Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
saturate sa8 X scores scos 1 sectioned sekd
saturated sa8d X scratch shc 2 sectioning sekg
saturates sa8s X scratched shcd 3 sections seks
saturating sa8g X scratches shcs 4 secure scu
saturation sa8n X scratching shcg 5 secure seq
saturations sa8ns†† X screen scr 6 secure squ
save sv X screened scrd 7 secured scud
saved svd X screening scrg 8 secured seqd
saves svs X screenings scrgs†† 9 secured squd
saving svg X screens scrs 10 secures scus
savings svgs X script skp 11 secures seqs
say that satt X scripted skpd 12 secures squs
scalability scbt X scripting skpg 13 securing scug
scalable scb X scripts skps 14 securing seqg
scalable sclb X sťance seance†† 15 securing squg
scanned scnd X search srh 16 securities sqts
scanning scng X searchability srht 17 security sqt
scans scn X searchable srhb 18 see the se7
scans scs X searched srhd 19 seek ek
scenario sio X searches srhs 20 seeking ekg
scenarios sios X searching srhg 21 seeks eks
schedule ske X season szn 22 seem to sm2
scheduled sked X seasonal sznl 23 seemed smd
scheduler sker X seasonally szny 24 segment sgm
schedulers skers†† X seasoned sznd 25 segmentation sgmn
scheduling skeg X seasoning szng 26 segmented sgmd
scheme scm X seasonings szngs†† 27 segmenting sgmg
schemes scms X seasons szns 28 segments sgms
school sch X second 2c 29 seizure szu
schooled schd X secondarily 2yy 30 seizures szus
schooling schg X secondary 2y 31 select sel
schools schs X seconded 2cd 32 selected seld
science sci X seconds 2cs 33 selecting selg
sciences scis X secret sec 34 selection seln
scientific scic X secretarial secl 35 selections selns††
scientifically sciy X secretaries scys 36 selective selv
scope scp X secretaries skys 37 selectively sely
scoped scpd X secretary sky 38 selects sels
scopes scps X secretly secy 39 self sf
scoping scpg X secrets secs 40 selfish sfh
score sco X section sek 41 selfishly sfhy
scored scod X sectional sekl 42 selfishness sfhn
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
seller slr X sequential sqcl 1 severity svt
sellers slrs X sequential sql 2 sharable shab
semantic smc X sequentially seqy 3 share sha
semantically smcy X sequentially sqcy 4 share shr
semantics smcs X sequentially sqly 5 shared shad
semantics smx X serial srl 6 shared shd
semicolon sc0 X serially sey 7 shares shas
semicolons sc0s X series sre 8 shares shs
send se X series sri 9 sharing shag
send it sei X series of sreo 10 sharing shg
send to se2 X serious sru 11 she can 6c
sending seg X seriously sruy 12 she is 6z
sending sng X seriously suy 13 she should 6sh
sends sds X seriousness srun 14 she was 6w
sends ses X serve srv 15 she will 6wl
senior snr X serve the sv7 16 shift shf
Senior Vice President svp X served srvd 17 shifted sfd
seniority snrt X server svr 18 shifting sfg
seniors snrs X servers svrs 19 shifts sfs
sense sns X serves srvs 20 ship sp
senses sss X serves the svs7 21 shipped shpd
sensing ssg X service svc 22 shipped spd
sensitive ssv X serviceability svct 23 shipping shpg
sensitivity ssvt X serviceable svcb 24 shipping spg
sent by seb X serviced svcd 25 ships sps
sent to st2 X services svcs 26 shop 5p
sentence sen X servicing svcg 27 shopped 5pd
sentences sens X serving srvg 28 shopping 5pg
sentencing seng X serving the svg7 29 shops 5ps
sep sepp X session ssn 30 short term shtm
separate sep X sessions sess 31 shortcut shq
separated sepd X sessions ssns 32 shortcuts shqs
separately sepy X set of seo 33 shorthand shh
separates seps X set the s7 34 should shu
separating sepg X set to s2 35 should always shaw
separation sepn X sets of seso 36 should be shb
separations sepns†† X sets of sso 37 should begin shbg
sequence sqc X setting setg 38 should have shhv
sequenced sqcd X settings stgs 39 should have been shhb
sequences sqcs X several sev 40 should quit shqt
sequencing sqcg X severe sve 41 should the sh7
sequential seql X severely svey 42 should you shuu
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
should your shyo X simplify smf 1 skillfully skly
shouldn't s' X simplifying smfg 2 skills skls
show sw X simply smy 3 sleep slp
showed swd X simulate sm8 4 sleeping slpg
shower shw X simulated sm8d 5 sleeps slps
showered shwd X simulates sm8s 6 slightly siy
showering shwg X simulating sm8g 7 slower than swtn
showers shws X simulation s8n 8 small sml
showing swg X simulation sm8n 9 smaller smlr
shown swn X simulations sm8ns†† 10 smaller than smtn
shows sws X simulations s8ns 11 smallest smle
shutdown sdw X simultaneous smu 12 smart smt
shutdown shdw X simultaneously smuy 13 smartly smty
sibling sib X since sc 14 smarts smts
siblings sibs X since the sc7 15 snapshot snp
side of sdo X since there scth 16 snapshots snps
signature sgu X sincerely scy 17 so far sfa
signatures sgus X single sgl 18 so many soma
significance sgfc X singled sgld 19 so that sott
significant sgfr X singles sgls 20 social soc
significant sig X singling sglg 21 social media smda
significantly sgfy X singly sgly 22 socially socy
significantly sigy X singular sgr 23 societal socl
signified sgfd X singularities sglts†† 24 societies sots
signifies sgfs X singularity sglt 25 society soct
signify sgf X site si 26 society sot
signifying sgfg X sites sis 27 socket skt
similar sii X situation siu 28 sockets skts
similar to sii2 X situational siul 29 software sfw
similarities smlts†† X situationally siuy 30 sold sd
similarities siis X situations sius 31 solicit s0l
similarity siit X size sz 32 solicitation s0ln
similarity smlt X size of szo 33 solicitations s0lns††
similarly siiy X sized szd 34 solicited s0ld
similarly slry X sizes szs 35 soliciting s0lg
simple sim X sizing szg 36 solicits s0ls
simplicity simt X sizings szgs 37 solution sol
simplification smfn X skeleton kel 38 solutions sols
simplifications smfns†† X skeletons kels 39 some sm
simplified smfd X skill skl 40 some more smmr
simplifies smfs X skilled skld 41 some of smo
simplify sly X skillful skf 42 some way smwa
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
somebody sb X specializations spzns†† 1 spelling splg
somebody smb X specialize scz 2 spells spls
someday sda X specialized sczd 3 spinning spng
someone s1 X specializes sczs 4 split slt
something sg X specializes spzs 5 splits slts
sometime smti X specializing sczg 6 splitting sltg
sometime sti X specials scls 7 spoken skn
sometimes stis X specialties spcts†† 8 spoken spkn
somewhat smwt X specialty spct 9 spread spr
sophistication sphn X specific spf 10 spreading sprg
sorry about syab X specifically spfy 11 spreads sprs
sorry for sy4 X specification spfn 12 spreadsheet ssh
sorry if syf X specifications spfns†† 13 spreadsheet ssht
sorry that sytt X specifications sfns 14 spreadsheets sshts††
sorry to sy2 X specifics spfs 15 spreadsheets sshs
sorry when sywn X specifics spfx 16 square sq
sort s0 X specifics spx 17 square sqr
sort of s0o X specified sfyd 18 squared sqd
sorted s0d X specified spfd 19 squared sqrd
sorting s0g X specifies sfys 20 squarely sqry
sorts s0s X specify sfy 21 squares sqrs
sought sgh X specifying sfyg 22 squares sqs
source src X specifying spfg 23 squaring sqg
sourced srcd X speculate spq 24 squaring sqrg
sources srcs X speculated spqd 25 stack stk
sourcing srcg X speculates spqs 26 stacked stkd
space spc X speculating spqg 27 stacking stkg
spaced scd X speculation spqn 28 stacks stks
spaces spcs X speculations spqns†† 29 staff stf
spacing scg X speculator spqr 30 staffed stfd
speak spk X speculators spqrs†† 31 staffing stfg
speaker skr X speech seh 32 staffs stfs
speakers skrs X speeches sehs 33 stage stj
speaking spkg X speed spe 34 stage tj
speaks spks X speeding speg 35 staged stjd
special scl X speeds spes 36 staged tjd
special spcl X spell spl 37 stages stjs
specialist spci X spell check spck 38 stages tjs
specialists spcis†† X spell checked spckd 39 staging stjg
speciality sclt X spell checking spckg 40 staging tjg
specialization sczn X spell checks spcks 41 stakeholder stkh
specialization spzn X spelled spld 42 stakeholder skh
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
stakeholders stkhs†† X statistical sil 1 streamline smln
stakeholders skhs X statistical sscl 2 streamlined smlnd††
stand up stup X statistically sscy 3 streamlines smlns††
standard sdd X statistically stty 4 streamlining smlng††
standard deviation sddv X statistics scx 5 streams srms
standard deviations sddvs X statistics ssx 6 street stt
standard operating procedures sop X statistics sttx 7 streets stts
standardization sdzn X status sus 8 strength sth
standardizations sdzns X statuses suss 9 strengthen sthn
standardize sdz X step by step spbs 10 strengthened sthd
standardized sdzd X stereotype soy 11 strengthening sthg
standardizes sdzs X stereotypes soys 12 strengths sths
standardizing sdzg X still stl 13 strict srk
standards sdds X stock that stktt 14 strictly srky
standby stb X stock the stk7 15 string str
standing stdg X storage soa 16 strings strs
standings stdgs†† X store sto 17 strong sro
standings sdgs X stored stod 18 strongly sroy
start st X stores stos 19 structural suul
start date sd8 X storing stog 20 structurally suuy
started std X story story 21 structure suu
starting stg X storyboard sbo 22 structured suud
starts sts X storyboards sbos 23 structures suus
startup stp X straight sr8 24 structuring suug
startups stps X straighten sr8n 25 student sdt
state s8 X straightened sr8d 26 students sdts
State College s8c X straightening sr8g 27 studied stud
stated s8d X straightens sr8ns†† 28 studied sud
statement s8m X straighter sr8r 29 studies stus
statements s8ms X strange srj 30 studio suo
states s8s X strangely srjy 31 studios suos
static stc X strategic sgc 32 study stu
statically stcy X strategically sgyy 33 studying stug
stating s8g X strategies sgys 34 studying sug
station sai X strategize sgz 35 style ys
station sta X strategized sgzd 36 styled ysd
stationed stad X strategizes sgzs 37 styles yss
stationing stag X strategizing sgzg 38 styling ysg
stations sais X strategy sgy 39 subdivide bdv
stations stas X stream srm 40 subdivided bdvd
statistic sic X streamed srmd 41 subdivides bdvs
statistic ssc X streaming srmg 42 subdividing bdvg
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
subdivision bdvn X subsequently bqy 1 such su
subdivisions bdvns X subset bse 2 such as sua
subject sbj X subsets bses 3 suffer suf
subjected sbjd X subsetted bsed 4 suffered sufd
subjecting sbjg X subsetting bseg 5 suffering sufg
subjection sbjn X subside sbs 6 suffers sufs
subjective bjv X subside ssi 7 sufficed sfcd
subjects sbjs X subsided sbsd 8 suffices sfcs
subjugate sg8 X subsided ssid 9 sufficiency sfcc
subjugated sg8d X subsides sbss 10 sufficient sfc
subjugates sg8s X subsides ssis 11 sufficient sfct
subjugating sg8g X subsidiaries ssds 12 sufficiently sfcy
subjugation sg8n X subsidiary ssdy 13 sufficiently sfty
submission bmsn X subsiding sbsg 14 sufficing sfcg
submissions bmsns X subsiding ssig 15 suffix sfx
submissive bmv X subsistence sbsc 16 suffixes sfxs
submissiveness bmvn X substantial bsl 17 suggest suj
submit bmt X substantially bsly 18 suggested sujd
submits bmts X substitute btu 19 suggesting sujg
submittal bml X substituted btud 20 suggestion sjn
submittals bmls X substitutes btus 21 suggestion sujn
submitted bmtd X substituting btug 22 suggestions sujns††
submitting bmtg X substitution bsn 23 suggestions sjns
subordinate bn8 X substitution btun 24 suggestive sjv
subordinated bn8d X substitutions bsns 25 suggestive sujv
subordinates bn8s X substitutions btuns†† 26 suggests sujs
subordinating bn8g X subtotal bt0 27 suitable sbl
subordination bn8n X subtotaled bt0d 28 summaries smms
subscribe bcb X subtotaling bt0g 29 summarization smzn
subscribed bcbd X subtotals bt0s 30 summarizations smzns††
subscriber bbr X succeed suc 31 summarize smz
subscriber bcbr X succeeded sucd 32 summarized smmd
subscribers bcbrs X succeeding sucg 33 summarized smzd
subscribers bbrs X succeeds sucs 34 summarizes smzs
subscribes bcbs X success sx 35 summarizing smmg
subscribing bcbg X successes sxs 36 summarizing smzg
subscript bcp X successful sxf 37 summary smm
subscripted bcpd X successfully sxy 38 supervision spvn
subscription bcpn X successive sxv 39 supplement supm
subscriptions bcpns X successively sxvy 40 supplementation spmn
subscripts bcps X succinct scc 41 supplementation supn
subsequent bq X succinctly sccy 42 supplementations spmns††
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
supplementations supns†† X surging sjg 1 synchronized syzd
supplemented supmd†† X surprise spz 2 synchronizes syzs
supplementing supmg†† X surprised spzd 3 synchronizing syzg
supplementing spmg X surprising spzg 4 synonym snn
supplements supms†† X surround sur 5 synonym sym
supplied spyd X surrounded surd 6 synonymous syu
supplied syd X surrounding surg 7 synonyms snns
supplier 5pr X surrounds surs 8 synonyms syms
supplier syr X surveil svl 9 syntax syx
suppliers 5prs X surveillance svlc 10 system sy
suppliers syrs X surveilled svld 11 systematic syc
supplies spys X surveilling svlg 12 systematically syy
supply spy X surveils svls 13 systemic symc
supply chain schn X survey svy 14 systems sys
supply chains schns X surveyed svyd 15 table tb
supplying spyg X surveying svyg 16 tabled tbd
supplying syg X surveys svys 17 tables tbs
support sup X survival svvl 18 tabling tbg
support of supo X susceptibility subt 19 tabular tbr
supportable supb X susceptibility sust 20 tabular tbu
supported supd X susceptible susb 21 tactics tcx
supporting supg X suspicion spcn 22 tailor tai
supportive spv X suspicions spcns†† 23 tailored taid
supportive supv X sweet swe 24 tailoring taig
supports sups X swipe swp 25 tailors tais
suppose soz X swiped swpd 26 take tk
suppose su0 X swipes swps 27 take her tk6
supposed sozd X swiping swpg 28 take him tk3
supposed su0d X swirl swl 29 take them tk9
supposes sozs X switch swc 30 taken tkn
supposes su0s X switched swcd 31 takes tks
supposing sozg X switches swcs 32 taking tkg
supposing su0g X switching swcg 33 talent tlt
supposition sozn X symbol syb 34 talented tltd
supposition suon X symbolic sybc 35 talents tlts
suppositions sozns†† X symbolically syby 36 talk to tk2
suppositions suons†† X symbols sybs 37 talked tkd
sure sr X sympathies smps 38 talked to tkd2
surely sry X sympathy smp 39 talking to tkg2
surge sj X synchronization syzn 40 tangible tjb
surged sjd X synchronizations syzns†† 41 tape tp
surges sjs X synchronize syz 42 taped tpd