Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV   Word/Phrase ABBREV
allocating  alkg X amending  ameg 1 and for  a4
allocation  alkn X amendment  amm 2 and how  ahw
allocations alkns  X amendments  amms 3 and is  anz
allow  aw X amends  aens 4 and not the  an7
allow you  awu X amends  ames 5 and only  aoy
allowable  awb X America  aca 6 and other  aot
allowed  awd X America  ame 7 and otherwise  aow
allowing  awg X Americas  acas 8 and so on  asoo
allows  aws X among  amg 9 and that  antt
allows you  awsu X amount  amt 10 and the  a7
almost  alm X amount of  amto 11 and then  atn
along  alg X amounted  amtd 12 and to  a2
along with  algw X amounting  amtg 13 and you  anu
already  ady X amounts  amts 14 and you can  anuc
alright  ari X amounts of  amso 15 and your  anyo
also  ao X an error  aeo 16 and/or  aor
alter  al X an individual  andv 17 anguish  agh
altered  ald X an individual's andvs  18 animal  aml
altered  atd X analysis  anl 19 animalistic  amlc
altering  altg X analyst  aly 20 animals  amls
altering  atg X analyst  ayt 21 announce  anc
alternate  an8 X analysts  alys 22 announced  ancd
alternated  an8d X analysts  ayts 23 announcement  ancm
alternates  an8s X analytic  aac 24 announcements ancms  
alternating  an8g X analytic  ayc 25 announcer  ancr
alternation  an8n X analytical  aal 26 announcers ancrs  
alternative  aav X analytical  ayl 27 announces  ancs
alternative  alv X analytics  alx 28 announcing  ancg
alternative  ltv X analytics  ayx 29 annual  aul
alternatives  aavs X analyze  alz 30 annually  auy
alternatives  alvs X analyzed  alzd 31 anonymous  aym
alternatives  ltvs X analyzes  alzs 32 anonymous  ayu
alters  als X analyzing  alzg 33 anonymously  aymy
alters  ats X anchor  ank 34 another  ano
although  aho X anchored  ankd 35 another one  ano1
always  awa X anchoring  ankg 36 answer  ans
always  awy X anchors  anks 37 answerable  ansb
ambiguous  mbi X and a  ana 38 answered  ansd
ambiguously  mbiy X and also  aao 39 answering  ansg
amend  aen X and are  anr 40 answers  anss
amended  amed X and at least  aatl 41 anticipate  ap8
amending  aeng X and each  aea 42 anticipated  ap8d