Subject:     Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER  - V5#11 - 19 March, 2009
    Date:     19 March, 2009 1:05:12 PM EDT (CA)
Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V5#11 - 19 March, 2009
Welcome to our Early Spring newsletter.  A new crop of CD releases includes three new Canadian and 15 releases from our partners, including the continuing release of an enormous backlog of publications from our Australian partner.
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3.1 Canadian Topics
*  A History of Simcoe County, 2 Vols. 1909    
CA0234:  $28.00
Quite aside from being a well researched and fascinating history of this important county of (now) Ontario the work itself has an interesting history.  The author Andrew. F. Hunter published its first incarnation as a series of weekly articles, in the Barrie Examiner, between October, 1889 and February 1891. This first public airing brought forth a number of "criticisms and corrections" but the author had no immediate plans to republish so the history remained uncorrected.  Some 17 years later The County Council resolved to sponsor the production of a history of the county and agreed to take the Author's original work as its core.  What is contained in this 2 volume book is the direct result of that project, with the earlier corrections made, some parts of the original expunged and "the remainder expanded by some five times."  It occupies a total of 658 pages including 97 pages of engraved illustrations which were first added in this edition.
Published as two volumes the history divides naturally into main topics, these being "Public Affairs" and "A Record of Pioneers."  We are only offering this digital republication as a single CD in the combined 2 volume format on the principal that the story of the County results from the combination of both histories.
  (For details on the content of the two volumes please see the "More Information" part of this CDs description in the catalogue on our web site.)
This is a comprehensive and detailed account of the history of the County and is a "must have" for anyone researching their heritage in Simcoe.  The entire text has been carefully processed to make it fully computer searchable and the search speed has been enhanced by our FastFind technology.
*  Torontonensis - The year book of the University of Toronto, Vol XVII, 1915    
CA0023-15:  $19.00
A wonderful record of the graduating year from the University of Toronto.  Every entry for the graduating class includes a photographic portrait and comments on the subject's academic life. There are also separate reports and listings, with photographs, of the Sports Teams, Clubs, Associations and Fraternities for the year.  In addition to the President’s address each College’s dean has provided an address together with a photographic portrait.  The book also contains many photographs of the campus.  We estimate the graduating class consists of over 850 individuals, plus the various group and team pictures include under-graduates and professors.
As a consequence of being published in the second year of the Great War this Year Book also includes reports on the Combined Officers Training Corps and Honor Rolls of former students and teachers.
In our CD reproduction we have taken care to ensure the photographs are well reproduced and that the text is fully searchable.  We have also enhanced the search with our FastFind technology.
A "must have" for anyone researching a relative who graduated from Toronto in this year.
*  A Directory of the Biscuit and Cracker Bakers of the United States and the Dominion of Canada., 1885    
CA0034:  $15.00
For North America, this is a very early Trade Directory and it provides a surprising array of information about a wider range of trades than the title would lead one to expect.  
The obvious question is, "Why Biscuit and Cracker Bakers, and not Bakers in general?"  Well, the answer is contained in the directory itself.  Bakers make two types of goods.  Those for immediate consumption; soft bread, pies etc., which spoil quickly and could thus only be distributed locally, and those which would keep for long enough for them to be shipped to remote locations and thus form the basis for a national or international trade.  The bakers engaged in the local trade had no need for a directory but those making goods which could be sold further afield - even Worldwide - needed a means of introducing buyers and sellers to each other.  In other words, this directory became a necessity.
The directory addresses all aspects of the baking trade from the suppliers of raw ingredients; grains and "milled" flours, to the manufactures of production machines and those printers making packaging labels.  The directory treats the whole of North America as a single "territory," albeit using state and provincial boundaries to sub-divide the various lists, and even extends its reach to World wide traders in the important categories such as an "Alphabetical list of Bakers."
In addition to the expected directory listings there are many pages taken up with advertising of everything from Baking capacity to box hinges.  There are also several full color plates advertising printed labels to be used to add sales appeal.  Full color printing in a book of this age is most unusual especially as the color print quality is surprisingly good.
The last two directory lists seem a little out of place at first sight.  One is a list of hotels by location and the other a list of towns with populations exceeding 5,000 people.  I say out of place but when one realizes that this directory was as much a tool for the baker's traveling salesman as for the actual baker the logic becomes clear.
This directory is a source of approx. 120 year old information pertinent to a very specialized sector of industry not readily available elsewhere.
We have worked extra hard in the last month to release three new books because we know we are going to be busy next month and are not sure how many new releases we can manage.  We have plans for another great report from the Ontario Historical Society which contains many new Gleanings we think you will enjoy.  There is certainly no shortage of other books "on the shelf" but we will have to choose amongst them according to the time we have available.
NOTE:  Many of the following descriptions have been edited for this newsletter.  Please consult the on-line catalogue for complete details.
5.1 British topics:
*  Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories 1477-1807
IE5005:  $24.60
This CD contains three volumes published by the Chetham Society and dedicated to Lancashire & Cheshire wills and inventories. The first (Volume 3 new series) includes fulsome transcriptions of 52 wills and inventories proved at Chester in the sixteenth century. This was originally published as volume 33 of the old series by the Society but this new eddition includes the abstracts of 141 wills and inventories proved at Chester between 1545 and 1650, which can be found nowhere else.
The second volume (Volume 28 new series) was originally published in 1894 includes transcripts of wills and inventories proved at Chester between 1572 and 1696, as well as 108 Lancashire and Cheshire wills proved at either Richmond or York between 1542 and 1650.
The third volume (Volume 37 new series) is a continuation of the series and contains the fulsome abstracts with genealogical notes of some 60 wills and their inventories, mainly from individuals from the more elevated ranks of society, although the volume also includes the wills of yeomen, schoolmasters and clergymen from the middle ranks of society.
This is an essential resource for the study of society and family history in these two counties in the 16th and 17th centuries.
*  Blymhill Parish Registers 1561-1814    
IE5006:  $24.60
Published privately by the Staffordshire Parish Register Society in 1914, this volume, containing some 240 pages, includes all the parochial records for the parish of Blymhill for the periods 1561-1812, including baptisms, burials, marriages and in some cases marriage banns.
The Parish of Blymhill is situated in the rural deanery of Penkridge and is made up of two ancient manors, namely Blymhill and Brineton, both of which were included in the Doomsday Survey of 1085-6.  The history of the parish and its divisions is provided in an ample introduction.
The Blymhill parochial records are contained in six Register Books, the first entry being the baptism of Alice Cott'n on 5th April 1561. The transcriber of the Registers, the then incumbent of the parish, Rev. Bridgeman, noted than nothing of particular import could be drawn from the registers, no figures of especial historical importance featured and no centenarians buried in the parish.
The parochial records themselves are presented and transcribed as found in the six Register Books, including remarks and comments made. The volume is concluded by an extensive named and places index.
Republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom, the Blymhill parish registers are a must for anyone with an interest in this particular parish. 
*  Black's Hampshire, 1909    
IE5007:  $30.70
"Hampshire" was published in London in 1909 by Adam and Charles Black, noted publishers of travellers guides. Containing over three-hundred pages of text by the Rev. Teleford Varley and over seventy-five illustrations by Wilfred Ball, "Hampshire" should really be subtitled: "The history of a county from the earliest times to the present."
Presented in fourteen chapters and fully indexed. Hampshire, is introduced by a fascinating chapter detailing the Saxon origins of the county, before the arrival of the Romans, and a description of the topography of the county. At that time Hampshire was dominated by the Great Weald Forest, known by its Saxon occupants as the Andreadeswald, of which the Wolmer Forest, the New Forest, Savernake and Cranborne are surviving fragments.
A substantial portion of "Hampshire" is given over to Roman history, for they left their indelible marks throughout the county.  In Silchester, and to a lesser extent in Winchester [Venta Belgarum] the county boasts some of the finest Roman antiquities in the country. Some three chapters of Hampshire are given over to the development of Winchester and its historical college. Further chapters are devoted to the areas associated with famous literary figures such as Jane Austen, Charles Kingsley and Gilbert White.
Other areas of interest in "Hampshire" include histories of the New Forest, the Test Valley, Romsey and the Avon Valley, each of which are accompanied by Wilfred Ball's illustrations. Perhaps of even more significance are the author's observations on the developments of Hampshire as a maritime county.  To illustrate this significance ample account is given over to the histories of the counties dominant marine settlements of Portchester, Southampton and Portsmouth, including the irrevocably changes caused by the ravages of the WWII and the subsequent urban development of the likes of Portsmouth and Southampton.
"Hampshire" should appeal to anyone with an interest in the county, its origins and its importance as the gateway for invaders and merchants alike.The original text is fully-indexed and this republished CD-Rom version of Hampshire is fully-searchable. 
*  Harvey's Bristol: A Historical and Topographical Account of the City (1906)
IE5008:  $24.60
Written by Alfred Harvey, M.B., "Bristol: A Historical and Topographical Account of the City," was first published in London in 1906, and contains some 300 printed pages includiong more than forty pen and ink drawings by E. H. New.
Harvey's "History of Bristol" is less a chronological account of the city but more a thematic account of some of the city's history and better-known institutions. The History is introduced by an account of the early origins of the city, both Celt and Dane, before quickly moving onto the history of the City during the reigns of the Norman and Plantagenet Kings.
Apart from an extensive, almost chronological, accounts of Bristol from the early middle ages down to the reigns of the later Stuart Kings, Harvey also presents the history of Bristol through the eyes of some of its best known edifices, which includes the abbey and other monastic and collegiate establishments and the city's parish churches. However, religion aside, Harvey returns time and again to trade as the lifeblood of the city and the root of its foundation and presents a further chapter on the city's municipal institutions before presenting the reader with a description of some of the better known amusements, streets, houses and residents of the city. The History of Bristol is concluded by a walking itinerary of the city providing a good description of Bristol as it was more than a century ago.
Republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom, Harvey's History of Bristol with its many attendant sketches, must appeal to anyone interested in the history, culture and commerce of the City of Bristol spanning more than 2,000 years. 
5.2 Irish topics:
*  The American Commission on Conditions in Ireland: Interim Report (1921)    
IE0038:  $14.70
The published Interim Report for the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland is a published account of oral and written testimonies from witnesses in Ireland dating from the end of 1920 and beginning of 1921 and as such detail the events and circumstances in Ireland during the last months of Britain's dominion in Ireland.
Like later commissions on Northern Ireland, the intention of the America Commission was stated to be the impartial account of the atrocities committed in Ireland by both sides during the War of Independence and it was hoped that by so dealing the situation in Ireland could be better understood and a healing process could begin. However, as the Commission pointed out, the eventual interim report was highly Republican in its eventual tenure. The Commission did not hesitate in pointing out that this was through no fault of its own, as all levels of both sides of the conflict had been requested to take part in the Commission's inquiry. The initial signs from the British Government had been encouraging. However, it quickly became apparent that at best the British Government would benignly not interfere in the process by not disallowing Irish witnesses visas and passports to travel to America to give their testimony. However, as the process of inquiry got under way, witnesses sympathetic to the the cause of Irish independence were denied permission to travel and faced other forms of duress to prevent their testimony.
Fully indexed, this CD-Rom republication on the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland provides wonderful first-hand eyewitness testimony on the Irish War of Independence and is a must for anyone interested in this turbulent period of Irish history. 
*  Historical Reminiscences of Dublin Castle from 849 to 1904    
IE0039:  $14.00
Originally published in Dublin in 1904, the Historical Reminisces of Dublin Castle charts the history of the castle and its chief inhabitants from the sacking of Dublin by the Dubhgaill or Black Foreigners in 849 - although a fortified structure pre-dated the arrival of the Danes - until 1904.
Beginning life as a fortified structure, or citadel, Dublin Castle underwent the first of its many improvements and enlargements in 1205 when the the Norse rule of Dublin was ended with the beheading of the Governor, Askulf Mac Turekill. At this time the king approved the moneys to construct a single tower which was to be capable of protecting the Royal Treasure. This first portion of the castle was completed in 1213.
Not until the final decay of Kilmainham Castle in 1560 was Dublin Castle seen as an appropriate residence of the King's representative in Ireland. In 1565 Sir Henry Sydney is credited with the addition of many sundry buildings to the castle, which were said to have greatly beautified his residence.
The Historical Reminisces of Dublin Castle charts the rise decline and rise again of both the castle and its chief inhabitants. It also provides an historical account of some of the more infamous political events in Ireland's history played out against the tableau of the castle. The History is concluded by a chronology of the Chief Governors of Ireland beginning in 1172 with Hugh de Lacy, Robert Fitzstephen, Maurice Fitzgerald and Robert de Brues.
Republished here on fully searchable CD-Rom and accompanied by a number of photographs of the various interiors of the castle, the Historical Reminisces of Dublin castle should appeal to anyone with an interest in the oldest fortified structure Dublin and the history played out within its walls. 
*  The (Quaker) Annual Monitor for 1849 or Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends In Great Britain and Ireland for the year 1848    
IE0040:  $14.70
Published in London 1849, this edition presents a complete list of obituaries and death notices for members of the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers, who died in 1848 with a few of the deceased who died at the very end of 1847 and was compiled from the annual returns made by each of the Society's Meeting Houses in Great Britain and Ireland.
The obituaries provide the age of the deceased, the date of death, the particular Meeting House attended and in most instances the marital status of the deceased. In many cases the obituaries given are fulsome. This should come as little surprise to those familiar with the Records kept by the Society which usually exhibit the Society's great interest in keeping records of its growing membership and their achievements for the benefit of God and society as a whole.
For those of a genealogical bent, this edition of the Annual Monitor pre-dates the introduction of Civil Death Registration in Ireland by some eighteen years. Even a quick glance at the obituary list shows that many of the deceased attended meeting houses in Ireland and died during the height of the Great Famine in that country.
Republished here on fully searchable CD-Rom, the Annual Monitor for 1849 will appeal to anyone interest in the Religious Society of Friends in general and more specifically those with a genealogical interest in members of the Society. 
*  Smith's Ancient and Present State of the County of Kerry, 1756
IE0041:  $36.90
Charles Smith's Ancient and Present State of the County of Kerry was originally privately published by Smith in 1756 and represents the last of his works before his death in 1762. This CD-Rom republication contains all 470 pages and is fully-searchable.
Smith was born in 1715 and is now best remembered as one of Ireland's earliest topographers and writers of county histories and this role as 'county historian and topographer' can be traced to two societies in Dublin, namely the Dublin Society and the Dublin Philosophical Society.
Like the other county histories published at this time much of what was written was dependent on the respondents to the questionnaires and the quality and accuracy of their replies. It was also said that Smith tended to embellish the accounts of certain gentlemen and their seats if he had been provided with a good dinner and entertainment by the gentleman in question. However, recent research has tended to look more kindly on Smith's work and although far from scientific in any modern sense, what they do record has tended to be more or less accurate.
The CD-Rom republication of Charles Smith's Ancient and Present State of the County of Kerry is replete with handwritten MSS notes by the well-known local historian Mary Agnes Hickson (the former owner of the book) which adds to the flavour of this 470 page fully searchable history, which now being some 250 years old is amongst the first serious topographical history of the county. 
*  Cusack's Life of Daniel O'Connell, The Liberator, His Times - Political, Social and Religious, 1872    
IE0042:  $30.70
First published in 1872, the Life of Daniel O'Connell, the Liberator, was written by Sister Mary Frances Cusack otherwise Margaret Anne Cusack, the 'Nun of Kenmare'. The Life of Daniel O'Connell, the Liberator was published by the Kenmare printing company and offered itself as the history of the 'Most illustrious Irishman of Ancient or Modern Times'. The biography extends to some 870 pages and is prefaced by a 42 page introduction.
Daniel O'Connell was born at Darrynane Abbey, a remote corner of Co. Kerry, in 1774 and by the time of his death had already entered into the pantheons of Irish heroes, his legacies enduring the test of time. The first chapter of Cusack's history details O'Connell's life from his birth through his early education. Some 200 pages of the biography are given over to the various influences engendered in O'Connell's early experience, ranging through politics, the law, education and religion.  Influences that were to guide O'Connell's later political actions.
Not surprisingly, great store is given to O'Connell's achievements and his eventual success with regard to Catholic Emancipation. However, writing only 25-years after the Liberator's death in 1847, Cusack glossed-over O'Connell's failure to achieve Repeal of the Union and the last decade of his life in a mere 60 pages. The Life of Daniel O'Connell, the Liberator is concluded with extracts from the diary of O'Connell's personal servant and notes on the pedigree of the O'Connell family of Derrynane Abbey.
The Life of Daniel O'Connell, the Liberator is fully indexed and is searchable on this CD-Rom republication. This publication must appeal to anyone with an interest in Irish history in general and more specifically one of the greatest political figures in modern Irish history, written by a woman who has also passed into the annals of Irish history.
5.3 Australian topics:
*  The Early History of Warwick District and Pioneers of the Darling Downs.    
AU4001:  $20.00
This history was written by Thomas Hall in 1923 because it was felt that the history of the "very earliest settlement of the Southern Corner of the Darling Downs has been brushed aside".
It records both the history and pioneers of the Warwick District and Darling Downs region including details of its discovery and settlement.  The Aborigines, climate and scenery are all mentioned as are the churches, roads and streets, banking, newspapers, law enforcement, water, crops, saw mills and other occupations.
Included are portrait photographs of the early settlers and a detailed list of land purchases prior to 1852 in the Town of Warwick giving date of sale, allotment number, section, area, purchaser and price. In all it is a valuable record of the early history of this region.
 In original: pages: 140pp.  Year published: (1925).  Author/Compiler: Thomas Hall
>  Queensland Baptist
The Queensland Baptist was the monthly newspaper of the Baptist Association in Queensland. This CD contains the issues from 1903 to 1913.
Each issue contains articles on issues of the day, topical articles by different people, news from Baptist churches throughout the state of Queensland, missionary news, and inter-colonial news. They also often contain reports and statistics of different kinds, articles on different people, obituaries and articles on different Queensland churches as well as stories, poems, songs and letters. They even include adverts of local businesses (i.e.. bookshops, dentists, confectioner, organ seller, insurance, and clothing stores).
This resource is useful for those with an interest in Church histories, as well as for those with ancestors who where prominent members in the Baptist churches of Queensland, or people with as interest in the social history of Queensland.
*  Queensland Baptist 1903-1913
AU4005-2:  $48.70
This CD contains the issues from 1903 to 1913.
In original: pages 2225pp.  Year published: (1902-13)
*  Queensland Baptist 1923-1931    
AU4005-3:  $48.70
This CD contains all issues of this newspaper from 1923 to 1931.
In original: pages  2133pp.  Year published: (1923-31)
*  Queenslanders as we see 'em 1915
AU4006-1915:  $20.00:
The Preface of this book starts off with '... this little work might well be called 'The Cartoonist's Who's Who in Queensland'. The aim of its publishers was to issue a book that would be a novel and valued souvenir.
The compilers have picked out 180 of Queensland's noted citizens, obtained portraits, then added in suitable embellishments by the cartoonists in such style as to remind subjects, their friends, and those in the future, of what they were, including their occupations, and their idiosyncrasies. Each page includes biographical details of the noted citizen, giving name, date and where born, parents names, past occupation/s, clubs, recreation and home address.
Occupations of those chosen for this volume range from: business director, architect, photographer, secretary, carrier, hotel proprietor, grazier, solicitor, barrister-at-law, conveyancer, merchant, dentist, Justice of the Peace, newspaper proprietor, mayor and many more.
This is a useful guide for finding about those of note in Queensland in the early 20th century.
In original: pages: 187pp.  Year published: (1915)
*  Queenslanders as we see 'em 1916    
AU4006-1916:  $20.00
A continuation of the 1915 volume, this book is 'The Cartoonist's Who's Who in Queensland'. The aim of its publishers was to issue a book that would be a novel and valued souvenir.
The compilers have picked out 200 of Queensland's noted citizens (in addition to those in the 1915 edition), obtained portraits, then added in suitable embellishments by the cartoonists in such style as to remind subjects, their friends, and those in the future, of what they were along with their occupations, and their idiosyncrasies. Each page includes biographical details of the noted citizen, giving name, date and where born, parents names, past occupation/s, clubs, recreation and home address.
Occupations of those chosen to be in this volume range from: business director, architect, photographer, secretary, hotel proprietor, grazier, stock auctioneer, journalist, meat exporter, hardware merchant, solicitor, barrister-at-law, merchant, Justice of the Peace, consul for Sweden, judge, newspaper proprietor, mayor and many more.
This is a useful guide for finding about those of note in Queensland in the early 1900s.
Also available together with 1915 as a compendium: see AU4006-S1
In original: pages 209pp.  Year published: (1916)
*  Queenslanders as we see 'em - set 1915 & 1916
AU4006-S1:  $28.20
Compilation of AU4006-1915 & AU4006-16.  Buy this set with both volumes on the one CD and save almost $12.00!!
No of pages in original: 396pp.  Year published: (1916)
NOTE:  We are currently working through a backlog of new Austral-asian topic books on CD and adding them to our catalogue .  Watch for them over the coming months
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4 April, 2009. BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Meeting topic and speaker to be announced.
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April 4, 2009 the Vernon & District Family History Society (BC) will present a one day seminar conducted by Brenda Smith of Maple Ridge, BC.  It will be held at the People Place,  3402 27th Avenue, Vernon, BC.
See our website for topics, time and prices.
21 April, 2009, Ottawa Branch OGS meeting, 7:30 PM at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Speaker: Diane Burnett.  Topic: Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Library.
23 - 26 April, 2009:  The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society announces its 40th Anniversary Genealogy Showcase Conference to be held at the Ramada Hotel and Convention Centre, Regina.
For more information see  contact Conference Co-ordinator Verna Thompson at 110 - 1514 11th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 0H2.  (306) 780-9207 or by  email:
9 May, 2009; BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic: “London Ancestors Rest in Peace. But Where?” Presented by John Reid, BIFHSGO Member.
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
19 May, 2009, Ottawa Branch OGS meeting, 7:30 PM at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Speaker: Marg Hall.  Topic: In search of my Father.
23 May, 2009, from 10 am to 4 pm, the Grimsby Historical Society is presenting a Heritage House Tour. Houses included are the Cline House, c. 1803; the William Hamilton Pettit House, c. 1885-1895, now restored; the Helen Gibson House, c. 1905; the Udell House, c. 1889; replica of Andrew W. Pettit House c. 1820; and the Beamer-Metcalfe House c. 1860. 
See photos and information about where to buy tickets on our website:
29, 30 & 31 May, 2009.  OGS Conference 2009.  To be held on the campus of Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario. 
19 - 24 July, 2009; Genealogy Week / Semaine de la généalogie. Ottawa Branch OGS and La Societé de généalogie de l'Outaouais are
working together to prepare a program to bring out-of-town family
historians to Canada's capital for an intensive one-week hands-on
12 September, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic & Presenter TBA.
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18 - 20 September, 2009, BIFHSGO Fall Conference.
Call for presentations proposals.  Primary theme: Scotland.
Contact: Chris MacPhail, at
10 October, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic & Presenter TBA.
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14 November, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic & Presenter TBA.
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