Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
extract  xrk X familiarity  fmit 1 fathering  fahg
extracted  xrkd X familiarization  fmzn 2 fathers  fahs
extracting  xrkg X familiarize  fmz 3 fathers  fhrs
extraction  xrkn X familiarized  fmzd 4 fault  fau
extractions xrkns   X familiarizes  fmzs 5 faulted  faud
extracts  xrks X familiarizing  fmzg 6 faulting  faug
extras  xas X families  fams 7 faults  faus
extreme  xm X family  fam 8 faxed  fxd
extremely  xmy X fancied  fcyd 9 faxes  fxs
extremes  xms X fancies  fcys 10 faxing  fxg
façade facade   X fanciful  fcf 11 fear  fr
face  fc X fancy  fcy 12 feared  frd
faced  fcd X fancying  fcyg 13 fearing  frg
faces  fcs X fantasies  fsys 14 fears  frs
facilitate  fci X fantasization  fszn 15 feasibility  fzbt
facilitated  fcid X fantasize  fsz 16 feasible  fzb
facilitates  fcis X fantasized  fszd 17 feasibly  fzby
facilitating  fcig X fantasizes  fszs 18 feasibly  fzy
facilitation  fcin X fantasizing  fszg 19 feature  fea
facilitations fcins   X fantasy  fsy 20 featured  fead
facilities  facs X far more  famr 21 features  feas
facility  fac X far too  fa2 22 featuring  feag
facing  fcg X farther than  fhtn 23 feed  fe
fact  fk X fashion  fsh 24 feeding  feg
factor  fkr X fashionable  fshb 25 feeds  fes
factored  fkrd X fashionably  fshy 26 feel better  febt
factories  faks X fashioned  fshd 27 feel free  fefe
factoring  fkrg X fashioning  fshg 28 feel free  ffe
factors  fkrs X fashions  fshs 29 feel like  felk
factory  fak X fast  fs 30 feels like  fslk
facts  fks X fasten  fsn 31 fetch  eh
factual  fku X fastened  fsnd 32 fetch  feh
factually  fkly X fastening  fsng 33 fetched  ehd
failure  fai X fastens  fsns 34 fetched  fehd
failures  fais X faster  fsr 35 fetches  ehs
fairly  fay X faster than  fatn 36 fetches  fehs
fairness  fne X faster than  fstn 37 fetching  ehg
familial  faml X fastest  fse 38 fetching  fehg
familiar  fii X fasts  fss 39 fiction  fic
familiar  fmi X father  fah 40 fictional  ficl
familiarity  famt X father  fhr 41 field  fie
familiarity  fiit X fathered  fahd 42 fields  fds
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
fields  flds X finding  fng 1 flourishes  fuhs
figurative  fgv X findings  fngs 2 flourishing  fuhg
figuratively  fgvy X finds  fns 3 flow  fw
figure  fgu X finessing  fing 4 flowchart  fwc
figured  fgud X finger  fgr 5 flowcharted  fwcd
figures  fgus X fingered  fgrd 6 flowcharting  fwcg
figuring  fgug X fingering  fgrg 7 flowcharts  fwcs
file  fi X fingers  fgrs 8 flowed  fwd
filed  fid X finish  fnh 9 flowing  fwg
files  fis X finished  fnhd 10 flows  fws
filing  fig X finisher  fnhr 11 flush  flh
filings  figs X finishers fnhrs   12 flushed  flhd
fill  fl X finishes  fnhs 13 flushes  flhs
fill in  fln X finishing  fnhg 14 flushing  flhg
filled  fld X firewall  fwl 15 focus  foc
filling  flg X firewalls  fwls 16 focused  focd
fillings  flgs X first  1t 17 focuses  focs
fills  fls X firsthand  fha 18 focusing  focg
filter  fil X firsts  1ts 19 folder  fol
filtered  fild X fitness  fte 20 folders  fols
filtering  filg X fitting  ftg 21 follow  flw
filters  fils X fix it  fxi 22 followed  flwd
final  fnl X fix the  fx7 23 followed by  flwb
finality  fyt X fixed it  fxdi 24 follower  flwr
finalization  flzn X fixing it  fxgi 25 followers flwrs  
finalizations flzns   X flag  fg 26 following  flwg
finalize  flz X flagged  fgd 27 follows  flws
finalized  flzd X flagging  fgg 28 football  ftb
finalizes  flzs X flags  fgs 29 footballs  ftbs
finalizing  flzg X flashback  fbk 30 for a  4a
finally  fiy X flashbacks  fbks 31 for all  4al
finals  fnls X flex  fx 32 for an  4an
finance  fnc X flexibility  fxt 33 for any  4ay
financed  fncd X flexible  fxb 34 for certain  4cer
finances  fncs X flight  fli 35 for data  4da
financial  fncl X flights  flis 36 For each  44e
financial services  fsvcs  X floor  flr 37 for each  4e
financially  fncy X floored  flrd 38 for each one  4e1 
financials fncls   X flooring  flrg 39 for every  4ev
financing  fncg X floors  flrs 40 for every  4ey
find  fn X flourish  fuh 41 For example  44x
find out  fio X flourished  fuhd 42 for example  4x
Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
FOR LOOP  4lp X fork  f0 1 framework  fwk
FOR LOOPs  4lps X forked  f0d 2 frameworks  fwks
for me  4me X forking  f0g 3 framing  fmg
for most  4mo X forks  f0s 4 frankly  fky
for parsing  4psg X form  4m 5 freedom  fdm
for Primerica  4pma X form of  fmo 6 freedoms  fdms
for rows  4rw X formal  fml 7 frequence  fce
for sure  4sr X formalities fmlts   8 frequencies  fqcs
for that  4tt X formality  fmlt 9 frequency  fqc
for the  4d X formals  fmls 10 frequent  fq
for the same  4dsa X format  fmt 11 frequently  fqy
for this  4ts X formation  4mn 12 fresh  fh
for those  40z X formations  4mns 13 freshen  fhn
for update  4u8 X formative  4mv 14 freshened  fhnd
for update of  4u8o X formats  fmts 15 freshener  fhnr
for very  4vy X formatted  fmtd 16 fresheners fhnrs  
for what  4wt X formatting  fmtg 17 freshening  fhng
for which  4wc X formed  4md 18 freshens  fhns
for you  4u X forming  4mg 19 freshly  fhy
for your  4y X forms  4ms 20 Friday  fda
for your  4yo X formulate  fm8 21 Fridays  fdas
force  4c X formulated  fm8d 22 friend  frn
forced  4cd X formulates  fm8s 23 friendly  fny
forces  4cs X formulating  fm8g 24 friendly  frny
forcing  4cg X formulation  fm8n 25 friends  frns
forecast  fca X formulations fm8ns   26 from  fm
forecasted  fcad X forward  4w 27 from  frmo
forecaster  fcar X forward  fwa 28 from a  fma
forecasters fcars   X forwarded  4wd 29 from each  fme
forecasting  4kg X forwarded  fwad 30 from her  fm6
forecasting  fcag X forwarding  4wg 31 from him  fm3
forecasts  fcas X forwarding  fwag 32 from one  fm1
forego  fgo X forwards  4ws 33 from that  fmtt
foregoes  fgos X forwards  fwas 34 from the  fm7
foreign  4n X foundation  fdn 35 from them  fm9
forever  4v X foundational  fdnl 36 from there  fmth
forget  4g X foundations  fdns 37 from which  fmwc
forget  fgt X founder  fdr 38 from you  fmu
forgets  4gs X founders  fdrs 39 from your  fmy
forgets  fgts X frame  frm 40 from your  fmyo
forgetting  fgtg X framed  fmd 41 front  frt
forgotten  fgtn X frames  fms 42 front  tf