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This is NOT usually our busiest time of the year, and with so much traditional summer weather in almost all parts of the country, this is particularly true this year.  In many ways we regard that as a “good thing,” as it gives us a much needed chance to “catch up.”  On the other hand,we still haven’t managed to find any “off” time for ourselves yet!

We bring you two new Canadian books on CD this month:  The first is one of those “classic,” turn of the (last) century, County Histories which are just jam-packed with the names of local people.  The second is a step into unusual territory for us, being an account of the Queens Rangers from their reorganization in Canada following the loss, by the British, of the American War of Independence, and follows through right up until just after the end of the 2nd World War.  This is a hard book to classify as its topics include, Regular Army, Militia, Upper Canada Settlement, UEL’s, and York (Toronto) development.  Full descriptions below.

As usual we also have our latest news and gossip as well as news and updates of upcoming Canadian Meetings and Events.  Hopefully, this will help you to select the events you want to attend.


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- Two new Canadian releases.

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*  The History of the County of Brant, Ontario -1883

CA0378:  $21.00

Warner, Beers & Co. are well know for compiling and publishing books which collected historical and contemporary information about an area and offered it for sale to the inhabitants of that area on a subscription basis, probably with assurances that the subscribers name would be forever immortalized in print within its covers.  In this case the publishing house hired authors and researchers (too numerous to identify here) to collect information from all the sources they could find including; books and pamphlets, periodicals and newspapers (archives), church, civic and privately created records, obituary notices and memorial inscriptions, even from verbal “traditions”.  In short, any source they could gain access to which promised to provide information about the events in Brant’s history.  From even a cursory review of the contents it seems obvious that the “copy” collectors were instructed to concentrate on finding documents which, not only included the names of the people who instrumental in creating Brant’s history, but also those who just lived, and went about their business, here.

In addition they sought personal biographies from the inhabitants.  Frequently these were provided in note form and were subsequently translated to more readable prose by the publisher.  These were assembled into a Biographical section which comprises almost a third of the book’s page count and is estimated to contain almost 400 biographies. 

The publisher claims that all material used was subject to authentication, but where such authentication could not be found they believed it better to publish than to exclude a potential “fact” for want of authentication.  We believe this should be regarded as a literary form of “caveat emptor.”

The book opens with a relatively brief synopsis of the history of the Dominion of Canada and this is followed by a 60 page “history” of Chief Thayendanegea, the iconic native chief probably better know to us by his adopted “western” name - Joseph Brant.  The connection with, and importance of, this man to this county is illustrated by his name being used to identify it.

In the third and fourth parts of the book - which, together comprise almost 50% of the text - lies the main body of the social and civic history of the county since the initial phases of settlement by non native immigrants in 1793.  Even from the first few pages in this section the book is careful to include the full names of the individuals involved in each and every step along the way of the growth and development marking the history of the county.  The third part is concerned with the development of the county as a whole and then moves along to concentrate on the city of Brantford. The fourth part takes the individual townships of Brantford, Burford, Onondaga, South Dumfries, the town of Paris and the township of Tuscarora as its subjects.  The discussion of each being subdivided into a number of appropriate subjects.

The fifth, and final, part collects all of the biographical sketches gathered as described above.

Throughout, the book is illustrated with twenty nicely reproduced (i.e., non-photographic) portraits of local individuals whose positions and accomplishments are described in its text.  

All of the text in our digital version of this great book is computer searchable and the search speed is enhanced by the use of our FastFind technology.


*  The Queen’s Rangers in Upper Canada - c1954*

CA0392:  $13.00

In true military style this book, written by Lt. Col. H. M. Jackson, M. B. E., E. D. (b1898 - d1961), provides us with an efficient and concise account of the history of this well established unit staring from its c1791 reorganization in Canada following the defeat of the Loyalist forces in the Revolutionary war and their subsequent expulsion from what was shortly to become the embryonic United States of America.  The record of this exodus is made more interesting by the bargaining and arrangements made between the Company Ex-CO and the Colonial government for the whole group to become a part of Canada’s defences while simultaneously taking up their individual land grants made to them as “Loyalists,” and becoming a skilled labor force to assist with the general settlement (mainly) of Upper Canada.  Lt. Col. Simcoe was not only up for this challenge but he looked on it as providing good training for his troops in their new environment.

So it was that the Queens Rangers became integrated into the very fabric of the growing population of Upper Canada and the book recognizes this by making little differentiation between their “Active” engagements, their “Sedentary,” or non-active, periods or the periods when they were actually stood down from military activities, i.e., disbanded.  The individual members became widely distributed across Upper Canada but remained closely linked to the various militia units where they worked.  In a series of fact filled appendices the book reflects this and makes record of lists of officers, commands, etc., and all the variously named Regiments, Battalions and Companies with which they had contact. Another appendix lists a number of applications made on behalf of various groups of both commissioned and non-commissioned individuals in various areas of Upper Canada.

Although distributed as widely as Kingston and Niagara their home base, and headquarters, remained the City of York (today Toronto) a location which ideally placed them to respond to the actions of American invaders when they declared war on Britain and carried they words into action by attacking the (still) British colonies “North of the 49th.”  Activities which the book summarizes well.  Further into the book their activities in both the Great War (WW1) and World War 2 are also recorded.

In any other format this book might be considered as difficult to extract information from there being so many historic “threads” running through its pages.  Thanks to the search-ability provided by our digital edition however all the information related to any search term can easily, and quickly, be located and referred to converting this into the power house of information it can now be considered to be. 

*  There is no explicit publication date in the book so the date shown above is - we believe - the latest recorded in the text.    The history of the Queens Rangers, however, seems to end in 1946 after WW2.



As I mentioned in the opening we are busy catching up on all the little details which tend to get put in the “Not serious enough to bother with” pile, but which have now grown into a “Get this done or else” heap.  Annoyingly our fabled BC history book is again being delayed by this but I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed for a breakthrough later this month.



None this month.



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.



Tracking back over our postings since the last newsletter there does not seems to have been any really significant news, which is understandable considering the season.  The story which seems to have gathered the most interest has been the reactions of various people to the Tory (Harper) government’s cuts in Funding to the National Library and Archives.  Not surprisingly all the commentary is agreeing that it is considered a regressive and mean-spirited action.



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(We can include your Family History Societies announcements if you tell us what they are.  Please give us AT LEAST one month's notice.)


25 August, 2012.  The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS) is planning to hold a Celebration of their 30th anniversary.  The online announcement / registration web page is now available at:


8 September, 2012.  The Master Genealogist (software) Users Group, Ottawa is holding its monthly meeting at The Ottawa City Archives of Canada, Room 226, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, between 2 & 4 pm.  Meetings consist of general discussions, tip of the month, and one or more formal presentations.  Attendance is free to all.  Website: 

For more information contact: David Walker,


14 - 16 SEPTEMBER, 2012.  The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will hold its annual conference at the Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St., Ottawa, ON. Opens @ 5pm on Friday, till 5pm Sunday.  Full program of speakers and a large marketplace.  Go to the BIFHSGO website for more details and registration info.:  www.bifhsgo/ca

WE ARE BOOKED TO BE IN THE MARKET PLACE WITH OUR FULL CONFERENCE “KIT.”  (The L&A is also open to the public during show hours.) (Note 1 below.)


13 October, 2012.  The Master Genealogist (software) Users Group, Ottawa is holding its monthly meeting at The Ottawa City Archives of Canada, Room 226, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, between 2 & 4 pm.  Meetings consist of general discussions, tip of the month, and one or more formal presentations.  Attendance is free to all.  Website: 

For more information contact: David Walker,


3 November, 2012.  Kitchener Public Library ARE holding their Genealogy and Family History Day for the second year.  I still cannot find any public confirmation of this event yet but it is confirmed that we shall be in the marketplace.  We will announce further developments as we hear about them. We believe the marketplace will be open to public access throughout the event. (See Note 1 below.)


10 November, 2012.  The Master Genealogist (software) Users Group, Ottawa is holding its monthly meeting at The Ottawa City Archives of Canada, Room 226, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, between 2 & 4 pm.  Meetings consist of general discussions, tip of the month, and one or more formal presentations.  Attendance is free to all.  Website: 

For more information contact: David Walker,


8 December, 2012.  The Master Genealogist (software) Users Group, Ottawa is holding its monthly meeting at The Ottawa City Archives of Canada, Room 226, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, between 2 & 4 pm.  Meetings consist of general discussions, tip of the month, and one or more formal presentations.  Attendance is free to all.  Website: 

For more information contact: David Walker,


5-6 April, 2013.  The Ottawa branch of the OGS has tentatively booked the Library and Archives exhibition space for its annual GENE-O-RAMA conference.  Further details to come.  


31May - 2 June, 2013.  The OGS conference and show will take place.  The venue is to be Durham College in Oshawa.  We are told the marketplace will be in a newly built gymnasium with plenty of room.


Note 1: When we bring our “road-show” to one of these great marketplaces, it is logistically impossible for us to carry a copy of every one of the over 4,000 CDs in our on-line catalogue.  We DO (usually) bring about 1,000 - selected from the more popular titles - but only one or two copies of each.  When these are sold it’s no longer available for viewing at that show.  If you want to see a particular CD at a meeting / show let us know ahead of time what it is you want to see (eMail or ‘phone are good, but however suits you best) and we will make sure we keep a copy available for you to look at.  There will be no obligation to buy if it’s not what you want.  We don’t want you to be disappointed. 




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