Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
lock  l0 X lunch  lu 1 malfunctioned  mfnd
locked  l0d X lunched  lud 2 malfunctioned  mlfd
locked  lcd X luncheon  lun 3 malfunctioning  mfng
locking  l0g X luncheons  luns 4 malfunctioning  mlfg
locking  lcg X lunches  lus 5 malfunctions mfnns  
locks  l0s X lunching  lug 6 malfunctions  mlfs
logged  lgd X lying  lyg 7 manage  mnj
logging  lgg X machine  mch 8 manageability  mnjt
logic  0j X machinery  mchy 9 manageable  mnjb
logic  jc X machines  mchs 10 managed  mnjd
logical  ljl X made  md 11 management  mgm
logically  jcy X made you  mdu 12 manager  mgr
logically  jly X magnetic  mgc 13 managerial  mgl
logically  ljly X magnetically  mgcy 14 managerial  mgrl
logistics  ljx X mail  ml 15 managers  mgrs
lonely  loy X mailed  mld 16 manages  mnjs
long  lg X mailing  mlg 17 managing  mgg
long form  l4 X mailings  mlgs 18 managing  mnjg
long term  lgtm X mails  mls 19 Managing Director  mdrr
longer  lgr X main  ma 20 mandate  md8
longest  lge X main menu  mmu 21 mandated  md8d
long-story-short  lgss X mainframe  mfm 22 mandates  md8s
look  lo X mainframes  mfms 23 mandating  md8g
looked  lod X mainly  mny 24 mandatory  mdy
looking  loo X maintain  mta 25 maneuver  mnv
looking forward  lg4w X maintainability  mtat 26 maneuverability  mnvt
looking forward to  lg42 X maintained  mtad 27 maneuverable  mnvb
looks  los X maintaining  mtag 28 maneuvered  mnvd
looks like  losl X maintains  mtas 29 maneuvering  mnvg
lookup  lkp X maintenance  mtc 30 maneuvers  mnvs
lookups  lkps X majorities  mjts 31 manifest  mnf
loop  lp X majority  mjt 32 manifestation  mnfn
looped  lpd X make  mk 33 manifestations mnfns  
looping  lpg X make her  mk6 34 manifested  mnfd
loops  lps X make him  mk3 35 manifesting  mnfg
Los Angeles  laj X make them  mk9 36 manifesto  mfo
love to  lv2 X makes  mks 37 manifests  mnfs
lower  lwr X makeup  mkp 38 manipulate  mnp
lower than  lwtn X making  mkg 39 manipulated  mnpd
lowercase  lwk X makings  mkgs 40 manipulates  mnps
low-level  llv X malfunction  mfnn 41 manipulating  mnpg
lucrative  lcv X malfunction  mlf 42 manipulation  mnpn
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
manipulations mnpns   X marketing  mktg 1 mathematical  mhl
manipulator  mnpr X markets  mkts 2 mathematically  mhly
manipulators mnprs   X markup  mrp 3 mathematically  mhmy
manner  mnr X marriage  mrj 4 mathematics  mhmx
mannerly  mnry X marriages  mrjs 5 mathematics  mmx
manners  mnrs X massive  msv 6 matrices  mce
manpower  mpw X massively  msvy 7 matrices  mtcs
mantra  mra X master  mas 8 matrix  mrx
mantras  mras X master data  msda 9 matter  mat
manual  mnl X master data management  msdm 10 mattered  matd
manually  mnly X mastered  masd 11 matters  mats
manufacture  mf X mastered  msrd 12 Matthew  mhw
manufactured  mfd X masterful  masf 13 maximization  mxn
manufacturer  mfr X masterful  msrf 14 maximization  mxzn
manufacturers  mfrs X masterfully  masy 15 maximizations mxzns  
manufactures  mfs X masterfully  msry 16 maximizations  mxns
manufacturing  mfg X mastering  masg 17 maximize  mxz
many  ym X mastering  msrg 18 maximized  mxd
many of  myo X masters  mass 19 maximized  mxzd
many-to-many  m2m X masters  msrs 20 maximizes  mxzs
many-to-one  m21 X match  mc 21 maximizing  mxg
map to  mp2 X matched  mcd 22 maximizing  mxzg
mapped  mpd X matches  mcs 23 maximum  mx
mapped to  mpd2 X matching  mcg 24 maximum value  mxv
mapping  mpg X material  matl 25 maximum values  mxvs
mapping to  mpg2 X material  mrl 26 maximums  mxs
maps to  mps2 X materialization  mlzn 27 may also  maao
margin  mjn X materialization  mtzn 28 may also  mao
marginal  mjl X materializations mlzns   29 may be  mab
marginality  mjlt X materializations mtzns   30 may have  mahv
marginally  mjly X materialize  mlz 31 may have  mav
margins  mjns X materialize  mtz 32 may have been  mahb
marijuana  mri X materialized  mlzd 33 may not  m'
Marine  mrn X materialized  mtzd 34 may not  myn
Marine Corps  marc X materializes  mlzs 35 may only  maoy
Marines  mrns X materializes  mtzs 36 may or may not  momn
marked  mkd X materializing  mlzg 37 maybe  mb
market  mkt X materializing  mtzg 38 mean  mn
market share  mksh X materials matls   39 mean that  mntt
marketability  mktt X materials  mrls 40 mean to  mn2
marketable  mktb X materials management  mmgm 41 meaning  mng
marketed  mktd X mathematic  mhm 42 meaningful  mgf
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
meanings  mngs X medically  medy 1 method  mth
means  mns X medium  mdm 2 methodic  mthc
means by  mnsb X mediums  mdms 3 methodical  mthl
means that  mnstt  X meet  mt 4 methodically  mthy
meant  mnt X meeting  mtg 5 methodologies mthgs  
meant by  mntb X meetings  mtgs 6 methodologies  mhgs
meant for  mnt4 X meets  mts 7 methodology  mhg
meant is  mntz X megabyte  mgb 8 methodology  mthg
meant that  mnttt  X megabytes  mgbs 9 methods  mths
meant to  mnt2 X member  mbr 10 metrics  mtx
measurable  mzb X member of  mbo 11 microscope  mcp
measurables  mzbs X members  mbrs 12 microscopes  mcps
measure  mez X membership  mbp 13 microscopic  mcc
measure  mz X memberships  mbps 14 microscopically  mccy
measure  mzu X memories  mms 15 Microsoft  msft
measured  mezd X memorization  mmzn 16 Microsoft Windows  msww
measured  mzd X memorize  mmz 17 Microsoft Word  msw
measured  mzud X memorized  mmd 18 middle  mdd
measurement  mzm X memorized  mmzd 19 middleware  mdw
measurements  mzms X memorizes  mmzs 20 middleware  mwr
measures  mezs X memorizing  mmg 21 might  mi
measures  mzs X memorizing  mmzg 22 might have  mihv
measures  mzus X memory  mm 23 might have been  mihb
measuring  mezg X mention  mnn 24 might have had  mihh
measuring  mzg X mentioned  mnnd 25 mightily  myy
measuring  mzug X mentioning  mnng 26 mighty  miy
mechanic  mec X mentions  mnns 27 migration  mgn
mechanical  mecl X merge  mj 28 migrations  mgns
mechanical  mkl X merged  mjd 29 mileage  mlj
mechanically  mecy X merger  mjr 30 miles  mis
mechanically  mkly X mergers  mjrs 31 militaries  mils
mechanically  mky X merges  mjs 32 militarily  mily
mechanics  mecs X merging  mjg 33 militarily  mly
mechanism  mkm X message  msj 34 militarize  miz
mechanisms  mkms X message queue  msq 35 militarized  mizd
mechanistic  mkc X message queues  msqs 36 militarizes  mizs
media  mdi X messaged  msjd 37 militarizing  mizg
median  mea X messages  msjs 38 military  mil
medians  meas X messaging  msjg 39 million  mln
mediation  meo X messenger  msjr 40 millionaire  mlna
mediations  meos X messengers msjrs   41 millionaires mlnas  
medical  med X metadata  mda 42 millions  mlns
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
Milwaukee  mlw X misjudgment  mjm 1 modelers  mdrs
Milwaukee  WI  mwi X misjudgments  mjms 2 modeling  m0g
minded  mid X mismatch  mmc 3 modeling  mdlg
minded  mnd X mismatched  mmcd 4 models  mdls
minding  mdg X mismatches  mmcs 5 models  mds
mini-dimension  mdim X mismatching  mmcg 6 moderate  mr8
mini-dimensions  mdims  X miss  ms 7 moderated  mr8d
minimal  mii X missed  msd 8 moderates  mr8s
minimal  mml X misses  mss 9 moderating  mr8g
minimally  miiy X missing  msg 10 moderation  md8n
minimally  mmly X missing value  msvu 11 moderation  mdrn
minimally  mnmy X missing values  msvus  12 moderation  mr8n
minimize  mnz X mission  msn 13 moderations mdrns  
minimized  mnzd X mission statement  msn8 14 moderations mr8ns  
minimizes  mnzs X mission statements  msn8s  15 modern  mdn
minimizing  mnzg X missionary  msny 16 modernity  mdnt
minimum  mnm X missions  msns 17 modes  m0s
minimum value  mnmv X missive  miv 18 modification  mdfn
minimum values  mnmvs  X missives  mivs 19 modification  mfn
minimums  mnms X misspell  msp 20 modifications mdfns  
Minneapolis  mna X misspell  mspl 21 modifications  mfns
minorities  mtys X misspelled  mspd 22 modified  mdfd
minority  mty X misspelling  mspg 23 modifier  mdfr
minus  um X misspells  msps 24 modifiers mdfrs  
minute  min X mistake  mtk 25 modifies  mdfs
minutes  mins X mistaken  mtkn 26 modify  mdf
miracle  mq X mistakes  mtks 27 modifying  mdfg
miracles  mqs X mistaking  mtkg 28 modular  mur
miraculous  mqu X mister  msr 29 modularization  mdzn
mirror  mrr X misunderstand  mus 30 modularize  mdz
mirrored  mrrd X misunderstanding  mudg 31 modularized  mdzd
mirroring  mrrg X misunderstanding  mug 32 modularizes  mdzs
mirrors  mrrs X misunderstandings mudgs   33 modularizing  mdzg
miscarriage  mcj X misunderstandings  mugs 34 module  mod
miscarriages  mcjs X misunderstands  muss 35 modules  mods
misconception  mcpn X misunderstood  mud 36 moment  mmt
misconceptions mcpns   X mixed case  mxk 37 momentarily  mmyy
misconduct  mcdu X mode  m0 38 momentary  mmty
misjudge  mjj X model  mdl 39 momentary  mmy
misjudged  mjjd X modeled  mdld 40 moments  mmts
misjudges  mjjs X modeler  mdlr 41 momentum  mmm
misjudging  mjjg X modeler  mdr 42 money  m$
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
monies  ms$ X motivations mv8ns   1 must admit  muam
moniker  mnk X motivations  mvns 2 must be  mub
monikers  mnks X motivator  mv8r 3 must begin  mubg
monitor  m0r X motivators mv8rs   4 must have  muhv
monitor  mntr X motor fuel  mtf 5 mutual fund  mfu
monitored  m0rd X motor fuels  mtfs 6 mutual fund  muf
monitored  mntd X motor vehicle  mov 7 mutual funds  mfus
monitoring  m0rg X motor vehicles  movs 8 mutual funds  mufs
monitoring  mntg X movable  mvb 9 my apologies  mya
monitors  m0rs X move  mv 10 my life  myl
monitors  mnts X moved  mvd 11 my qualifications  mqf
monopolies  mpys X movement  mvm 12 myself  msf
monopoly  mpy X movements  mvms 13 NA  naa
month  moh X moves  mvs 14 name  nm
monthly  mhy X moving  mvg 15 name of  nmo
months  mhs X MS Excel  msx 16 named  nmd
months  mohs X much  mh 17 namely  nmy
months  mos X much as  mua 18 names  nms
more  mr X much of  mho 19 namespace  nmp
more  omre X multi-dimensional  mdml 20 namespace  npc
more of  mro X multilevel  mlv 21 namespaces  nmps
more than  mrtn X multi-media  mme 22 namespaces  npcs
more than one  mrt1 X multiple  mul 23 naming  nmg
more than one  mt1 X multiples  muls 24 nanotechnology  nnt
moreover  mrv X multiplex  mpx 25 narrow  nrw
mortgage  mgj X multiplexes  mpxs 26 narrowly  nrwy
mortgaged  mgjd X multiplication  muln 27 narrows  nrws
mortgages  mgjs X multiplied  muld 28 Nashville  nhv
mortgaging  mgjg X multiplied  muyd 29 national  natl
most  mo X multiplies  muly 30 national  ntl
most of  moo X multiplies  muys 31 nationalization  ntzn
mostly  moy X multiply  muy 32 nationalize  ntz
motion  moi X multiplying  mulg 33 nationalized  ntzd
motioned  moid X multiplying  muyg 34 nationalizes  ntzs
motioning  moig X multitask  msk 35 nationalizing  ntzg
motions  mois X multitasked  mskd 36 nationally  naty
motivate  mv8 X multitasking  mskg 37 nationally  ntly
motivated  mv8d X multitasks  msks 38 nationals  ntls
motivates  mv8s X multiuser  muz 39 native  ntv
motivating  mv8g X multi-valued  mvu 40 natively  ntvy
motivation  mv8n X mundane  mun 41 natural  ntul
motivation  mvn X must  mu 42 natural  nul