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I see that the last time we published this newsletter we were getting ready to attend the one day Kitchener Public Library Genealogy conference.  A great event!  See more in the News & Gossip section.

We are a little late this month so we could include the release of our most recent offering.  We selected this as a direct result of requests we received at the Kitchener show for more local genealogy data - and this one is a “Lulu!”

Incidentally, it is unusual that we can generate a new product on a specific subject so quickly, but this book has been burning a groove on our “Waiting” shelf for some time. So opportunity and incentive combined to get this new digital reproduction through our system “tout de suite.”


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- One new Canadian release.

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The Early History of Elora, Ontario, and Vicinity.

CA0381:  $18.00

Here is an exceptionally detailed history of the town of Elora, which grew into a town around the dramatic natural geographic feature of the Grand River falling over the edge of a rocky ridge in the middle of a plain of good agricultural land.

This book developed over several tens of years, starting when the author started collecting notes, journals and accounts of various inhabitants, including the pioneers, of the “european” settlement.  The area was well known to the local indigenous population well before the arrival of the “white” man, and Connon gives us mention of the tribes and groups, mostly Hurons and Attiwandarons (the Neutrals), who considered this their hunting area before the inevitable “edging out” and “civilizing” processes submersed them in a sea of westernization.  The settlement of the area by westerners took place over the period from 1795 to 1817, Captain Smith being generally recognized as the first permanent settler of the Elora area.

From this point the book goes on to detail the growth and development of the entire area around Elora, illustrating his account with the stories, reports, and - in some cases - portraits of the individuals and families who were making their homes there.  Many of these accounts also provide the genealogical “histories” of the local families.  While the author includes “Introductory Remarks” dated January 1906, the publication date for this book is 1930, so there is some uncertainty about the currency of the most recent reports but this is a small penalty for the wealth of detail about the first 100 or so years of the area.

The author, John R Connon is the first son of one of the early settlers, and continued living on the family farm well after the death of his father.  His primary occupation seems to have been as an inventor, his most recognizable invention being the 360 deg. panoramic camera.  He was born in 1862 and died in 1931, the year after the publication of his book.



I REALLY do hope you will all agree with me about the genealogical value of this book I have been stuck on for so long but I’m glad to say that I have now got the almost 400 page images to a state where you should be able to interpret the original printing well enough to be able to recognize the personal information they hold.  Now I’m hand correcting the OCR and there is every indication that this is also going the be a gigantic effort.

I also still have the two volume history section of the 4 volume British Columbia history, the Biography sections of which we have already released, sitting (quite literally) on my scanner, ready for the first opportunity to get at them.



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.


KItchener Public Library’s First (Annual) Genealogy Fair: 

Despite this event being limited to a single day we were taken aback by the number of visitors we had at our display, at the level of interest in Genealogy, and at the range of expertise displayed by the Fair’s participants.  I haven’t seen any numbers but my impression was that we saw more people during that one day than we do at other more traditional two and three day events.

We put up a couple of pictures on our Facebook page but here is a link to the page on our site showing us attending this event  and several others.     (Scroll to the bottom.)


World Vital Records taken over by My Heritage:

As far as we are concerned the biggest news this month was that the Swiss based,, genealogy and family history company has acquired parts of FamilyLink and World Vital Records.  MyHeritage already has a more “international” database but this acquisition should add to its N. American strength. We still await details of the consequences of this sale are and we will let you know as soon as further news becomes public.  Our interest is because we provide the digital images of many of our Canadian topic books to WVR so you can read and reference them online.



We use our Facebook page to spread the word about notable events, special offers and just plain old “scuttlebutt” which we think will be of interest to Canadian genealogists, and which may have a short “shelf life.” To me, being a Canadian genealogist means having roots in other parts of the World as well as right here.  In an effort to keep focused on the Canadian content I try to filter out a lot of the vast wave of US (only) news which tend to overwhelmed most news sources. 

This last month was “slow” in genealogical news and special offers.  Nevertheless here is a count of our posts in the last month:

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11 December, 2011.  The Master Genealogist (software) Users Group, Ottawa is holding its monthly meeting at The Library & Archives of Canada, Room 154, Wellington St. between 2 & 4 pm.  Meetings consist of general discussions, tip of the month, and one or more formal presentations.  Attendance is free to all. 

For more information contact: David Walker,


31 March, 2012.  The Toronto Branch of the OGS has announced a one-day Branch workshop on “Finding Your Great War Ancestors”, to be co-hosted by the Canadiana Department of North York Central Library.

Program and registration details for the workshop itself will follow when available.


13 & 14 April, 2012.  The Alberta Genealogical Society and the Alberta Family History Society are joining forces to hold a giant genealogy fair, “Find your Tree in the Forrest,” in Red Dear, Alberta.  I’m told they already have 19 speakers booked for the meeting.  For more information go to the website:


1st to 3rd, June, 2012.  Region VIII of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) will host the Society’s annual Conference at St Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario.  This is usually thee largest Ontario conference of the year with as many as 700 genealogists attending.  There will be a large area for sales, displays, publications and information tables.

For details go to:





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