Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
as appropriate  aa8 X assembler  asbr 1 associating  asog
as expected  axp X assemblers  asbrs   2 association  ason
as follows  aflw X assembles  asbs 3 associations  asons 
as if  asf X assemblies  abys 4 associative  asov
as if  azf X assembling  asbg 5 assume  asm
as much as  amua X assembly  aby 6 assumed  asmd
as much as possible  amap X assess  ase 7 assumes  asms
as needed  ane X assessed  ased 8 assuming  asmg
as of  azo X assesses  ases 9 assumption  asmn
as opposed to  ao2 X assessing  aseg 10 assumptions asmns
as part of  apao X assessment  asem 11 assurance  asuc
as part of  aspo X assessments  asems   12 assurances asucs
as soon as  asoa X asset  a$ 13 assure  asu
as such  ash X asset management  amgm 14 assured  asud
as the  as7 X assets  as$ 15 assures  asus
as the  asd X assign  asn 16 assuring  asug
as well  awl X assigned  asnd 17 asymmetrical  asyl
as well as  awla X assigning  asng 18 asynchronous  asy
ascertain  asc X assignment  asnm 19 asynchronously  asyy
ascertained  ascd X assignments asnms 20 at a minimum  aam
ascertaining  ascg X assigns  asns 21 at a time  aati
ascertains  ascs X assist  ait 22 at any  aay
aside  asi X assist  ast 23 at least  @l
as-is  zz X assistance  asic 24 at least  atl
ask that  aktt X assistance  assc 25 at most  @mo
asking  asg X assistant  asit 26 at once  a1c
aspects  asx X assistant  asst 27 at present  apzt
aspiration  apin X assistants asits 28 at the  @7
aspirational  apil X assistants  assts 29 at the  @d
aspirations apins   X assisted  aisd 30 at the  at7
aspire  api X assisted  aitd 31 at the same time  adst
aspired  apid X assisted  astd 32 at this time  atst
aspires  apis X assisting  aisg 33 atmosphere  amo
aspiring  apig X assisting  aitg 34 atmospheres  amos
assassinate  as8 X assisting  astg 35 atomic  a0c
assassinated  as8d X assists  aiss 36 attach  ath
assassinates  as8s X assists  aits 37 attached  athd
assassinating  as8g X assists  asts 38 attaches  aths
assassination  as8n X associate  aso 39 attaching  athg
assassinations as8ns   X associated  asod 40 attachment  athm
assemble  asb X associated with  asow 41 attachments athms 
assembled  asbd X associates  asos 42 attain  ata