transparencies  tpas
topics  tpx X transactions  xns 6 transparencies  tpcs
total  t0 X transfer  xf 7 transparency  tpac
totaled  t0d X transferability  xfbt 8 transparency  tpc
totaling  t0g X transferable  xfb 9 transparent  tpa
totally  t0y X transferred  xfd 10 transport  tpt
totals  t0s X transferring  xfg 11 transportation  tpn
touch  tc X transfers  xfs 12 transportation  tptn
touched  tcd X transform  x4 13 transported  tptd
touched  tod X transformation  x4n 14 transporting  tptg
touches  tos X transformations  x4ns 15 transports  tpts
touching  tog X transformative  x4v 16 travel  tvl
toward  2w X transformed  x4d 17 traveled  tvld
towards  2ws X transforming  x4g 18 traveler  tvlr
town  tw X transforms  x4s 19 traveler  tvr
towns  tws X transit  tzi 20 travelers  tvlrs 
township  twp X transition  tzn 21 travelers  tvrs
townships  twps X transition  xin 22 traveling  tvlg
trace  trc X transitional  tznl 23 travels  tvls
track  trk X transitional  xinl 24 travesties  tves
tracked  trkd X transitioned  tznd 25 travesties  tvts
tracking  trkg X transitioned  xind 26 travesty  tve
tracks  trx X transitioning  tzng 27 travesty  tvt
trade-off  tdf X transitioning  xing 28 treatable  ttb
trade-offs  tdfs X transitions  tzns 29 treated  ttd
tradition  tdn X transitions  xins 30 treaties  ttys
traditional  tdl X translate  xl8 31 treating  ttg
traditionally  tdly X translated  xl8d 32 treats  tts
traditions  tdns X translates  xl8s 33 treaty  tty
tragic  tjc X translating  xl8g 34 tree  tr
trail  trl X translation  xl8n 35 trees  trs
trailed  trld X translation  xln 36 tremendous  tme
trailing  trlg X translations  xl8ns  37 tremendously  tmey
trails  trls X translations  xlns 38 triage  taj
train  trn X transmission  tmn 39 tried to  td2
trained  tnd X transmissions  tmns 40 tries to  ts2
trainer  tnr X transmit  xmt 41 trigger  tgr
trainers  tnrs X transmits  xmts 42 triggered  tgrd
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
triggering  tgrg X unable  uab 1 understand  uds
triggers  tgrs X unacceptable  uacp 2 understandable  udb
trimmed  imd X unaccounted  uac 3 understandable  usb
trimming  img X unambiguous  uam 4 understandably  usby
trims  ims X unarmed  urm 5 understanding  udg
trivia  tva X unattended  ua1 6 understands  udss
trivial  tval X unauthorized  uad 7 understands  uss
trouble  tbl X unauthorized  uau 8 understood  udd
troubled  tbld X unavailable  uav 9 undertaken  utKn
troubles  tbls X unbelievability  ubvt 10 undertakes  utKs
troubleshoot  tbh X unbelievable  ubv 11 undertaking  utKg
troubleshoot  tbsh X unbeliever  ubvr 12 undertook  uoo
troubleshooting  tbhg X unbelievers ubvrs   13 undertook  uto
troubleshooting  tbsg X unbiased  ubi 14 undisciplined  udc
troubleshoots tbshs   X uncertain  uce 15 undisciplined  udcd
troubleshoots  tbhs X uncertainties  uces 16 undiscovered  udsv
troubleshoots  tbss X uncertainty  ucet 17 undone  udn
troubleshot  tbht X unchallenged  ucj 18 unemployed  uem
troubling  tblg X unchanged  ucg 19 unevaluated  uev
true  tu X uncharacteristic  ukc 20 unevaluated  ueva
true or false  tuof X uncharacteristic  ukh 21 unexpectedly  uxy
truth  tuh X uncharacteristically  ukcy 22 unfortunate  u4
truth is  tuz X uncharacteristically  ukhy 23 unfortunately  u4y
truths  tus X unchecked  uck 24 unification  ufn
try to  t2 X uncommitted  ucm 25 unifications  ufns
trying to  tg2 X uncommitted  ucmd 26 unified  ufd
tuned  tud X uncommitted  ucmt 27 unifies  ufs
tuning  tug X unconditional  ucd 28 uniform  ufm
turn the  tu7 X unconditionally  ucdy 29 uniformity  ufmt
two or more  2om X unconventional  ukv 30 uniformly  ufmy
type  ty X unconventionally  ukvy 31 uniforms  ufms
type of  tyo X undefined  udf 32 unify  uf
typed  tyd X under  un 33 unifying  ufg
types  tys X under the  un7 34 unimaginable  uim
types of  tyso X under the  und 35 unimaginably  uimy
typical  tyl X underage  uag 36 uninstall  uin
typically  tyy X underage  uaj 37 uninstalled  uind
typing  tyg X underaged  uajd 38 uninstalling  uing
U.S. Marine  usm X underlying  uly 39 uninstalls  uins
ultimate  ult X underlying  uyg 40 unintended  u1
ultimately  u8y X underneath  unh 41 unintended consequences  uic
ultimately  ulty X underneath  unn 42 unintentional  u1l