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•   The Magnet, Vol.8 No.1 (1926), Jarvis Collegiate Inst. Year Book
CA0384-26:  $9.50
Terming itself a newspaper rather than a yearbook this publication sets out to record, and celebrate, the school’s achievements during the 1925 - 26 year rather than to just list the staff and students in their graduating year.
Appearing to be only the second edition of The Magnet, the newspaper is the work of a staff drawn from the school’s own pupils (with the advice of three members of staff) and they are all recognized for their contribution in the first few pages. From the volume numbering we must conclude, however, that The Magnet succeeds some earlier version of the school’s literary output.
Following the introductory materials there is an array of articles ranging from works of literary fiction to news of sporting events and from the activities of the “Radio Club” to collections of high school humor from a past age. Where appropriate the names of students have been recorded and some even appear in captioned photographs. Towards the rear a section provides news of Alumni, providing a somewhat expanded period of coverage of the names and deeds of Jarvis students.
We thank a friend of Archive CD Books Canada for allowing us to make this digital edition of his copy of The Magnet so that you can share this piece of Toronto’s educational history.
This digital edition is fully computer searchable for every word and the search speed is enhanced with out FastFind technology.   See our web site for additional description.
(We have priced these Gleanings with consideration of their small size but this means that we cannot economically put them onto a CD, so we are offering them to you as direct downloads only. You can purchase any of the Gleanings through our web cart just like any CD product but in this case we will contact you by e-mail to get the product to you.)
*  Foreign Consuls in Canada - 1919
CAG069:  $2.00
Content Description: A list of the names of the senior consuls representing their countries in Canada in 1919.  List includes 33 countries, almost all of which had multiple consuls in various Canadian cities.  Gives political “rank” and name.
Gleaned from: The Canadian Almanac, Published: 1919
NOTE: This Gleaning is also available as a free download on our Downloads page.
*  Barristers and Solicitors of Canada - 1919
CAG070:  $4.00
Content Description: Arranged alphabetically,  town by town and Province by Province.  This is thought, by the original publisher, to be a complete list of all those practicing law across Canada, including PEI and the Yukon.  Also those across the World, authorized to take affidavits for use in Canadian courts.  Gives lawyers name and “firm” where relevant.  
Gleaned from: The Canadian Almanac, Published: 1919
*  Canadian Militia - 1919
CAG071:  $3.50
Content Description: The Militia list for the Dominion of Canada (Condensed and corrected by the Militia General Orders, etc., to October 1918.)  Provides listings of all military establishments and fighting units, giving numerical designation, popular name, motto and the names of senior officers.  Includes a listing of Canadian recipients of the Victoria Cross.
Gleaned from: The Canadian Almanac, Published: 1919
*  Elected Representatives and Civil Servants of the Canadian Dominion Government - 1919
CAG072:  $3.50
Content Description: Lists members of the "House of Commons" and senior officers of 26 Departments, etc., of the “Federal” Civil Service  including: Customs and Inland Revenue, the Post Office, Colonization, Mines, Marine, Agriculture, & Trade and Commerce.  Identifies their “Riding” or their Civil Service position (job) and salary in many cases.
Gleaned from: The Canadian Almanac, Published: 1919
*  Canadian Obituaries (from The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs) - 1906
CAG073:  $2.50
Content Description: Here is a listing of the deaths of “prominent” Canadians who died in 1906.  The source offers no clue as to the criteria for selection to be included in this list but by inspection it appears to be those who had been, or were at the time of their death, in the “Public Eye.”  Includes M.P.s, M.P.P.s, Mayors, Business Leaders, Churchmen, etc.  Almost 140 individuals listed by name and their primary contributions to society.  Includes date of death.
Gleaned from: The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, 1906, Published: 1907
We still have a few more Gleanings we are extracting from the 1919 Canadian Almanac, which has already supplied 4 of the 5 new Gleaning announced above.
We have an Ontario "Blue Book" (a social register) currently in work, but still a few days off completion, and I have plans to get a great biographical resource ready for next month.  Let's see if "the fates" are in a cooperative mood.
In this section we provide an - often abbreviated - description of each of the newly released books on CD we have received from our International Archive CD Books partners.  This month we are featuring new materials from both our Australian and Irish partners.
*  South Australian Police Gazettes
Compiled to be distributed only amongst the Police Force, Police Gazettes contain details and information that can not be found anywhere else.
Produced at regular intervals (usually once a week), it was a way of making information available to all in the Police Force throughout the whole state.
The information does vary a little from year to year, but expect to find;
details of any promotions, demotions, discharges, resignations and deaths.
information on housebreak-ins, robberies, arson, murders, deserted seamen,  warrants issued, prisoners discharged, missing friends, lost and found items etc.
You may also find the physical details on persons mentioned (name, aliases used, age, height, colour hair, colour eyes, distinguishing features, even colour clothing worn),  especially if they were missing, wanted or released.
These records are a unique and extremely fascinating resource for local, family and social historians, as well as for anyone with an interest in the origins of South Australia.
[Please consult our web site for more complete descriptions.]
*  South Australian Police Gazette 1862-67    
AU5103-1862:  $24.10    
The CD contains the 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866 and 1867 South Australian Police Gazettes all on the one CD. Please note, a few issues are missing
*  South Australian Police Gazette 1868-70     
AU5103-1868:  $28.20    
The CD contains the 1868, 1869 and 1870 South Australian Police Gazettes all on the one CD.
*  South Australian Police Gazette 1871-72    
AU5103-1871:  $24.10    
This CD contains the complete issues released during 1871 and 1872,
*  South Australian Police Gazette 1873-74    
AU5103-1873:  $24.10    
This CD-ROM is a compilation of all of the issues of the South Australia Police Gazette that were issued during 1873 and 1874.
*  Ward & Lock, A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Killarney, the Kerry Coast, Glengariff, Cork and the South West of Ireland.     
IE0072:  $18.40    
First published in 1880 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the 7th edition of Ward Lock & Co's Illustrated Guide to Killarney and South-West Ireland dating from 1926-7, the complete title of which is A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Killarney, The Kerry Coast, Glengariff, Cork and the South-West of Ireland.  The level of detail provided for the independent tourist in the so-called 'Red guides' was unsurpassed. Containing some 299 printed pages Ward & Lock's Illustrated Guide to Killarney & South-West Ireland contains a number of fold-out district maps, plans of the Killarney and Cork and a further sixty illustrations, mostly photographs of the places illustrated in the guide. Beginning in Cork City, the Illustrated Guide provides descriptions of a series of excursions that the independent tourist could embark on around the city and its immediate environs, before heading to Killarney via Glengariff. From here the Guide provides information for strolling around Killarney Town as well as excursions to the Lakes where further tours and possible routes are provided.
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  Ward & Lock's Guide to Northern Ireland, Illustrated, 1940
IE0076:  $18.40
Republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the 2nd edition of Ward Lock & Co's Illustrated Guide to Northern Ireland the complete title of which is Guide to Northern Ireland, Belfast, the Mourne Mountains, Carlingford Lough, The Antrim Coast, Armagh, Londonderry, and the Erne Lakes.  
Containing some 266 printed pages Ward & Lock's Guide to Northern Ireland contains a number of fold-out district maps, a detailed street plan of Belfast City and a further thirty-six illustrations, mostly photographs of the places illustrated in the guide.
Starting with tours and descriptions in and around the environs of Belfast City, the Guide takes the traveller from here to Hollywood, Bangor, Donaghadee before moving on to the Ards Peninsula, Downpatrick, the Mourne Mountains, Armagh, Antrim and other destinations finally terminating at Derry, Enniskillen and Lough Erne. Illustrated throughout with wonderful photographs, detailed maps, many hundreds of contemporary advertisements and wonderful descriptions of the places visited, the quality of Ward & Lock's Red Guides has meant that they have endured the test of time and have already become eminently collectable titles.  
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  William Bassett, Limerick City and County, and Principal Towns in the Counties Clare, Tipperary and Kerry Directory 1880-1881    
IE0073;  $24.60    
Originally published by William Bassett in Limerick in 1881 is the Limerick City and County Directory, which is republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom. Containing more than four-hundred printed pages, the Directory has the complete title of Limerick City and County, and the Principal Towns in the Counties Clare, Tipperary, and Kerry, Directory, 1880-1.  
The Directory begins with 40 pages providing a digest of the public bodies and institutions including all public officials such as magistrates, members of the corporation of the City. Other public officials are recorded ward-by-ward. This is immediately followed by an alphabetical list of the principal merchants, traders and gentlemen in the City.  This, together with the classified trades and professions directory, makes up just over a third of the Directory as a whole.
The County Section records the principal gentlemen, clergy and traders for thirteen of Limerick's principal towns.  The Clare portion of the Directory lists the principal residents and traders of only five of the county's major towns with Tipperary and County Kerry faring a little better with only eight.
In the main, each town includes records of the gentry, clergy and principal traders in, and around the immediate vicinity of the town.
For the larger towns borough officials such as magistrates, corporation members, councillors and union officials are also included.
The Directory is concluded with more than ninety pages of advertisements from all over Ireland.  
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  G. K. Chesterton, Irish Impressions, 1919
IE0074:  $14.00
Originally published in London in 1919 by Collins & Sons, this first edition of G. K. Chesterton's Irish Impressions is republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom.  
Chesterton's visit to Ireland in early 1918 resulted in this unique, readable, and thought-provoking book on Ireland. Written at a defining moment in Irish history, Irish Impressions looks at the 'Irish Question' not from a political stance, but from an ideological, philosophical and religious standpoint.
Chesterton's own sometimes contradictory beliefs and views pervade Irish Impressions; One could walk away after reading Irish Impressions believing that both the English and the Irish were right and wrong. A short book, these themes are readily identifiable in the chapter headings of Irish Impressions, which include the Root of Reality, the Family Feud, the Mistake of England and the Mistake of Ireland.  
For a brilliant analysis and understanding of Ireland and the cusp of breaking her political ties with England, there is no better read than G. K. Chesterton's Irish Impressions. 
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  William Hamilton Maxwell, Wild Sports of the West, with Legendary Tales and Local Sketches, 1838
IE0077:  $18.40
First published in 1832 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the 1838 London edition of this book containing some 414 printed pages.  As recently as 2006 The Sunday Post in its review of Rough Shooting of Ireland declared that Wild Sports of the West remained one of the classics of Irish rural life of the nineteenth-century.
The book is comprised of forty-four chapters, which take the form of letters of the writer's - Maxwell's - adventures to his friends and acquaintances. These portray in vivid accounts some of the wild and in some instances not a little fantastical adventures of the writer as he hunted, fished and poached in the west of Ireland and retold the local stories and anecdotes of the west relayed to him by his local guides and gamekeepers. Wild Sports of the West will greatly appeal to anyone interested in the outdoor pursuits - real and fantastical - portrayed by a very entertaining storyteller. 
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  Royal Irish Constabulary List and Directory for the half-year commencing 1st July 1889.    
IE0075:  $14.00    
Originally printed and published in Dublin by John Mullany of Fleet Street and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom.  The Royal Irish Constabulary List & Directory contains Lists of the Constabulary Departments, Dublin Metropolitan Police, Resident Magistrates, Coast Guards, Etc.  
The RIC Directory proper begins with a seniority list of the RIC from its then Inspector General, Sir Andrew Reed, down. From the rank of County Inspector down the Directory provides by date of appointment the name of officer, date of appointment, whether or not they had been awarded good service pay and/or been awarded the Crimean Medal as well as any university or professional qualifications gained. This is followed by alphabetical lists of county and district inspectors together with the dates of their appointments from 3rs through to 1st class. Further lists for this group of RIC officers include the counties, stations and post towns in which they were currently posted, alphabetical lists of RIC Stations, promotions and transfers as well as biographical return for the half year for officers who had received commendations.  The list for county and district inspectors is followed by lists for head constables and sergeants - the Directory does not include details on members of the RIC and Dublin Metropolitan Police below these ranks - which includes alphabetical lists together with RIC Service number and the stations and post towns to which these officers were attached.  Part 1 of the Directory is concluded with the publication of promotions in the half year and a listing of all of the RIC Stations in the country together with the district the station served and the name of the Sergeants in Charge.  
Part 2 of the RIC Directory begins with an alphabetical list of resident magistrates, divisional and county clerks, county coroners, count court judges and Chairmen of Quarter Sessions as well as the names of Clerks of the Peace,
Part 3 treats on members of the Dublin Metropolitan Police, the divisions of the force in the City with the names of the sergeant in charge of each station; this section is concluded with lists of officers in the pay of the Coast Guard Service and lists of Hut Stations and Protection Posts.
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  The Royal Irish Constabulary Manual or Guide to the Discharge of Police Duties, 6th Edition 1909
IE0078:  $14.00
First published in 1866 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the sixth edition of The Royal Irish Constabulary Manual, published in 1909.  While the first code of regulations for the Royal Irish Constabulary had been published in 1837 it was not until 1866 that a complete manual was issued.
The RIC Manual is in many ways a fascinating social document illustrating all the areas of daily life which might be administered by civil law. It is introduced by a miscellany of advice to officers and men, ranging from warrants, civility and courtesy to the roles and positions of constables, sergeants and inspectors, as well as to the populace as a whole, and to other strands of civil administration such as magistrates and judges.
The manual is divided into various parts dealing with crimes of increasing "substance" while - at the same time - sections provide advice in the form of questions and the appropriate response.  The Royal Irish Constabulary Manual concludes with how to examine a witness, a full schedule of offences and appendices on finger prints and illegal fishing implements. In total, The Royal Irish Constabulary Manual provides a fascinating insight into the work of the Royal Irish Constabulary and its administration of Civil Law in Ireland.   
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  Thomas Olden, P. H. Ditchfield (ed), The National Churches - The Church of Ireland, 1892
IE0079:  $18.40
Originally published in 1892 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is The History of the Church of Ireland.
Written by Thomas Olden (1823-1900), vicar of Ballyclough, member of the Royal Irish Academy, author of "The Holy Scriptures in Ireland One Thousand Years Ago" and contributor of many reviews for the Dictionary of National Biography, The book contains 465 printed pages and presents a thorough discourse of the Church in Ireland from its pre-Christian origins until is disestablishment in 1869.  Presented in 21 chapters with 8 appendices and index, Olden recounts from a plethora of manuscript sources the development of the Christianity in Ireland beginning with an overview of the country before its conversion.
For anyone interest in the development of Christianity in Ireland and more especially the creation and development of the Church of Ireland, Thomas Olden's History of the Church of Ireland will prove to be an invaluable aid and reference source book. 
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  Rev. I. Gregory Smith & Rev. Phipps Onslow, Diocesan Histories: Worcester, 1883
IE5046:  $18.40
First published in 1883 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the first edition of the Diocesan History of Worcester. Containing some 383 printed pages the History was published in London by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.  
The History of the Diocese of Worcester is presented in a roughly chronological fashion beginning with the conversion of the indigenous Princess of Wiccii to Christianity. From the Wiccian conversion, the book traces the development of the Diocese and its history in a further fifteen chapters starting with the supremacy of the Kingdom of Mercia, the upheavals wrought by the arrival of the Danes and later the Normans and the bloodshed and battles fought on the lands of the See of Worcester during the reigns of the Plantagenet Kings. Much of the History of the Diocese of Worcester is not unnaturally given over to the period immediately before the Reformation and the subsequent impact on the Diocese during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary and Elizabeth before concluding with chapters centred around the periods of the Civil War and the Restoration, concluding with the state of the Diocese in the eighteenth century.  Written from a number of primary sources, the History of the Diocese of Worcester is fully-indexed and contains a number of valuable appendices, which include a complete list of the Bishops of the Diocese as well as the Priors and Deans, a short history on the Wiccii and a description of the arms of the See of Worcester.
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  Edward Hutton & Nelly Erichsen (illustrator), Highways and Byways in Wiltshire, 1917
IE5047:  $18.40
Originally published in London 1917 by MacMillan & Co., Ltd., this first edition of the Highways and Byways in Wiltshire, is republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom.
The original publication of the Highways and Byways in Wiltshire contains more than 450 printed pages, including a map of the county showing the routes taken by the author, Edward Hutton, who chose a number of circular routes that took him to the four corners of Wiltshire. Also included are almost 90 pen and ink illustrations by Nelly Erichsen.  The Highways and Byways series always provide a wonderful mix of topography, local history and folklore, which allows the reader to revisit parts of Britain that have long disappeared under a morass of concrete, bypasses and motorways.
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  Joseph Gough Nichols, The Topographer and Genealogist (3 Vols) 1846-1858
IE5048:  $30.70    
Originally published between 1846 and 1858 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the three-volume collection The Topographer and Genealogist is a monumental collection of historical and genealogical material occupying more than 1,800 printed pages.  
This contains a plethora of material gathered from numerous sources, such as monumental inscription, estates records, parochial records, leases, family chronicles and wills, as well as work undertaken by much earlier genealogists such as the herald, Peter Le Neve as well as records from various shires and hundreds of England and Ireland. It was Nichols' express wish that The Topographer and Genealogist should be a forum for the publication of detached essays on topography and genealogy bringing to the public attention hitherto lost relics while at the same time preserving these for posterity.   
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  Doidge's Western Counties Illustrated Annual, 1933
IE5049:  $15.90
Republished here on fully searchable CD-Rom is the 65th edition of Doidge's Western Counties Illustrated Annual. Printed and published in Plymouth in 1933 by Hoyten & Cole, Doidge's Western Counties Illustrated Annual advertised itself as 'A book to Read and a Book to Refer to', which sums-up this publication quite nicely. Containing 462 printed pages of all sorts of miscellany such as directories of doctors, druggists, etc., tide tables, lighting up times, lists of churches, fairs, market days, packet ships, postal delivery services and much, much more.  As with all of the editions of Doidge's Western Counties Illustrated Annual, the publication paints an intimate portrait of the world as it was in the year of its publication.
Apart from the miscellany of directories, photographs and advertisements the 1933 edition of Doidge's Western Counties Illustrated Annual also contains some thirty short stories and sketches and numerous poems all of which make Doidge's Western Counties Illustrated Annual a fascinating and highly entertaining publication.   
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  J. Bulmer, History, Topography and Directory of Lancaster and District, 1913
IE5050:  $24.60
One of only two directories for Lancaster and District published by Bulmer's, this edition contains some 608 printed pages and is subtitled The History and Archaeology of the Town of Lancaster, with Separate Historical Descriptions of Each Parish and Township within a Radius of about Sixteen Miles.  
Beginning with a history of the Lancaster from the Roman Invasion and continuing with a historical and topographical description of the town of Lancaster in 1912, etc. , the Directory then provides an alphabetical list of the main residents and traders of the town followed by an alphabetical classification of trades and professions.  The majority of Bulmer's Lancaster Directory, some four hundred pages, treats on the parishes and townships within sixteen miles of the town, providing for each historical and topographical descriptions as well as listings of the chief residents, services, statistics, etc.
As Bulmer's Lancaster Directory is restricted to a relatively small geographical area the amount of detail provided on the places and people it does treat on is necessarily that much greater than a complete country directory.  One of only a handful of directories that cover this part of Britain.   
[Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  Kelly's Directory of the Country of Norfolk, 1933
IE5052:  $24.60
Republished here on full-searchable CD-Rom is Kelly's Directory of Norfolk, which was originally published in 1933.  
This directory, published with a revised large fold-out map, includes every parish and many of the postal villages in the county as well as the principle towns and cities.  In addition to providing a thorough topographical description of every town, parish, village and township,  i.e. describing the principal buildings and geographical objects of interest, it also mentions significant historical events and other items of significance or interest finally concluding in a list of the principal private residents and business.  Great care is also taken in Kelly's treatment of the ecclesiastical divisions of the county with descriptions of all the churches, cathedrals the value of the livings, parochial incumbents and patrons. The same level of detail is provided for the civil and local administration of the county with full information on county courts, districts fairs, markets, county hunts as well as communications such as rail and post throughout the county.  
This edition of Kelly's Directory of Norfolk is prefaced by a topographical and geological description of the county and is concluded with an extensive alphabetical list of the county's chief residents and commercial interests.  For anyone with even the slightest interest in the residents, topography of descriptions of the county of Norfolk this fully-searchable 1933 edition of Kelly's Directory of Norfolk is not to be missed. [Please see the web site for a complete description.]
*  Chavasse's Advice to a Wife, (15th ed), 1909
IE5051:  $14.00
Republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the 15th edition of Pye Henry Chavasse's "Advice to a Wife on the Management of her own Health and on the Treatment of some of the Complaints Incidental to Pregnancy, Labour and Suckling", which was issued in 1909.  
Chavasse had died by 1878, when his self-help books had already entered into their 5th editions and some of the advice being offered was truly out of date. This being the case the books were revised for a 'modern' female audience at the start of the twentieth-century.  This edition contains some 405 printed pages and was issued as a revised edition, which included revisions and a preface by G. Drummond Robinson, M.D., B.S., F.A.C.P, physician to the British Lying-in Hospital.
G. Drummond Robinson's revised edition of Chavasse's Advice to a Wife holds much of the Victorian values and discipline expressed in the first edition and it is probably that only the medicine of midwifery had been added to. This being the case, the introductory chapter to Chavasse's Advice to a Wife, containing some quarter of the entire book, is given over to advice to a wife wishing to conceive a child, which is detailed in some thirty subsections, ranging from 'Opium habits', to the 'Lacing of Boots' and the necessary ventilation for a woman inside and outside of the home.
The chapters that follow detail the menstrual cycle in various ages of women up to the point of conception and includes sections on 'hysteria', the 'whites' and the 'change of life'. Chavasse's advice once a child had been conceived begins with advice on how to tell if one has actually become pregnant, false pregnancy, morning sickness, had how to tell whether the child will be a boy or a girl to how to predict the due date of the child. These chapters are followed by those on the labour and birth of the child through to the suckling and weaning of the baby
Needless to say Chavasse's Advice to a Wife is hopelessly out of date and should not be considered to express any competent medical advice. [Please see the web site for a complete description.]
If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.
We have decided to run a pre-Christmas sale this year so you can give your genealogy "buddies" (and yourself!) appropriate gifts - even in this time of financial caution.  We are offering:  !! CANADIAN PRODUCTS AT UP TO 40% OFF - INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA !!  
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You will have noticed that for the second month in a row we have released new Gleanings extracted from a 1919 Canadian Almanac.  These are a perfect example of the reason we introduced this method of bringing you these extracted snippets of genealogical gold dust.  The complete Almanac runs almost 550 pages and contains an awful low of - frankly - boring stuff, which was probably fairly boring in its time and now would only excite a Professor of the Irrelevant.  If we reproduced the Almanac in full none of you would buy it - and I wouldn't blame you.
But tucked away between the 1919 "Canadian Tariff of  Customs" and "Postal Information" are these great little nuggets, such as a listing of all of the Barristers and Solicitors of Canada and another for the whole of the Canadian Militia in this first year following the end of the Great War.   These are the lists where your ancestors are named but you wouldn't know where to go to look them up.  By republishing these as digital downloads for just a few of dollars each we hope we will enable you to check out  a resource which might otherwise go unnoticed.
We use our Facebook page to let you know as soon as we have released a new publication, so you don't have to wait for up to a month to hear about it.  Not only that but the immediacy of the Facebook network lets us share breaking news and tips on special offers we hear about.
That's not to say we will be cluttering up your in-box with endless trivia.  We only post when we have something we believe is relevant to Canadian Genealogy research (remembering that many of us have family ties back in Europe only a couple of generations ago.)
We have now received confirmation of our Vendor Space reservation for the 14 - 16 May next year.  It is being held in the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, 655 Dixon Road, Toronto and they are promising us a really nice venue - WITHOUT all the "hiking" the last couple of years have involved.
Have YOU ever considered the benefit of the U.K. Census data being centrally available on ONE database, and being able to trace your ancestors from 1841 to 1891 for free?  This project aims to provide a "free-to-view" online searchable database of the 19th century UK census returns.
The FREECEN project is looking for new volunteers.  As a volunteer, you can help with Transcribing and Checking. This is done from CD's, and you can choose which County you volunteer to help with.  Ongoing help and support are freely given by County Coordinators and help lists.
In return, you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge, expertise, a sense of community with other volunteers, a good laugh from time to time, satisfaction from helping both other volunteers and genealogists at large, and a sense of achievement.  It's a great project to be involved in!  Come and join us!
If you would like to help or obtain further information please contact Jenny by e-mail.
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22 November, 2009.   In Honour of Remembrance Day -  tour Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC.
Meet with Lorraine Irving at the Mountain View Cemetery Celebration Hall & Courtyard, 5455 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z3.  Phone: 604 - 325 - 2646 (enter cemetery from 39th Avenue at Fraser Street).
No reservations needed.
More info is at the Mountain View Cemetery website:
22 November, 2009 @ 2:00 PM The Ontario Genealogical Society, Halton-Peel Branch Family History Meeting
Speaker: Brian Gilchrist, Region of Peel Archives.  Topic:  Digging For Gold On The Internet – Finding The Buried Treasure Through Alternative Thinking. (This Month is our Annual General Meeting.)
At the Four Corners Public Library (Auditorium), 65 Queen St. E., Brampton, (East of Queen 7 Main St., parking access from John St. or Mary St.)  Visitors Welcome!
For more info contact: Ann Logan 905-845-7755 or Mike Payne 905-877-7627
24 November, 2009 @ 7:00 p.m.:  "Ancestors of the Halifax Explosion"
Join Garry Shutlak, senior reference archivist at the Nova Scotia Archives, as he explores the family surnames and stories found in the records of the Halifax Explosion.  Takes place at:  Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library-Reference Department, 5381 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1E9.  902-490-5813 (phone), 902-490-5746 (fax), Web site:
For a list of Explosion related links, go here:
28 November 2009, OGS Toronto Branch and the Canadiana Department of North York Central Library present: DISEASE & DISTRESS!  A workshop about how our ancestors handled adversity.
North York Central Library Auditorium, 5120 Yonge Street, Toronto
(North York Centre subway station) Website:
12, December 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topics;
• Finding a Long Lost Great Aunt by Jane Catterson.
• Identifying a Grandfather by Brian Watson
• A Great (SCOTT) Moment by Ken Harley
• Breaching the Ireland Barrier, or Maybe Not by Willis Burwell
• Hold on Tight! - Tickets Please! by Christine Jackson
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
9, January 2010, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic: Murder Most Foul - The Complete Story by Robert Brown.  Robert Brown will reconstruct the murder he discovered of his cousin, Michael "Mickey" Brown
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
13, Feburary 2010, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic: Just Names on a List? Let's Take Another Look at Passenger Manifests By Glenn Wright.  Canadian passenger lists contain significantly more information on our ancestors than those from the 1870s and 1880s
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
13, March 2010, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic: Constable George Johnston's Road to Recognition By Gibson Glavin.  The tragic death of Constable Johnston, in 1882 at Fort Walsh.
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
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