Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
not be  -b X nullified  nlfd 1 observed  ozvd
not effective  nefv X nullifies  nlfs 2 observes  ozvs
not interested  nint X nullify  nlf 3 observing  ozvg
not only  n0y X nullifying  nlfg 4 obstacle  oq
not only  noy X number  nu 5 obstacles  oqs
not sure  nos X number of  nuo 6 obtain  ota
not the  no7 X numbered  nud 7 obtained  otad
notability  ntbt X numbering  nug 8 obtaining  otag
notable  ntb X numbers  nbs 9 obtains  otas
notably  nty X numeric  nmc 10 obvious  ovu
notation  ntn X numeric value  nmvu 11 obviously  ovuy
notations  ntns X numeric values  nmvus  12 occasion  oca
note  nt X numerical  mcl 13 occasional  okl
noted  ntd X numerical  nmcl 14 occasionally  ocay
notes  nts X numerical  nuc 15 occasionally  oky
noteworthiness  ntwn X numerically  mcy 16 occasioned  ocad
noteworthiness  nwn X numerically  nmcy 17 occasioning  ocag
noteworthy  ntw X numerics  nmx 18 occasions  ocas
nothing  ng X numerous  nuu 19 occur  oc
notice  ntc X nz  nzz 20 occur  ocur
noticeable  ntcb X obedient  obdt 21 occurred  ocd
noticed  ntcd X obey  ob 22 occurrence  occ
notices  ntcs X obeyed  obd 23 occurrences  occs
noticing  ntcg X obeying  obg 24 occurring  ocg
notification  nfn X obeys  obs 25 occurs  ocs
notification  ntfn X object  oj 26 odometer  odm
notifications ntfns   X objected  ojd 27 odometers  odms
notifications  nfns X objecting  ojg 28 of a  oa
notified  nfd X objection  ojn 29 of all  oal
notified  ntfd X objectionable  ojb 30 of an  oan
notifies  nfs X objections  ojns 31 of another  oano
notifies  ntfs X objective  ojv 32 of any  oay
notify  nf X objectively  ojvy 33 of each  oea
notify  ntf X objectives  ojvs 34 of her  o6
notifying  nfg X objectivity  ojt 35 of his  o3
notifying  ntfg X objectivity  ojvt 36 of interest  oin
noting  ntg X objects  ojs 37 of interest  oint
notion  noi X observation  ovn 38 of its  of its
notions  nois X observation  ozvn 39 of one  o1
now  nwo X observations ozvns   40 of the  od
nullification  nlfn X observations  ovns 41 of them  o9
nullifications nlfns   X observe  ozv 42 of these  otz
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
of time  oti X on the other hand  odoh 1 operate  o8
of which  owc X on time  0t 2 operated  o8d
of your  oyo X on time  0ti 3 operates  o8s
offend  ofe X on whether  0whh 4 operating  o8g
offended  ofed X on which  0w 5 operating system  osy
offending  ofeg X on which  0wc 6 operating systems  osys
offends  ofes X onboard  obo 7 operation  o8n
offense  ose X onboarding  obog 8 operation  opn
offenses  oses X once  1c 9 operational  opl
offensive  ofsv X one and only  1ao 10 operationally  oply
offer  ofr X one another  1ano 11 operations  o8ns
offered  ofd X one column  1col 12 operations  opns
offering  ofg X one for each  14e 13 operative  o8v
offerings  ofgs X one of  1o 14 operatives  o8vs
offers  ofs X one of many  1oma 15 operator  o8r
office  ofc X one of them  1o9 16 operator  opr
officer  ocr X One or more  11om 17 operators  oprs
officer  ofcr X one or more  1om 18 opinion  opi
officers  ocrs X one row  1r 19 opinionated  opid
officers  ofrs X one row  1rw 20 opinions  opis
offices  ofcs X one-dimensional  1dm 21 opportunistic  ottc
officially  ofcy X one-to-many  1tm 22 opportunities  otts
offline  ofl X one-to-one  1t1 23 opportunity  ott
offset  0f X online  oln 24 oppose  opo
offsets  0fs X only  onyl 25 opposed  opod
offsetting  0fg X only  oy 26 opposed to  o2
often  ofn X only for  oy4 27 opposes  opos
oldest  ode X only if  oyf 28 opposing  opog
omit  om X only one  oy1 29 opposite  osi
omits  oms X only to  oy2 30 opposite  ozi
omittance  omc X only when  oywn 31 opposites  osis
omittances  omcs X onsite  0si 32 opposites  ozis
omitted  omd X open  op 33 opposition  opon
omitting  omg X opened  opd 34 oppress  opp
on a  0a X open-ended  oen 35 oppressed  oppd
on budget  0b X opening  opg 36 oppresses  opps
on budget  0bj X openings  opgs 37 oppressing  oppg
on each  0e X openly  opy 38 optimal  oml
on file  0fi X openness  opne 39 optimally  omly
on it  0i X opens  ops 40 optimally  omy
on that  0tt X operand  ope 41 optimization  omzn
on the  0d X operands  opes 42 optimizations omzns  
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
optimize  omz X organizers  ozrs 1 outlining  oulg
optimized  omzd X organizes  ozs 2 outlying  oyg
optimizer  omzr X organizing  ozg 3 output  oup
optimizers omzrs   X orient  ori 4 outputs  oups
optimizes  omzs X orientation  orn 5 outputting  oupg
optimizing  omzg X orientations  orns 6 outrage  orj
optimum  omm X oriented  orid 7 outraged  orjd
optimums  omms X orienting  orig 8 outrageous  oju
option  oi X orients  oris 9 outrages  orjs
optional  oil X origin  oij 10 outraging  orjg
optionality  oit X origin  oji 11 outreach  orh
optioned  oid X original  ojl 12 outright  oui
optioning  oig X originally  ojy 13 outside  ous
options  ois X originate  oj8 14 outsource  ozc
or equal to  oe2 X originated  oj8d 15 outsourced  ozcd
or more  omo X originates  oj8s 16 outsources  ozcs
or not  ont X originating  oj8g 17 outsourcing  ozcg
or the  or7 X origination  oj8n 18 outstanding  og
or the  ord X originations oj8ns   19 outstandingly  ogy
Orange County  ojc X originator  oj8r 20 over  ov
orchestra  ork X originators oj8rs   21 over the  ovd
orchestras  orks X origins  oijs 22 over time  ovti
orchestrate  ok8 X origins  ojis 23 over with  ovwi
orchestrated  ok8d X Orlando  oao 24 overall  ova
orchestrates  ok8s X other  ot 25 overdue  odu
orchestrating  ok8g X other than  ottn 26 overflow  ofw
orchestration  orkn X others  ots 27 overflowed  ofwd
orchestrations orkns   X otherwise  ow 28 overflowing  ofwg
order  oe X ought to  ot2 29 overflows  ofws
ordered  oed X ought to be  o2b 30 overhead  ovh
ordering  oeg X ourselves  osv 31 overlap  ovp
orderly  oey X out  otu 32 overlapped  ovpd
orders  oes X out of  ouo 33 overlapping  ovpg
organization  ozn X outage  ouj 34 overlaps  ovps
organization chart  ocht X outages  oujs 35 overload  olo
organization charts  ochts  X outcries  ocys 36 overloaded  olod
organizational  ozl X outcry  ocy 37 overloading  olog
organizationally  ozy X outer  otr 38 overloads  olos
organizations  ozns X outgoing  ogg 39 overly  ovy
organize  oz X outline  oul 40 overridden  ovrn
organized  ozd X outlined  ould 41 override  ovr
organizer  ozr X outlines  ouls 42 overrides  ovrs
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
overriding  ovrg X paradigm  paa 1 partition  ptt
oversight  ovs X paradigm  pdi 2 partition  pttn
overstate  os8 X paradigms  paas 3 partitioned  pttd
overstated  os8d X paradigms  pdis 4 partitioning  pttg
overstates  os8s X paragraph  pgh 5 partitions  ptts
overstating  os8g X paragraphs  pghs 6 partner  pnr
overview  ovw X paralegal  pgl 7 partners  pnrs
overviews  ovws X paralegals  pgls 8 partnership  pnp
overwhelm  owm X parallel  prl 9 partnerships  pnps
overwhelmed  owmd X paralleled  prld 10 parts  pas
overwhelming  owmg X parallels  prls 11 partying  pyg
overwhelms  owms X parameter  parm 12 pass  ps
overwrite  owt X parameters parms   13 passed  psd
overwrites  owts X parent  prt 14 passer  psr
overwriting  owtg X parental  prtl 15 passers  psrs
overwritten  owtn X parentheses  pth 16 passes  pss
owing  owg X parents  prts 17 passing  psg
owned  owd X parliament  plm 18 passive  psv
owner  owr X part  pa 19 password  psw
owners  owrs X part of  pao 20 passwords  psws
owners  ows X part of the  paod 21 patent  pa1
ownership  owp X partial  pai 22 patented  pa1d
package  pkj X partially  paiy 23 patenting  pa1g
packaged  pkjd X participant  ant 24 patents  pa1s
packages  pkjs X participant  p8t 25 path  ph
packaging  pkjg X participant  ptcp 26 patience  patc
packet  pkt X participant  ptp 27 patient  pat
packets  pkts X participants ptcps   28 patiently  paty
page  pg X participants  ants 29 patients  pats
paged  pgd X participants  p8ts 30 pattern  ptn
pages  pgs X participants  ptps 31 patterned  ptnd
paging  pgg X participate  p8 32 patterns  ptns
paid  pd X participated  p8d 33 payable  pyb
paid for  pd4 X participates  p8s 34 payables  pybs
painful  pnf X participating  p8g 35 payment  pym
painfully  pnfy X participation  p8n 36 payments  pyms
palatable  ptb X particular  ptq 37 payout  pyo
panel  pnl X particularly  pqy 38 payouts  pyos
panels  pnls X particularly  ptqy 39 penalties  pnts
paper  pap X partied  pyd 40 penalty  pnt
papers  paps X parties  pys 41 people  ppl
paperwork  ppw X parting  pag 42 people of color  ppoc