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Despite delaying this publication we have been unable to bring you any new Canadian releases in this newsletter.  There are two in the works, one in the final stages, but both are demanding a lot of preparation so we decided to go ahead with this newsletter without them because we were anxious to announce:

We are holding a brand new type of, "ONGOING" - month long - sale of Canadian and UK etc. topic CDs.  So! What's new?  Well - we will be continuously changing what's on sale.  Great savings of up to 50%!  Shipping in Canada is still FREE!  Scroll down to the News and Gossip section (6) for all the details.


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- News of a couple of new Canadian topic releases.

- 5 new Irish topic releases.

OUR "ONGOING" SALE, the news, gossip and announcements.


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Last month we were already working on a wonderful old Business and Professional Directory of the whole of Quebec but at over 1000 pages it was obvious that to maintain our standards it was going to take a lot of preparation. That is why, a month later, it is still not quite ready for publication.  It'll be along soon though and I'll let you know ( on our Facebook page) when we have finished it, and I'll review it in the next newsletter.

Realizing that the Directory was unlikely to be ready for this months release we found a small but very interesting old book which we thought we could get ready within the month. It is about an area of Ontario which, today, is a part of the sprawl of Urban Toronto.  Unfortunately I misjudged the standard of the books printing and the state of the paper as it turns out that every page has to be hand edited to bring you the nice clear reproduction and accurate OCR indexing which is our trademark.  It's going to be well over a week before this is ready for release.

So, no new Canadian releases in this newsletter I'm afraid but two good ones about Upper and Lower Canada to look forward to.



Lots of ideas, and we have just received a fantastic offer from a BC FHS which we are in the middle exploring with them.  Too early to tell what will be the next onto the scanner though.



In this section we provide - often heavily abbreviated - descriptions of each of the newly released books on CD we have received from our International Archive CD Books partners.  Please consult with the CDs listing in our on-line catalogue for the full, original description.


*  T. George H. Green, Index to the Marriage Licence Bonds of the Diocese of Cloyne 1630-1800

IE0104:  $16.00

This important book of 104 pages listing over 9,000 marriages.  The Author Thomas George Hennis Green (1864-1926) produced this work to further the project begun by Herbert Webb Gillman and published as an index for the Diocese of Cork & Ross for the years 1623-1750 in 1896.  

Green took up the task by indexing the other major Cork diocese; that of Cloyne.  It was published in 1899, and is reproduced here in digital format.This index is based on an original which existed at the Public Records Office in Dublin but was destroyed in 1922. Consequently it is the only surviving index to these records.The importance of marriage licence bonds as a genealogical source was well described by Gillman in the introduction to his Index: "In the absence of Parish Registers and of Marriage Licence Grants, the next best evidence (which in such absence becomes then primary presumptive evidence) is a Marriage Licence Bond. Such a bond had to be entered into before a Bishop would grant his licence for a proposed marriage, because the Bishop was open to an action for damages if he issued a licence for the solemnization of a marriage against which there existed some 'canonical let or impediment', or some other legal objection, such as a pre-contract of one of the parties to marry some other person; and so, to protect himself, the Bishop required two solvent persons, of whom the intending bridegroom was generally one, to enter into a bond for the sum stated therein - generally proportioned to the status of the parties - that there existed no such impediment or objection."This is an essential resource for those studying family history in County Cork. 

*  John Lodge, The Peerage of Ireland, or a Genealogical History of the Present Nobility of that Kingdom. 1754

IE0105:  $30.90

First published in 1754 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is John Lodge's monumental The Peerage of Ireland. Published in four volumes and containing more than 1,600 pages.  According to Burke's Peerage it is the 'first great printed collection of Irish pedigrees and family history, in which a high degree of reliance may be made.'  

It was while filling the post as Deputy-Keeper of the Records of Bermigham Tower that Lodge began collating notes from the Patent Rolls, from other numerous other manuscript sources - public and private,from earlier published pedigrees and from 'personal information.' All of these formed the basis of Lodge's lasting legacy: "The Peerage of Ireland, or A Genealogical History of the Present Nobility of that Kingdom. With Engravings of their Paternal Coats of Arms. Collected from the Public Records; Authentic Manuscripts; Approved Historians; Well-attested Pedigrees; and Personal Information."

John Lodge's Peerage of Ireland remains a much sought after publication and this CD-Rom republication is a chance to own perhaps the pre-eminent publication on the pedigrees of the Irish peerage collateral families and is not to be missed. 

*  Edward Raymond Turner, Ireland and England, In the Past and Present, 1919

IE0110:  $18.50

Originally published in New York this book contained some 504 printed pages and was fully-indexed. It concerned itself with the complex relationship between England and Ireland from the earliest times to the present, i.e., 1919. 

The central thesis of Turner's publication is that Ireland 'deserved' its freedom from England and that the majority of the people of Great Britain 'wished Ireland well and [were] resolved to do complete justice' in this aspiration.While Turner's thesis can be seen in hindsight as somewhat naïve, his views on the complex relationship that had brought Ireland and England to the point of war at the time of his publication are viewed through the synthesis of an American academic with Irish ancestry.Turner (1881-1929), was professor of history at the University of Michigan. 

Ireland and England is divided into three parts. The first traces the history of settlement and civilisation in Ireland starting from the pre-Christian establishment of Gaelic Society, the spread and rapid conversion to Christianity and the arrival of the Anglo-Normans and the subjection of the native peoples. Part I is concluded with the advent of Henry Grattan's Parliament, the Union with Great Britain and the impact of the Famine on the political Union.

Part II provides an analysis of the attempts made by Great Britain to redress the grievances of the Irish without granting full independence. These include the Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland, the various attempts of introducing a more equitable form of land tenure and the various land legislation that this entailed before ending with the various attempts to introduce Home Rule with an analysis of the arguments for and against this course of action.

Part III gives the arguments for independence as Turner saw them at the time of writing. Beginning with the Irish revival movement and the existence of the Irish language and literature he then dwells on the attitudes of Ireland towards Britain at the time of WWI, the conscription crises, the growth of Sinn Fein, before concluding with some attempt to explain the complex relationship between America and Britain over the 'Irish Question'.Well written and very readable, Ireland and England does not profess to be a scholarly work. However, it is a synthesis of ideas and facts, that should appeal to anyone who is just starting to examine and consider the complex relationship between Britain, Ireland and America as this existed on the very cusp of Irish independence. 

*  Rev. P.A. Canon Sheehan DD, Literary life: Essays and Poems, 1921

IE0111:  $16.00

First published in Dublin in 1921 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the Literary Life, Essays & Poems of the Very Reverend Patrick Augustine Sheehan, invariably known as Canon Sheehan of Doneraile. Containing some 267 printed pages, Literary Life is an edited collection of some of Canon Sheehan's most notable essays and, in this first edition, also a collection of poetry which is often absent from later editions.While studying at St. Colman's College, Fermoy, Sheehan witnessed first-hand the Fenian Rising of 1867. This had a profound affect on Canon Sheehan, as can be seen in some of prose works, such as The Graves of Kilmorna.Later he began his priestly ministry in Exeter where he also acted as chaplain to Dartmoor prison where he also came into contact with some prisoners convicted of treason felony after the Fenian Rising.Through Sheehan's actions and works he preached tolerance and co-existence, themes which are amply explored in this selection of essays, poems and prose issued after his death. 

*  John Cornelius O'Callaghan, History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France, 1869

IE0112:  $24.70

The History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France from the Revolution in Great Britain and Ireland under James II, to the Revolution in France under Louis XVI was written by John Cornelius O'Callaghan, completed in January 1869 and published in London. 

Containing some 650 pages, with index, this republication on full-searchable CD-Rom, details the formation of the Irish Brigades at the end of 1688 and the subsequent formation of further Brigades after the defeat and arrival of King James II's army in France. 

The History of the Irish Brigades in 10 Books clearly provides accounts of all of the major conflicts in which Irish Brigades were present as well as providing biographies of all of the founding and subsequent commanding officers down to the death of the last, Count de Nugent, in 1859.



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.



Starting NOW and for the next month (approx.) we will be offering a continuously changing selection of our books on CD at prices as low as 50% OFF.  No individual product will remain on sale for more than a few days and the products may be changed daily.  Sorry, online sales (i.e., via. the web cart) only!   

We have split the listing into two topics; "Canada" and "UK etc."  (Mostly just Canada & UK but there may be a few "etc.s" later. :)

I'll try and remember to mention the new sale items on our Facebook page as they happen but you might want to bookmark our sale so you can check what's new for yourself from day to day.



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(We can include your Family History Societies announcements if you tell us what they are.  Please give us AT LEAST one month's notice.)


28 November, 2010. The Halton-Peel Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society is holding its AGM, 2:00 pm at Four Corners Public Library (Auditorium), 65 Queen St. E., Brampton. The presentation will be: Canadian Immigration Records, An Introduction, Speaker Brian Gilchrist.

Visitors welcome.  For more info contact: Jane Watt 905-828-8411 or Mike Payne 905-877-7627  


1 & 2 April, 2011.  The Ottawa Branch of the OGS is holding its annual GENE-O-RAMA

event at the Library & Archives  of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa.

More information will be posted on the branch's web site as it becomes available:

We are already making plans to attend as a vendor in the marketplace.


13 - 15 May, 2011.  The Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) presents its annual conference in Hamilton, Ontario.  Subject: Remembering our Past ... Projecting our Future.  This event marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the OGS.

We are already making plans to attend as a vendor in the marketplace.


3 - 5th June,  2011.  The Quebec Family History Society is presenting its "International Conference on Family History"  to be held on the McGill University campus.  (All lectures in English.)  Open to the public.  See more information on topics, speakers, registrations etc. on the web site:

We are already making plans to attend as a vendor in the marketplace.





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