Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
budgeted  bujd X but one  bu1 1 calculating  kqg
budgeting  bujg X but only  boy 2 calculating  q8g
budgets  bujs X but other  buot 3 calculation  cqn
buffer  bff X but the  bu7 4 calculation  kqn
buffer  bfr X but to  b2 5 calculation  q8n
buffered  bffd X but will  bwl 6 calculations  cqns
buffered  bfrd X button  buo 7 calculations  kqns
buffering  bffg X buttoned  buod 8 calculations  q8ns
buffering  bfrg X buttoning  buog 9 calculator  kqr
buffers  bffs X buttons  buos 10 calculator  q8r
buffers  bfrs X buyer  byr 11 calculators  kqrs
build  bu X buyer  yb 12 calendar  cal
builder  bldr X buyers  bys 13 calendaring  calg
builder  blr X buyers  ybs 14 calendars  cals
builders  blrs X buying  byg 15 call  cl
builds  blds X by a  bya 16 call to  cl2
built  blt X by any  byy 17 called  cld
burden  bur X by default  bdf 18 called a  clda
burdened  burd X by name  bnm 19 calling  clg
burdening  burg X by one  y1 20 calls  cls
burdens  burs X by the  b7 21 came  km
bureau  buu X by the  byd 22 came for  km4
bureaus  buus X by which  bwc 23 came to  km2
busied  bzd X bypass  byp 24 can  cn
busies  bzs X bypassed  bypd 25 can  cna
busiest  bze X bypasses  byps 26 can be  cnb
business  biz X bypassing  bypg 27 can be used  cnbu
business intelligence  bzi X cache  cah 28 can contain  ccta
business rule  bru X cached  cahd 29 can have  cnhv
business rule  bzr X caches  cahs 30 can he  cn3
business rules  brus X caching  cahg 31 can it  cni
business rules  bzrs X café  cafe 32 can only  cnoy
business unit  bzu X calculate  cq 33 can only  coy
business units  bzus X calculate  kq 34 can she  cn6
businesses  bizs X calculate  q8 35 can they  cn9
busy  bz X calculated  cqd 36 can we  cnw
busying  bzg X calculated  kqd 37 can you  cnu
but a  bua X calculated  q8d 38 Canadian  kdn
but also  bao X calculates  cqs 39 cancel  ccl
but not  b' X calculates  kqs 40 canceled  ccld
but not  bun X calculates  q8s 41 canceling  cclg
but one  b1 X calculating  cqg 42 cancellation  ccln