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Finally the wonderful BC History and Biography book is completed and we are able to roll out the three CDs which complete the array of parts we have made for you from it.  And as if that wasn’t enough good news we have also released a digital edition of “Prominent People of New Brunswick” a sort of “Who’s Who” of New Brunswick published in 1937.

As usual we also have our latest news and gossip as well as news and updates of upcoming Canadian Meetings and Events.  Hopefully, this will help you to select the events you want to attend.


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- News of 4 new Canadian topic CDs.

- All our news, gossip and announcements.



* British Columbia from the Earliest Times to the Present - pub. 1914

CA0361-2:  History volume 2:  $23.00

CA0361-H:  History 2 volumes:  $29.00

CA0361-S:  Complete in 4 volumes:  $49.00

We can now release our digital reproduction of the last of this wonderful four volume set on the history of the province of British Columbia, volume 2, (CA0361-2) and this also allows us to release the two volume "History" component CD (CA0361-H) and the Complete four volume set on one CD (CA0361-S).  Digital editions of the individual volumes 1, 3, & 4, and the two volume Biographies CD, CA0361-B have already been released.  The following description is for the complete four volume set but also describes both the 2 volume Biography set and the 2 volume History set.  If you want to also read the individual volume and two volume set descriptions they do contain a little more detail and are available in our online catalogue.:


This is the complete 4 Volume set, divided into a History (Vol. 1 & 2) and Biographies (Vol. 3 & 4.)  Volume one authored (mainly) by  E.O.S. Scholefield (1875 - 1919), has a text page count of, 688 pages.  Volume two authored by F. W. Howay (1867 - 1943), has a text page count of 727 pages.  Volumes three and four are authored by the individual contributors and have numbered page counts of 1161 and 1208 respectively.  All four volumes are liberally illustrated, often with pages that do not carry page numbers and so add significantly to the total page count. Both authors of note are well known, and recognized as expert historians, making them the ideal people to write this fascinating work.


British Columbia was the last of the southern tier of Canadian Provinces to be settled and exploited by non-indigenous peoples.  For many years this isolation could be attributed to its inaccessibility, i,e,. being walled off to the east by the Rocky mountains and requiring a long, and often dangerous, sea voyages to attain the Western shores.  Not to say that this shoreline was undiscovered, as the Spanish had entered the Pacific ocean in the 1600's and laid claim to ALL of its shoreline!  Their actual occupation of the shores and subsequently, inland areas, was limited to the more southern areas of the American continent. This resulted in many counter claims for ownership of the northern shores as adventurers of several nations (including Britain's Capt. Cook) began to explore, land and initiate settlements and bases up there.  Most of the first volume is taken up with this early exploration and includes the attempts to gain access overland.  It also described the varied reactions of the indigenous people, including both the resulting altercations and negotiations with the various tribes, many of whom objected to these strange people moving in on their source of food and their hunting space.


The first volume terminates and the beginning of the second volume overlap in a recounting of the discovery of gold, the rapid increase in population due to the "rush," and the evolution of a more "industrial" mining industry.  In terms of the overall development of the province the extraordinary influx of "settlers" was both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing in that the growth in population was extraordinary but a curse in that this rapid increase in population exceeded the ability of the governance to adapt and provide all the necessary infrastructure for, for instance, policing and land registry.  Nor did it help that the administration of the mainland and that of Vancouver Island had developed as separate governments.  The second volume records a number of attempts to establish  governing bodies, in an effort to find one which was; 

a: not a function of self interest and, 

b: one in which the individual members could work together.


Volume two continues to track chronological developments up until the first few years of the 1900s.  Both volumes one and two carry chapters in which specific aspects of BCs development are traced in some detail.  These topics include Medical and Legal services, Church and Missionary establishment, Rail service developments, Fur trade and Sealing and the establishment of a northern border with Alaska, amongst others.  The authors recognize the part played by individuals in this process and include innumerable names of people who played some notable part.


The second two volumes, three & four, do their part in telling the history of British Columbia by relating the life stories of about 1320 of its prominent citizens.  It accomplishes this in the form of individual biographies, many (about 530) of which are accompanied by professionally photographed studio portraits of the subjects.  Each biography has been submitted by its subject - or by his family and / or close acquaintances - so there is no real common structure to them but, in general, they provide a familial and working history of the subject's life.  In this process his spouse(s), his children, his parents and any siblings are introduced, at least by, name and often by genealogical and national origin.  The amount of this content varies from a single paragraph to one of several pages. 


This is a fabulous record of the settlement of British Columbia by non-indigenous races but it also relates many of the stories of events developing from this meeting of the old and the new inhabitants.  The indigenous peoples relied on verbal means for recording their history but this book also provides some written records of what the newer settlers learned about this history. 


We invite you to join in our thanks to the  the Vernon & District Family History Society (Vernon, BC) and the  Slocan Community Library, BC and particularly to Nancy and Joyce, their librarians, for allowing us to borrow these wonderful books so we could make the digital edition available to the wider Genealogy community. We will be donating copies of the resulting CDs to the libraries so further wear and tear on these great old books can be avoided.

* Prominent People of New Brunswick - pub. 1937

CA0393:  $15.00


Title continues:  in the Religious, Educational, Political, Professional, Commercial and Social Activities of the Province.  Also, a Brief Historical and Biographical Reference to New Brunswickers of the Past and to others of the Province who have Attained Prominence Elsewhere.


Compiled by Lieut.-Colonel, C. H. McLean (1877 - 1940) and published by “The Biographical Society of Canada Limited” in 1937, this lengthy title doesn’t leave much that needs to be added to give you a picture of the content of this book.


The Preface indicates that it had been 37 years since the previous publication of a similar book of New Brunswick biography allowing for the growth a full new generation of individuals who might fit the qualifications required to have an entry in these pages.


In the traditions of “oldest first,” the book starts with a brief history of New Brunswick told from the point of view of those individuals who were the instigators of notable events, rather than the more traditional perspective of the events themselves.  Following this is a listing of “Prominent People of the Past” the list being arranged in the order of their date of birth and providing a concise biography for each.


The main portion of the book is occupied by the list of living “Prominent People” although I have failed to discover in what order they are arranged (if any.)  Individual listings vary in length from a line or two to over a whole page.  The average length seems to be about 20% - 25% of a page or about 150 words.  Included information is (usually) parentage, education, qualifications, work experience, offices held, marital status, politics and domicile.  This section is completed by the extraction into separate groups of certain professions, such as Educators and Churchmen and other distinct groupings such a Women and those living outside New Brunswick.  Finally there is an extensive index to the book arranged alphabetically by family name EXCEPT for having separate indices for the separated groups and including, surprisingly, a list of individuals who were “qualified” to appear in the book - but don’t!   


As is common with this type of printed index, it only lists the primary subjects of the biographies and fails to include the names of all others mentioned as being associated with the subject such as wives, partners and other quite intimate acquaintances.  In this digital edition this shortfall is remedied by our computer search capability which effectively indexes every word and phrase contained in the book.  Our search function is further enhanced for our FastFind technology which renders search results almost instantaneously.

We have placed a file containing the names of all of the primary biographical subjects (approx. 1000) who appear in the book.  You can download this list from our website at:



All the work associated with getting this months new releases ready has not left much time for planning new activities but one activity which we have “picked up” again is the volume which effectively lists all commercial enterprises existing in Canada in 1893.  The reason we put this work on hold some months back was that it requires an enormous amount of detailed hand work to bring it anywhere near the quality we strive to maintain so I am not going to make any predictions as to when it will finally be ready for republication.



None this month.



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.



Our last planned appearance in a marketplace this (calendar) year is due to take place on 3 November and will be a one day affair.  It is held in the great surroundings of the Rotunda of the Kitchener City Hall at 200 King St. W., Kitchener, Ontario, starting at 09:30 in the morning.  This will be our second year attending this event and we are returning because of the enthusiastic response the people attending last years event gave us!  The event is open to all and free to attend.  A listing of all the talks, and their timing, can be read at:



The Association of Nova Scotia has a new website.  They have their library holdings online, a Facts and Tips page, and a Surname page.  They also have FREE databases that you can check, viz.: Index to records of the Halifax Funeral Home, Index to Vital Stats from "The Colonial Patriot" 1827-1834, Published Genealogies of Nova Scotia Families, Nova Scotia Genealogist Subject Index, and Genealogical Newsletters of the Nova Scotia Historical Society.  They also have a Member's Only page, which also holds databases.

The new website at



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(We can include your Family History Societies announcements if you tell us what they are.  Please give us AT LEAST one month's notice.)


20 October 2012.  The Kent Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society will host the Region 1 Meeting and Workshop from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and they will have the War of 1812 as their theme.  Topics are: The Women of the War,  The British Army 1660 – 1815, and War of 1812 – Walpole Island Perspective.  This is a full day workshop available to the public. $30.00 includes lunch and snacks. Held at St. Andrews Residence, 99 Park Street, Chatham, Ontario  For more information and to register, please go to


22 October 2012.  Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, ON meeting.  Topic: The War of 1812: Why Canada is Not a U.S. State.  AND The Oral Tradition in Somalian Genealogy.  Speaker: Ken Weber.  In the Burgundy Room, North York Memorial Community Hall, 5110 Yonge Street, Toronto



24 October,  2012: 7:30 p.m.  The Toronto OGS History Lecture at the City of Toronto Archives, 255 Spadina Rd, Toronto.  Topic: Stories of York’s Sacrifice: Militia Casualties of the War of 1812.  Admission is free, but reservation is required.

Speaker: Janice Nickerson



27 October, 2012.  The Alberta Genealogical Society Edmonton Branch continues their course from 10 am to 3 pm with a half hour lunch break; the remaining courses will be - 

October 27: Sources for genealogical research

November 3: Searching Government Records, using libraries, archives and internet resources for genealogy research.

The classes will be held our facility in Nexus Business Park, #162, 14315 - 118 Avenue, Edmonton. Parking available. 

Bring your own lunch; coffee, tea & juice provided. The cost will be Members $75 Non-members $90 for the package of 3 workshops.

To download a registration form, please go to:


27 October, 2012.  A Fall Workshop will be held 9:30 am to 4:00 pm at the library of the Brant County Branch Ontario Genealogical Library.  Topics are: The ” Six Nation in the War of 1812”, and “Using Computers in Your Research.”  Registration: $25 with lunch if registered by October 24th, and $30 at the door +$5 for lunch.

The Brant County Branch Library is at 114-118 Powerline Road, on the grounds of Smokey Hollow Estates, going east from the Wayne Gretzky Parkway, just outside the North-East corner of Brantford.  Website link:


3 November, 2012.  The Alberta Genealogical Society Edmonton Branch completes their course from 10 am to 3 pm with a half hour lunch break; the last course will be - 

November 3: Searching Government Records, using libraries, archives and internet resources for genealogy research.

The classes will be held our facility in Nexus Business Park, #162, 14315 - 118 Avenue, Edmonton. Parking available. 

Bring your own lunch; coffee, tea & juice provided. The cost will be Members $75 Non-members $90 for the package of 3 workshops.

To download a registration form, please go to:


3 November, 2012.  Kitchener Public Library will be holding their 2nd annual Genealogy event in the Kitchener City Hall Rotunda starting at 09:00 a.m.  The whole event is open to the public and all are welcome.  For full posted details go to:  

We WILL BE IN THE MARKETPLACE which is open to the public throughout the event. (See Note 1 below.)


3 November, 2012.  The BC Genealogical Society & Cloverdale Branch, Surrey Public Library are co-sponsoring a "Brickwalls Seminar: Sharing Strategies on Tough Genealogy Problems.”   To be held at Cloverdale Library, Surrey, BC, 5642 - 176A St., Surrey, BC V3S 4G9 between 1-5 pm

Details, tickets:

or call 604 273 8209 (Lower Mainland) or e-mail: 


7 to 28 November, 2012. Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, ON offers a  new 4-session course on Wednesdays:  Coming in Waves: British and Irish Emigration to Canada. Instructor: James F.S. Thomson, at the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto.



10 November, 2012.  The Master Genealogist (software) Users Group, Ottawa is holding its monthly meeting at The Ottawa City Archives of Canada, Room 226, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, between 2 & 4 pm.  Meetings consist of general discussions, tip of the month, and one or more formal presentations.  Attendance is free to all.  Website: 

For more information contact: David Walker,


10 November, 2012, BIFHSGO Monthly Meeting.    At the Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Lecture topics: Prizemaking in the War of 1812, Relatively Speaking, by Faye Kert

For more information go to: OR

or call (613) 234-2520


17 November 2012.   Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, ON is holding a workshop - Irish Family History.  This is a full-day workshop will cover a comprehensive range of topics of interest to family historians with Irish research interests.

Instructors & Topics: Listed on website, use the link below.

Where: North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge St., Toronto



27 November, 2012, at 7:30.  The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia

 they will hold their 3rd Annual Brick Wall Busters in which they will address "Road Blocks in Your Genealogy Research: How to Proceed".   The meeting will be held at Akins A/V Room, Nova Scotia Archives, Public Archives Site, 6016 University Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Their website is


8 December, 2012.  The Master Genealogist (software) Users Group, Ottawa is holding its monthly meeting at The Ottawa City Archives of Canada, Room 226, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, between 2 & 4 pm.  Meetings consist of general discussions, tip of the month, and one or more formal presentations.  Attendance is free to all.  Website: 

For more information contact: David Walker,


8-29 January (Each Tuesday), 2013: 1:30-3:30 p.m.  The Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, is running a 4 week course; Using Newspapers for Genealogy Research, Instructor: Marian Press at the Learning Centre 1, Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St, Toronto



Saturday, 23 February 2013.  The Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto will be running a one day course: Introduction to Genealogy and Family History.  Instructor: Linda Reid.  To be held: North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge St., Toronto




28 February – 28 March 2013: 6:15-8:15 p.m.  The Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto will be running a four week course: Australian and New Zealand Genealogy.  Instructor: Marian Press

To take place at: Learning Centre 1, Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto



5-6 April, 2013.  The Ottawa branch of the OGS has confirmed their annual Gene-O-Rama conference will be held at the Library and Archives exhibition space (the Main Entry Hall and surrounding lecture theatres)  395 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ontario.  The theme of the conference is Genealogy - The Next Generation and there will be a full program of guest speakers as well as an extensive marketplace.  There will be more information and booking forms available on (when they are ready): or eMail to


20 April, 2013.  The Comox Valley Family History Research Group is conducting a seminar at the Florence Filberg Centre in downtown Courtenay, BC between  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Guest speakers are Glenn T. Wright and Lesley Anderson from Ottawa, Ontario.  The seminar will have six presentations that explore the “Parish Chest”.  For information and registration:

Unfortunately we cant attend this workshop but we have donated a door prize of a gift certificate.


31May - 2 June, 2013.  The OGS conference and show will take place.  The venue is to be Durham College in Oshawa.  We are told the marketplace will be in a newly built gymnasium with plenty of room.


Note 1: When we bring our “road-show” to one of these great marketplaces, it is logistically impossible for us to carry a copy of every one of the over 4,000 CDs in our on-line catalogue.  We DO (usually) bring about 1,000 - selected from the more popular titles - but only one or two copies of each.  When these are sold it’s no longer available for viewing at that show, although we can usually show you a few pages from it on one of our computers.  If you want to see a particular CD at a meeting / show let us know ahead of time what it is you want to see (eMail or ‘phone are good, but however suits you best) and we will make sure we keep a copy available for you to look at.  There will be no obligation to buy if it’s not what you want.  We don’t want you to be disappointed. 




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