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I’m told we are in the ‘dog days of summer’ but that’s no reflection on this month’s new releases. No “dogs” here - far from it - although there is a dog harness! More later ......

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Two more new Canadian and 10 new US releases. Last month I was being very cagy agout our Canadian releases for this month would be. Well, I was well advised to be cautious. While the new directory was in our queue, during one of our “field” searches we came across another interesting book . The owner wouldn’t part with it , but he did loan it to us and we took the opportunity to add it to another book we have been waiting to reproduce for some time to make a CD about our ancestors main source of motive power - the horse. The compilation of a book about horse training and with a catalogue of horse harness and stock tools provides a peek back into a time before motor cars. Oh, and yes, the catalogue even has a harness so man’s best friend can be man’s best helper too.

Plus the usual news, gossip and announcements.


To find a book on CD on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box. Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.

Alternatively you can browse through the catalogue using the drop down headings lists. We have tried to multi-list books where they correspond to more than one category but consider the possibility that the subject you are looking for may be under a related heading.

There is frequently more information about the books available on the web site than that which is included in the following descriptions. All prices in $Cdn.



* Saskatoon Telephone Directory, 1944

CA0230: $15.00

A standard subscriber issue telephone directory for both metropolitan and rural Saskatoon for February 1944. Rural districts include the hamlets of Cheviot, Clarkís Crossing, Floral, Pike Lake and Warman. In addition to the subscriberís name their address and the type of address, i.e., residence, business, etc. is given.

As usual the pages of the directory are liberally sprinkled with local advertising but the 24 page Classified Business Directory at the rear of the book is a bonus directory of Saskatoon industry.

As a directory all entries are alphabetized so finding a name is a simple matter of paging through. Never the less we have made the whole directory computer searchable and then enhanced the search-ability with our FastFind technology. This will allow you to use advanced search techniques such as, for instance, identifying all the people subscribed on a single road, or all the “plumbers,” including those not entered in the classified part of the directory.

An excellent tool for tracing family members, and others, living in Saskatoon in 1944. As usual we have placed a freely downloadable sampler on our site for your review.

* Horse and Harness

CA0178-S: $14.00

This CD is a compilation of two books about the use of horses for motive power and for transportation. Before the general use of the internal combustion engine almost the only general, land based, alternate to human muscle was to harness the muscles of animals, and the first choice of animals was the horse. As a result our ancestors built up a body of knowledge about the care, training and harnessing of horses in much the same way that we today, understand and care for our motor-cars.

The two books reproduced on this CD provide a look back at two aspects of this erstwhile “common” knowledge:

• A New System of Horse Training or Education was written by Prof. H. D. Brush, and published in 1902. In his preface Prof. Brush explains that his objective in writing the book, apart from “earning a dollar,” was to record the essence of the system of horsemanship which he had developed, and “now” taught in his classes. He also wanted to put the information into a form that could be carried in the pocket for easy reference in the field.

This has left a valuable resource which allows us to understand the essence of his ideas on training, or in his word, “educating,” the horse so that the maximum benefit can be obtained out of its great strength and stamina, while attending to its welfare and general health.

A well written, practical, to-the-point guide to the horse. As applicable today as it was 100 years ago - with the one proviso that expert advice should be sought before considering any of the “cures” and veterinary treatments described. While the training methods may still work, veterinary medicine certainly has advanced and many of Prof. Brushís “cures” appear highly undesirable today.

• Harness Catalogue No.10 - Hugh Carson Co. Ltd. - c1920. The Hugh Carson company was one of a dozen or so harness manufacturing and supply companies in Ottawa at the beginning of the 1900’s. This catalogue is not dated, but based on various pieces of information in the catalogue a little research places its issue between 1910 and 1930. This was the period when internal combustion powered vehicles were beginning to be serious competition to horse powered transportation and so represents what might be considered the pinnacle of the production and use of horse harness.

Approximately 2/3 of the contents of the catalogue is dedicated to full harness sets in weights ranging from the lightest buggy harness all the way through to the heaviest lumber hauling harness, both for single horses and for teams. Each harness is beautifully illustrated in use and supported with a complete description of the component parts.

The remainder 1/3 of the catalogue displays individual examples of some of the harness components and of many other necessities for care of and use of both the harness and for stock in general, including both horses and cattle. There is even, on one page, an illustration of a dog harness.

To increase the value of this CD as a research reference we have made the text of the publications computer searchable and enhanced the search speed with our FastFind technology. A freely downloadable sampler is available on our web site.

An invaluable reference to a body of knowledge which is slowly disappearing.



There are a couple of books at the head of our queue for scanning but we are anticipating some difficulties with at least one of them. As a result I'm not making any forecasts for next month at this time.



We frequently foreshorten the descriptions of the new releases published in this newsletter. Please check the on-line catalogue on our web site to ensure you are receiving all the available information.

* Colonial Families of the Southern States of America

US0316: $28.70

Author: Stella Pickett Hardy Pages: 752 Pub. Date: 1911

The author has gathered information on more than sixty prominent southern colonial families, mostly early settlers of Virginia and Maryland, tracing many branches through the Revolutionary and Civil War periods. The result is a compilation of genealogical data on more than ten thousand individuals.

Hardy has concentrated on families who were active in civil and military affairs, so one will find here accounts of such families as the Byrds, Carters, Lees and Washingtons. Lineages will be found to several presidents, and to many generals and other high officers in the Confederate Army, although some Union officers will be found as well.

This volume was compiled largely by correspondence or direct contact with living members of the various families. As a result, some of the most valuable information to be found here is that on the nineteenth-century individuals. Family members giving information to the author would have reliable data on the most recent generations, during a time when vital records were not required to be recorded in these localities.

* The Expansion of New England

US0320: $14.90

Full Title -The Expansion of New England: The Spread of New England Settlement and Institutions to the Mississippi River, 1620-1865

Author: Lois Kimball Mathews Pages: 29 maps (many in color), 370 Pub. Date: 1909

The author narrates the chronology of the settlement of New England in the colonial period and then the migration of New Englanders and their culture to the west and south in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The story is illustrated with many carefully drawn and informative maps.

Mathews begins with the small number of settlements along the coast of New England in the 1620s, and then describes the rapid establishment of new towns resulting from the Great Migration of the 1630s. She goes on to show the further expansion of settlement as the population grew by natural means. She pays special attention to the reversals in the numbers of settlements consequent to the various conflicts with the Indians.

Within a very short time New Englanders moved to regions that are now part of New York and New Jersey, and in the late eighteenth century this pattern accelerated. There were a few outposts of New Englanders in the south as well. After the Revolution New England migration spread further west into New York and also into Pennsylvania. Then, in the early nineteenth century the migration of New Englanders (or of those descended from New Englanders) continued on into the Old Northwest, making substantial contributions to the early settlement of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.

An important feature of this volume is the large number of maps, which contribute to a clear visualization of the settlement progress. The author created a map for nearly every decade of the period from 1620 to 1685. A very useful feature of the maps for the states west of New England is a distinction between those areas settled by New Englanders and those areas settled by others.

* Compendium of New England Gazetteers

US0401: $68.90

Pages: 4600+ Pub. Date: 1817-1898

66% off 10 early New England place dictionaries.

Now you can get all of the classic early gazetteers of New England on a single searchable CD-ROM. This comprehensive "place dictionary" includes 10 rare books, more than 4600 pages, and the names and descriptions of thousands of places, many of which are no longer known by the same name. In many cases, the names and biographies of the earliest settlers, ministers, and prominent citizens are also included. Search for a place across all of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island at the same time using AND, OR, phrase, and word-proximity searches. Six early New England maps are also included in high-resolution. Search ALL of these classic New England Gazetteers at one time!

John Hayward, The New England Gazetteer; Containing Descriptions of All the States, Counties and Towns in New England: Also Descriptions of all the States, Counties, and Towns in New England and Fashionable Resorts within that Territory, Alphabetically Arranged (1839). See US0243 below and on our web site for description.

John C. Pease and John M. Niles, Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut and Rhode Island (1819). See US0337 below and on our web site for description.

P.J. Hannifan and Co., Road and County Map of Connecticut and Rhode Island and Gazetteer... and Business Directory (1898). See US0338 below and on our web site for description.

Geo. J. Varney, Gazetteer of the State of Maine; With Numerous Illustrations (1886). See US0339 below and on our web site for description.

Rev. Elias Nason, M.A., A Gazetteer of the State of Massachusetts (1874). See US0248 on our web site for description.

Eliphalet Merrill and Phinehas Merrill, Esq., A Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire, In Three Parts (1817). See US0335 below and on our web site for description.

John Farmer and Jacob B. Moore, A Gazetteer of the State of New-Hampshire (1823). See US0223 on our web site for description.

Alonzo J. Fogg, The Statistics and Gazetteer of New-Hampshire; Containing Descriptions of all of the Counties, Towns and Villages; Also Boundaries and Area of the State and its Natural Resources (1874). See US0328 below and on our web site for description.

Zadock Thompson, History of Vermont, Natural, Civil, and Statistical in Three Parts, with a new Map of the State, and 200 engravings (1842, 1853). See US0344 below and on our web site for description.

E. P. Walton, Waltonís Vermont Register and Farmersí Almanac for 1879 (1879). See US0347 below and on our web site for description.

* Gazetteer of the State of Maine; With Numerous Illustrations

US0339: $17.20

Author: Geo. J. VarneyPages: 632 Pub. Date: 1886

This early gazetteer of about 630 pages is principally an alphabetical description of "every town, plantation, mountain, lake, and bay" within the State of Maine along with its topography, boundaries, history, and statistics. In most cases, the author also details the original settlers, early churches and ministers, and other prominent citizens of each town.

This traditional 19th-century gazetteer is preceded by detailed history of the State comprising some 60 pages. In narrative style, the author describes the State as a whole and its bays, harbors, capes, islands, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, ponds, and other geographic features. An interesting section describes the Swedish Emigration of 1870, the solicitation of some 25 families from Sweden to populate the "wild lands" of the State. The successful settlement became known as "New Sweden" in Aroostook County.

Additional sections of the book describe the geology, climate, vegetation, native birds, fishes and other animals. The author also to great lengths to itemize the early institutions with sections devoted to "Railroads and Telegraphs," "Civil Divisions and Population", "Government, Finances, and Military Organizations," "Charitable and Reformatory Institutions", "Education, Literature, and the Public Press." Further sections explore the religion of the State, the history of native Indians, and the civil history, including "The War of the Rebellion."

The author has compiled a valuable for reference for researchers who are interested in the early settlers and history of the State.

* Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire

US0335: $14.90

Author: Eliphalet Merrill and Phinehas Merrill, Esq. Pages: 232 Pub. Date: 1817

This is the first gazetteer ever published for the State of New Hampshire (1817) and a wonderful resource for researchers because it identifies many places by names which have otherwise been lost to history. Its three parts offer "A comprehensive Geographical and Statistical view of the whole State," "A description of each county, town, or location in the State; also of its lakes, rivers, ponds, and mountains," and "Topographical and Statistical Tables."

In addition to a detailed history and physical description of each place, this very early work identifies many of the earliest settlers of the State with a strong focus on churches and their early ministers. The descriptions also include a recital of the early populations, educational institutions and industries. Sprinkled throughout are a number of anecdotes of harrowing encounters between the new settlers and the native American Indians.

The final section of the book provides tables of the course and distance between towns, a count of horses, cattle, and sheep by town, and other interesting statistics. This very rare book paints a fascinating picture of the 18-century New England frontier.

* Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut and Rhode Island

US0337: $22.90

Author: John C. Pease and John M. Niles Pages: 2 maps + 398 Pub. Date: 1819

In this very early gazetteer, the authors compiled an exhaustive description of Connecticut and Rhode Island as of 1819, including the topography, history, and statistics of each county, town, city, burrough, and village in the State. Of special interest to genealogists, the authors include frequent biographies of the town founders, early settlers, ministers, and other prominent citizens. There is also much detail about the manufacturing, agricultural, fisheries, and other commercial interests in each town as well as a description of local governments, schools, churches, navigable waterways, and local native American tribes. Two fascinating early maps, one of each State, are also included in high resolution.

* Road and County Map of Connecticut and Rhode Island and Gazetteer... and Business Directory

US0338: $22.90

Author: P.J. Hannifan and Co. Pages: map + 498 Pub. Date: 1898

The title of this book is misleading because, although it does contain a detailed color map of Connecticut and Rhode Island, the bulk of the book is designed as a business directory and advisor. It is fascinating in its own right, having been written "With Historical, Biographical, Political, Law, and Other Valuable Information Useful for the Office, Store, and Home." With the business owner principally in mind, it includes a dictionary of business terms and summary of laws relating to contracts, trademarks, naturalization, and suffrage, among others. It also includes examples of legal transactions, contracts, and list of weights and measures, legal holidays, and more. The book is full of interesting articles like how to calculate interest, measure corn in a crib, determine the weight of live cattle, measure crops per acre, detect counterfeit money, among other utilitarian advice for merchants, farmers, and business owners.

Other articles which are revealing of 19th-century life include recipies for housekeepers (cleaning supplies, etc.), antidotes for poison, and rules of etiquette ("Allowing the dress to trail on the street is in exceedingly bad taste. Such a street costume simply calls forth and contempt from the more sensible people.")

There are also summaries, lists, and statistics of world history, temperatures, populations, cities, bridges, mountains, distances, time zones, principal exports, inventions and improvements, world records for on air, land, and sea, and other "Facts Worth Knowing and Remembering." Historians will appreciate a detailed timeline and desciption of causes of the events of U.S. wars, biographies of the heroes of those wars, of signers of the Declaration of Independence, and of Presidents of the United States. For the sake of completeness, the book even includes copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

Of perhaps more interest to family researchers, the book is interspersed with thousands of advertisements of local (Connecticut and Rhode Island) businesses with the names of proprietors, business descriptions, and street addresses.

* The Statistics and Gazetteer of New-Hampshire

US0328: $17.20

Containing Descriptions of all of the Counties, Towns and Villlages; Also Boundaries and Area of the State and its Natural Resources

Author: Alonzo J. Fogg Pages: 714 Pub. Date: 1874

The bulk of this volume contains a detailed description of every city, town, and county within the State of New Hampshire, including a description of each with respect to its geographic position, population, and its "mountains, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, its summer resorts, villages, and manufactories, resources, churches, public schools, libraries, hotels, railroads, &c."

Of particular interest to genealogists, however, will be the author's focus on the history of the State, including details about the first settlers in each town, the first ministers, etc. Utilizing more than 100 pages in tables, each county is also described in detail in terms of its "value of their manufactories, farm productions, railroads, newspapers, national banks, savings banks, insurances, post-offices &c." Later chapters itemize the educational institutions, assessed valuation of its businesses, number of deaths by town, and other interesting historical statistics. The last chapter includes an historical list of the State's Governors, Justices of the higher courts, and State and Legislative officers, among other things. It even includes a copy of the Constitution of New Hampshire (1792).

A very interesting section gives a history "The Wheelwright Deed," said to have been given to Rev. John Wheelwright in 1629 by four Sagamore Indian tribes and conveying territory which represented more than one third of the New Hampshire prior to 1750. The author relates in detail the controversy surrounding the document and analyzes the evidence for and against the claims that it may be a forgery.

* History of Vermont

US0344: $22.90

Natural, Civil, and Statistical in Three Parts, with a new Map of the State, and 200 engravings.

Author: Zadock Thompson Pages: map + 508Pub. Date: 1842, 1853

This original 1842 publication includes a detailed description and physical geography of the State of Vermont as well as elaborate descriptions (and more than 200 original engravings) of its animals and plants, including their history, description, and general characteristics. Individual chapters describe the quadupeds, birds, reptiles, fishes, invertebrates, and botany of the State.

In addition, however, this publication includes an "appendix" of 1853 which, with more than 300 pages, is larger than the original publication. In this section, the author elaborates on the natural history of the state and supplements it with a detailed description of its civil history, including sections dedicated to the Indian and Colonial Wars, the settlement and controversy with New York, the Revolutionary War, legislative proceedings, political institutions, education and literature, religious institutions, and native Indian inhabitants.

The last section of the book is Thompson's Gazetteer of Vermont with "topographical and historical descriptions of all of the counties, towns, rivers, mountains, &c., alphabetically arranged." Of particular interest to researchers, it frequently includes short biographies of the town founders, early settlers, ministers, and other prominent citizens.

* Walton's Vermont Register & Farmers Almanac for 1879

US0347: $22.90

Author: E.P. Walton, Pages: map + 288

The first part of this rare book is a 19-century business directory of Vermont with the names of all of the towns and post offices in the state. For each of these is listed the population in 1870 and the names of town officers, justices, professional and business men, including manufacturers, merchants, lawyers, postmasters, physicians, and ministers, among others. A pocket calendar includes some handwritten memoranda from the original owner which are preserved as a matter of interest.

The middle section of the book contains the names of local representatives in the Federal, State and county governments, as well as thousands of judges and other judicial and law enforcment personnel, including county clerks, commissioners, State's attorneys, sheriffs, bailleffs, county auditor's etc., organized by county. It also includes tables and lists with a description of State societies and the names of their leaders, railroads, newspapers and publishers, churches, institutions of learning, prisons, and much more. Researchers will therefore find a valuable list of thousands of prominent 19th-century Vermont residents.

As with more modern Farmer's Almanacs, the book also contains handy reference charts for postal rates, currency exchange rates, phases of the moon, and a variety of interesting vinyettes like how to calculate interest.

The last section includes hundreds of advertisements from Vermont businesses that are reproduced in their entirety and full-text searchable, as is the rest of the book.

Finally, the book also contains a 1879 fold-out map of Vermont and New Hampshire, reproduced here in high-resolution.



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.


We have had no “takers” for the news-clipping so far. The offer stands:

Our copy of "The Story of Dundas," CA0087, contained two loose news clippings about the wedding of Mr. Burleigh Warren to Miss Annie Marie Strachan on 17 October 1923(?) probably in Hamilton, although the clipping says the couple subsequently took up their married life in Dundas*. We have included scans of these clippings on the CD as additional information but would like to see the original clippings go to a good home, so the first person who can prove a family connection with this couple is welcome to take these clippings into their care.

There is a "lo-res" scan of the clippings included in the CA0087 Sampler - see our Downloads page.

 * Although these clippings were in a book about Dundas county we are wondering if the Dundas referred to might be the community of this name in the Hamilton area, rather than the county. The clippings give no hint.


As a newsletter subscriber you should have had a brief note from us during last month informing you that we were placing most of our Canadian published inventory on sale for a limited period. Well, time is nearly up!

Just a few more days to go.


We discovered during last month that our shopping cart had stopped sending out its normal, automated, e-mail order confirmations when you placed an order. The problem had been inadvertantly generated by our ISP but was rather subtle and it took him almost three days to find what was wrong. Solving the problem then released all the “pent-up” mail so that several of you received an order conformation up to two days after you had received the CDs!

Our apologies for the glitch. While computers appear to be so smart in some ways they can be really stupid in others! Everything seems to be working smothly again now so fingers crossed! :-)



8 September 2007: The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will be holding its monthly meeting at the Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa. Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am. Speaker: Jane L. Down. Topic: Genealogy Competitions and the Biography of Robert Down. Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail . Web site:


14 -- 16 September 2007: The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will be holding its 13th annual Fall Conference, "Celebrate your Anglo Celtic Roots," at the Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa. Three days of lectures and events, an extensive vendor marketplace, evening events and much more. Registration at or e-mail / phone (613)234-2520. All welcome.



22 September, 2007: Oakville - The Trafalgar Township Historical Society invites you to join them for their Second Annual Family Heritage Day. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

at the one-room schoolhouse at 2431 Dundas (north side) just east of Bronte Road, Oakville. (sandwiches and drinks available) Features include: displays from various historical and genealogical groups; a magic lantern show of Peter Pan; costumed characters telling stories about life in early Trafalgar Township.

For more information please contact Jane Watt 905-281-1701 or by email at


23 September 2007: The Halton Peel Branch OGS is having its monthly meeting this Sunday  2pm-4pm. Speaker-Rick Roberts. Topic-Comparing Family Tree Maker, Legacy and Rootsmagic Software. Oakville Public Library, 120 Navy Street, Oakville.

For more info contact Jane Watt 905-281-1701 or


29 September 2007: If your family name is Dubeau, Penetanguishene Centennial Museum & Archives (Simcoe Co., Ontario) is extending an invitation to you, and everyone else, to “... attend our Settlers' Day Events on Saturday 29th. Each year, we chose a family whose first settler or descendants have made an impact on the history and development of our town. This year we are honouring the Dubeau Family.”

For bookings or for more information phone: 705-549-2150 or e-mail: .


6 October 2007: The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will be holding its monthly meeting at the Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa. Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am. Speaker: Max Sutherland. Topic: Colonel William Marshall, Superintendent of the Lanark Settlement. Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail . Web site:


20 October 2007: British Home Children And Descendants Association Nova Scotia will hold their 5th. Annual Reunion at the Bible Hill Junior High School 741 College Rd. Bible Hill, NS.  Speaker will be Dr. Patricia Roberts-Pichette of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.

Registration is from 9.00AM to 10.00AM, The afternoon program ends 4.30PM.

A freewill offering will be taken.

Contact : Cecil Verge, Chair British Home Children and Descendants Association

Phone 902-681-6697. E-mail


20 October 2007 (Saturday,): The Grimsby Archives / Grimsby Historical Society will be hosting a genealogy workshop about where to find genealogy information in Great Britain and Canada. The workshop will be lead by Catherine Niemi, Executive Member of the Hamilton Genealogical Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.  Location: Carnegie Commons, 25 Adelaide Street, Grimsby. The registration fee is $25.00 at the door for the morning and afternoon workshop seminar. For questions, telephone the Grimsby Archives at 905 309-0796. Register by e-mail: or by mail: Grimsby Historical Society, P.O. Box 294, Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4G5


28 October 2007: The Halton Peel Branch OGS is having its monthly meeting this Sunday 2pm-4pm. Speaker-Jame Mac Namara, Toronto Branch ;OGS. Topic-What's in the Archives of Ontario and how do I find it? Oakville Public Library, 120 Navy Street, Oakville.

For more info contact Jane Watt 905-281-1701 or


10 November 2007: The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will be holding its monthly meeting at the Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa. Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am. Speaker: Mary Anne Sharpe. Topic: In my father's footsteps on the Western Front. Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail . Web site:


25 November 2007: The Halton Peel Branch OGS is having its monthly meeting this Sunday. Speaker-J. Brian Gilchrist. Topic-To be annnounced. Chinguacousy Public Library, 150 Central Park Dr., Brampton.

For more info contact Jane Watt 905-281-1701 or


In September of 2008, the Penetanguishene Museum & Archives will be hosting a reunion of all Drummond Island families. The Beck Memorial Fundraising Dinner and the Settlers' Day events will honour these families. We hope to make it a week-end long event with many activities for all ages. Planning is already underway and volunteers to assist in any way are being sought. Contact: Pam Tessier, Research Coordinator, Genealogy & History research Centre, Penetanguishene Museum & Archives. e-Mail:



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