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Well into summer now.  This is traditionally a time for us Northerners to spend as much time as we can out of doors - enjoying the warmth while we can.  Never the less, either the rain or the bugs are going to chase you indoors from time to time so here is some reading matter to pass the time until you can go outdoors again. 

If you live in Eastern Ontario check out the Perth Book Fair mentioned in the News & Gossip section.

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*  Historical Sketches of the County of Elgin - 1895

CA0355:  $13.00

Originally published by The Elgin Historical and Scientific Institute in 1895, this book is actually a collection of three individual papers on this theme as follows: 

- The Country of the Neutrals by James H. Coyne. (44 pages) 

- The Talbot Settlement by C. O. Ermatinger (17 pages plus 1 plate). And 

- Development of the County of Elgin by K. W. McKay (46 pages plus 1 plate)  

Additionally, and in support of these papers, there are two maps one of which is a "pull out" copy of the 1670 map drawn by Galinee, which was the first made by actual exploration showing Lake Erie.  The second is a map of the whole county.  It is undated but is presumed to be contemporary with the date of the book's publication.  Finally there are several pages of tabular and textural data stuffed with facts about the County of Elgin and its history including listings of the officers and members of the Elgin Historical and Scientific Institute.

"The County of Neutrals" provides Mr. Coyne's findings about the early history of the general area which was later destined to be know as Elgin County.  He explains the evidence which led to the finding that the original inhabitants were the tribe know as the "Neutrals" during the time that the Iroquois and the Hurons were doing battle.  His researches in this period are very thorough and produce a vivid picture of life in those times.  From there he moves, at a rather faster pace, through subsequent historic eras with the European settlers having more and more influence on the character of the land, concluding with the landing of Col. Talbot in the very early 1800's.

C. O. Ermatinger's paper, "The Talbot Settlement" provides a nice concise record of the work and events during the 30 odd years that Talbot was actively administering homesteading on this tract of Upper Canada as an "onsite" agent of the Canadian government.  The account does not skip around those aspects of this settlement activity which might be considered questionable, but neither does it make any accusations, so we can describe it as being an unbiased account.

McKay's "Development of the County of Elgin" takes a completely different approach to tracing the roots of the development of the community which occupies Elgin County. He examines the events, agreements, processes through which an interactive community forms itself and comes to a state of organization within the overall framework of a larger (area) government.  Mr.McKay does not shy away from naming those people who played significant roles in this development process and indicates the offices they filled.


     All of the following are Gleaned from: The Scotch-Irish in America, proceedings of the Third Congress, 1891.  

This was a book borrowed from the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) library.  We ask you to join with us in thanking BIFHSGO for allowing us to provide a wider access to their fine collection of family history information via these digital copies.

*  Officers And Members Of The Scotch-Irish Society Of America. - 1891

CAG078:  $6.50

All the listings of National and Local officers and members taken from the proceedings of the 1891, Third Congress of the Scotch-Irish Society of America.  Includes many submitted Biographies and Obituaries of members.  Contains the names of hundreds of prominent Scotch-Irish Society members.    

No credit shown  Size: (pages) 83,  (download) 4.0 MB

*  The Scotch-Irish of The Bench And Bar.

CAG079:  $3.50

This paper, by A. E. Stevenson, sets out to - in a few pages - capture a memory of the many Americans of Scotch and Irish descent who have played vital and important roles both in the foundation of the country as a self governing entity and in the maintaining of an orderly society.  The author sets out to quote the hundreds of names of the many law givers of Scotch and Irish descent to whom the United States owe the basis of their well ordered society.

by: A. E. Stevenson  Size: (pages) 20,  (download) 2.3 MB

*  Patriotism of The Scotch-Irish.

CAG080:  $2.50

A paper, by George Macloskie, providing a spirited defense against supposed accusations of a lack of American patriotism by the display of Scotch-Irish loyalty which is the public face of the society.  The author points out that recognizing a common ancestry does not indicate a lack of American loyalty.

by: George Macloskie  Size: (pages) 6,  (download) 1.8 MB

*  The Scotch-Irish People: Their Influence in the Formation of the Government of the United States.

CAG081:  $3.50

The author, J. H. Bryson, reviews the history of those North American colonies which now constitute the United States.  He concentrates on the political, rather than the physical, conditions through the lead up to the Declaration of Independence and the resultant war of Independence. Following on, then, through the formation of a body of National Governance leading to the formation of the Constitution and the activities resulting in the formation of a National Government.  Throughout the author points out the influence of those of Scotch-Irish origins who formed some one third of the total population at the declaration of Independence.

by: J. H. Bryson  Size: (pages) 20,  (download) 2.3 MB



Unfortunately another month plagued with unavoidable distractions so we still have the great book from the Vernon & District Family History Society as next on the scanner.  While we were in Toronto we reached an agreement with a friend to make a digital reproduction of a wonderful old handwritten, never before published, book which is going to be of interest to those with ancestors who lived in Nova Scotia.  We want to do something rather special with this book which involves input from others so the time of release of this may not be entirely in our hands.  Never the less we want to get our initial part (the scanning) done in this coming month if we can.



In this section we provide an - often abbreviated - description of each of the newly released books on CD we have received from our International Archive CD Books partners.  PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR FULL DESCRIPTIONS OF OUR BOOKS ON CD.

This month we are featuring new materials from Anguline Research.



*  Decisions of the Court of Kings Bench upon Settlement Cases

ARA0402:  $25.20

A Series of the Decisions of the Court of the Kings Bench Published in 1768 A Series of the Decisions of the Court of the Kings Bench upon Settlement Cases ; From the Death of Lord Raymond in March 1732 : To which is added a complete abridgement of the substance of each case, and two tables of the names of them. Covers settlement cases (from many areas of England) for the period 1732 to 1776.  These settlement cases, part of the old poor law system, arose to determine paupers, apprentices and others right, or otherwise,to settle in a parish. Useful for family history, local history and legal history.

*  Interments in Burial Ground of Baptist Chapel Ossett

ARA0403:  $21.60

Interments in the Burial Ground of the Baptist Chapel Ossett. This unique CD includes a plan of the burial ground, showing the numbered plots. Scans of the original register, detailing those buried in the various plots. Plus a transcription of the register. In addition it contains transcripts and photographs of all headstones visible in 2001. This is the most complete reference to the Ossett Baptist Chapel burial ground in existence anywhere.

*  Lawton's Collections Diocese of York & Ripon

ARA0404:  $21.60

Lawton’s Collections Relative to the Dioceses of York and Ripon Volumes I & II. Published in 1840. An attempt at an ecclesiastical topography of the county of York giving an account of every parish church and chapelry in the county. Includes an account of the parish registers compiled from official returns. Notices of parochial Charities and Free grammar Schools plus details of what chantries existed prior to the reformation. 

*  Roman Roads in Britain

ARA0405:  $18.00

Roman Roads in Britain. By Thomas Codrington, M. INST. C.E., F.G.S. Published in 1928. An interesting description of the Roman Roads of Britain, wherein the author details the roads proven to be of Roman origin. Includes several small maps. (The large chart is unfortunately missing.)  

*  Records of the Corporation of Gloucester

ARA0406:  $25.20

Records of the Corporation of Gloucester. Compiled by W.H. Stevenson, Issued under the authority of the Corporation. Published in 1893. A calendar of the records of Gloucester, including Royal Charters of Liberties and other Royal Charters & Letters plus a calendar of Burgess & Fine Rolls. The Other Royal Charters and Letters give a brief resume of content. Covers the period from the 12th to the 17th century. Complete with a General Index. Many names are mentioned making this useful for family history and local history. 

*  Cheshire Funeral Certificates 1600-1678

ARA0407:  $18.00

Cheshire and Lancashire Funeral Certificates ; A.D. 1600 TO 1678. Edited by John Paul Rylands. Published in 1882. It was ordered that details were to be taken by executors and mourners present at  funerals detailing- The day of death, place of burial, whether they be married or single, what issue they had and to whom they were married. The certificates also contain a description of the Coat of Arms of the deceased. 

*  South Cave Parish Registers 1558-1909

ARA0408:    $18.00

The Parish Registers of South Cave in East Yorkshire, with Notes Thereon. By William Richardson. Published in 1909. This book contains extracts of baptisms, marriages and burials from 1558-1909. It also includes other historical details, such as the names of parishioners in the 1831 census, the Cave family, the Ellerker Family and a Church Terrier of 1809, etc. 

*  Yorkshire Archaeological Journal Parts 93 & 114

ARA0409:  $18.00

The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal. Part 93 (published in 1916) & Part 114 (published in 1928) A collection of articles about Yorkshire local history and archaeology. Includes -  St. Helen's Church, Sandal Magna The Mawdes of Riddlesden and Ilkley. The East Riding Clergy in 1525-6. The Chantry Chapels of Wakefield. The Ripon Carvers & the lost Choir-Stalls of Bridlington Priory. Ancient Heraldry in the Deanery of Catterick. The Roman Camps at Cawthorn, near Pickering etc. 

*  The Annals of Yorkshire

ARA0410:  $21.60

The Annals of Yorkshire. Volumes I & II  (Of a two volume set). Published in 1851and 1852. A history of Yorkshire from the earliest period to 1852. Volume One presents historical events both local and national that helped shape Yorkshire. Volume Two restricts itself mainly to the market towns and biographical notices. A useful reference for the family and the local historian with a complete chapter being devoted to the catastrophe at Holmfirth caused by the failure of the Biberry Reservoir. 

*  The Aldermen of the City of London

ARA0411:  $25.20

The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III -1912. With Notes on the Parliamentary representation of the City, The Aldermen and the Livery Companies, The Aldermanic Veto, Aldermanic Baronets and Knights, etc. By the Rev. Alfred B. Beaven, M.A., F.R.Hist.Soc. Volumes I & II. Published in 1908 & 1913. Includes a comprehensive list of the Aldermen of the City of London from 1276-1912. Over 800 pages of information. Complete with an index. Useful for family history research. 

*  Cromwells Letters & Speeches

ARA0412:  $14.40

Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches with Elucidations. By Thomas Carlyle. A collection of the letters and speeches by Oliver Cromwell in three volumes. Covers the period from 1636 to his death in 1658. 

*  Headingley & Bramley Chapelry Registers

ARA0413:  $14.40

Leeds Chapelries Register, Headingley & Bramley. Thoresby Society Vol. XXIX Part II. Published in 1925. Contains transcripts of - Headingley Church Baptisms & Burials 1764 -1837. Bramley Church Baptisms 1764-1810 Burials 1764 -1794. 

*  Historic Warwickshire

ARA0414:  $18.00

Historic Warwickshire: Its Legendary Lore, Traditionary Stories and Romantic Episodes. by J. Tom Burgess.  1st Edition (see GB1027 for 2nd edition). Published in 1876. A collection of articles describing  the legends and traditions of Warwickshire. Includes several illustrations. Useful for local history. 

*  Waltham Abbey Historical Records

ARA0415:  $18.00

Waltham Abbey, by W. Winters. Published in 1885. A collection of historical record extracts from this Essex town, collected and reprinted in book form from the Waltham Abbey Weekly Telegraph. The extracts include - Parish Registers Churchwardens' Accounts, Tombs in the Abbey church, churchyard & cemetery, Paradise Row Burial Ground, Gentry & Tradespeople in 1826 & 1840, Useful for family and local history. 

*  History of Harrogate & Forest of Knaresborough

ARA0416:  $18.00

The History and Topography of Harrogate, with Notices of Birstwith, Blubberhouses, Castley, Clint, Dunkeswick, Felliscliffe, Fewston, Great Timble, Hampsthwaite, Haverah Park, Killinghall, Lindley, Little Ribston, Menwith-with-Darley, Norwood, Pannal, Plumpton, Rigton, Scriven, Stainburn, Swinden, Thornthwaite-with-Padside, Thruscross, Weeton and The Forest of Knaresborough. By William Grainge. Published in 1882. Useful for family and local history. 

*  History of the Parish of Rochdale

ARA0417:  $25.20

The History of the Parish of Rochdale. By Henry Fishwick, F.S.A. Published in 1889. Includes a general history of the parish, township histories of Castleton, Spotland, Hundersfield & Butterworth. Ecclesiastical histories of, the Parish church, Whitworth church, Todmorden church, Littleborough church, Milnrow church . Also includes the Protestation Returns of 1642 for the above named townships, with an index of names. Manor Court Records for various periods. Also included are chapters concerning the old houses and families of Rochdale. Plus a general index and index of names. Useful for family and local history. 

*  Hughley,Willey,Neen Sollars,Milson Parish Pegisters

ARA0418:  $18.00

The Parish Registers of Hughley, Willey, Neen Sollars and Mison in Shropshire. Published between 1899 and 1915. Transcripts of the Parish Registers of Hughley. Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1576-1812; Transcripts of the Parish Registers of Willey. Baptisms 1644-1812, Marriages1665-1811 & Burials 1666-1811. Transcripts of the Parish Registers of Neen Sollars. Baptisms1708-1812, Marriages 1708-1851 & Burials 1678-1812; Transcripts of the Parish Registers of Milson. Baptisms 1707-1812, Marriages 1707-1809 & Burials 1678-1812. Each complete with indexes of Names and Places. 

*  Parish Registers of Whittington, Shropshire

ARA0419:  $25.20

The Parish Registers of Whittington in Shropshire. Published in 1909. Transcripts of the Parish Registers of Whittington. Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1576-1812. Complete with indexes of Names, Places plus a general index. 

*  Warsop Parish Registers - Extracts with Notes

ARA0420:  $14.40

Warsop Parish Registers, with Notes and Illustrations. By Richard J. King. Published in 1884. This book contains some parish register extracts for the parish of Warsop in Nottinghamshire from 1538-1812, together with comments on local families whose surnames appear in the registers. Also contains a list of clergy and various statistics. Useful for family and local history. 

*  Memorials of Christchurch-Twynham, Hants.

ARA0421:  $14.40

Memorials of Christchurch-Twynham in Hampshire. Past and Present. With a Photograph and Ground Plan of the Priory Church. By the late Mackenzie E. C. Walcott, B.D., F.S.A. Third Edition, revised by B. Edmund Ferrey, F.S.A. Published in 1883. An interesting historical description of Christchurch Priory. 

*  Leeds in the Great War 1914-1918

ARA0422:  $18.00

Leeds in the Great War, 1914-1918. A Book of Remembrance by William Herbert Scott, with a foreward by A. J. Grant, and a Roll of Honour compiled by C. E. Mulholland. Published in 1923. The book is a record of the effects of the Great War as it affected Leeds. Divided into three parts "The Story" a general narrative of events at home; "The Record" giving accounts of activities individual & collective (including the Leeds Territorial Units) and finally "The Roll of Honour" a list of those from Leeds who gave their lives for their country. 

*  Condover Parish Registers

ARA0423:  $25.20

The Parish Registers of Condover, Shropshire. Published in 1904. Transcripts of the Parish Registers. Contains - Baptisms,  Marriages &  Burials 1570 - 1812. Complete with  indexes of names and places. 



*  Bendigo and Vicinity 1895

AU7003:  $24.10

by W. Kimberly  The rapid growth of Bendigo - which is now the third largest city in Victoria - has seldom been rivalled in all history in any country. Originally known as Sandhurst, the city grew quickly out of the Victorian gold rush and became established as a major provincial hub and minor financial centre. With the growth came elements of stability and permanency.  In 1895 'Bendigo and Vicinity' was written to be a 'faithful record' of the town, its services and its people. The book is divided into two sections, the first containing chapters on Bendigo's history, including the the city before gold, various pioneering experiences, the public institutions and buildings, real estate, the gold seekers, the goldfields. This section contains photos of hundreds of beautiful photographs in and around Bendigo, or buildings, parks, churches, fountains and more. The second half of the book contains biographies of people in Bendigo's history as well as histories of important companies and firms that helped to establish Bendigo. Each of these includes a photograph. This book provides an valuable resource for those interested in the history of Bendigo region and the people who established it.       

*  History of Bendigo 1891

AU7008:  $19.20

Bendigo in 1891 had a population of about 100,000 people which placed it as the third largest regional centre in Victoria after Geelong and Melbourne.  This volume charts the history of the town and city in the 40 years since it was founded in 1851, when gold was discovered. Word of the discovery spread quickly and soon after the township of Sandhurst was established. It was not until 1891 that the city's name was changed to Bendigo, in honour of the bare knuckled boxer, William "Abednego" Thompson, whose name had been lent to the creek where gold was first discovered. It covers the discovery and mining of gold, as well as the growth of the town into a city, and all that it encompasses, such as the laws and administration, progress and development, council and politics, newspapers and journalism, the public institutions, churches, water supply, agriculture and more. Also covered is the Duke of Edinburgh's visit, and the announcement of Sandhurst (Bendigo) as a city. This comprehensive look at the history of Bendigo, which shows immense changes in both the region and population, in such a short time span, is a valuable record for those who have an interest in the region as well as those interested in mining, and Australian history in general.       

*  Bendigo Goldfield Map 1913

AU7009:  $14.00

This consists of 4 separate maps joined here to make one large complete reference map - 0.71 metres wide x 2.35 metres high at a scale of 8 chains to one inch.  It was "issued by W. Dickson, Secretary for Mines" 24 May 1913. It shows the goldfields in red over a detailed base map of roads, allotments and other topographical features.       

*  Annals of Bendigo Volume 1: 1851-1867

AU7010-1:  $16.00

This collection was collected mainly from 'The Bendigo Advertiser' which started in 1853. This is a compilation of events that happened throughout the period, all in chronological order, giving the reader a quick overview of the highlights of each year.  Meetings, new railway, the hospital, ministry news, dense fog, Burke & Wills, severe floods, gas lines, theatres, building works, hotels destroyed by fire, births and deaths of locals, the new newspaper, election bungle, Bendigo Volunteer Rifles, vineyards, local events, and of course mining, including mining statistics ... it's all listed here, plus so much more. It includes many photographs of local people and happenings. Volume 1 of the the 'Annals of Bendigo' was published in 1912, and was compiled by George Mackay. He went on to compile four volumes, taking the series up to 1920. The work has then continued using various compilers. Currently the series stands at eight volumes and has been taken up to 1987. You will find information on thousands of local people and happenings listed throughout this volume. Not only a must for those with ancestors in Bendigo, but also ideal for anyone with an interest in the social history of Bendigo, or Victoria as a whole.   

*  Annals of Bendigo Volume 3: 1892-1909

AU7010-3:  $16.00

In 1916, George Mackay continued his popular series of the 'Annals of Bendigo'. This third volume covers the period 1892-1909, and in this one you will find that the population of Greater Bendigo is listed as 46,463, thanks to the statistics from the 1901 Bendigo census which have been recorded.  Similar in style to the earlier volumes, this is a vast collection of information gleaned primarily from 'The Bendigo Advertiser'. It is a record of events that happened throughout the period, all in chronological order, giving the reader a quick overview of the highlights of each year. Meetings, new railway, the hospital, ministry news - including new ministers, elections, the rain of red mud, sports groups and facilities, mining accidents, portraits unveiled, hospital fair, obituaries, photographic pioneers, music and drama, tramway, fires and floods, openings of new public buildings, the first Old Bendigonians Reunion, St Aidan's Orphanage, local events, and of course mining, including mining statistics ... it's all listed here, plus so much more, It includes many photographs of local people and happenings. You will find information on thousands of local people and happenings listed throughout this volume. Not only a must for those with ancestors in Bendigo, but also ideal for anyone with an interest in the social history of Bendigo, or Victoria as a whole.   

*  Bendigo Goldfield 1936

AU7015:  $14.00

Bendigo is one of the richest and certainly the most permanent of the Victorian goldfields. As at 1936, it was the only state with an unbroken production record extending back to the middle of the 1800s. During that period the yield from the Bendigo field amounted to 1/4 of the total production of the state, and approximately 1/10 of the total yield from the whole of Australia.  This small book published by the Mines Department in 1936, is not intended as a detailed publication on such an extensive and rich auriferous area, but as an account of its more salient features, a summarised record of it's past productivity, and a broad review of present operations for future prospects. The Line of Reef covered by this book are: Tysons, Lightning Hill, Hustlers, Derby, Paddy's Gully, Garden Gully, Deborah, Sheepshead, New Chum, Nell Gwynne, British and Foreign, Napoleon, Lancashire, Carshalton, Thistle, Christmas, and Birds. A detailed map showing the lines of each reef is included.       

*  Victorian Military Forces: General Orders 1895

AU7016:  $19.20

The 'Victorian Military Forces 1895' is a list of events that have been documented  that relate to those in the Victorian military forces during 1895.  Arranged chronologically, and broken down into months, you will find details of dismissals, leave granted, transfers, change in position, disciplinary actions (as well as who it applies to, and the consequence), extension of service, rations, allowance of clothing, memos, details on meetings, arrangements for gun salutes, military activities, examinations and more. It contains a comprehensive index.  A useful reference work for those with an interest in the early Australian military forces, or if you had someone in the Victorian military forces.         



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.



We received an invitation to bring our CD Digital Book products to the Upper Canada Book Fair to be held at the Ecoty Education Centre, near Perth, Ontario, on the 26th and 27th of June.  We are always pleased to support such activities if they are within our travel range so you will find us there over the weekend.  As the name implies the theme of the fair is Upper Canada (the old name for Ontario) and there is a full schedule of talks and panel discussions set for both days, including lectures by most of the 20 or so authors who will be attending with copies of their books for sale.  Even though this is not a "strictly genealogy" event the history of our environment is so strongly coupled to our genealogy that I'm sure you will find this a rewarding experience.  I'm also informed that the Ecotay Education Centre is a wonderful place to visit.  For full information, including a schedule of the talks, etc. go to the Internet link: 

(Make sure you get the whole link if you copy it.)  There is a full description of the event  on the site's "home" page and information on how you can contact them if you wish to ask questions.



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25 September , 2010 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m., the Comox Valley Family History Research Group, of  Courtenay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, features two speakers at  its Seminar: John D. Reid, author of the daily blog Anglo-Celtic Connections and Lesley Anderson, Partnership Development and Content Specialist, both of Ottawa.  Venue: Rotary Hall, Evergreen Seniors Club, Florence Filberg Centre, 411 Anderton Avenue, Courtenay, BC

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