Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
naturally  ntuy X negotiated  ngod 1 nicely  ncy
naturally  nuly X negotiates  ngos 2 night  ni
naturally  nuy X negotiating  ngog 3 nightly  niy
nature  ntu X negotiation  ngon 4 nights  nis
natures  ntus X negotiations ngons   5 no clue  noq
navigate  nav X negotiator  ngor 6 no longer  nlgr
navigated  navd X negotiators ngors   7 no more than  nmrt
navigates  navs X neighbor  nbo 8 no one  0o
navigating  navg X neighborhood  nbh 9 no problem  opb
navigation  navn X neighborhoods  nbhs 10 nobody  nb
navigator  navr X neighbors  nbos 11 node  n0
near  nr X neither  nei 12 nodes  n0s
near the  nr7 X neither of  neio 13 noise  nz
near the  nrd X neither one  nei1 14 noises  nzs
nearby  nrb X nervous  nvu 15 noisy  nzy
nearer  nrr X nervously  nvuy 16 nomenclature  nmk
nearest  nre X nervously  nvy 17 non-disclosure  ndcl
nearing  nrg X nervousness  nvun 18 none  nn
nearly  nry X nest  ns 19 none of  nno
nears  nrs X nested  ned 20 non-fuel  0fu
necessarily  necy X nested  nsd 21 non-profit  npf
necessary  nec X nesting  nsg 22 normal  nml
need  ne X nests  nss 23 normality  nmlt
need not  nen X network  nwk 24 normalization  nlzn
need to  ne2 X networked  nwd 25 normalization  nmln
need to be  n2b X networked  nwkd 26 normalization  nmzn
needed  ndd X networking  nwg 27 normalizations nmlns  
needing  ndg X networking  nwkg 28 normalizations nmzns  
needless  nle X networks  nwks 29 normalize  nlz
needlessly  nly X networks  nws 30 normalize  nmlz
needn't  n' X networks  nwx 31 normalize  nmz
needs  nes X never  nv 32 normalized nmlzd  
needs to  nes2 X never  nver 33 normalized  nlzd
needy  ndy X neverending  nvg 34 normalized  nmzd
negate  ng8 X new  nwe 35 normalizes nmlzs  
negated  ng8d X New York  nyk 36 normalizes  nlzs
negates  ng8s X New York City  nyc 37 normalizes  nmzs
negating  ng8g X newly  nwy 38 normalizing  nlzg
negative  ngv X next  nx 39 normalizing  nmzg
negatively  ngvy X next to  nx2 40 normally  nmly
negativity  ngvt X next year  nxyr 41 NoSQL  0sq
negotiate  ngo X nice  nc 42 not applicable  napb