Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
anticipates  ap8s X appeases  aezs 1 approached  aphd
anticipating  ap8g X appeasing  aezg 2 approaches  aphs
anticipation  ap8n X append  ape 3 approaching  aphg
antique  atq X appended  aped 4 appropriate  a8
antiques  atqs X appendices  axc 5 appropriately  a8y
antiquing  atqg X appending  apeg 6 appropriation  a8n
anxieties  axis X appendix  adx 7 appropriations  a8ns
anxiety  axi X appends  apes 8 approval  apvl
anxious  axu X appliance  aplc 9 approval  avl
anxiously  axuy X appliances aplcs   10 approvals apvls  
any number  aynu X applicability  apbt 11 approvals  avls
any number of  ayno X applicable  apb 12 approve  apv
any of  ayo X application  app 13 approved  apvd
any one  ay1 X application programming interface  appi 14 approves  apvs
any other  ayot X application programming interfaces appis  15 approving  apvg
anybody  anb X applications  apps 16 approximate  apx
anybody  ayb X applied  apd 17 approximated  apxd
anyone  a1 X applies  aps 18 approximately  apxy
anything  ayg X apply  ap 19 approximates  apxs
anything else  ayel X applying  apg 20 approximating  apxg
anyway  ayw X appointment  aptm 21 approximation  apxn
anywhere  awh X appointments aptms   22 approximations apxns  
apologetic  apjc X appraisal  arzl 23 arbitrarily  arby
apologize  ajz X appraisal  azl 24 arbitrary  arb
apologized  ajzd X appraisals arzls   25 architect  rkk
apologizes  ajzs X appraisals  azls 26 architects  rkks
apologizing  ajzg X appraise  arz 27 architectural  rkkl
apparent  aprt X appraised  arzd 28 architectural  rkl
appeal  apl X appraises  arzs 29 architecturally  rkky
appealed  apld X appraising  arzg 30 architecturally  rkly
appealing  aplg X appreciate  apc 31 architecturally  rkuy
appeals  apls X appreciated  apcd 32 architecture  rku
appear  apr X appreciates  apcs 33 architectures  rkus
appearance  aprc X appreciating  apcg 34 archival  rhvl
appearances aprcs   X appreciation  apcn 35 archival  rkvl
appeared  aprd X appreciative  apcv 36 archive  rhv
appearing  aprg X apprehension  aphn 37 archive  rkv
appears  aprs X apprehensions aphns   38 archived  rhvd
appease  aez X apprehensive  aphv 39 archived  rkvd
appeased  aezd X approach  aph 40 archives  rhvs
appeasement  aezm X approachability  apht 41 archives  rkvs
appeasements aezms  X approachable  aphb 42 archiving  rhvg