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Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V5#3 - 18 July, 2008












A very academic theme to this month's Canadian releases.  Plus new Australian titles to browse.

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- Three new Canadian books on CD and a new Gleaning.

- Two new British subject books.

- One new Scottish subject book.

- Nine new releases from our Australian partner.

Plus the usual news, gossip and announcements.


To find a book on CD on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box. Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.

Alternatively you can browse through the catalogue using the drop down headings lists. We have tried to multi-list books where they correspond to more than one category but consider the possibility that the subject you are looking for may be under a related heading.

There is frequently more information about the books available on the web site than that which is included in the following descriptions. All prices in $Cdn.



*  Torontonensis - The year book of the University of Toronto, Vol XXXVIII, 1936

CA0023-36:  $19.00

A wonderful record of the graduating year from the University of Toronto.  Every entry for the graduating class includes a photographic portrait and the details of the subject's academic life. There are also separate reports and listings, with photographs, of the Sports Teams, Clubs, Associations and Fraternities for the year.

In addition to the President’s address each College’s dean has provided an address together with a photographic portrait.  The book also contains many photographs of the campus.

We estimate the graduating class consists of over 1300 individuals, plus the various group and team pictures include under-graduates and professors.

In our CD reproduction we have taken care to ensure the photographs are well reproduced and that the text is fully searchable.  We have also enhanced the search with our FastFind technology.

A must have for anyone researching a relative who graduated from Toronto in this year.

*  1951 List of Electors for Rural Municipality of South Norfolk, Manitoba

CA0141:  $19.00

A list of the over 1600 eligible voters in this district.  Manitoba, at this time, prepared a new voters list for each election and published a draft so the residents could check they were included.

The rural municipality of South Norfolk is located in the agricultural heartland of South Central Manitoba.   It surrounds the Town of Treherne and includes the community of Rathwell, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Roseisle, St. Claude, Lavenham, Treherne, Edwin and Rossendale.

Lists the names of residents, their occupations, descriptions (location) of property, their Post Offices, and School Districts.

A tremendous resource for genealogy buffs studying family history in rural Manitoba. Fully searchable, enhanced with FastFind technology.

*  Roll of Pupils of Upper Canada College, Toronto, Jan 1830 to June 1916

CA0258:  $23.00

The title of this book is a masterly understatement.  Certainly it lists every student who attended the school from the school's beginnings in January 1830 until the end of this reporting period in June 1916, but in that listing may also be found such known facts as: birth date, date of entering and leaving school, name of previous and next school fathers name, location and professionaddresses for "home" and "where found during school term" and in many cases significant details about the student in latter years such as location and profession or the date and circumstances of their death.

Then there are other lists in the book where the names of "old boys" who took a part in notable events in Canadian (and related) history are recorded.Nor does the wealth of information end there.

Following a fairly detailed account of the school's history and a listing of the school's governors, the names and details of every master who had taught in the school are recorded, some at significant length.

The pupils of Upper Canada College went on to take up positions in all walks of life in Canada, not to mention those who journeyed further afield.  They could be found in military and civilian service, in public and private life and in all types of commerce.  An enormous number of Canadian families are going to find that they had some connection with this most famous and historic Canadian school.

Although compiled alphabetically we have made the book computer searchable and enhanced the search capability with our FastFind technology.


*  Midland High School Review 1932 (Year Book)

CAG048:  $5.00

Year Book of the high school of this central Ontario city for the year 1932.  Contains lists of graduating students, staff, academic and social / sporting events (with photos) and a complete “roll call” of the school.  Also many reports, addresses and articles including news of former students.  Advertising.  Fully searchable.

Gleaned from: Midland High School Review - 1932, Published: 1932  (This is the whole document.) by:  Multiple authors; Size: (pages) 53,  (download) 11.6 MB



We are already working on another Ontario county history but as it's a two volume work I'd rather not promise it for next month.  We have rather ignored the Canadian Gt War "fans" for a month or so, so we will try and find something new for them.  And, of course, we are always looking to "fill in" with a few more Gleanings.



5.1 New British Books

*  Colonial Office List 1870

BRA003-1870:  $28.20

Otherwise titled ‘General Register of the Colonial Dependencies of Great Britain’ this book contains general official information regarding the colonies that Great Britain held at that time throughout the world.

This book covers colonies ranging from Antigua, Canada, Ceylon, Gambia, Hong Kong, Newfoundland, Sierra Leone, the Virgin Islands as well as the Australian colonies and New Zealand and many more. Each section includes information on the location of the colony, a brief description of the colony and its history, Statistics on the finance and exports of the colony and information on the government and its departments and the judiciary as well as on other major groups in the community including church leaders and education.

This book is of use to those with interests in the British colonies in this period of history.

*  Chronicles of Crime Volumes 1 & 2

BRA005:  $40.50

Newgate was a prison in London, at the corner of Newgate Street and Old Bailey just inside the City of London. It was extended and rebuilt many times, and remained in use for over 700 years, from 1188 to 1902.

Chronicles of Crime or the New Newgate Calendar is a record of the more notorious criminals confined at Newgate. The New Newgate Calendar was first published in 1773, and has continued over the years with numerous compilers.

In 1886, Camden Pelham published this two volume set which contains "a series of memoirs and anecdotes of notorious characters who have outraged the laws of Great Britain from the earliest period to the present time".  Listing the details of both the people and cases, you will find men and women who have been caught being coiners, extortioners, forgers, fraudulent bankrupts, footpads, highwaymen, housebreakers, incendiaries, imposters, murderers, mutineers, money-droppers, pirates, pickpockets, rioters, sharpers, traitors and much more.

An interesting read for anyone, but invaluable information if you happen to find a relative listed here.

No of pages in original: 1356; Year published: (1841); Author/Compiler: Pelham, C.

5.2 New Scottish Book

*  Almanac of Scotland and British Register 1810

SCA003:  $28.20

The full title is "The General Almanack of Scotland and British Register, for 1810, being the second after bissextile, or leap year. Containing an improved kalendar, with the usual lists, and those of Glasgow, Greenock, Paisley &c. This small, but rare, book contains varied information such as: taxes, carriers, principal roads, stage coaches from Edinburgh, post towns and their postmasters. Also, the peerage of Scotland, courts, magistrates, clergy, Sovereigns and Princes of Europe, and the House of Commons.  There is a section on the Peerage of Ireland, as well as details of Scots stationed in the East Indies, and in the Royal Navy and Army.

The valuable sections on Glasgow and Stirling list the names and occupation or position of thousands of people in these regions in 1810. Everyone from insurance companies, to the directors of teacher societies, to officeholders at the public library, to messengers are all listed.

PLEASE NOTE: this CD book is searchable, but due to the broken text of the original it is not up to the usual high level of searchability of Archive CD Books products.

No of pages in original: 362pp

5.3 New Australian Books

*  Roving Editors 1918

AU0002:  $24.10

Here is a unique look at the the First World War through the eyes of a war `correspondent. Well-known South Australian journalist, and editor of The Register newspaper,  William J. Sowden was one of a delegation of twelve Australian journalists (eight from NSW and Victoria, and one from each of the other states) chosen to travel the world and report on the war, and war activities.

Published in 1919, this book is William Sowden's report. He left Adelaide on 22 June 1918 and spent six months, and 40,000 miles of 'hard travelling and reporting'. Large areas were traversed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the United States, Canada, the Pacific Islands and France. The journeys were taken by almost every possible mode, subject to extreme weather at times. While managing to stay accident free, Sowden does write of some narrow escapes, as well as his ship being quarantined twice and other adventures. Together with numerous photographs, of not only the action seen, but also those involved, this is a valuable record of World War One which will interest military historians and any who wish to know more about Australia's involvement in the war.

No of pages in original: 302; Year published: (1919); Author/Compiler: Sowden, W.J.

*  Irish in Australia

AU0005:  $28.20

James Hogan was born in Ireland in 1855, and emigrated with his parents to Australia in 1856. He spent his early life growing up in Victoria to later become a teacher, journalist, author and politician.

Hogan contributed articles to many journals and became recognised internationally as an authority on Australian affairs. In 1887 he set about writing the book Irish in Australia which contains 360 pages of information relating to those who emigrated and the influence that they had on this young colony.

The book start with a survey of the South, and move on to "Greater Britain's Metropolis" (Melbourne). The story of Burke and Wills is mentioned, as is the goldrush in Ballarat and quartz mining in Sandhurst. Irish Centres such as Geelong and Gippsland are discussed along with the 'Erin-go-Bragh' voyage from Ireland to Queensland. It then ranges over the other Australian colonies, and many notable Irish in Australia.

A useful guide for not only those with an interest in Irish history, but also those whose ancestry traces back to Ireland.

No of pages in original: 366ppYear published: (1887)Author/Compiler: James Francis Hogan

*  Australian Etiquette 1885: Rules and Usages of the Best Society in the Australasian Colonies

AU0010:  $32.30

Etiquette, one aspect of decorum, is a code that governs the expectations of social behaviour, according to the contemporary conventional norm within a society, social class, or group. In Britain, etiquette has its roots in the eighteenth century, and became a universal force in the nineteenth century - with Australia following close behind.

This comprehensive book covers everything such as: Manners, Introductions, Salutations, Visiting, Dinner Parties, Table Etiquette, Courtship, Weddings, Home Life, Women's Higher Education, the Letter Writer, General Rules to Govern Conduct, Funerals, Business, Dress, Pastimes ... and much more.     Written in 1885 the object of this book was to present the usages and rules which govern the best Australian society, and will enable anyone to acquire the manners of a gentleman, or the gentle and graceful bearing of a well-bred lady.

The work is arranged so that every subject is conveniently classified and subdivided, making it easy to refer to any given subject.  Also covers "Their Sports, Pastimes, Games and Amusements.

"A unique reference work which shows us the social life of upper class Australians in the late 1800s.  A bonus with this product is the inclusion of a later volume Etiquette in Australia 1902

No of pages in original: 759p; Year published: (1885, 1902)

*  Motor Trade Directory of Australia 1928

AU0017-1928:  $32.30

This fascinating directory is a guide to all things relating to the motor trade. Containing information on motor vehicles as well as all related services - manufacturers, distributors, accessory houses, repair shops, garages ... and more.  It covers passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motor cycles. It will interest a wide range of people, from family historians - with anyone in the motor trade in the 1920s, to local historians and members of car clubs or owners of pre-WW2 vehicles.

Contained in almost 800 pages, this directory includes lists of traders' associations and automobile clubs, motor car agents, motor truck agents, motor cycle agents, classified lists of tyres, oils and greases, lists of accessories, parts, machinery, tools and equipment, wholesale dealers distributing and/or importing for the motor trade, used car dealers, city, suburban and country garages, repair engineers, retailers of accessories and traders in motor lines operating in all states.  A fascinating guide to Australian motoring in the 1920s.

No of pages in original: 798pp

*  Picturesque Atlas of Australasia 1886-88

AU0021:  $65.00    

Published in Sydney in 1886-88, the enormous, multi-volume 'Picturesque Atlas of Australia' was an attempt with words and pictures to describe the Australia of the time. Its publication was one of the most significant cultural projects in 19th-century Australia. Writers, artists, academics, and politicians came together to prepare a book of unprecedented grandeur and ambition, and a publishing company was established to publish it. The 1100+ engravings on steel and wood contained in the Picturesque Atlas were among the finest engravings to be found anywhere in the world at this time, and many of the illustrations were specially commissioned works by leading Australian artists of the era, for the publication.There are thirty maps in the Atlas's 800 pages, plus hundreds of sketches. The word 'picturesque' was popularised by William Gilpin, for it was he who really popularised the idea of travelling in search of picturesque views. Picturesque took on an increasingly acquisitive edge, as admiration of the beauty of the land was joined by a concern to exploit it. A 'deep reverence for production' can be seen in the Picturesque Atlas's many illustrations of mines, factories and agricultural processes. The slag heaps of a mine were now as 'picturesque' as a fern-filled valley.

Of the hundreds of images included in the Atlas, you will find street scenes, monuments, churches, hills, seaside, farms, horses, scrub, country towns, ships, daily life activities, headstones, bridges, people, caves, aborigines, and mountains just to mention a few. Though the Atlas was heavily dependent upon illustrations as its main selling point, these were set within texts describing landscape, industry and city streets. Photography was invented by the time of publication, and it has been said that a number of the engravings in the book were based on photographs, but it was chosen to use the engravings instead, even though it could take weeks to engrave on 7 inch by 1 inch block. By doing this it just adds to the uniqueness and high quality of this publication.

A unique and valuable historical record of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.  No of pages in original: 900;  Year published: (1886-88); Author/Compiler: Garran, A.

*  History of Australasia

AU0035:  $32.30

The History of Australasia' by David Blair was one of three monumental publications he wrote. Written in 1879, this book takes the history of both Australia and New Zealand 'from the first dawn of discovery ... to the establishment of self-government in the various colonies' and 'covers the settlement and history of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand, along with some information of Fiji and New Guinea'. The intention of this large book was that it was the first one-volume history of Australasia. The history starts with the early navigators who found and mapped Australia, then moves on to the explorers of the inland. There are physical descriptions of both Australia and New Zealand, as well as details of climate, the natural production of the regions and animals and plant life. Aborigines, the discovery of gold (including the Ballarat rebellion), and the governors of each colony.  The social history of each region is also covered, and so much more. The beautifully coloured maps included for each colony in Australian and for New Zealand, together with numerous sketches included throughout, make this book a wonderful overall history of Australasia.

No of pages in original: 788;  Year published: (1879); Author/Compiler: David Blair'

*  Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia

AU0037:  $28.20

Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell was one of the most controversial and enigmatic of Australian explorers. Born in Scotland in 1792, he arrived in Sydney in 1827, having accepted the position of Assistant Surveyor-General in New South Wales. Between 1831 and 1846 he led four expeditions - all investigating the country's river systems, including his best known exploration into Victoria through what he called Australia Felix.

It is his last expedition, during which he endeavoured to find a route from Sydney to Port Essington, that is described in this book. Equipped with boats, in anticipation of finding his long-sought great river flowing to the north coast, Mitchell set out in December 1845. Hampered by the heat and water shortages, he pushed slowly north, discovering the rich Fitz Roy Downs.  He became increasingly disappointed as rivers trended in the wrong direction. Finally Mitchell reached Barcoo River, which he named Victoria and which was later discovered to be the same as Charles Sturt's Cooper's Creek. Disappointed to not find a viable route, Mitchell was forced to return because of diminishing stores. Mitchell died some nine years later, of pneumonia contracted while surveying. Contentious till the end, he has the distinction of bestowing more names on the Australian landscape than any other explorer.This journal totals nearly 500 pages, and contains not only Mitchell's journals of this expedition, but also drawings and seven maps, which together provide a detailed picture of the largely unexplored North Eastern region of Australia in 1845.

No of pages in original: 492;  Year published: (1848);  Author/Compiler: Lt. Col. Sir T.L. Mitchell

*  Australian Pioneers and Reminicences

AU0038:  $28.20

Australian Pioneers and Reminiscences by Nehemiah Bartley, is an important work with reminiscences of Australians and life from 1849 to 1894. Having emigrated to Tasmania from London in 1849, Bartley then travelled Australia until 1854 when he settled in Queensland.

Having a keen eye for detail, Bartley recorded many fascinating facts and observations on all sorts of topics. From places he'd visited to news items of the day. From roads and droughts, to goldfields and chess. There are details of politicians, business and professional men, 'comely dames', bullockies and squatters and numerous others.

Nehemiah Bartley died suddenly in 1894 as he was compiling this book. John Knight took on the job of completing this work using Bartley's original notes and diaries, and publishing it in 1896.Complete with 150 photographs, most of them portraits, and an index, this book makes for great reading for those with and interest in Australia's early history.

No of pages in original: 475; Year published: (1896); Author/Compiler: N. Bartley

*  Australian Representative Men

AU0040:  $40.50

This classic work was first issued in 1887 with 130 individual biographies of prominent Australians. It has since been released at least twice in 'improved' versions. This CD-ROM contains three known variants of it. Biographies from these three editions have been consolidated into one file and arranged in alphabetical order, totaling 149 in all. The original volumes did not have page numbers, but page numbers have been added for convenience. Title and contents pages from the three editions are included here but the date and order of each edition is uncertain.

Each biography is several pages long, and includes a portrait sketch of the individual. You will find military officers and parliamentarians amongst others here.

A wonderful record for those researching the history of Australia along with those that helped shape Australia to be what it is today.

No of pages in original: 592;  Year published: (1887)



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