Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
high level  hhlv X hoped  hod 1 how many  hwm
high level  hlv X hopefully  hfy 2 how many  hwma
high level  hlvl X hopes  hos 3 how much  hmh
high levels  hhlvs  X hoping  hog 4 how the  hw7
high school  hsch X horizontally  hzy 5 how they  hw9
high schools  hschs  X horsepower  hpw 6 how to  hw2
higher  hhr X hospitable  hspb 7 how well  hwel
higher than  hhtn X hospital  hsp 8 how well  hwwl
highest  hhe X hospitality  htt 9 how will  hwl
highly  hhy X hospitalization  hszn 10 however  hwv
highs  hhs X hospitalizations hszns   11 HR  hrr
himself  hsf X hospitalize  hspz 12 huge  hj
hiring  hig X hospitalized  hszd 13 hugely  hjy
his  ihs X hospitalizes hspzs   14 human  hu
Hispanic  hpc X hospitalizing  hszg 15 human  hus
historical  hsl X hospitals  hsps 16 human resources  hur
historical  hstl X host  hs 17 hybrid  hyb
historically  hsty X hosted  hsd 18 hybrids  hybs
history  hst X hosting  hsg 19 I im
holding  h0g X hosts  hss 20 I am not  imn
holdings  h0gs X hotel  htl 21 I am sorry  imsy
holds  h0s X hotels  htls 22 I am very sorry  imvs
holiday  hda X hour  hr 23 I apologize  iap
holidays  hdas X hourly  hry 24 I don't know  idk
holistic  hlc X hours  hrs 25 I have iv
holistically  hlcy X house  hz 26 I know  iko
hollow  hlw X housed  hzd 27 I love you  ilvu
hollowed  hlwd X housekeeper  hkp 28 I/O  io
hollowing  hlwg X housekeeping  hkpg 29 idea  ia
hollows  hlws X houses  hzs 30 idealistic  ilc
home  hm X housing  hzg 31 ideally  idy
homed  hmd X how are  hwr 32 ideally  iy
homes  hms X how can  hwc 33 ideas  ias
homework  hmw X how can  hwcn 34 identical  idl
homing  hmg X how could  hwq 35 identically  idly
honest  hne X how do  hwd 36 identifiable  idb
honesty  hnt X how does  hwdz 37 identifiable  idfb
honorable  hnb X how has  hwh 38 identification  idfn
hope  ho X how have  hwhv 39 identification  ifn
hope for  hp4 X how is  hwz 40 identified  idd
hope that  hptt X how it  hwi 41 identified  idfd
hope to  hp2 X how long  hwlg 42 identifier  idr
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
identifiers  idrs X illustrated  iu8d 1 imparted  mpad
identifies  idfs X illustrates  iu8s 2 imparting  mpag
identifies  ids X illustrating  iu8g 3 imparts  mpas
identify  idf X illustration  iu8n 4 impedance  mpdc
identifying  idfg X illustrations iu8ns   5 impedance  mpec
identifying  idg X image  ij 6 impede  mpe
if all  fal X imaged  ijd 7 impeded  mped
if any  ify X images  ijs 8 impedes  mpes
if applicable  fap X imaginary  ijy 9 impeding  mpeg
if desired  fdzi X imaginary  mjy 10 imperative  mprv
if he  f3 X imagination  imjn 11 imperatively mprvy  
if it  ifi X imaginative  ijv 12 imperatively  mpvy
if memory serves  fmms X imaginative  imjv 13 imperatives mprvs  
if necessary  fnec X imagine  imj 14 imperfect  mpf
if not  f' X imagined  imjd 15 imperfection  mpfn
if not  fnt X imagines  imjs 16 imperfections mpfns  
if one  f1 X imaging  ijg 17 imperfectly  mpfy
if possible  fpsb X imagining  imjg 18 implement  mpm
if ready  fry X immediacy  imec 19 implementation  mpmn
if required  ifq X immediate  ime 20 implementations mpmns  
if she  f6 X immediately  imy 21 implemented  mpmd
if the  f7 X immerse  mse 22 implementing  mpmg
if there  fth X immersed  msed 23 implements  mpms
if they  f9 X immerses  mses 24 implicate  mpk
if used  fud X immersing  mseg 25 implicated  mpkd
if you  ifu X immersion  imz 26 implicates  mpks
if you use  fuu X immersion  mzn 27 implicating  mpkg
if you wouldn't mind  fuwm X immersions  imzs 28 implication  ipn
if your  fyo X immersions  mzns 29 implication  mpkn
ignition  ign X immigration  imgn 30 implications mpkns  
ignitions  igns X imminent  imt 31 implications  ipns
ignorance  igc X immovable  imv 32 implicit  mci
ignorant  igt X impact  mpc 33 implicit  mlc
ignore  ino X impacted  mpcd 34 implicit  mli
ignored  igd X impactful  mpcf 35 implicitly  mciy
ignored  inod X impacting  mpcg 36 implicitly  mlcy
ignores  inos X impacts  mpcs 37 implicitly  mliy
ignoring  inog X impair  mpr 38 implied  ipd
I'll  il X impaired  mprd 39 implies  ips
illusion  ilu X impairing  mprg 40 implies  mps
illusions  ilus X impairs  mprs 41 imply  ip
illustrate  iu8 X impart  mpa 42 imply  mp
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
implying  ipg X in consideration  ncsd 1 in that case  nttk
import  mpt X in consideration for  ncs4 2 in that the  nttd
import/export  mpxp X in consideration of  ncsdo  3 in the  nd
importance  ipc X in consideration of  ncso 4 in the data  ndda
importance  itc X in each  nea 5 in the database  nddb
importance  ittc X in effect  nefk 6 in the same  ndsa
important  itt X in essence  nesc 7 in their  nt'
importantly  itty X in every  nev 8 in them  n9
importantly  ity X in every  ney 9 in there  nth
imported  mptd X in front of  ntfo 10 in this case  ntsc
importing  mptg X in full  nfu 11 in this case  ntsk
imports  mpts X in her  n6 12 in touch  nto
impossibility  mpst X in his  n3 13 in touch with me  ntwm
impossible  mpsb X in kind  nki 14 in use  inu
improbabilities mpbts   X in lieu of  nluo 15 in which  nwc
improbability  mpbt X in line with  nlnw 16 in your  nyo
improbable  mpb X in line with  nlw 17 inaccuracies naqcs  
improbably  mpby X in mind  nmi 18 inaccuracies  naqs
improve  mpv X in nature  nntu 19 inaccuracies  nqcs
improved  mpvd X in one  n1 20 inaccuracy  naqc
improvement  mpvm X in one or more  noom 21 inaccurate  naq
improvements mpvms   X in order  noe 22 inaccurately  naqy
improves  mpvs X in order to  no2 23 inappropriate  npp
improving  mpvg X in other  iot 24 inappropriately  nppy
improvisation  mvzn X in other words  notw 25 incarcerate  ncc
improvisation  mpvn X in other words  nowd 26 incarcerated  nccd
improvisations mvzns   X in parallel  nprl 27 incarcerates  nccs
improvisations mpvns   X in particular  npq 28 incarcerating  nccg
improvise  mvz X in particular  nptq 29 incarceration  nccn
improvised  mvzd X in person  npsn 30 incarcerations nccns  
improvises  mvzs X in place of  npco 31 incentive  icv
improvising  mvzg X in question  iqn 32 incentives  icvs
in a  na X in reality  nrlt 33 incentivize  ivz
in a way  nawa X in relation to  nrl2 34 incentivize  icz
in accordance with  nacw X in retrospect  nrro 35 incentivized  ivzd
in accordance with  naw X in return  nret 36 incentivized  iczd
in addition to  na2 X in separate  nsep 37 incentivizes  ivzs
in advance  navc X in support  nsup 38 incentivizes  iczs
in an  nan X in support of  nsuo 39 incentivizing  ivzg
in any  nay X in sync  nsy 40 incentivizing  iczg
in any way  nayw X in terms  ntms 41 inception  ncpn
in conjunction with  ncjw X in terms of  ntmo 42 inceptions ncpns  
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
incident  icd X inconvenience  ncvc 1 indexing  nxg
incident  ici X inconvenient  ncv 2 indicate  ndk
incident  idt X incorrect  icc 3 indicate  nkd
incident  ncd X incorrectly  iccy 4 indicated  ndkd
incidental  icil X increase  ncr 5 indicated  nkdd
incidental  idtl X increased  ncrd 6 indicates  ndks
incidental  ncdl X increases  ncrs 7 indicates  nkds
incidentally  iciy X increasing  ncrg 8 indicating  ndkg
incidentally  ncdy X increasingly  icy 9 indicating  nkdg
incidentals icils   X increasingly  ncry 10 indication  ndkn
incidents  icds X increment  icm 11 indication  nkdn
incidents  icis X incremented  icmd 12 indications ndkns  
incidents  idts X incrementing  icmg 13 indications nkdns  
incidents  ncds X increments  icms 14 indicator  ndkr
include  ncl X incur  ncu 15 indicators ndkrs  
included  ncld X incurs  ncs 16 indices  ics
includes  ncls X indeed  nde 17 indigent  idj
including  nclg X indefensible  ndfb 18 indigents  idjs
inclusion  ncln X indefinite  ndf 19 indiscriminate  ndc
inclusions nclns   X indefinitely  ndfy 20 indiscriminately  ndcy
inclusive  nclv X indent  ndt 21 individual  ndv
income  ncm X indentation  idn 22 individualization  ndvn
incomes  ncms X indentation  ndn 23 individualization  nvzn
incoming  ncmg X indentation  ndtn 24 individualizations ndvns  
incomparable  ncpb X indentations ndtns   25 individualize  nvz
incompatibilities ncpts   X indentations  idns 26 individualized  ndvd
incompatibilities  ncps X indentations  ndns 27 individualized  nvzd
incompatibility  ncpt X indented  ndtd 28 individualizes  nvzs
incompatible  ncp X indenting  ndtg 29 individualizing  ndvg
incomplete  ikp X indents  ndts 30 individualizing  nvzg
incompleted  ikpd X independence  ndpc 31 individually  ndvy
incompletes  ikps X independent  ndp 32 individuals  ndvs
inconsequential  ncq X independently  ndpy 33 indulge  ndj
inconsequentially  ncqy X independently  npdy 34 indulged  ndjd
inconsiderate  ncs8 X index  ix 35 indulgence  ndjc
inconsiderate  nr8 X indexable  ixb 36 indulgent  ndjt
inconsiderately  nr8y X indexable  nxb 37 indulges  ndjs
inconsistencies  ncss X indexed  ixd 38 indulging  ndjg
inconsistencies  nkcs X indexed  nxd 39 industrial  idul
inconsistency  ncsc X indexes  ixs 40 industrial  indl
inconsistency  nkc X indexes  nxs 41 industrial  iul
inconsistent  ncst X indexing  ixg 42 industrial  ndl
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
industrial  ndyl X infects  nfks 1 initial  ii
industrialization  idzn X infinity  ift 2 initialed  iid
industrialization  iuln X infinity  inf 3 initialing  iig
industrialization  ndln X inflexibility  nfxt 4 initialization  iin
industrialize  idz X inflexible  nfx 5 initialization  iizn
industrialize  ndz X influence  nfl 6 initializations iizns  
industrialized  idzd X influenced  nfld 7 initializations  iins
industrialized  ndzd X influences  nfls 8 initialize  iiz
industrializes  idzs X influencing  nflg 9 initialized  iizd
industrializes  ndzs X influential  nfll 10 initializes  iizs
industrializing  idzg X inform  i4 11 initializing  iizg
industrializing  ndzg X information  n4 12 initially  iiy
industrially  iduy X informational  n4l 13 initials  iis
industrially  indy X informative  i4v 14 initiate  i8
industrially  nyy X informative  n4v 15 initiate  ii8
industries  idus X informed  i4d 16 initiated  i8d
industries  inds X informed  n4d 17 initiated  ii8d
industries  iuys X informing  i4g 18 initiates  i8s
industry  idu X informing  n4g 19 initiates  ii8s
industry  ind X informs  i4s 20 initiating  i8g
industry  iuy X infrastructure  nfr 21 initiating  ii8g
ineffective  nfv X infrastructures  nfrs 22 initiation  i8n
ineffectiveness  nfvn X inhabit  nha 23 initiation  ii8n
inefficiencies  iefs X inhabited  nhad 24 initiations ii8ns  
inefficiencies  nefs X inhabiting  nhag 25 initiations  i8ns
inefficiency  iefc X inhabits  nhas 26 initiative  iiv
inefficiency  nefc X inherent  nhr 27 initiatives  iivs
inefficient  ief X inherent  nht 28 inject  njk
inefficient  nef X inherently  nhry 29 injected  njkd
inevitability  ievt X inherit  nhe 30 injecting  njkg
inevitable  iev X inheritance  nhc 31 injection  njkn
infallibility  nfbt X inheritance  nhec 32 injection  njn
infallible  nfb X inheritance  nhtc 33 injections njkns  
infect  ifk X inherited  nhed 34 injections  njns
infect  nfk X inheriting  nheg 35 injects  njks
infected  ifkd X inherits  nhes 36 injuries  jrys
infected  nfkd X inhibit  nhb 37 injuries  yjs
infecting  ifkg X inhibited  nhbd 38 injurious  jru
infecting  nfkg X inhibiting  nhbg 39 injury  jry
infection  nfkn X inhibition  nhbn 40 injury  yj
infections nfkns   X inhibitions nhbns   41 inline  nln
infects  ifks X inhibits  nhbs 42 in-memory  nmm
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
innocence  nocc X inside of  nsio 1 instincts  nsx
innocent  noc X insignificance nsgfc   2 institute  iiu
innocently  nocy X insignificance  nsgc 3 instituted  iiud
innovate  iv8 X insignificant  nsgf 4 institutes  iius
innovated  iv8d X insolence  nsoc 5 instituting  iiug
innovates  iv8s X insolent  nso 6 institution  iiun
innovating  iv8g X inspect  nsp 7 institution  iun
innovation  iv8n X inspected  nspd 8 institutionalization  iuzn
innovations iv8ns   X inspecting  nspg 9 institutionalize  iuz
innovator  iv8r X inspector  nspr 10 institutionalized  iuzd
innovators iv8rs   X inspectors nsprs   11 institutionalizes  iuzs
in-process  npx X inspects  nsps 12 institutionalizing  iuzg
input  np X inspiration  npin 13 institutions iiuns  
inputs  nps X inspiration  nspn 14 institutions  iuns
inputted  npd X inspirations npins   15 instruct  nru
inputting  npg X inspirations nspns   16 instructed  nrud
inquire  nq X inspire  npi 17 instructing  nrug
inquired  nqd X inspired  npid 18 instruction  nrun
inquires  nqs X inspires  npis 19 instructional  nrul
inquiries  nqys X inspiring  npig 20 instructions nruns  
inquiring  nqg X install  nsl 21 instructive  nruv
inquiry  nqy X installation  nsln 22 instructive  nrv
inquisition  nqn X installations nslns   23 instructs  nrus
inquisitions  nqns X installed  nsld 24 instrumental  nsml
inquisitive  nqv X installing  nslg 25 insufficience  nsfc
inquisitiveness  nqvn X installs  nsls 26 insufficient  nsf
insane  nsa X instance  isc 27 insufficiently  nsfy
insanely  nsay X instances  iscs 28 insult  isu
insanity  nsat X instances  nscs 29 insulted  isud
insert  ins X instant  nst 30 insulting  isug
inserted  insd X instantly  nsty 31 insults  isus
inserting  insg X instead  isd 32 insurance  nsc
inserting  isg X instead  ist 33 insure  nsu
insertion  insn X instead of  isdo 34 insured  nsud
insertion  isn X instead of  nsdo 35 insures  nsus
insertion  nsn X instigate  iti 36 insuring  nsug
insertions insns   X instigated  itid 37 integer  ir
insertions  isns X instigates  itis 38 integer  nj
insertions  nsns X instigating  itig 39 integer  ntj
inserts  inss X instigation  itin 40 integers  irs
inserts  iss X instigations itins   41 integers  njs
inside  nsi X instill  isl 42 integers  ntjs
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
integrate  n8 X intentions  n1ns 1 internalization  nnzn
integrated  n8d X intents  n1ts 2 internalize  nnz
integrates  n8s X interact  iak 3 internalized  nnzd
integrating  igg X interact  ik 4 internalizes  nnzs
integrating  n8g X interacted  iakd 5 internalizing  nnzg
integration  8n X interacted  ikd 6 internally  nnly
integration  inn X interacting  iakg 7 internally  nny
integration  n8n X interacting  ikg 8 internals  nnls
integration  ngn X interaction  ian 9 international  inl
integration  ntgn X interaction  ikn 10 international  intl
integrations ntgns   X interactions  ians 11 international  itl
integrations  8ns X interactions  ikns 12 internationally  itly
integrations  inns X interactive  iav 13 internet  ine
integrations  n8ns X interactive  ikv 14 interns  ntes
integrations  ngns X interactively  iavy 15 interpret  ntp
integrator  n8r X interactively  ikvy 16 interpretation  ntpn
integrators  n8rs X interacts  iaks 17 interpretations ntpns  
integrity  iet X interacts  iks 18 interpreted  ntpd
integrity  igr X interchange  icj 19 interpreter  ntpr
integrity  ngt X interchangeable  icjb 20 interpreter  ntr
integrity  ngy X interchanged  icjd 21 interpreters ntprs  
intellectual property  ilp X interchanges  icjs 22 interpreters  ntrs
intelligence  njc X interconnect  ick 23 interpreting  ntpg
intelligence  nljc X interconnected  ickd 24 interpretive  ntpv
intelligent  njt X interconnected  icnk 25 interprets  ntps
intelligent  nlj X interdependence  idpc 26 interrogate  ig8
intelligently  njy X interdependent  idp 27 interrogate  tg8
intelligently  nljy X interest  int 28 interrogated  ig8d
intend  n1d X interested  intd 29 interrogated  tg8d
intended  n1dd X interesting  ig 30 interrogates  ig8s
intending  n1dg X interestingly enough  iye 31 interrogates  tg8s
intending  n1g X interests  ints 32 interrogating  ig8g
intends  n1ds X interface  ifc 33 interrogating  tg8g
intends  n1s X interfaced  ifcd 34 interrogation  ig8n
intense  n1e X interfaces  ifcs 35 interrogation  tg8n
intensely  n1ey X interfacing  ifcg 36 interrogation  tgn
intensive  n1v X interim  nrm 37 interrogations ig8ns  
intensive  nsv X intermediaries  ieys 38 interrogations tg8ns  
intent  n1t X intermediary  iey 39 interrogations  tgns
intention  n1n X intermediate  nme 40 intersect  isk
intentional  n1l X intern  nte 41 intersected  iskd
intentionally  n1y X internal  nnl 42 intersecting  iskg
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
intersection  iskn X inventors  nvrs 1 invoke  nvk
intersections iskns   X inventory  ivy 2 invoke  nvo
intersects  isks X invents  invs 3 invoked  nvkd
interval  ivl X inverse  ive 4 invoked  nvod
intervals  ivls X inverse  nve 5 invokes  nvks
interview  ivw X inversely  ivey 6 invokes  nvos
interviewed  ivwd X inversely  nvey 7 invoking  nvkg
interviewer  ivwr X inversely  nvsy 8 invoking  nvog
interviewers ivwrs   X inversion  ien 9 involve  nvv
interviewing  ivwg X inversion  iven 10 involved  nvvd
interviews  ivws X inversion  nven 11 involvement  nvvm
into  n2 X inversions ivens   12 involves  nvvs
into one  n21 X invert  ivt 13 involving  nvvg
into the  n2d X invert  nvt 14 IP  ipp
intranet  nra X inverted  ivtd 15 irrational  ira
intranets  nras X inverted  nvtd 16 irrationality  irat
intrigue  ngu X inverting  nvtg 17 irrationally  iray
intrigues  ngus X inverts  ivts 18 irreparable  irb
intrinsic  nzc X inverts  nvts 19 irreparable  irp
intrinsically  nzcy X investigation  ivn 20 irreparably  irby
introduce  nro X investigations  ivns 21 irreverence  irvc
introduced  nrod X investment  nvm 22 irreverent  irv
introduces  nros X investments  nvms 23 irreverently  irvy
introducing  nrog X investor  ivr 24 is a  za
introduction  nron X investors  ivrs 25 is able  zab
introductions nrons   X invisibility  ivbt 26 is able to  zab2
intrusion  irn X invisible  ivb 27 is about  zabo
invalid  nva X invitation  nvin 28 is above  zabv
invalidate  nv8 X invitation  nvtn 29 is accessed  zax
invalidated  nv8d X invitations nvins   30 is activated  zav8
invalidates  nv8s X invitations nvtns   31 is active  zakv
invalidating  nv8g X invite  nvi 32 is affected  zafk
invalidation  nv8n X invited  nvid 33 is after  zaf
invalidations nv8ns   X invites  nvis 34 is aggregated  zagg
invent  inv X inviting  nvig 35 is allocated  zalk
invented  invd X invocation  nvon 36 is allowed  zaw
inventing  invg X invocations nvons   37 is also  zao
inventing  ivtg X invoice  nvc 38 is altered  zalt
invention  nvn X invoiced  nvcd 39 is always  zawa
inventions  nvns X invoices  nvcs 40 is among  zam
inventor  nvr X invoicing  nvcg 41 is among  zamg
inventories  ivys X invokable  nvkb 42 is an  zan
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
is applied  zap X is determined  zdtm 1 is keeping  zkp
is appropriate  za8 X is different  zdft 2 is kept  zkt
is associated  zaso X is difficult  zdfq 3 is known  zkw
is assured  zasu X is divided  zdvi 4 is known as  zka
is at  z@ X is documented  zdq 5 is known as  zkwa
is automatically  zamy X is doing  zdg 6 is less than  zlt
is available  zav X is done  zdn 7 is like  zlk
is back  zbk X is either  zei 8 is likely  zlky
is based  zbs X is equal to  ze2 9 is limited  zlm
is because  zbc X is equivalent  zeqv 10 is loaded  zlo
is before  zb4 X is established  zebh 11 is loaded  zoa
is being  zbg X is evaluated  zeva 12 is locked  zl0
is below  zblw X is executed  zx 13 is logical  zljl
is best  zbe X is executed  zxq 14 is looking  zloo
is built  zblt X is for  z4 15 is made  zmd
is by  zb X is from  zfm 16 is made up  zmdp
is cached  zcah X is going  zgg 17 is maintained  zmta
is called  zcl X is going to  zgg2 18 is mandatory  zmdy
is character  zkh X is graded  zgd 19 is manipulated  zmnp
is chosen  zczn X is greater than  zgt 20 is missed  zms
is chosen  zzn X is guaranteed  zgee 21 is missing  zmsg
is committed  zcmt X is hashed  zhh 22 is modified  zmdf
is compared  zcpa X is he  z3 23 is modifying  zmdfg 
is compiled  zcpi X is held  zhe 24 is modifying  zmdfy 
is complete  zkpl X is held by  zhdb 25 is monitored  zmnt
is completed  zkpd X is here  zhr 26 is most  zmo
is completed  zkpld  X is high  zhi 27 is much  zmh
is composed  zcpo X is hosted  zhs 28 is my  zm
is computed  zqp X is how  zhw 29 is necessary  znec
is connected  zcnk X is if  zf 30 is needed  zne
is constant  zcst X is implemented  zmpm 31 is nested  zns
is constantly  zcsty  X is in  zn 32 is numeric  znmc
is contained  zcta X is in the  znd 33 is of  zo
is convenient  zcve X is included  zncl 34 is only  zoy
is copied  zcp X is independent  zndp 35 is optional  zoi
is correct  zcrc X is indicated  zndk 36 is partitioned  zptt
is correctly  zcrcy  X is instructed  znru 37 is passed  zps
is created  zc8 X is intended  zn1 38 is passing  zpsg
is dedicated  zddk X is interested  zint 39 is performed  zp4
is defined  zdfi X is involved  znvv 40 is pictured  zpic
is dependent on  zdpo X is issued  ziu 41 is possible  zpsb
is designed  zdzn X is it  zi 42 is preserved  zpzv
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
is processed  zpx X is subject  ssj 1 isolation  ison
is reached  zrh X is subject  zsbj 2 issuance  iuc
is read  zrd X is subjected  ssjd 3 issue  iu
is ready  zry X is such  zsh 4 issued  iud
is recommended  zrcm X is supplied  zspy 5 issuer  iur
is recorded  zrec X is supported  zsup 6 issuers  iurs
is referenced  zrfc X is taken  ztk 7 issues  ius
is referred  zrf X is text  ztx 8 issuing  iug
is referred to  zr2 X is that  ztt 9 it also  iao
is referred to  zrf2 X is the  zd 10 it can  icn
is released  zrel X is the same  zdsa 11 it has  ih
is removed  zrmv X is their  z9 12 it has been  ihb
is renewed  zrnw X is then  ztn 13 it is  iz
is represented  zrep X is there  zth 14 it may  ima
is requested  zreq X is this  zts 15 it must  imu
is requesting  zreqg  X is to  z2 16 it runs  irns
is required  zrq X is to be  z2b 17 it should  ish
is responsible  zrsb X is told  ztd 18 it should be  ishb
is responsible for  zr4 X is transformative  zx4v 19 it will  iwl
is retrieved  zrrv X is transformed  zx4 20 it will be  iwlb
is returned  zret X is true  ztu 21 item  ie
is rolled  zrl X is typed  zty 22 itemization  iezn
is rounded  zrou X is understandable  zudb 23 itemization  izn
is scanned  zsc X is updated  zu8 24 itemizations iezns  
is scheduled  zske X is used  zud 25 itemizations  izns
is selected  zse X is used to  zu2 26 itemize  iez
is selected  zsel X is usually  zuy 27 itemized  iezd
is separated  zsep X is validated  zvd8 28 itemizes  iezs
is she  z6 X is violated  zv8 29 itemizing  iezg
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