Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
fronted  tfd X gallons  gals 1 generating  geng
fronting  tfg X game  gm 2 generation  gnn
fronts  tfs X gamed  gmd 3 generations  gnns
frustrate  fru X gamer  gmr 4 generic  gnc
frustrated  frud X gamers  gmrs 5 generically  gncy
frustrates  frus X games  gms 6 genius  giu
frustrating  frug X gaming  gmg 7 geniuses  gius
frustration  frun X garbage  gbj 8 geographic  ggc
frustrations fruns   X gateway  g8w 9 geographically  ggcy
fulfill  ff X gateway  gwa 10 getting  gtg
fulfilled  ffd X gateways  g8ws 11 gift  gf
fulfilling  ffg X gateways  gwas 12 gifted  gfd
fulfillment  ffm X gather  ghr 13 gifting  gfg
fulfillments  ffms X gather  gth 14 gifts  gfs
fulfills  ffs X gathered  ghrd 15 girlfriend  gfn
full  fu X gathered  gthd 16 girlfriends  gfns
full of  fuo X gathering  ghrg 17 give  gv
full-time  fti X gathering  gthg 18 give her  gv6
full-time  fut X gathers  ghrs 19 give him  gv3
function  fnn X gathers  gths 20 give them  gv9
function key  fnky X gender  jdr 21 give you  gvu
function keys  fnkys  X genders  jdrs 22 given  gvn
functional  fnnl X general  gnl 23 giver  gvr
functionality  fnnt X general ledger  glej 24 givers  gvrs
functionally  fnny X general ledger  glj 25 gives  gvs
functioned  fnnd X generalities gnlts   26 giving  gvg
functioning  fnng X generalities  gnts 27 global  gbl
functions  fnns X generality  gnlt 28 globalization  gbn
fundamental  fdml X generalization  glzn 29 globalize  gbz
fundamentally  fdmy X generalization  gzn 30 globalized  gbzd
funnier  fyr X generalizations glzns   31 globalizes  gbzs
funniest  fye X generalizations  gzns 32 globalizing  gbzg
funny  fy X generalize  glz 33 globally  gby
further  fur X generalized  glzd 34 globe  gb
further than  futn X generalizes  glzs 35 globes  gbs
future  ftu X generalizing  glzg 36 glossaries  gsys
futures  ftus X generally  gnly 37 glossary  gsy
gain  ga X generally  gny 38 go on  g0
gained  gnd X generals  gnls 39 goal  gl
gaining  gng X generate  gen 40 goals  gls
gains  gns X generated  gend 41 going  gg
gallon  gal X generates  gens 42 going to  gg2
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
gone  gn X graduations  gdns 1 grievances  gvcs
good  gd X grain  grn 2 ground  gro
good afternoon  gdaf X grammar  gmm 3 grounded  grod
good day  gda X grammar  grr 4 grounding  grog
good evening  gde X grammatical  gml 5 grounds  gros
good luck  gdlk X grammatically  gmly 6 group  gp
good morning  gdm X grammatically  gmy 7 group by  gpb
good night  gni X grand total  gt0 8 group of  gpo
goodly  gdy X grand totals  gt0s 9 grouped  gpd
goods  gds X grant  gr 10 grouping  gpg
gotten  gtn X granted  grd 11 groupings  gpgs
govern  gov X granting  grg 12 groups  gps
governance  govc X grants  grs 13 grow  gw
governed  govd X granularity  gnt 14 growing  gwg
governing  govg X graph  gh 15 grown  gwn
government  gvm X graphed  ghd 16 grows  gws
governmental  gvml X graphic  ghc 17 growth  gwh
governmentally  gvmy X graphical  ghl 18 guarantee  gee
governments  gvms X graphically  ghy 19 guaranteed  geed
governor  govr X graphics  ghx 20 guaranteeing  geeg
governors govrs   X graphing  ghg 21 guarantees  gees
governs  govs X graphs  ghs 22 guard  gu
grace  gc X grateful  g8f 23 guard the  gd7
graced  gcd X gratefully  g8fy 24 guarded  gud
graceful  gcf X gratefully  gfy 25 guarding  gug
graces  gcs X gravity  gvt 26 guards  gus
gracing  gcg X great  g8 27 guess  gs
graded  gdd X greater  g8r 28 guessed  gsd
grading  gdg X greater  gtr 29 guesses  gss
graduate  gdu X greater than  gttn 30 guessing  gsg
graduate  gu8 X greater than 0  gtt0 31 guidance  gdc
graduated  gdud X greater than or equal to  goe 32 guide  gi
graduated  gu8d X greater than or equal to 0  goe0 33 guided  gid
graduates  gdus X greater than or equal to 1  goe1 34 guideline  gdln
graduates  gu8s X greatest  8e 35 guidelines gdlns  
graduating  gdug X greatest  g8e 36 guides  gis
graduating  gu8g X greatest  gte 37 guiding  gig
graduation  gdn X greatly  8y 38 habit  hb
graduation  gdun X greatly  g8y 39 habits  hbs
graduation  gu8n X greatness  g8n 40 habituated  hbd
graduations gduns   X greatness  gne 41 habituating  hbg
graduations gu8ns   X grievance  gvc 42 habituation  hb8n
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
had to  hd2 X has the  h7 1 heating oil  hto
hadn't  hd' X has to  ha2 2 heats  hts
half  hf X hasn't  h' 3 height  hei
halves  hfs X have  hv 4 heightened  heid
hand  hn X have a  hva 5 heightened  htnd
handed  hnd X have an  hvan 6 heightening  heig
handful  hnf X have been  hvbn 7 heightening  htng
handfuls  hnfs X have one  hv1 8 heights  heis
handing  hng X have quit  hvqt 9 heinous  hnu
handle  hdl X have the  hv7 10 held by  hdb
handled  hdld X have the  hvd 11 help  hp
handled  hld X have they  h9 12 helped  hpd
handler  hdlr X have they  hv9 13 helper  hpr
handler  hdr X have to  hv2 14 helpers  hprs
handler  hlr X have you  hvu 15 helping  hpg
handlers hdlrs   X having  hvg 16 helpings  hpgs
handlers  hdrs X he can  3c 17 helps  hps
handlers  hlrs X he is  3z 18 hence  hc
handles  hdls X he should  3sh 19 here because  hrbc
handling  hdlg X he was  3w 20 here before  hrb4
handling  hlg X he will  3wl 21 here for  hr4
hands  hns X he’ll  3l 22 here is  hrz
handy  hdy X head  hd 23 here to  hr2
handy  hny X headed  hdd 24 herself  6sf
hang out  hgo X heading  hdg 25 hesitance  hzc
happen  hpn X headings  hdgs 26 hesitant  hzt
happened  hpnd X heads  hds 27 hesitation  hztn
happening  hpng X heads up  hzp 28 heterogeneous  hju
happenings hpngs   X health  hlh 29 heterogeneously  hjuy
happens  hpns X healthcare  hca 30 hexadecimal  hx
hard disk  hddk X healthy  hlhy 31 hexadecimals  hxs
hard disk  hdk X hear me  hrm 32 hibernate  hn8
hard disks  hddks  X heard  hea 33 hibernated  hn8d
hard disks  hdks X hearing  hrg 34 hibernates  hn8s
hardest  hde X hearings  hrgs 35 hibernating  hn8g
hardly  hly X heartache  hta 36 hibernation  hn8n
hardware  hdw X heartaches  htas 37 hidden  hdn
Harrisburg  hrb X heartbeat  hbt 38 hierarchical  hiel
Harrisburg  PA  hbp X heartbeats  hbts 39 hierarchically  hiey
has been  hbn X heat  ht 40 hierarchies  hies
has he  h3 X heated  htd 41 hierarchy  hie
has she  h6 X heating  htg 42 high  hh