Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V5#9 - 22 January, 2009
So we have embarked on a brand new year as well as on the long haul into another brief but welcome Canadian spring.  Considering the weather most of the country has been experiencing, indoor activities are the order of the day so all you genealogists are at your busiest. Here, we offer you a bevy of new resources in the hope that they will help you to dismantle your new years brick walls.
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- Two new Canadian books.
- 27 new New Zealand and Australian books.
and the news, gossip and announcements.
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3.1 Canadian Topics
*  The Bramshott Souvenir Magazine
CA0301:  $15.00
Produced as an unashamed piece of personal nostalgia, and aimed at Canadian troops on their way into action this unique and very rare publication gives us a glimpse into one of Canada’s major training camps in Europe.  The magazine’s own editorial provides perhaps the best justification for its publication:
“The relatives and friends of the soldiers who are training in this area will now be able to come into closer contact with them, and when they receive this Souvenir in those Canadian homes that are so dear to us they will be able to picture to themselves what our boys are doing by means of the photographs and articles scattered throughout these pages.
This is the first Souvenir dealing with the daily life of a training area ever published in England. It has been a big undertaking and many difficulties have had to be overcome, but if it meets with the approval of the Officers and Men in this camp and if it carries a message of affection and joy to the far distant homes of the Dominion, the labour spent upon it will not have been in vain.”
Bramshott is located in the north of the county of Hampshire, just south of Surrey, in an area long associated with the British army.  In fact one of the local towns, Aldershot, is nicknamed “The Home of the British Army” to this day.  The area, then, was well suited to the accommodation of large, transient, populations of military personnel and the necessary specialized training facilities were already in place.
Following the traditional magazine format it is made up of numerous articles illustrated with posed pictures of uncomfortable looking fighting men of all ranks, although the officers do claim the lion’s share of the magazine’s attention.  Being a war time production publishing stories about the allies fighting force, the mark of the censor is visible in that the unit numbers in most of the articles have been removed.  On the other hand, the names of the individuals in the photographs - or who were the subjects of the articles - remain and a little insight will usually allow the deleted unit identification be guessed.  In addition to the expected articles describing the individuals and military units in residence there are also articles on sports, and on some of the area’s stationary facilities.  The magazine also provides a platform for the literary output, both humorous and serious, of the visiting troops and carries many fine cartoons and caricatures of members of the training command staff.  There is even a reprinting of John Macrae’s famous, “In Flanders’ Fields.”
Even if you don’t find your ancestor’s name and picture in this magazine you will be taken to a place and time which so many of the Canadian fighting men, and women, passed through on their way to “the front.”
Fully computer searchable, we have hand edited the OCRed text to improve your chances of identifying your search subjects.  Search speed enhanced by the application of our FastFind technology.
*  Belleville (Ontario) Directory, 1940
CA0309:  $19.00
Vernon’s are one of Canada’s best recognized publishers of directories.  This one provides their service for the southern Ontario city of Belleville for the year 1940 although it can normally be assumed that the process of canvassing the inhabitants, collating, editing, typesetting, printing and publishing will mean that some of the data is at least a year old.  Belleville, sometimes called the "friendly city," is centrally situated on the northern shore of the Bay of Quinte in an area originally heavily settled by Loyalists.
In addition to Miscellaneous and Classified Business Directory sections the major portion of the directory is taken up by an Alphabetical Directory of names and a Street Directory.  Both of these sections list both the names of individuals and those of businesses, public and private.  
In the Alphabetical Directory individuals are listed with both their residential and business address, as well as with their trade or profession.  Married couples are listed together, the listing being in the husband’s name with the wife’s name being given in parenthesis.  Unmarried women and widows are listed under their own names with the name of a dead husband being given in parenthesis.  The directory claims the population of Belleville to be 15,700 at this time so we believe that the Alphabetical Directory is attempting to identify all the adults in the city, both residents and those who only work in the city i.e., residing elsewhere (usually identified in their listing by the city/area name but not the address.)
The Street Directory lists every building on every street by number, and usually identifies the primary occupants by name.  Obviously listings of large organizations, such as CNR, CPR and the Civic offices, only identify the most senior inhabitant.  (Most civic and local government employees can also be identified from the Miscellaneous Directory pages.)
There is local advertising on virtually every page in the directory as well as on the covers and the “fly” pages.
Because these directories were made down to a price some of the typesetting and printing was less than ideal but we have compensated for this by providing the best quality scans we could make and by carefully hand editing the OCR results so that the computer search-ability is at least up to our normal high standard.
Work on our first "all french language" book on CD continues into another month. To keep up our production numbers we had to quickly prepare another english language book for this month and that left us no time to plan for February, so next month's offerings will be a surprise to all of us. :-)
5.1 Australian topics
*  New South Wales Police Gazette (year given by last 4 digits of Cat. No.)
Compiled to be distributed amongst the New South Wales police force only, police gazettes contain details and information that can not be found anywhere else. They were published at regular intervals (usually once a week.)
The information they contain varies a little from year to year, but you will certainly find details of any changes within the police force (promotions, demotions, resignations, dismissals, retirements, deaths etc), information on housebreak-ins, robberies, arson, murders, court records, lost horses and cattle, deserters, escaped prisoners, missing friends, and reports on those released. Notices from interstate police gazettes are also sometimes included.
Anyone researching their family will have a 'lost' family member or two! You may well find them here - on either side of the law. Perhaps you have a policeman in the family, a  wanted person, or just someone who was a victim of a crime or just an innocent party to a crime or incident.
For a wanted or missing person you will usually find a description, often detailed information not available in other records - name, aliases used, age, height, colour hair, colour eyes, distinguishing features, even colour clothing worn, the way they spoke, etc.
Some publications contain unique information such as lists of publicans' (and other) licence holders. They list the licencee's name, address and name of the hotel.
(See online Catalogue for more details of content.)
AU2103-1875:  $32.30
AU2103-1876:  $32.30
AU2103-1877:  $32.30
AU2103-1878:  $32.30
AU2103-1879:  $32.30
AU2103-1880:  $32.30
AU2103-1881:  $32.30
AU2103-1882:  $32.30
AU2103-1883:  $32.30
AU2103-1884:  $32.30
AU2103-1885:  $32.30
AU2103-1886:  $32.30
AU2103-1887:  $32.30
AU2103-1888:  $32.30
AU2103-1889:  $32.30
*  New South Wales Police Gazette 19th Century Set 1862-1900    
AU2103C-1:  $450.00    (Price if purchased separately $1,259.70)
*  New South Wales Police Gazette Compendium 1871-1875    
AU2103C-1871:    $81.40 for all five years
*  New South Wales Police Gazette Compendium 1876-1880
AU2103C-1876:    $81.40 for all five years
*  New South Wales Police Gazette Compendium 1881-1885    
AU2103C-1881:    $81.40 for all five years
*  New South Wales Police Gazette Compendium 1886-1890
AU2103C-1886:    $81.40 for all five years
*  Sydney Directory 1847 (Low's)
AU2113-1847:  $28.20
Low's Directory of Sydney 1847, contains much information for anyone wishing to know about the people and society of Sydney as it was in 1847.
Divided into various sections including:
• City of Sydney Directory - lists residents alphabetically by surname, together with occupation and street address.
• District of Sydney Directory - lists residents alphabetically by surname, together with occupation and street address, usually with suburb.
• Classification of Trades - lists trades alphabetically, together with each persons name under their trade.
• Colony of New South Wales - details of the heads of government departments, council members, banks, churches, societies and institutions, colleges and schools, sports clubs, transport companies, postal information.
And much more.
*  Sydney Directory 1858 (Sands and Kenny)
AU2113-1858:  $28.20
Lists many thousands of names, occupations and addresses. 1858-59 was the first year publication for the Sydney Directory by Sands and Kenny. This commercial and general directory is divided into various sections: Street directory, Suburban directory, General Alphabetical directory, Trades and Professional directory, Official, Legal, Clerical and Collegiate directory, Medical directory and more.
• The alphabetical section lists the names of each head of household and their street address. In many cases their occupation is also listed.
• The suburban and street directories lists individuals and businesses alphabetically by name of street and number for the larger populated regions.
• The trade and professional directories contain information on businesses and companies, listed alphabetically by trade.
This directory covers Sydney and the suburbs of Balmain, Bishopsthorpe, Bondi, Camperdown, Coogee, Cook's River Road, Darling Point, Double Bay, Glebe, Nelson's Bay, Newtown, North Shore, O'Connell Town, Paddington, Randwick, Redfern, Rose Bay, Rushcutter's Bay, South Head Roads, St Leonard's, Watson's Bay and Waverley.
*  Sydney Directories (Sands)
The Sands' directories are among the most comprehensive and best known of Australian directories. This 1863 Sands' Commercial and General Sydney Directory contains 13 directories in one.
You will find the following included:
• Street Directory (lists houses/businesses street-by-street, together with the head of the household and occupation)
• Suburban Directory (lists persons in the suburbs alphabetically by surname, together with their address, and sometimes occupation)
• Alphabetical Directory (lists persons in Sydney alphabetically by surname, together with their address, and sometimes occupation)
• Trade and Professional Directory (occupations are listed alphabetically, with a listing of each person, and address - similar to current day yellow pages)
• and nine more sections (see Catalogue for complete listing including areas of Sidney covered.)
*  Sydney Directory 1863 (Sands)
AU2113-1863:  $28.20
*  Sydney Directory 1865 (Sands)
AU2113-1865:  $32.30
*  New South Wales Directory 1867 (Samson)
AU2113-1867:  $32.30
This directory of New South Wales is divided into five main sections:
• Sydney and Suburban Alphabetical Directory.
• New South Wales Trade and Professional Directory.
• New South Wales Country Alphabetical Directory .
• New South Wales Sydney and Suburban Information.
• General Information of the Country Towns of New South Wales.
(Please see online catalogue for details and areas covered.)
5.2 New Zealand topics:
*  New Zealand Gazette
Gazettes are a unique, useful and extremely fascinating resource for local, family and social historians and researchers in other fields. They were published by the government as a means of communication to officials and the general public and therefore contain information that is of great use in establishing an image of the colony of New Zealand and its people in the past.
Included is a range of information such as notice of acts, contracts, partnerships, land transactions, legal notices, government institutions and positions, statistics. You will also find lists of officiating Ministers of marriage, as well as medical practitioners, postmasters and even deceased estates.
*  New Zealand Gazette 1877
NZ0100-1877:  $40.50
*  New Zealand Gazette 1878
NZ0100-1878:  $44.60
NOTE:  We are currently working through a backlog of well over 100 new Austral-asian topic books on CD and adding them to our catalogue .  Watch for them over the coming months
If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.
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NEW ----------------
24 January, 2009, The Bruce & Grey Genealogy group are having their January meeting at the Family History Centre in Owen Sound - 490 2nd Ave. S. E. at 1:30 PM.
Janet Iles is speaking on "Blogging for the genealogist"
14 February, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic: “The Time of Cholera”
Presented by Alison Hare, BIFHSGO member and Certified Genealogical
Records Specialist.
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
17 February, 2009; Ottawa Branch OGS meeting, 7:30 PM at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Speaker: George Laidlaw.  Topic: History, The Building Blocks of Who We Are.
21 February, 2009; Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group Inc. @ Room 201, Algonquin College, Pembroke, On. Speaker: Rick Roberts, Global Genealogy. Topic: Family Tree Maker / Legacy Workshop.  Fee - $30 ea. before January 16, '09 / $35 ea. after January 16, '09. Advanced registration is required. Make cheques payable to UOVGG and mail to UOVGG, Box
972, Pembroke, ON, K8A 7M5. .
7 March, 2009; All day seminar co-sponsored by the B.C. Genealogical Society
and the Cloverdale Branch of the Surrey Public Library, at the 
Surrey Arts Centre.  "Smolenyak Seminar" includes 4 lectures.  Limited seating; reserve early.  Tickets available at B.C. Genealogical Society meetings or by mail: Smolenyak Seminar, B.C.G.S., P.O. Box 88054, Lansdowne Mall, Richmond, B.C. V6X 3T6.  See the B.C.G.S. website for the brochure/registration form:
14 March, 2009, BIFHSGO Meeting 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, TOPIC: "And The Walls Came Tumbling Down"
Presented by Sharon Moor, BIFHSGO member
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
27-28 March, 2009; Gene-o-Rama -- Ottawa Branch OGS (Annual Conference) @ Ben Franklin Place, Centrepointe, Nepean, Ont. Speakers: Louise St Denis, Dr. Bruce Curtis, Mel Wolfgang, Terry Findley
4 April, 2009. BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Meeting topic and speaker to be announced.
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
23 - 26 April, 2009:  The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society announces its 40th Anniversary Genealogy Showcase Conference to be held at the Ramada Hotel and Convention Centre, Regina.
For more information see  contact Conference Co-ordinator Verna Thompson at 110 - 1514 11th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 0H2.  (306) 780-9207 or by  email:
9 May, 2009; BIFHSGO Meeting, 10:00 a.m. at Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.  Topic: “London Ancestors Rest in Peace. But Where?” Presented by John Reid, BIFHSGO Member.
Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail Web site:
29, 30 & 31 May, 2009.  OGS Conference 2009.  To be held on the campus of Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario. 
19 - 24 July, 2009; Genealogy Week / Semaine de la généalogie. Ottawa Branch OGS and La Societé de généalogie de l'Outaouais are
working together to prepare a program to bring out-of-town family
historians to Canada's capital for an intensive one-week hands-on
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