Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
archiving rkvg X are ready rrdy 1 are you aru
are accessed rax X are really rrly 2 area aa
are acquired araq X are recommended rrcm 3 areas aas
are acquired raqd X are referenced rrf 4 arenít r'
are added rade X are referenced rrfc 5 argument rgm
are all aral X are referred rrfd 6 argumentative rgmv
are all ral X are referred to rrf2 7 arguments rgms
are allowed araw X are related rrl8 8 arithmetic rhc
are allowed raw X are represented rrep 9 around aro
are always rawa X are required rrq 10 arrange arj
are available ravb X are responsible rrsb 11 arranged arjd
are based rbsd X are retrieved rrrv 12 arrangement arjm
are called arcl X are returned rret 13 arrangements arjms††
are committed rcmt X are separated rsep 14 arranges arjs
are compared rcpa X are shared rsha 15 arranging arjg
are connected arcn X are shown rshw 16 array ar
are considered rcsd X are shown rsw 17 array ary
are converted rcvt X are shown rswn 18 array ya
are created arc8 X are similar rsii 19 arrayed ayd
are derived rdrv X are small rsml 20 arrayed yad
are displayed rdsp X are smaller rsmlr 21 arrays ars
are essential resl X are specific rspf 22 arrays ays
are evaluated reva X are specifically rspfy 23 arrays yas
are going argg X are specified rspfd 24 arrival arvl
are included rncl X are stocked rstk 25 arrivals arvls††
are interested rint X are stored rsto 26 arrive arv
are involved rnvv X are supplied rspy 27 arrived arvd
are loaded roa X are supplied rsup 28 arrives arvs
are located rloc X are the r7 29 arriving arvg
are made armd X are then artn 30 arrogance agc
are mapped rmpd X are those r0z 31 arrow arw
are marked armk X are to r2 32 arrows arws
are needed rne X are to be r2b 33 article rtc
are obtained robt X are treated rtrt 34 article rtq
are of the ro7 X are TRUE rtu 35 articles rtcs
are often rof X are updated ru8 36 articles rtqs
are only roy X are used arud 37 artifact rtf
are optional roil X are used ruz 38 artifacts rfx
are ordered roe X are vulnerable rvlb 39 artifacts rtfs
are performed rp4 X are with rwi 40 artist rti
are produced rpdu X are written rwt 41 artists rtis
are read rrd X are written rwtn 42 as a general rule aagr