Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V6#4 - 21 August, 2009
This newsletter may give the impression that we have had a quiet month with only one new Canadian topic book being released.  Unfortunately this is far from the fact and I have had to regretfully accept that I will not get the Great War picture book I've been working on ready for a while yet, despite having put many hours into it this month.
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*  History of the County of Bruce    
CA0086:  $28.00:  
When writing this history the author, Norman Robertson, determined that he would record as much of the experiences of the original pioneers as he could and, in his own words, "It was not long before the author became aware that he had not commenced a day too soon. Death was very busy among the old pioneers, and in a short time he would have been too late."These first hand testimonies and his experience as the Treasurer of the County and as the secretary of its Historical Society gave Norman an ideal base from which to record a fascinating and exhaustive narrative giving glimpses of the County's birth and development, both on the grand scale and at the detail level of everyday life.
Often this very breadth and depth of the history of an area as large and diffuse as a county leads to a confusing and hard to read document, but not in this case because the author took care how he organized the work.  In his own words again;  "The first eleven chapters of this work refer to the county at large. Then follow twenty-seven chapters, each of which deals with a separate minor municipality."  This structure allowed Norman to deal with his subject at all levels with only the minimum of repetition necessary to make each topic self contained.
We may have to thank Norman's background in the Bruce Historical Society, for he was obviously aware of the value of this record to genealogists.  He takes every opportunity to record the names of specific individuals wherever he could, including notes on their genealogy and familial connections, in addition to identifying their contribution to the community.  One footnote, for instance, provides the, "Names of the heads of families who settled on the 8th concession of Huron."  
To illustrate his narrative the author provides copious pictures and appendices.  These have subjects ranging from a rare old 1869 photograph showing a celebratory procession to an appendix listing the members of the Bruce County’s militias.
Although the author has provided an extensive index, we have made the whole of the text computer searchable, including applying our FastFind technology so your searches take next to no time.
This is an invaluable resource for anyone researching the early history of Bruce or for Family Historians with heritage in the county.
Unfortunately the saga of the pair of pictorial albums about the Great War continues.  Once again I have had to admit that they are not going to be ready for this newsletter.  I won't bore you with the details but suffice it to say that this second volume is greatly "experienced" (i.e., worn out) and that getting the page images to a condition where we are prepared to publish them is turning out to be something of a nightmare.  In our rush to release our one publication listed above we have not had time to select our next subject but we shall be checking our shelves for something we expect to be both valuable and useful.
I am returning to our more "traditional" listing format of providing an - often abbreviated description - of each of the newly released books on CD listed.  We also return to rolling out the enormous backlog of Australian topic CDs.  This month (and probably for the next few months) we are featuring South Australia.
 5.1.1  South Australia
*  Life of Pastor Abbott    
AU5001:  $16.00
Jacob Abbott (1813-1908) came to South Australia in 1937 a few months after the proclamation of the province.This memoir by a long time friend, David Nock, outlines his life, especially as a minister of the gospel, initially with the Methodists, and later with the Christian Churches. For a time he also taught a private school and continued there when it was taken over by the State.During his long life he traveled widely as a preacher, having association with many communities around Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, and various towns north and south of Adelaide.He was also associated with many other religious and philanthropic institutions, such as the Young Men's Christian Association, the Benevolent and Strangers' Friend Society, and especially with the Industrial School for the Blind, later the Royal Institution for the Blind
:  No of pages in original: 62ppYear published: (1909) Author/Compiler: David Nock
*  Colonial Life and Christian Experience    
AU5002:  $32.30
Henry Hussey (1825-1903), evangelist, millenarian, printer and historian, emigrated from England to Australia with his parents and siblings in 1839.More Than Half a Century of Colonial Life and Christian Experience, a large volume of over 500 pages, was first published in 1897. It is Henry's story, starting with his life in England, then emigration and arrival in South Australia. By 1850 he had a business and in the gold rushes printed the South Australian Register and the Adelaide Observer. From printing Hussey progressed to publishing Evangelical and millenarian journals, and to bookselling at his Bible Hall and Tract Depot in Adelaide. His time as secretary to George Fife Angas is also included.
*  Biographical Guide to Northern Yorke Peninsula 1976    
AU5010:  $20.00
History is not only to provide for posterity the preservation of facts about events or things, but more importantly to focus attention on the deeds and activities of people. While much has been written of the history of the town, district and organisations, the Apex Club of Kadina felt that there was nothing devoted solely to the preservation of the average citizen of this period. In 1976 they compiled and published this book of biographies of a number of 'present day' personalities of the region, covering Kadina, Moonta, Paskeville, Wallaroo, Moonta, Moonta Bay, Port Hughes, and North Beach.The 'Biographical Guide to Northern Yorke Peninsula' is very scarce, with only a limited print run of 210 copies. One page is used for each person, and includes information such as full name, date and place of birth, often parents names, education, and working life, hobbies, sports, marital status, family, clubs or associations that he/she was involved with and more. Each entry also includes a photograph, and most include the signature of the person concerned (only in the editor's copy, from which this book was scanned)
A valuable record for those in South Australia with current connections to the region.
*  Pastoral Pioneers of South Australia    
AU5016:  $32.30
Compiled over a number of years, the 'Pastoral Pioneers of South Australia' is a compilation of articles that were first produced by The Adelaide Stock and Station Journal as a series of biographical sketches from 1923 to 1927.  This two volume set contains approximately 300 biographies of South Australia's Pastoral Pioneers and Old Colonists.
A photograph accompanies each entry, as well as extensive biographical details.
A large percentage of the entries in these volumes contain previously unpublished information. Much of this was supplied by descendants and old friends of those listed, including details and stories that would have otherwise gone unknown.A significant and valuable record of the early pioneers and pastoralists who helped make South Australia what it is today.
*  Index to the Statutes in Force in South Australia 1916    
AU5018:  $20.00
This publication is an index to all “Statutes in Force and Regulations Thereunder” at the close of the Parliamentary Session of 1916.It is arranged alphabetically for easy reference, along with particulars of the 'Gazette' date.It also includes:   - a schedule of Private Acts  - Acts obsolete or repealed  - a short index to Commonwealth ActsSpecial notes on the Northern Territory and its surrender to, and acceptance by, the Commonwealth are also included.
*  George Fife Angas: Father and Pioneer of South Australia    
AU5024:  $28.20
George Fife Angas (1789 - 1879) was a merchant, banker, landowner and philanthropist. To quote from the author’s preface:  “He was one of the Fathers and Founders of South Australia; he originated the South Australian Company, the Bank of South Australia, the National Provincial Bank of England, and the Union Bank of Australia; he fought the battle of the slaves in Honduras and the Mosquito Coast, and obtained an Act of Parliament for their emancipation; he circumvented a reigning monarch and stayed a despotic religious persecution; his foresight and shrewdness won for Great Britain the possession of New Zealand as a colony“
He realised a large fortune, lost it in pure philanthropy, and, after years of poverty and distress, regained it fourfold through the reckless land purchases of an adventurer; he established the first Sunday School Union in the North of England, was one of the founders of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society and other well-known institutions, and was ... one of the leading philanthropists of this country. “Whatever place Mr Angas may take in the annals of this country, his name will be an abiding monument in South Australia ; and when the history of that colony is written, it will be found, that he must occupy a very prominent position in its records.”
*  South Australian Local Justices' Manual 1871    
AU5025:  $36.40
Society as a whole needs laws and regulations for good management and order. Early South Australia was no exception. Police officers, law courts, and judges all play their part as South Australia became a destination for many thousands of emigrants from all corners of the globe.
As with the law today, there were rules regarding the 'administration of justice' back in the 1800s. This manual is just one example. Published in 1871, it was a guide for the courts as to what the laws and acts of the day were, together with the sentences and offences, as well as other law court duties.
. Part of the appendix contains details of actual court cases which cover a range of topics.  This is a useful guide for law historians, or for those wishing to know more about the early laws in South Australia.
*  History of South Australia: Foundation to Jubilee    
AU5027:  $32.30
It was a lifelong wish of George Fife Angas, one of the founders of South Australia, that a history be written about his adopted homeland, South Australia. Sadly having died in 1879 he never saw that dream fulfilled, as it wasn't until 1893 when Edwin Hodder wrote his book The History of South Australia From its Foundation to the Year of its Jubilee with A Chronological Summary of all the Principal Events of Interest up to Date.
This two volume set, with over 800 pages, is primarily based on the papers of George Fife Angas.  Divided into sixteen chapters, topics covered include: early explorations; attempts to found a colony; the pioneer settlers and an outline of 13.
A special feature of this book is the 'Chronological Summary of Events'.
For anyone who wants to know the history of South Australia, and the people who made it happen this classic work will be welcomed.
:  No of pages in original: 812ppYear published: (1893) Author/Compiler: E. Hodder
*  Emigration to South Australia 1853: Passenger Lists and Notices    
AU5028:  $16.00
The 1853 South Australian Government Gazette, unlike other years, published a number of shipping lists as well as other notices and reports of voyages. Most of these have been extracted from the gazette for publication in this handy form. They are organised here under the following headings (Please see our web site listing for the details.)The passenger lists, voyage summaries and reports will particularly interest those with emigrant ancestors on the ships listed. The regulations and other notices published here offer great insight to emigrant ships and conditions generally around the mid 19th century.
:  No of pages in original: 95ppYear published: (1853)
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(From Bob Hegerich, email:
I have started to construct an Index of people buried in those Cape Breton County cemeteries appearing on the Cape Breton GENWEB site.
I have already done about five cemeteries, but when I ran into the first  ~2,000 person cemetery, it dawned on me that, if I do this all by myself, it will take a while.  But it also occurred to me that, if some number of eager volunteers would be willing to help, perhaps a Cape Breton County Burial Index could get done before I become totally senile. So, the purpose of this note is to ask if any would be willing to help produce said index.
The way it works is that,  for a given cemetery, I would provide an Excel spreadsheet that has a given inscription in each row.  What a volunteer would do is extract the surname and given name for each individual in the inscriptions in the cemetery listing and create a row entry for that person and then return the completed spreadsheet to me.
The end product:  An index of persons buried in Cape Breton County (who appear in the various cemetery listings on the Cape Breton GENWEB site) would be placed on the Cape Breton GENWEB site and would be freely downloadable.  So, if you would be interested in helping, please advise.  Thanks.  Bob H
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12 September, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic; Circling the Wagons around Jack Fraser?  Presenter; Brian Glen.
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12 September, 2009,  10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Saint John Branch of New Brunswick Genealogy Society Inc will be holding a Genealogy Fair at St. Joachim's Church Hall, 603 Loch Lomond Rd, Saint John NB.  All Welcome!  More information: or contact Dave Fraser
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19th September, 2009, from 10AM to 3PM, the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum & Archives will be holding its annual Settler' Day event.  This year we are honouring Alfred Andrew Thompson, an early fur trader, entrepreneur, politician and the founder of an extraordinary family. We have numerous activities and entertainment planned.
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As usual at this event, admission is free. Just bring a few bucks to buy a great lunch or maybe one of our books. This year the planning committee has decided to repeat  last year's successful Family Hall with displays of family memorabilia, genealogy, research material and especially photographs. Here is an opportunity for family historians to show off what they have been collecting over the years.
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14 November, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic & Presenter TBA.
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