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Enjoying your Summer?  I know that has been somewhat challenging for some of you in the Prairie Provinces up till now but here in Ontario it has been a "heat-fest," with genealogy  appearing to take a back seat to Fun-in-the-Sun for many.  We find this is always a slow season with very little new news of meetings or events to report.

This month we are releasing a great new (to us) Ontario book and the remainder of the Gleanings from the Scotch-Irish American congress of 1891.  We're even giving some Gleanings away for free! (See 6 News & Gossip)


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*  A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other Townships of the County.  1895

CA0320:  $24.75

The title continues:  "Being a History of the early settlers and their Descendants mostly all of Pennsylvania Dutch Origin.  Also much other Unpublished Historical Information, chiefly of a local character by Ezra E. Eby."

This enormous, two volume work is a treasure trove of genealogical information for the families who, after being twice displaced - once from Europe by religious intolerance and secondly from Pennsylvania for remaining loyal to the British Crown through the Independence revolution - finally settled in this area of what is now Ontario around the opening of the 17th century.

The first volume opens with a very brief history of the area.  This amounts to only a little over 40 pages but is nevertheless separated into; Geographical, Growth and Development and Historical sections.  

From this point on the remainder of the two volumes is a collection of compact, individual  biographical descriptions, each identifying - at least - the individual's parents, their spouse(s) and their children.  In many cases there are also notes about their life and achievements.  

Every such entry is indexed and this indicates there are 8473 individual biographies, but - in truth - besides a few unnumbered biographies, there are frequently spouses named who do not get their own numbered entry. Frequently, the parentage and origin of these spouses is also provided meaning even more unindexed names.  Perhaps most significantly the latest (and consequently most numerous) generation of a Family's tree frequently have no individual biographical entry.  Overall this means that far more people are identified and named within the text than the indexing of the individual data sets would lead you to believe.  Our guess is that there may be as many as an additional 10,000 related individuals identified in the two volumes.

It will be realized then that our presentation format of providing you with pictorial page images accompanied by a hidden, but still searchable, abstracted text of the pages provides the ideal key to unlock all the wonderful details locked within the four covers of this fantastic, two volume, work.

A passion for truth and accuracy will never allow us to claim 100% accuracy for our OCR'ed text but we do "go the extra mile" by hand checking the raw OCR result and correcting any errors we find.  Plus our format offers you the "in location" copy of the text as printed so you can make up your own mind if our transcription is in error, if the original printing was erroneous, or if the author was passing along a pre-existing error.

POST SCRIPT:  In the final stages of production we decided to extract the names in the two Indices of Names provided in the book so we could provide you with a downloadable list of all the names.  Imagine our surprise when this produced only about 2,500 names!  Our investigation has lead us to believe that the author's index contains  ONLY the names bearing the "root" spelling while the other variants appearing in the book remain "hidden."  We will not be providing the extracted list because it will lead too many to assume their family is not included in the book.  It seems then that our computer searchable edition will be even more useful than the original in that it opens straight-forward access to ALL of the family names contained in the book!


     All the following Gleanings were extracted from a book, "The Scotch-Irish in America, Third Congress, 1891, Published: 1891," which we borrowed from the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) library.  We ask you to join with us in thanking BIFHSGO for allowing us to provide a wider access to their fine collection of family history information via these digital copies.

*  The Scotch-Irish Race Among the Nations.

CAG082:  $2.50 (Also available FREE on our Downloads Page.)

The author, Thomas Murphy, makes a case for considering those of Scotch-Irish descent as being a “race” apart and then sets out to examine the consequences of this discrimination in terms of the interactions of this “race” with other races it has come into contact with.  The paper concludes with an examination of a supposed seven stage process of integration and influence as the Scotch-Irish race became an integral part of the population of the United States. 

Size: (pages) 19,  (download) 2.5 MB


*  The Scotch-Irish of California.

CAG083:  $3.00

The Author, Terence Masterson, begins his dissertation with a summary of the events following the formation of the State of California and follows its larger events up to the discovery of gold in 1849.  From that point on his concentration turns to reviewing the prominent men of Scotch-Irish heritage who had an obvious hand in shaping the formation of the state, giving such detail of their lives as he was able, and finishing with a biography of the President of the Scotch-Irish Society, Alexander Montgomery.

Size: (pages) 24,  (download) 2.7 MB

*  The Scotch-Irish in East Tennessee.

CAG084:  $3.00:  

The author, Judge Oliver P. Temple, reviews the origins of the Scotch Irish settlers in East Tennessee from their expulsion from the lowlands of Scotland and from Ireland by religious and civil persecution through their initial settlement in the Pennsylvania and later in Virginia and the Carolinas until they were forced, by more persecution to another retreat to their final settlement in Tennessee.  He also reviews the significant part played by this group in the separation of the USA from Britain.  An interesting and informative history of this gallant band of Scotch-Irish.

Size: (pages) 25,  (download) 2.8 MB

*  Andrew Jackson.

CAG085:  $2.00 (Also available FREE on our Downloads Page.)

Having established the national origins of Andrew Jackson in Ireland the author, Rev. D. C. Kelley, goes on to review and examine the history and career of this 7th President of the US, not as a politician, or as a strategist - as is so common - but as a gentleman and as a personality in the society of his time.  A somewhat different view of this famous American.

Size: (pages) 7,  (download) 2.1 MB

*  Facts About Ulster.

CAG086:  $2.00 (Also available FREE on our Downloads Page.)

The author gives his impressions of Ulster during a recent visit.

Size: (pages) 7,  (download) 2.1 MB

This gleaning is available as a free download on our Downloads page. 

*  The Scotch-Irish of Kentucky

CAG087:  $2.00 (Also available FREE on our Downloads Page.)

The author praises the Scotch-Irish who have settled in the state.

Size: (pages) 7,  (download) 2.1 MB

*  The Scotch-Irish in Canada.

CAG088:  $3.50

Faced with the problem of describing the influence of the Scotch-Irish on the development of Canada in such a brief monograph the author, Rev. Stuart Acheson, elected to concentrate on three specific events and a few individuals as illustration.   The first event was the final action between the British and the French for the ownership of Canada.  The second event was the establishment of “Responsible Government.” The third is not so much an event but the period of the growth of enterprise in the developing Canada with many members of the Scotch-Irish race being called as examples.

Size: (pages) 21,  (download) 2.6 MB

*  Our Pledge to Posterity.

CAG089:  $2.00 (Also available FREE on our Downloads Page.)

John S. MacIntosh, the author, identifies each individual’s debt to his heritage and proposes 6 points of principal on which to live an honorable life which will continue to uphold the example set by their Scotch-Irish ancestry. 

Size: (pages) 15,  (download) 2.4 MB

*  The Scotch-Irish in the General Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.

CAG090:  $2.00

David Steele traces the origins of the Reformed Presbyterian Church back to Britain in the early 1700’s and follows its spread through its “landing” in Philadelphia and subsequent dispersion throughout the American colonies, both north and south.  The author names many individuals important in the church’s further development up to the time of this publication. 

Size: (pages) 8,  (download) 2.1

*  The Scotch-Irish in South-Western Pennsylvania.

CAG091:  $2.00

The state of Pennsylvania has been central in many of the principals which define the Constitution of United States of America.  This paper, by S. T. Wiley, draws a parallel between this history of influence and the large population of Scotch-Irish resident, particularly in the southwest of the state.  Many of the most prominent Scotch-Irish are identified together with their cause for celebrity.

Size: (pages) 11,  (download) 2.3 MB



Yet another month in which we failed to make the progress we wanted on the great book from the Vernon & District Family History Society although it HAS now made it onto the scanner.  

We have now completed our part on the wonderful old handwritten, never before published, book from Nova Scotia.  Now we have to wait for the others to do their part.  I'm guessing the results of this project will take several months to "cook."  

The BC book now has top priority but we are also looking at next years commitments so see what is appropriate for us to be bringing to the top of our production queue.



In this section we provide an - often abbreviated - description of each of the newly released books on CD we have received from our International Archive CD Books partners.  PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR FULL DESCRIPTIONS OF OUR BOOKS ON CD.


*  Aborigines of Victoria 1878

AU7029:  $32.30

Robert Brough Smyth (1830-1889) the author, was born in Northumberland, England the son of a mining engineer.

Smyth emigrated to Australia, arriving in Melbourne in 1852 and spent time on the goldfields. He then took various positions with the Victorian survey and mining departments. He resigned all his public offices in 1876, remaining only on the Aborigines Protection Board.

Produced in two large volumes, 1040 pages, he has collected information on various tribes and their customs, as well as their physical and mental character; birth and education of children; marriage; death and burial of the dead; daily lives of the natives; food; diseases; dress and personal ornaments; weapons; implements and manufacturers; nets and fish hooks; methods of producing fire; canoes and myths. Smyth also devotes about two hundred pages to Aboriginal languages, as well as including details and customs of the aborigines in Tasmania.  Complete with hundreds of sketches, the work is a valuable resource not only for those with in an interest in aboriginal culture, but also those wanting to know the early history of Australia.  


*  Melbourne Street Directory 1920 (Morgan)

AU7034:  $22.50

Melbourne was a busy place in the 1920s, and this street directory shows it.  In just over 300 pages, this one includes not only maps of Melbourne and suburbs, but also numerous advertisement of local businesses of the time, as well as listings of hospitals, associations and societies, asylums and homes, cemeteries, the Government of Victoria and more.  The suburbs which are covered by the maps are: Albert Park, Alphington, Armadale, Ascot Vale, Balwyn, Box Hill, Brighton, Brunswick, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Carlton, Caulfield, Coburg, Collingwood, East Melbourne, Elsternwick, Elwood, Essendon, Fairfield, Fitzroy, Flemington, Footscray, Hampton, Hawthorn, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Kensington, Kew, Malvern, Melbourne, Middle Park, Moonee Ponds, Newmarket, Newport, Northcote, North Fitzroy, North Melbourne, Oakleigh, Parkville, Port Melbourne, Prahran, Preston, Richmond, Sandringham and Hampton (includes Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Black Rock and Beaumaris), South Melbourne, Spotswood, St Kilda, Surrey Hills, West Footscray, Williamstown and Yarraville.   

*  War Services of Old Melburnians 1914-1918 

AU7036:  $22.50

Members of the 'Old Melburnians Society' who served in World War I is the focus of this book. The Society was founded in 1879, with the aims and objectives of supporting the Melbourne Grammar School which opened in 1858, only ten years after the establishment of the city of Melbourne.

This book features details of all 1353 'Old Melburnians' who fought in Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Salonkia, France, Belgium, Africa, and Rabaul.  Divided into various sections: the Index consists of a nominal roll with full names of all Old Melburnians who were on war service. The 'Our Honoured Dead' section lists all 207 men who lost their lives in War Service, together with their full name, cause of death, and date of death. A large portion of the book contains 'The War Service Particulars' section which lists all men alphabetically by surname, together with details of their war service history.  You will also find obituary notices, editorials, a glossary, and letters from those overseas, and approximately 200 portrait photographs.  This is a useful book for those with Victorian military, or a World War I interest.

(423 pages) Author: J. Kiddle Year: (c1923)

 [See the web site for more information.]

*  Bendigo Goldfield Registry 1872: Notes on the Bendigo Goldfield

AU7037:  $16.00

Published in 1872, this is the second edition of the 'Bendigo Goldfield Registry', a collection of information relating to the goldfields, reefs and companies in the region.

The first part of the book contains information on the yield of gold, dividends and calls, digest of dividend paying companies, approximate estimate of garden gully stock, yield of claims, table of depths and deep American mining.  The second part covers the Reefs, which include: Bellevue, New Chum, Victoria, The Garden Gully, Perseverance, Windmill Hill, Johnson's Moon, Hustler's, Stafford, Glasgow, Kangaroo Flat, Flora and Tyson's, Big Hill and Marong, The Whipstick, The Lower Huntly Alluvial Mines. This is followed by notes on the quartz reef and mine of the Bendigo Goldifeld, and then an alphabetical list of companies. The last chapter covers the Fryer's Creek Quartz Mines, and is followed by 39 pages of adverts. Includes many maps of the various reefs, together with the companies involved in each of them.  This is a useful record for those with an interest in Bendigo's early mining history.  

 (130 pages) Author: J. Macartney) 



    The 'Bendigonian Annual' claims to be a 'mine of information', and it really is. First published in 1908, and published annually, each annual contains a 'Record of the Year'

  which contains events of happenings through that year locally, statewide and internationally in a chronological list for the year. You will find all sorts of anecdotal information listed. Shipwrecks, who won cricket matches, when various people were elected to council, when the new school opened, an explosion at a mine, various accidents and deaths, the list could go on.This is followed by special articles, some of which are on local businesses or trades, others are short story fiction. 

[See the web site for more information.] 

*  Bendigonian Annual 1908

AU7038-1908:  $14.00

(55 pages)

*  Bendigonian Annual 1911

AU7038-1911:  $14.00

(85 pages)

This issue does have a special focus on the churches of the region.  

*  Bendigonian Annual Set 1: 1908 and 1911

AU7038-S1:  $19.20

(140 pages)

Buy this set with both volumes on the one CD and save!! 


*  History of Shepparton

AU7039:  $16.00

Local histories are a fabulous resource for all sorts of history of places, locals and anecdotes, and this history of Shepparton in Victoria is no different.

Written and produced in 1938 to commemorate 100 years of progress, this book begins in 1838 with the explorers Hawdon and Bonney who were the first white men to enter Shepparton. This is followed by the squatters and their land, the towns beginnings, the development of transport, personalities and industry, public utilities, businesses and professions, education, banks, churches and societies, hospitals and sporting clubs.  A wealth of history both in text and photographs, this is a must for anyone with an interest in the district.    (114 pages)

*  Pioneer Women of the Portland Bay District

AU7040:  $16.00

The city of Portland is the oldest European settlement in what is now the state of Victoria, Australia. The bay was named in 1800 by the British navigator James Grant, who sailed in the Lady Nelson along the Victorian coast. "I also distinguished the Bay by the name of Portland Bay, in honour of His Grace the Duke of Portland," wrote Grant.

In historical publications we often find the pioneering men mentioned, this publication is about the early pioneer women of the region. 

Published in 1934 to commemorate the Portland Bay's centenary, this book brings to life the life of these early pioneers, firstly with a few articles on various pioneers together with extended biographical details, secondly with a "Roll of Pioneer Women of the Portland Bay District", arranges alphabetically by married name, usually with maiden name, and sometime with a year and ship, or occupation. 

[See the web site for more information.] 



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19 - 24 July , 2010.  The BC Genealogical Society's Free Library Week

The BCGS Walter Draycott Library will be open each day from 10am to 3 pm. 

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10 - 12 September, 2010, BIFHSGO 16th Annual Conference, featuring Ireland and "The year of the British Home Child" this time.  10 well known speakers, Extensive market place. Venue: Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa.  

For full online information go to:

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25 September , 2010, at 10.00 a.m.  BIFHSGO Monthly Meeting.  At the Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Lecture topic: "Shearman Godfrey Bird and Amoui Chun Bird: from Colonial Canton to Pioneer Ontario" by Naomi Ridout.  For more information go to: OR

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25 September , 2010 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m., the Comox Valley Family History Research Group, of  Courtenay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, features two speakers at  its Seminar: John D. Reid, author of the daily blog Anglo-Celtic Connections and Lesley Anderson, Partnership Development and Content Specialist, both of Ottawa.  Venue: Rotary Hall, Evergreen Seniors Club, Florence Filberg Centre, 411 Anderton Avenue, Courtenay, BC

More Info:


9 October , 2010, at 10.00 a.m.  BIFHSGO Monthly Meeting.  At the Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Lecture topic: "The Fairbrother Story - Fact or Fiction?" by Penny Samek PLCGS.  For more information go to: OR

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13 November , 2010, at 10.00 a.m.  BIFHSGO Monthly Meeting.  At the Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Lecture topic: "In Flanders Fields: Researching and Remembering the Dead of the Great War" by Glenn Wright.  For more information go to: OR

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13 - 15 May, 2011.  The Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) presents its annual conference in Hamilton, Ontario.  Subject: Remembering our Past ... Projecting our Future.  This event marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the OGS.




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