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5  NEW PARTNER RELEASES (130) - The rest of last month's mammoth release.






Welcome to a mid-summer issue of our newsletter.  We are surprised to find ourselves in the almost unheard of position of being ready to release this newsletter before the middle of the month.  So here's an early issue to make up for the late ones. :-)

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Two new Canadian releases.  One on the Great War theme which I mentioned last month.  Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this one is its FREE!  Read on.  The second release is another of those highly informative County Histories, so many of which were published during the years around the previous millennia change.  This one concerns Dundas, a county in the south east of Ontario. Also find the remainder of the enormous release of titles from our international partners.  This influx of new materials has raised the extent of our complete catalogue to over 3000 titles!

Plus the usual news, gossip and announcements.


To find a book on CD on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box.  Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.

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There is frequently more information about the books available on the web site than that which is included in the following descriptions.  All prices in $Cdn.



*  The Story of Dundas (Ontario) - 1905

CA0087 :  $28.00

 This is a highly informative book about one of the areas of what we now called Ontario, which has been heavily touched by the hand of history. The combination of its location on the main migration path into “Upper Canada” and the fertility of its land caused many a settler to stop and set up their future homes in this county of Dundas. As a result, the area is a “melting pot” of ethnic traditions, and rich in its culture.

 The author, J. Smyth Carter of Rowena, Ontario, was scrupulous in his research and does his best to identify all the influences which have guided the development of this county. In addition to the influence bought by the settlers, the county’s location on the north shore of the St. Lawrence, between the cities of Cornwall and Kingston made it a prime site for the failed invasions of the 1812 conflict, and many of the old battlefields are still remembered, and can be found marked to this day.

 In writing his book the author elected to devote about half of the chapters to the history of various civil and administrative topics with as wide a range and scope as “Agricultural Development” and “Parliamentary Development,” “Religious Life” and “Drainage.” Even the local militia get a chapter to themselves.

 Most of the remaining chapters are concerned with the establishment and development of Dundas’ many towns and townships including: Williamsburg, Matilda, Mountain, Winchester, Iroquois, Morrisburg and Chesterville.

 One notable common thread throughout the whole book is the identification, by name, of the local inhabitants, frequently including their family and where possible, their portrait. Of the 56 illustrations included it seems that more than half are multiple portraits of one sort or another meaning there must be pictures of hundreds of individuals throughout the pages. Even the illustration plates of buildings, etc., are usually collages of many individual pictures. One illustration plate, for instance shows 12 local churches.

 Although not singled out for individual treatment, the book recognizes the influence that the Loyalist settlers had on the county, and their contribution is well recorded.

Finally the book concludes with a series of fact packed chapters which are a gold-mine of detailed information of utmost importance to those searching for their genealogical roots. For instance there is a listing, by Concession and Lot, of the original land grantees (as far as they were recorded) and page after page of hundreds of biographical records, tabulated by family name.

 A wonderful book for those wanting to understand the history of this area and of those who settled and developed it. Access to this cache of densely packed information has been greatly enhanced by our making this digital reproduction fully computer searchable, a facility which is further enhanced by the application of our FastFind technology which brings you your search results almost instantaneously.

We have placed a sampler of a few pages, selected more or less at random from the book, on our Downloads page for your further information.

*  THE BRAZIER - 1 April 1917

CA0248:  FREE to download - $5.00 on CD

A Trench Journal printed and published at the front by The Canadian Scottish for the Brigade - 1 April 1917.

When our good friend, Chris Wight, offered to allow us to make a copy of this trench newspaper we were uncertain what we could do with it.  It does not contain significant information on either genealogy or history and yet - in its own way - it is one of the most historically important documents we have had the opportunity to republish.  You see, in sponsoring the publication of this simple newspaper the Canadian military command was demonstrating that it understood the importance of the “moral” of the ordinary fighting man.  We hear so many stories of troops being regarded as just  “cannon fodder” in the Great War, and read again and again of the horrifying losses.  Yet here stands proof that at least some part of the command structure regarded these troops as human beings having ordinary hopes and fears.  This simple publication may be one of the first outward marks of a radical, and important, shift in military thinking.

With Chris’ agreement we are making this document freely available* - within the terms of the attached licence - from our "Downloads" page, and dedicate it to the work that Chris and his colleague Marc Leroux are doing in building their Canadian Great War  Project commemorative web site,  We invite you to visit their site and join them in their labor of love.

The information contained in this Journal is such that it is unlikely that anyone would need to, or indeed want to, search for specific terms.  Never the less, simply because it is our standard procedure, you will find the text of the publication is searchable.

* We are also making this important document available on a CD (supplied in a sleeve), at a nominal charge to cover administration costs.



There are a couple of books at the head of our queue for scanning but we are anticipating some difficulties with at least one of them. As a result I'm not making any forecasts for next month at this time.



We frequently foreshorten the descriptions of the new releases published in this newsletter.  Please check the on-line catalogue on our web site to ensure you are receiving all the available information.


*  A Catalogue of the Names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut;

 - with the Time of Their Arrival in the Country and Colony, Their Standings in Society, Place of Residence, Condition in Life, Where From, Business, &c.

US0309:  $28.70

Royal Hinman collected information on every seventeenth-century immigrant to New England, and then concentrated on those immigrants who came to Connecticut, tracing many of the lines into the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, providing information on thousands of Connecticut settlers.   The author used a wide range of sources, frequently setting forth much biographical data on his subjects, even some of those who were not so prominent. On the genealogical side, he did not limit himself to vital records, but made extensive use of the probate records as well, not a common practice among genealogists of his time.  Hinman's project was too ambitious, and he only reached into the letter D in his sweep through the alphabet of New England settlers. At some point, he must have realized that he would not finish his study, for he appended to the portion he did complete a detailed account of the Hinman family.  Despite the fact that he only made it about a quarter of the way through the alphabet, his massive efforts in behalf of Connecticut families make this an important reference for the families of that colony.

*  Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700

US0310:  $14.90 (Reg. Price), $12.00 - limited time special, see Sect.7 below

Frank R. Holmes, compiler, has produced a unique resource in which he combined a brief biographical and genealogical entry for each New England immigrant head of household prior to 1700 with etymologies of many of the surnames, reflecting his conviction that the "study of names is of itself an absorbing subject."   For each immigrant, Holmes included information on English origin (where known), date and place of first residence in New England, known relationships to other immigrants, removes from one town to another, and a variety of other biographical details.  Holmes covered all of New England to the end of the seventeenth century, including some deaths of immigrants well into the eighteenth century. He took notice of removes outside of New England, for the most part to New York.

*  A Biographical Dictionary

US0313:  $28.70

Containing a Brief Account of the First Settlers, and Other Prominent Characters Among the Magistrates, Ministers, Literary and Worthy Men, in New-England.

In this early biographical dictionary, author, John Eliothas provided accounts of the lives of hundreds of colonial New Englanders, running from the earliest explorers and settlers to the leaders of the revolutionary movement of the mid-eighteenth century, and including many others from the years in between.

As we may see from the sub-title of the book, Eliot was especially interested in the more learned members of society. In colonial New England, an overwhelming majority of the well-educated went on to become ministers of one denomination or another. But we find here also such men as Isaac Greenwood, the first professor of mathematics at Harvard, in the 1720s, and John Osborne, a prominent physician of the same period.

*  Soldiers of King Philip's War

US0315:  $28.70 (Reg. Price), $23.00 - limited time special, see Sect.7 below

Being a Critical Account of That War with a Concise History of the Indian Wars of New England from 1620-1677

 Author: George Madison Bodge has scoured the contemporary seventeenth-century documents in order to compile as complete as possible an account of the men who served in King Philip's War in New England in 1675 and 1676.  He followed each group of men on its marches and in its battles, showing for many of the men the exact time served and the pay that they received.

Bodge searched many other sources as well and included in this volume letters written by participants in the fighting, or petitions for relief that were filed many years later. Searches in the colony archives yielded many official accounts of action, some written at the time of the fighting and some written years later.

The important final chapter provides information on the so-called Narragansett towns. One of the ways in which the soldiers were compensated was by gathering them into groups, frequently by town of residence at the time of the war, and granting to the group an entire township in the wilderness. These grants were not acted on until decades after the conflict, and the eighteenth-century lists of grantees frequently match the soldier's name with the name or names of heirs who actually received the land many years later.

[A more complete description may be found on the web site.]

5.2  NEW RELEASES FROM AUSTRALIA ( 126 all together):

NOTE:  Because of the large number of releases announced here we are not including descriptions.  Please visit the Catalogue on our web site for full descriptions of the titles listed below.

*  Slaters Queensland Almanac [year]

AU4112-1882:  $20.00     AU4112-1887:  $20.00

AU4112-1903:  $24.10

*  Brisbane Directory & Squatters Guide 1876

AU4113-1876:  $24.10

*  Brisbane Directory 1878-79 (McNaught)

AU4113-1878:  $28.20

*  Brisbane Post Office Directory & Country Guide 1885-86

AU4113-1885:  $32.30

*  Pugh’s Moreton Bay Almanac 1859

AU4115-1859:  $20.00

*  Pugh’s Almanac and Queensland Directory [year]

AU4115-1860:  $20.00     AU4115-1861:  $24.10     AU4115-1862:  $24.10

AU4115-1863:  $28.20     AU4115-1864:  $28.20     AU4115-1865:  $24.10

AU4115-1870:  $28.20     AU4115-1875:  $28.20     AU4115-1878:  $32.30

AU4115-1879:  $32.30     AU4115-1881:  $28.20     AU4115-1882:  $28.20

AU4115-1893:  $36.40     AU4115-1915:  $40.50     AU4115-1917:  $40.50

AU4115-1918:  $40.50     AU4115-1920:  $32.30     AU4115-1926:  $32.30

AU4115-1927:  $32.30

*  Brisbane Post Office Directory & Country Guide 1887

AU4116-1887:  $32.30

*  Brisbane Post Office Directory and Country Guide 1888

AU4116-1888:  $36.40

*  Queensland Telephone Directory [year] South and South Western Districts

AU4119-1931A:  $20.00     AU4119-1936A:  $16.00

AU4119-1940A:  $20.00     AU4119-1943A:  $16.00

AU4119-1947A:  $24.10

*  Bailliere's South Australian Gazetteer and Road Guide 1866

AU5005:  $28.20

*  Our First Hundred Years: The Baptist Church of South Australia

AU5006:  $28.20

*  History of Gawler 1837-1908

AU5009:  $28.20

*  History of Adelaide and Vicinity 1901 A

U5041:  $44.60

*  South Australia: History Resources & Productions

AU5046:  $28.20

*  Tourists Road Guide: South Australia [Ed & year]

AU5051-1915:  $20.00     AU5051-1920:  $20.00

AU5051-1927:  $20.00

*  Tourists Road Guide: South Australia Compendium 1

AU5051C-1:  $32.30

*  Vardon's Guide to South Australia 1919

AU5052:  $24.10

*  Birdwood High School Magazine 1931-1980

AU5053-1:  $28.20

*  Birdwood High School Magazine 1981-1992

AU5053-2:  $28.20

*  South Australian Counties Atlas 1876

AU5054:  $32.30

*  Pinnaroo: Miracle of the Mallee

AU5055:  $32.30

*  South Australian Police Gazette [year]

AU5103-1881:  $24.10     AU5103-1882:  $24.10     AU5103-1883:  $24.10

AU5103-1884:  $24.10     AU5103-1885:  $24.10     AU5103-1886:  $24.10

AU5103-1887:  $24.10     AU5103-1888:  $24.10     AU5103-1889:  $24.10

AU5103-1890:  $24.10     AU5103-1891:  $24.10     AU5103-1892:  $24.10

AU5103-1893:  $24.10     AU5103-1894:  $24.10     AU5103-1895:  $24.10

AU5103-1896:  $24.10     AU5103-1897:  $24.10     AU5103-1898:  $24.10

AU5103-1899:  $24.10     AU5103-1900:  $24.10

*  South Australian Police Gazette Compendium

AU5103C-1881:  $102.30

*  South Australian Police Gazette Compendium 1891-1900

AU5103C-1891:  $102.30

*  South Australian Directory 1924 (Sands & McDougall)

AU5112-1924:  $44.60

*  Truth and Progress 1868-1880

AU5135-1:  $40.50

*  Truth and Progress 1881-1890

AU5135-2:  $40.50

*  Truth and Progress 1891-1894

AU5135-3:  $40.50

*  Truth and Progress 1868-1894 Compendium

AU5135C:  $81.40

*  Tasmanian Handbook 1914

AU6006:  $28.20

*  Tasmania Telephone Directory 1953

AU6119-1953:  $24.10

*  The History of Ballarat

AU7028:  $28.20

*  Chronicles of Early Melbourne 1835-51

AU7030:  $40.50

*  Ballarat and District in 1901

AU7032:  $36.40

*  Victorian Government Gazette [date]

AU7100-1851:  $36.40     AU7100-1857:  $48.70

AU7100-1860:  $48.70     AU7100-1864:  $48.70

AU7100-1865:  $48.70     AU7100-1878:  $48.70

AU7100-1887:  $48.70     AU7100-1889:  $48.70

AU7100-1890:  $56.90

*  Victoria Police Gazette [date]

AU7103-1864:  $28.20     AU7103-1865:  $28.20     AU7103-1868:  $28.20

AU7103-1869:  $28.20     AU7103-1870:  $28.20     AU7103-1871:  $28.20

AU7103-1872:  $28.20     AU7103-1873:  $28.20     AU7103-1874:  $28.20

AU7103-1875:  $28.20     AU7103-1876:  $28.20     AU7103-1885:  $28.20

AU7103-1886:  $28.20     AU7103-1887:  $28.20     AU7103-1888:  $28.20

AU7103-1889:  $28.20     AU7103-1890:  $28.20

*  Victoria Police Gazette Compendium 1886-1890

AU7103C-1886:  $81.40

*  Port Phillip Government Gazette 1847

AU7104-1847:  $32.30

*  Victorian Post Office Directory 1914 (Wise)

AU7110-1914:  $48.70

*  Melbourne Directory 1875 (Sands & McDougall)

AU7113-1875:  $40.50

*  Cyclopedia of Western Australia 1912-13

AU8001:  $65.00

*  Western Australia in 1891

AU8003:  $24.10

*  Bibliography of Western Australia 1923

AU8007:  $20.00

*  Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire

AU8010:  $28.20

*  Western Australia Government Gazette [date]

AU8100-1879:  $28.20     AU8100-1880:  $28.20     AU8100-1881:  $28.20

AU8100-1885:  $32.30     AU8100-1886:  $36.40     AU8100-1887:  $36.40

AU8100-1888:  $36.40     AU8100-1889:  $36.40     AU8100-1890:  $36.40

AU8100-1891:  $36.40

*  Western Australia Post Office Directory [date] (Wise's)

AU8110-1924:  $36.40     AU8110-1939:  $36.40

*  Cyclopedia of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti and the Cook Islands 1907

AU9101:  $48.70

*  World Evangelical Alliance: Theological News

AU9200:  $32.30

*  Friedrich Wurfel Family History 1880-1982

AU9504:  $28.20



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.


Our copy of "The Story of Dundas," CA0087, contained two loose news clippings about the wedding of Mr. Burleigh Warren to Miss Annie Marie Strachan on 17 October 1923(?) probably in Hamilton, although the clipping says the couple subsequently took up their married life in Dundas*. We have included scans of these clippings on the CD as additional information but would like to see the original clippings go to a good home, so the first person who can prove a family connection with this couple is welcome to take these clippings into their care.

There is a "lo-res" scan of the clippings included in the CA0087 Sampler - see our Downloads page.

 * Although these clippings were in a book about Dundas county we are wondering if the Dundas referred to might be the community of this name in the Hamilton area, rather than the county. The clippings give no hint.


In association with our advertising in Digital Genealogist on-line magazine we have a number of CDs on special.  They are also on offer to everyone:

- The Century Cyclopedia of Names, CA0068:

     Reg.: $35.00.  SPECIAL: $28.00.

- Storied Province of Quebec Vols 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, CA0031-S:

     Reg.: $35.00. SPECIAL: $28.00

- The Civil Service List of Quebec 1853 and Canada 1872 & 1894, CA0030:

     Reg.: $28.00.  SPECIAL: $22.40.

- Australian Baillieres Gazetteers Set, AU1102:

     Reg.: $81.40, SPECIAL: $65.10.

- Cyclopedia of Western Australia 1912-13, AU8001:

     Reg.: $65.00. SPECIAL: $52.00.

- Queenslanders Who Fought in the Great War 1914-18, AU4007:

     Reg.: $28.20.  SPECIAL: $22.60.

- Hanna's The Scotch-Irish, IET0061:

     Reg.: $43.30. SPECIAL: $34.60.

- Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846, Compendium of all sections, IET0010:

     Reg.: $74.30. SPECIAL: $59.40.

- Indexes to Irish Wills 1536-1858, 5 vols., IET0037:

     Reg.: $37.10.  SPECIAL: $29.70.

- Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700, US0310:

     Reg.: $14.90.  SPECIAL: $12.00.

- Soldiers of King Philip's War, US0315:

     Reg.: $28.70. SPECIAL: $23.00.

- Memorials of the Dead in Boston, US0235:

     Reg.: $28.70.  SPECIAL: $23.00

- The Complete Parish Officer 1772, GB0766:

     Reg.: $33.60. SPECIAL: $26.90

- The Universal Directory of Great Britain - 1791, GB1134:

     Reg.: $67.10.  SPECIAL: $53.70

- 1842/44 Pigot's Directory Compendium Set, S10017:

     Reg.: $77.40. SPECIAL: $60.10.


See "Advertised Specials" in our web site's on-line catalogue for full details.



20 to 22 July, 2007.  Almonte's 149th fair is this summer.

"We are starting to seek photographs, either taken at the fair, of people (identified or not) and photographs of the fairgrounds as well.  Would love to have a small collection (larger if available pictures come together) for the 150th Fair in 2008.

If you have some or know of some in the area, I would be delighted to hear about it."

Jennifer Flegg, e-mail:

Almonte, is in Lanark County, near Ottawa, and north of Kingston


23 - 28 July, 2007:   10 - 3 pm daily.  THE BRITISH COLUMBIA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY WALTER DRAYCOTT RESOURCE CENTRE  & LIBRARY features, Free Family History Library Research Week.

FEATURED COUNTRIES & AREAS:   Monday, Scotland; Tuesday, Ireland; Wednesday, England; Thursday, Canada; Friday, USA;  Saturday, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Free all week.  See what's available in your area, or ask us for some assistance.

#211- 12837 76th Avenue, Surrey, B.C.  (76th Avenue and 128th Street). Call

604 - 502 - 9119     Library Administrator: Betty Allen.  For more information, please call the Library  or see the B.C.G.S. website:


8 September 2007:  The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will be holding its monthly meeting at the Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa.  Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am. Speaker: Jane L. Down.  Topic: Genealogy Competitions and the Biography of Robert Down.  Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail .  Web site:


14 -- 16 September 2007: The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will be holding its 13th annual Fall Conference, "Celebrate your Anglo Celtic Roots," at the Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa.  Three days of lectures and events, an extensive vendor marketplace, evening events and much more.  Registration at or e-mail / phone (613)234-2520.  All welcome.



22 September, 2007:  Oakville - The Trafalgar Township Historical Society invites you

to join them for their Second Annual Family Heritage Day.  11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

at the one-room schoolhouse at 2431 Dundas (north

side) just east of Bronte Road, Oakville. (sandwiches and drinks available)  Features include: displays from various historical and genealogical groups; a magic lantern show of Peter Pan; costumed characters telling stories

about life in early Trafalgar Township.

For more information please contact Jane Watt  905-281-1701 or by email at


23 September 2007:  The Halton Peel Branch OGS is having its monthly meeting this Sunday   2pm-4pm.  Speaker-Rick Roberts.  Topic-Comparing Family Tree Maker, Legacy and Rootsmagic Software.  Oakville Public Library, 120 Navy Street, Oakville.

For more info contact Jane Watt 905-281-1701 or


6 October 2007:  The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will be holding its monthly meeting at the Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa.  Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am. Speaker: Max Sutherland.  Topic: Colonel William Marshall, Superintendent of the Lanark Settlement.  Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail .  Web site:


20 October 2007:  British Home Children And Descendants Association  Nova Scotia

will hold their 5th. Annual Reunion at the Bible Hill Junior High School 741 College Rd. Bible Hill, NS.

    Speaker will be Dr. Patricia Roberts-Pichette of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.

Registration is from 9.00AM  to 10.00AM,  The afternoon program ends 4.30PM.

A freewill offering will be taken.

Contact : Cecil Verge, Chair British Home Children and Descendants Association

Phone 902-681-6697.  E-mail


28 October 2007:  The Halton Peel Branch OGS is having its monthly meeting this Sunday  2pm-4pm.  Speaker-Jame Mac Namara, Toronto Branch ;OGS.  Topic-What's in the Archives of Ontario and how do I find it?  Oakville Public Library, 120 Navy Street, Oakville.

For more info contact Jane Watt 905-281-1701 or


10 November 2007:  The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will be holding its monthly meeting at the Library & Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa.  Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am. Speaker: Mary Anne Sharpe.  Topic: In my father's footsteps on the Western Front.  Contact: (613)234-2520 or e-mail .  Web site:


25 November 2007:  The Halton Peel Branch OGS is having its monthly meeting this Sunday. Speaker-J. Brian Gilchrist.  Topic-To be annnounced.  Chinguacousy Public Library, 150 Central Park Dr., Brampton.

For more info contact Jane Watt 905-281-1701 or


In September of 2008, the Penetanguishene Museum & Archives will be hosting a reunion of all Drummond Island families. The Beck Memorial Fundraising Dinner and the Settlers' Day events will honour these families. We hope to make it a week-end long event with many activities for all ages. Planning is already underway and volunteers to assist in any way are being sought.  Contact: Pam Tessier, Research Coordinator, Genealogy & History research Centre, Penetanguishene Museum & Archives. e-Mail:



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