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Well here we are again.  Once more, like a deer caught in the oncoming headlights of another Christmas for which we are ill prepared.   

We have received another batch of new releases from our sister company in Ireland and you will find twelve new British topic titles in our Other New Releases section.

As a result of a conversation with a customer we have “pushed” through another Canadian Gleaning which will be of interest to our Military historians and genealogists.

Please let me also take this space to thank you all for your continuing interest in Archive CD Books Canada and to wish all of you an enjoyable end of year season.  


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- One new Canadian release.

- Twelve new British releases.

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* CEF: 3rd Infantry Brgd. HQ & 13th Batt. Nominal Roll - 1915

CAG100:  $5.00 (As a downloadable Gleaning only)

This is the official Nominal Roll of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men of the 3rd Infantry Brigade Headquarters and the 13th Battalion.  The front sheet date only gives 1915, but we believe this is taken as the Nominal Roll used to identify those assembled at Valcartier, PQ, during and after, September, during the assembly of the 2nd C.E.F Contingent prior to embarkation for Europe.

Consists of 24 pages of closely printed identifications of approx. 1300 souls.  Each record consists of: Company, Regimental No. (if applicable), Rank, Name, Former Corps., Name of Next of Kin, Address of Next of Kin, Country of Birth, and Place & Date Taken on Strength.  Fully text searchable.

Gleaned from: Canadian Expeditionary Force, 3rd Infantry Brigade Headquarters and 13th Battalion, Nominal Roll, Published: 1915

 28 pages  ; 3.8 MB File. 



I’m still hand correcting the OCR of our never-ending, all Canada business directory, and there is every indication that this is still going to be a gigantic effort.

I also still have the two volume history section of the 4 volume British Columbia history, although I’m thinking that I may start the scanning process to relieve the boredom of the OCR correction.



5.1 British topic New Releases from Archive CD Books Ireland.

*  William White, General and Commercial Directory of the Borough of Nottingham, 1894

IE5106:  $24.70

Published in Sheffield by William White Ltd., in 1894 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the third edition of White's General and Commercial Directory of the Borough of Nottingham. Containing some 567 printed pages the subtitle of the publication indicates the breadth of the directory: including Old and New Basford, Carrington, Sherwood, Bulwell, Lenton, New Lenton, Radford, New Radford, Sneiton, Etc. Followed by a Trades Directory for the County. Although not indicated in the title, in the preface to this edition this Commercial Directory is described as a history, gazetteer and directory of Nottinghamshire, which more aptly describes this publication.

White's Directory is prefaced by a seventy-page description of town and borough of Nottingham. Beginning with descriptions of the parishes and chief market towns that were situated within the parliamentary borough of Nottingham, the Directory then provides a history of the town from its ancient beginnings down to the start of nineteenth-century. 

The majority of White's General and Commercial Directory is given over to its various directories, the first of which is the Nottingham Street Directory., which provides an alphabetical street directory for the town covering some 150 pages. This is followed by an alphabetical directory of merchants, traders, etc., for the Borough of Nottingham, which also extends to more than 150 pages. Nearly 180 pages is given over to the final section of the directory, the Nottinghamshire classified trades and professions directory. This alphabetically lists - by trade - all of the tradesmen and women and the professional people in the county.

*  Pigot's Directory of Wiltshire, 1848

IE5107:  $14.00

Published in 1848 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is Pigot & Co.'s Directory for Wiltshire. Although containing only forty-six printed pages this directory has the distinction for being one of the earliest complete topographical and trades' directories for the county. This edition includes a coloured map of the county showing all the towns and villages, gentlemen's seats and other geographical and topographical features of interest. 

After a brief historical and topographical sketch of Wiltshire, is the county Directory, in alphabetical order it functions as a trades as well as a topographical and historical directory for the forty-two largest towns and villages and their immediate neighbourhoods in the county.

As one of the earliest complete topographical and trades' directories for Wiltshire, Pigot's Directory for 1848 must prove to be particular interest to anyone with an interest in this county.

*  Kelly's Directory of Berkshire, 1899

IE5108:  $24.70

Republished here on full-searchable CD-Rom is Kelly's Directory of Berkshire, which was published in 1899. Containing some 410 printed pages, Kelly's Directory also served as a gazetteer for Berkshire.

This directory addresses every parish in the county and, in addition to the primary business of identifying the inhabitants and their addresses it also provides a thorough topographical description of every town, parish, village and township, describing the principal buildings and geographical objects of interest in each. Great care is also taken in Kelly's treatment of the ecclesiastical divisions of the county with descriptions of all the churches, cathedrals the value of the livings, parochial incumbents and patrons. The same level of detail is provided for the civil and local administration of the county with full information on county courts, districts fairs, markets, county hunts as well as communications such as rail and post throughout the county.

This edition of Kelly's Directory of Berkshire is prefaced by a topographical and geological description of the county and is concluded with an extensive alphabetical list of both the county's chief residents and the primary commercial interests.

For anyone with even the slightest interest in the residents, topography or descriptions of the county of Berkshire, this fully-searchable 1899 edition of Kelly's Directory of Berkshire is heartily recommended. 

*  Sir Bernard Burke, Vicissitudes of Families, 1860

IE5109:  $24.70

First published in London in 1860 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom, is the first edition of Sir John Bernard Burke's Vicissitudes of Families. Containing some 440 printed pages, this publication charts the rise and often fall of some of the most noted families of Europe, and especially Ireland, and the vicissitudes** that caused these changes in circumstance.  From the publication house of Burke's Peerage this is one of a number of companion volumes which were either edited, or written, by Sir Brenard himself.

Vicissitudes of Families details the vagaries of personality, events and history that led to the rise, but in most instances the fall of a number of celebrated families, some titled, some ennobled and some mere commoners. 

Sometimes sad, always entertaining and not a little surprising in places, the Vicissitudes of Families makes for highly entertaining reading. 

**  A change of Circumstance, or Fortune.  Typically one that is unwelcome or is unpleasant.

*  Edward Alexander Fry (Ed), Calendar for the Wills and Administrations in the Court of the Archdeacon of Taunton (Part I and II Wills Only) 1537-1799, 1912

IE5111:  $24.70

The archdeaconry of Taunton covers a large portion of the south-west of England within the Diocese of Bath and Wells. The majority of the wills from this district survive in the local Probate registry, and were comprehensively calendared by Edward Fry in this volume published by the British Record Society in 1912. It includes the peculiars of Ilminster and Wivilescombe along with all other surviving probate material kept by the Taunton registry. This book includes over 24,000 entries covering 448 pages making it an essential resource for those tracing families prior to 1800. 

*  Thomas Sharp, An Epitome of the County of Warwick containing a brief historical and descriptive account of the towns villages and parishes with their hamlets, 1835

IE5112:  $14.00

Published in 1835 the Epitome** of the County of Warwick is exactly as the title suggests - a condensed account of all the towns, villages, parishes of the County of Warwickshire with a brief general observation of the topography and natural history as an introduction. Beginning with the small market town of Alcester and working alphabetically through the county the publication finishes with Wyken, while several pages are spent on the author's home town of Coventry. The publication includes a town index although this digital edition is fully searchable. Containing over 200 pages this publication features a large scale colour map of the county. 

**  Archaic meaning: A thing representing something else in miniature. 

*  Post Office Glasgow Directory 1875-76

IE5113:  $24.70

The Post Office Directory of Glasgow follows the format of many of the other Post Office directories which were published at the time. Spread over 1100 pages this is an important publication for anyone researching ancestors from Glasgow.

Over 500 pages of the publication are taken up with an alphabetical name directory and street directory for Glasgow city. Several thousand names are included in these listings. This is followed by another 190 pages of a professional directory. There are also 70 pages of listings for suburban areas. The final part of the publication is made up of the official Post Office information, as well as government information, Scottish peerages, local institutions, banks, religious institutions, charitable institutions, etc.. With some many thousands of names included this is a crucially important publication of anyone researching family history in Glasgow in the mid to late 19th Century. 

*  The Parish Register Society, The Registers of Lydlinch, Co. Dorset, 1559-1812 (1899)

IE5114:  $14.00

Published by the Parish Register Society in 1899, The Registers of Lydlinch, Co. Dorsert, were transcribed by Charles Herbert Mayo (Vicar of Long Burton) and Francis George Henley (Rector of Lydlinch). Comprising just over 140 pages there are records of baptisms, marriages and burials dating from 1559 up to 1812.

The introduction describes in detail the 4 volumes of registers that were used to compile this volume, including extensive physical details of the volumes. This is followed by a listing of the Rectors of Lydlinch dating from 1303 up to the mid ninteenth century. Volumes 1 and 2 comprises aproximately 3,500 records of baptism, marriages and burials. The final two volumes comprise 120 records of marriages. The records are followed by a detailed 17 page name index. For anyone doing research in to family history in the parish of Lydlinch in Dorset this is a must have resource. 

*  William White, History, Gazetteer and Directory of the Counties of Leicester and Rutland, 1877 Third Edition

IE5115:  $24.70

William White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Leicester & Rutland was originally published in Sheffield in 1877 and is republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom. This third edition contains nearly 900 printed pages, the full-title of this publication gives a good indication as to the scope of the work: History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Leicester, and Rutland; comprising General Surveys of both Counties, and Separate Historical, Statistical and Topographical Descriptions of all the Hundreds, Towns, Parishes, Townships, Chapelries, Villages, Hamlets, Manors and Unions; the seats of the nobility and gentry; Magistrates and Public Officers; and a great variety of other Archaeological, Architectural, Agricultural, Biographical, Botanical and Geological Information.

The majority of the Directory of Leicestershire & Rutland is comprised of the alphabetical gazetteer and directory; initially arranged by hundred and then by parish, these contain topographical, historical details on all of the towns, villages and hamlets in the county, providing the population of each parish, township, chapelry and extra-parochial liberty, together with their 'owners of the soil', Lord of the Manors and nature and value of the church livings, places of worship, their patrons and incumbents. In addition, information is provided on public and other buildings of note, public charities, institutions, trade and commerce, communications, remarkable local occurrences, objects of interest and curiosities.

For principal places - such as the town of Leicester - in addition to the information detailed for other locations, the book also provides an alphabetical directory of names, trades, professions and residences. In the instance of the town of Leicester this runs to some seventy-six pages. This is followed by a professional directory for the town and borough of Leicester. Also included is a 150 page Classified Professions and Trades Directory for Leicestershire and Rutland. There is also a reproduction of the large scale map from the publication. 

*  J.N. Brewer, The Beauties of England and Wales, or Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical and Descriptive, of each County. Vol. XII - Part II Oxfordshire and Rutlandshire, 1813

IE5116:  $18.50

Part of a extensive rare multi-volume set, this publication, Vol XII part II covers Oxfordshire and Rutlandshire. The idea behind this set of publications was to visit every county in England and Wales and produce a volume comprising text and numerous engravings.

Published in 1813 this volume dedicates some 580 pages to Oxfordshire and another 160 to Rutlandshire. Describing the places, topography, agriculture, history and antiquities in great detail, coupled with the engravings, this is a wonderful source.

Charting the history of Oxfordshire from Roman times through to the early 1800s, particular attention is paid to the city of Oxford as well as it's colleges, with thorough descriptions of the major buildings on campus. After the city of Oxford, the author , J.N. Brewer, moves on to the hundreds of the county. The information for Rutlandshire is similar to that provided for Oxfordshire.

For anyone interested in either Oxfordshire or Rutlandshire this is an extremely valuable and important publication. 

*  Francis and John White, History, Directory and Gazetteer of the County, and of the Town and County of the Town of Nottingham, 1844

IE5117:  $28.50

This edition of the History, Directory and Gazetteer of the County, and of the Town and County of the Town of Nottingham by Francis and John White was published in 1844. With nearly 800 pages this is one of the key resources for Nottinghamshire. The initial part of the publication (over 100 pages) is a history of both the county and the town of Nottingham.

This is followed by an alphabetical street listing of Nottingham, which is then followed by an alphabetical directory of people and their address, and then a directory by profession. The two listings of people run to 100 pages. The town of Nottingham directory is then followed by directories for the various towns, parishes and hundreds of the county. The subsequent 430 pages is full of enormous detail on each location including listings of many of the inhabitants and trades people. The publication finishes with the market and port town of Gainsborough. Again there is a full trades directory for the town.

With listings of thousands of names and huge amounts of details about each of the towns in the county, this is an extremly useful resource for anyone doing research into Nottingham. 

*  The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Association, Record Series Volume 1, 1885

IE5118:  $18.50

This is the first volume of the Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Association's Record Series Journal. Published in 1885 it comprises two series of records. Series one, spread over forty seven pages is a calendar of Inquisitions Post-Mortem for the County of York which at the time were held in the Public Record Office in London. This is a listing of some 2,300 names of feudal tenants in chiefs who died and following their death it was necessary to establish exactly what lands they held and who was to succeed them. This calendar is a very useful guide as to where exactly to find the full records, which are an extremely useful genealogical source.

The bulk of this publication is made up of an index to the wills of Yorkshire for the first half of the 17th Century. While the period covered is relatively short the numbers of wills is in excess of 4,000. The details provided include name of individual, occupation in many cases, place of residence, date of will and administrator. In many cases the administrator is a member of the family. So with at least two names per record there are over 8,000 names of interest here. The volume is completed with a 34 page name index.

This first volume of the Yorkshire Records Volume Series is an extremely useful resource for anyone researching family in Yorkshire in the first half of the 17th Century. 



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30 January 2012: 7:30 p.m.:  Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, ON, meeting.  Topic: Origins of Funeral Customs.  This talk will describe the origins of some of the funeral customs found in nineteenth-century Ontario and explain how they evolved through the years.  Speaker: Susan Smart

Burgundy Room, North York Memorial Community Hall, 5110 Yonge Street, Toronto



7-28 February 2012: 2:00-4:00 p.m.  The Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society are presenting a 4 part Course on Family History Writing.  This 4-session course is designed for individuals who want to make progress with organizing their materials and writing up their research for personal or public use.  Instructor: Gayle Dzis.  At North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge Street, Toronto



25 February 2012: 2:00-5:00 p.m.  The Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, ON are holding a half-day workshop, topic: Sharing Networks for Genealogists.  This workshop will offer new ideas and approaches to help researchers share genealogical data on-line safely and effectively.  Instructor: Marian Press  Venue: Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto



27 February 2012: 7:30 p.m.  The Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, ON is holding a meeting, Topic: One Note.  This talk will demonstrate the use of Microsoft OneNote, a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. Additional short presentation by Greg Marlatt: The Flight of William Lyon Mackenzie.

Speaker: Jim Onyschuk

Venue: Burgundy Room, North York Memorial Community Hall, 5110 Yonge Street, Toronto



8-22 March 2012: 6:15-8:15 p.m.The Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, ON are presenting a 3 session course, Topic: Creating a Family History Blog – for Genealogists.  This new 3-session course will be taught in a computer lab. It will provide all the information necessary to find and read blogs, but will concentrate on how to build one’s own blog to share family research.  Instructor: Marian Press.

Venue: Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto



20-27 March 2012: 5:15-8:15 p.m.  The Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, ON are presenting a 2 session course.  Topic: Exploring the Baldwin Room’s Manuscript Collection.  This advanced 2-session course will explore the important Canadian manuscript collection housed in the Baldwin Room at the Toronto Reference Library, with hands-on examination of several manuscript fonds.  Instructor: Jane E. MacNamara.

Venue: Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto




26 March 2012: 7:30 p.m.  The Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Toronto, ON are holding a meeting, Topic: Unusual, Underused and Under appreciated Resources Online for Genealogists

Venue: Burgundy Room, North York Memorial Community Hall, 5110 Yonge Street, Toronto.



31 March, 2012.  The Toronto Branch of the OGS has announced a one-day Branch workshop on “Finding Your Great War Ancestors”, to be co-hosted by the Canadiana Department of North York Central Library.

Program and registration details for the workshop itself will follow when available.


13 & 14 April, 2012.  The Alberta Genealogical Society and the Alberta Family History Society are joining forces to hold a giant genealogy fair, “Find your Tree in the Forrest,” in Red Dear, Alberta.  I’m told they already have 19 speakers booked for the meeting.  For more information go to the website:


21 April, 2012, The  Ottawa Branch OGS is hosting their AGM and Genealogy Day at the NEW City of Ottawa Central Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa, Ontario starting at 09:30.  Details and Agenda can be found at:

In addition to a program of presentations there will be a marketplace supported by both commercial and “society” organizations. 



1st to 3rd, June, 2012.  Region VIII of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) will host the Society’s annual Conference at St Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario.  This is usually the largest Ontario conference of the year with as many as 700 genealogists attending.  There will be a large area for sales, displays, publications and information tables.

For details go to:




25 August, 2012.  The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS) is planning to hold a Celebration of their 30th anniversary.  More details to be announced soon.




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