Subject:     Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V6#1 - 22 May, 2009
    Date:     22 May, 2009 7:10:28 PM EDT (CA)
Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V6#1 - 22 May, 2009
This newsletter marks the beginning of our 6th year of publishing this newsletter.  Unfortunately it is rather late but it took a lot more work to complete the one Canadian release this month than had been expected.  It is, however, unique in our experience and we hope you will find it of significant help in your studies of the Great War period.
We also have some great news for those of you looking for British Material.  See the News and Gossip section.
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- 1 new Canadian book on CD.
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and the news, gossip and announcements.
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A Collection of Maps of the Great War (WWI) era.
CA0347:  $23.00
This collection of 155 Great War vintage maps has been assembled to provide the Great War researcher with access to maps which can be used to better understand and follow the geographical progress of the various military movements as well as the geo-political configuration of the countries affected by the hostilities. Above all these maps are all contemporary with the Great War and so use all the place and area names which were in use then, avoiding the necessity of remembering all the changes which have occurred in the intervening period.
The collection is formed in three sections:
- 47 of the maps (despite what the title says) come from a book, Map Book of the Great War, 56 Maps and a Diary of the war. The book is undated but from the fact that the diary stops at the end of 1915 we assume it must have been published in 1916. It was clearly intended to allow people to follow the progress of the conflict while it was still in progress, and it still ably fulfills that function today.
- Originally published in 1920 to act as a guide to people touring the area battlefields, the second book, titled, “Ypres and the Battles of Ypres” provides an in depth coverage of the fighting which swept
back and forth over this area during such a long portion of the entire war. Apart from the 28 detailed maps, it also contains 161 contemporary and pre-war pictures allowing an appreciation of the total devastation the war wreaked on the area.
- Finally 80 maps have been extracted from other books giving the history of the war (as told from a Canadian perspective) which have been republished in the digital format by Archive CD Books Canada.
The contents of the CD have been organized in such a way that while all the maps can be independently accessed on an individual basis the entire content and structure of the two books is also preserved and they can be read, or used, just as they were originally published.
We have made all the text of the two books and the titles of all the maps simultaneously computer searchable and enhanced the search speed by applying our FastFind technology.
Our "scheduled" - but slippery - interruption is now due in June so we were able to work through the whole month since the last newsletter.  The second "new" book in the works is still not quite ready but will probably actually be released well in advance of the next newsletter.  As usual we'll tell you all about it then.  We have another interesting Great War project coming up but in the interests of "equal time" I shall be looking for another "hard core" genealogy book - preferably about some province other than Ontario.
*  Moreton Bay Settlement or Queensland Before Separation 1770-1859    
AU4013:  $20.00:  
The primary aim of this book is to present a 'concise history of incidents' occurring in the early times of Moreton Bay.
It covers the exploration of the region, settlement, aborigines, Dr Lang, Governor Fitzroy, wrecks in the region and numerous other topics, including the imminent (at the time), separation of Queensland from New South Wales, which took place in 1859.
There is also a section on Australia, which gives a very brief overview of the explorers who found Australia and early settlement, together with details of various Governors of the time. There are also chapters on Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. These discus the founding and settlement, and identify early Governors of the region.
This is an informative guide for those researching Australian social history in the 1770-1859 era, and the maps included will add to the usefulness of this book.
No of pages in original: 159pp
Year published: (1925)
Author/Compiler: W.W. Craig
*  In the Early Days: History and Incident of Pioneer Queensland    
AU4015:  $28.20:  
J.J. Knight compiled this unique history of Queensland in 1895. The 22 chapters of this book give information on the happenings of the region up until 1894. It truly is a goldmine of information.
Starting with Captain Flinders and the early settlers, it then gives information on how men were punished, workers wages, female prisoners, various trials, land sales, experiences of a jockey, the Brisbane survey, aborigines, murders, races, arrival of the 'Fortitude', roads, the arrival of orphan girls, newspapers, wrecks of various ships, and the 'election incident'. The separation of Queensland from New South Wales is also covered as is trade with New Caledonia, various floods, Dr Lang's visits, Norfolk Island pirates, and almost everything else.
This book is enhanced by the 'Table of Events' section which totals 37 pages, and details everyday happenings of Queensland in chronological order. Starting in 1606, and continuing through to 1894, here is an amazing timeline.
Everyone with an interest in early Australian history, particularly Queensland, will not only enjoy this book, but will learn fascinating facts about Queensland and its past.
No of pages in original: 400pp
Year published: (1895)
*  Darling Downs Centenary Souvenir 1840-1940    
AU4017:  $20.00:  
This centenary history is a wonderful record of life as it was in the Darling Downs from 1840 to 1940. Encompassing both Toowoomba and Warwick in this history, there are details of the Aborigines, early settlement, pioneers, schools, sports, churches, industries. Information is also recorded on the geology of the region, animals, flora and fauna, pastoralists, bushranging, German immigration as well as expanded sections on the various early families.
There are many photographs throughout the book, as are advertisements for local businesses of the time. This is a valuable record for those who are interested in the area, or who have connections to this part of Queensland.
No of pages in original: 179pp
Year published: (1940)
*  Historical Sketch of Gympie 1867-1927
AU4026:  $20.00:  
The town of Gympie, north of Brisbane, was originally settled for grazing purposes, but in 1867 the area became prominent when James Nash discovered gold. At the time Queensland was suffering from a severe economic depression and the discovery probably saved the colony from bankruptcy.
This souvenir book was produced to celebrate the town's Diamond Jubilee in 1927, and details the history of the town. This is followed by information on the schools, churches, societies, sports clubs, Gympie's mayors, as well as other locals who played a part in Queensland's political scene. Also includes information on the mining and agricultural pioneers, many advertisements from local businesses, and numerous photographs of Gympie throughout this period.
This is a valuable record for those with an interest in not only the early pioneers of this Queensland town, but also for those whose interest is social and economic history.
No of pages in original: 162pp
Year published: (1927)
*  Gympie in its Cradle Days: Reminiscences of Gympie's Pioneer Pays
AU4027:  $16.00:  
October 18, 1952 was the 85th anniversary of the birth of the city of Gympie and the discovery of gold by James Nash..
To celebrate this anniversary, this small booklet was produced, and includes a collection of memoirs of early pioneers which first appeared as articles in the Gympie Times in 1938.
In the collection of 24 articles, you will find details on the first settlers, Aborigines, growing up in the town, the Chinese, stores, a women faces the hardships, Inglewood Hill, entertainment, mulberries, trips in the dray, on the road, life as a pit-sawyer and more.
This is a valuable collection of local reminiscences of a past era.
No of pages in original: 62pp
Year published: (1952)
*  Queensland and Queenslanders 1936    
AU4028:  $28.20:  
Biographies are a valuable source of information for all historians - genealogists, social historians and local historians. Queensland and Queenslanders is just that - a book of biographies of early prominent settlers and businesses.
Starting with a short history of the colony of Queensland itself, it then lists all 546 biographies in alphabetical order. Most biographies are about half a page long, and include a photograph.
This is a useful resource for those whose interest is in the early history of Queensland.
No of pages in original: 319pp
Year published: (1936)
*  Jubilee History of Queensland    
AU4029:  $32.30:  
Written in 1909, Barton's Jubilee History of Queensland takes a thorough look over the fifty years that had passed since its inception, and details all the political, industrial and social development in both words and pictures.
To make it a complete history, this work actually begins with the landing of the early explorers, the discovery of Moreton Bay and the Brisbane River amd an early settlement. Divided into 15 chapters, each covers a different topic, such as ports, churches of Brisbane, social and religious, pastoral, agricultural and mining, manufacturers, reminiscences, a chronology ... etc.
With over 300 photographs, it shows you the history visually. A valuable record for those with an interest in Queensland and those involved with its history from 1859-1909.
No of pages in original: 402pp
Year published: (1910)
Author/Compiler: E.J.T. Barton
*  Groom's Darling Downs Almanac and Directory 1900    
AU4030-1900:  $24.10:  
The Darling Downs is a region in Queensland, where the principal town is Toowoomba. This 1900 edition of the Darling Downs Almanac and Directory contains a wealth of information relating to this region.
Starting with the almanac, there are hints to farmers, domestic hints and recipes, times for arrival and despatch of mail, government departments, stations and their post towns.  Also various miscellaneous information such as directions for making a will, treatment of snake bites or typhoid fever, and more.
The directory covers the towns of Allora, Clifton, Crow's Nest, Dalby, Drayton, Goondiwindi, Jondaryan, Leyburn, Millmerran, Pittsworth, Roma, Stanthorpe, Toowoomba, Turallin and Warwick. Each starts with gazetteer information on the location, then lists the names and occupations of the primary business holders in the district, the local government office holders, ministers of religion, and office holders of institutions and societies.
There are hundreds of advertisements from local businesses and thousands of names of persons mentioned throughout. A wonderful record of the Darling Downs as it was at the turn of the 20th century.
No of pages in original: 226pp
Year published: (1900)
*  Jubilee History of Ipswich 1910    
AU4031:   $24.10:  
For anyone wanting to know the history of Ipswich, this book is a must read. The area was first explored by European colonists in 1826. In 1827, the first convicts and overseers arrived to mine the area.  The town that was built around this industry became known as Limestone. In 1843, the settlement officially became known as Ipswich, making it the oldest provincial city in Queensland. Ipswich was proclaimed a municipality in 1860, and became a city in 1904.
Complete with hundreds of photographs of people, buildings and scenes from the town, this history starts with the exploration of the region and then continues on with government and elections, reminiscences, pioneer settlements, railway and water supply, show associations, the primary industries of the region (coal mining, cotton, wool etc), and churches and schools.
Fully searchable, this is a  very useful book for anyone with family connections in this region or interest in Queensland's early history.
No of pages in original: 167pp
Year published: (1910)
Author/Compiler: George Harrison
*  Queensland Criminal Reports 1860-1907    
AU4032:  $32.30:  
The 'Queensland Criminal Reports' is a compilation of all criminal cases that were reported in:
• the Supreme Court Reports Vol. 1-8 (1860-1881)
• the Queensland Law Journal and Notes of Cases Vol. I-XII (1881-1901)
, and 
• the Queensland State Reports and Weekly Notes (1902-1907)
There are a total of 232 cases listed in this volume covering everything; conspiracy, escapes, explosives, forgery, insolvency, intoxication, murder, neglect, schoolmasters, stealing, and wounding unlawfully, and much more.
The book is arranged chronologically and each trial is bookmarked. Full details of each trial are included right down to who the solicitors for both parties were.
Fascinating reading, and a wonderful historical account.
No of pages in original: 623pp
Year published: (1913)
*  Gladstone Colony
AU4033:  $24.10:  
Port Curtis was originally settled in 1847 by the New South Wales government as a penal colony, but was abandoned in 1848. The area was resettled by free settlers in 1853, and in 1863 it became a municipality.  It was renamed Gladstone after William Ewart Gladstone, the British Colonial Secretary (and later British Prime Minister) who was dealing with the process of setting up the new colony in Northern Australia.
The township developed on the site of the original penal colony and for some time it was promoted as a future capital for the newly established colony of Queensland.
The book was written in 1898, and covers the town's history up until the time of its publication. A wonderful record of the history of this Queensland city. Also provides details of pioneer squatters, the gold rush, and details of Gladstone as it was in 1898.
This historical record available on fully-searchable CD will be useful not only for those with connections to the pioneers of the region, but also those who are interested in the social history of Gladstone.
No of pages in original: 285pp
Year published: (1898)
*  Queensland Baptist Year Books
These year books were produced by the Baptist Association in Queensland from 1907.
 Each issue includes directory information on the Baptist churches throughout Queensland which were part of the Association. A copy of the Baptist constitution, lists of committees and officers, presidents address, annual reports, general reports, accounts, Queensland Baptist College information, statistics and church notices are also included.
Fully searchable, with advanced fast searching, these books will be useful to church historians and to those with ancestors who were active in the Queensland Baptist churches.
*  Queensland Baptist Year Books 1931-1940
AU4010-3:  $36.40:  
This CD contains those published between 1931 and 1940.
*  Queensland Baptist Year Books 1941-1950
AU4010-4:  $40.50:  
This CD contains those published between 1941 and 1950.
*  Queensland Baptist Publications 1881-1950    
AU4036:  $204.10:  
This value set includes all available issues from the two main series of Queensland Baptist publications.
This set includes the following:
Queensland Freeman 1881-1888 (AU4004)
Queensland Baptist 1890-1902 (AU4005-1)
Queensland Baptist 1903-1913 (AU4005-2)
Queensland Baptist 1923-1931 (AU4005-3)
Queensland Baptist Year Books 1907-1920 (AU4010-1)
Queensland Baptist Year Books 1921-1930 (AU4010-2)
Queensland Baptist Year Books 1931-1940 (AU4010-3)
Queensland Baptist Year Books 1941-1950 (AU4010-4)
No of pages in original: 10837pp
Year published: (1881-1950)
This set represents a saving of over $90 on the cost of buying the individual CDs.
If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.
We are pleased to announce that we have just, in the last few days, completed an agreement to carry the products of Anguline Research Archives.  Anguline is a British based digital reproduction specialist and has a catalogue of over 300 titles, which we will be offering as soon as we receive the data and can get the titles into our own online catalogue.  Their data format is very similar to ours and almost all of their books on CD are text searchable.
Look in our web site's "New Releases" pages for these products to start appearing in the next few weeks (Canada Post and Customs willing.)
It has been over a year now since we placed our first batch of material on WVR's subscription pages.  Since then we have been working with them to improve some of the technical details in how we give them the material and how they present it to you.  We are currently waiting for them to tell us they have implemented the last of the changes we have agreed upon at which time we shall be releasing 80 odd new titles to them.  We will keep you up to date on our progress.
I have a question that some of your readers might be able to answer.  I am searching in the Murray Township area and I am presently looking at records from 1800 to about 1820.  I am having a hard time finding birth records for this time period and area.  My question is:  Was there a health epidemic in this area during that time period.  Several children that are baptized in the late 1700's seem to disappear after that date and I am wondering what kind of health issues were causing  massive death numbers during that time period.
So, does anyone know what "bugs" or social disasters were "at large" in Murray Township, Northumberland County, in the 1800 - 1820 period.   Email me and I'l pass the answers along.  Indicate if your wish to remain anonymous, otherwise I will put you in touch with Kathy.
SPAM filters are becoming very aggressive and we are getting more and more subscriptions from addresses which subsequently reject our confirmation notices and newsletters.  If you hear of someone complaining that we ignored their subscription please tell them to check their rejected SPAM and to edit their SPAM filter to accept the domain or the address.  THANK YOU!
(We can include your Family History Societies announcements if you tell us what they are.  Please give us AT LEAST one month's notice.)
23 May, 2009, from 10 am to 4 pm, the Grimsby Historical Society is presenting a Heritage House Tour. Houses included are the Cline House, c. 1803; the William Hamilton Pettit House, c. 1885-1895, now restored; the Helen Gibson House, c. 1905; the Udell House, c. 1889; replica of Andrew W. Pettit House c. 1820; and the Beamer-Metcalfe House c. 1860. 
See photos and information about where to buy tickets on our website:
24th May 2009, Brant OGS Library at 118 Powerline Rd. will have Cheryl MacDonald and Bob Blakely presenting the following: A dramatic and entertaining presentation about a forgotten Canadian hero, Robert Nichol - a successful businessman and a politician.
The meeting starts at 2:00 pm. For more information call 519-753-4140 
29, 30 & 31 May, 2009.  OGS Conference 2009.  To be held on the campus of Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario. 10 Friday Workshops, Marketplace & 35 Sessions with renowned speakers. Saturday banquet.
More information & booking: or phone (905)877-3614, email: SnailMail: OGS Conference 2009, PO Box 36, Streetsville, ON, L5M 2B7.
 7-12 June, 2009.  14th Genealogy "Summer Camp" Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto Branch  Now in its 14th year, Genealogy Summer Camp is an innovative week-long program that brings both out-of-town and local researchers with Ontario roots to the wonderful cluster of archives and libraries in Toronto. The fee for 2009 is $200. This covers approximately 7 hours of tours and tutorials, 25 hours of instructor-guided personal research, and all worksheets and handouts.
For complete details please visit or call 416-733-2608 (voice mail),
16 June, 2009 Ottawa Branch OGS meeting, 7:30 PM at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Speaker: Ed Kipp.  Topic: Finding my Ancestors.
19 - 24 July, 2009; Genealogy Week / Semaine de la généalogie. Ottawa Branch OGS and La Societé de généalogie de l'Outaouais are
working together to prepare a program to bring out-of-town family
historians to Canada's capital for an intensive one-week hands-on
14 - 16 August, 2009.  CUMBERLAND 250, Celebrating Our Heritage - Genealogy Presentations & Bus Tours.  Location:  Wandlyn Inn, Amherst, Nova Scotia 
Speakers: David A. Lambert, Terry Punch, Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc, Bill Hamilton, Rhianna Edwards, Al Smith, Stan Balch, Art Brown and Ruby Bjarnason. Many other attractions.  Three bus tours of pioneer graveyards and local museums on Sunday.  Early bird registration by May 15th, seating limited, register early.  For more information and registration see 
12 September, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic & Presenter TBA.
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
18 - 20 September, 2009, BIFHSGO Fall Conference.
Call for presentations proposals.  The main theme will be Scotland, but we wish
to offer a broad range of topics.
Contact: Chris MacPhail, at
10 October, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic & Presenter TBA.
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
14 November, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic & Presenter TBA.
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
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