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Well past our summer slowdown a total of 26 new releases and another one which will be available as soon as we have a complete set of files for it.

Also news of a special deal we have agreed with our US partner for Loyalist books and, finally, the announcement of our CHRISTMAS SALE!

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*  History of Saskatchewan and its People - Complete (in three volumes)    

CA0222-C:  $35.00

Written by John Hawkes and first published in 1924, this work of over 2000 pages was originally bound as three volumes, but organized into two subject areas.  The whole of vol. 1 and a good part of vol. 2 contains the "story" of Saskatchewan while the remainder of vol. 2 and the whole of vol. 3 is packed with the biographies of about 660 prominent Saskatchewans, and more than 50 photographic portraits.  The "story" section is also illustrated with over 235 photographs of subjects such as early dwellings and settlements, people, natural history, and many fascinating early photographs of native people and their ceremonies.

Here you can find the whole story of Saskatchewan.  The early story of this province is inescapably intertwined with that of the other administration districts initially named the North-West Territories.  This vast tract included all the lands between the Ontario border and the Province of British Columbia and up to the  pole (except Alaska.)  While this book concentrates on Saskatchewan it contains much of the stories of the rest of the "Territories."

The author says. "It should be understood that this book is in no proper sense of the word a "history."  It is not intended for the student or the investigator but for the average man."  John went out of his way to find the stories of the early pioneers and settlers, including those of the native people already living on the prairies when the "white man" arrived.  Within this "story" you will find many first hand accounts of early adventure - and misadventure, hardship and triumph.

Almost one and a half of these three volumes are filled with biographies submitted for publication by the subjects, or by friends.

This work is a rich treasure trove for genealogists and historians.  Of special interest to anyone seeking the experience of early Saskatchewan are the recounted tales of the original settlers and pioneers which John has used as a part of the rich "story" section.

For those whose interests are restricted to only the stories or the biographies section we have released individual CDs carrying only those sections, at a more economical price (see below).

As usual, we have placed a "sampler" on our downloads page so you can see a little of what is in this fabulous book, included is the table of contents for the "history" section and the lists of names of the biography subjects.

The whole of each of the CDs has been formatted for searches using Adobe Reader™ or similar application, and enhanced with our FastFind technology so that search results can be presented almost instantaneously.

*  History of Saskatchewan and its People - History section    

CA0222-H:  $28.00

For the description of this section see that provided for the complete CD, CA0222-C above.

*  History of Saskatchewan and its People - Biographies section

CA0222-B:  $28.00

For the description of this section see that provided for the complete CD, CA0222-C above.



My premonition of the amount of work involved in preparing the "Saskatchewan and its People" CDs for publication proved out so the publication of the previously hinted at latest book we have been loaned, "Shanty, Forest and River Life" will have to follow on in the next months releases.  Quite literally, we haven't been able to think about what follows so we'll have to look for something exciting to end the year with.



*  Records and Files Of The Quarterly Courts Of Essex County Massachusetts, 1636-1683

US0204:  $80.40    

Orig. Pub. Date: 1911-1921:  These volumes contain transcripts or extracts from the record books and loose papers of all courts that operated in the area that is now Essex County, Massachusetts, from 1636 to 1683. Nearly every person who resided for any length of time in Essex County in this period will be found in this set.

In 1636 the Massachusetts Bay General Court established quarterly courts to be held at several places in the colony, including Salem and Ipswich. In 1643 the General Court erected four counties in the colony: Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex and Norfolk. Essex County included Salem and Ipswich, and the courts at those places continued as they had since 1636. Norfolk County (not to be confused with the county of the same name erected in 1793) comprised the towns of Salisbury, Haverhill, Hampton, Exeter, Dover and Portsmouth. Quarterly courts were established at Salisbury and Hampton, and continued until 1679 when New Hampshire was established as a separate colony, Norfolk County was dissolved, and Salisbury and Haverhill were absorbed in Essex County. The last sitting of the Salisbury Court was on 11 November 1679.

The Quarterly Courts had jurisdiction over criminal, civil and administrative matters, so one will find here records of prosecution for various crimes, of lawsuits between private citizens, and of licenses for innkeepers. For most courts there are lists of the presiding magistrates and for the grand and petit juries for that court, in many cases accompanied by the grand jury presentments for the court. These courts also held probate jurisdiction, and many early wills, inventories and administration will be found here as well.

The main body of the text presents the information found in the record books for each court. Material from the file papers is included in the footnotes and, where possible, keyed to the associated entries in the record books.  Very few long-term residents of Essex County escaped mention in the court records.

*  Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, 1628- 1686

US0208:  $57.40

Author: Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Orig. Pub. Date: 1853-1854:  This massive series of volumes documents the development of the Massachusetts Bay Company into Massachusetts Bay Colony, providing a dense chronological record of the colony's civil, criminal and administrative court proceedings. Thousands of early New England colonists pass through these pages.  The bulk of the records in these volumes are the proceedings of the General Court or the Court of Assistants of Massachusetts Bay Colony, which had jurisdiction over the whole colony. Interspersed through these records are also the minutes from some of the meetings of the Suffolk Quarter Court, covering the area that would become Suffolk County.  In the first volume will be found the records of the meetings in England of the Massachusetts Bay Company in London in 1629 and early 1630, before the transfer of the company charter to New England on the Winthrop Fleet.  In the 1630 and early 1640s, before the establishment of the Quarter Courts and then the County Courts, the court recorded in these books was the only one for the whole colony. As a result, the earliest probate records will be found scattered through these pages.

The records of these colony-wide courts encompass the full range of the social and economic structure of Massachusetts Bay, with land grants and appointments to high office for the colony's leaders, alongside records of runaway servants and similar misdemeanors.

*  Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah

US0212:  $40.20

(Comprising Photographs - Genealogies & Biographies)

Author: Frank Esshom, Orig. Pub. Date: 1913:  The author has collected nearly six thousand photographs of Utah pioneers (before 1869) and other prominent early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In a separate section are included brief biographical and genealogical sketches of these men and many more from the same era.

This large volume is divided into three sections. The first seven hundred pages are devoted to the photographs, nine to a page. Next are the sketches, filling nearly six hundred pages. The book concludes with a brief chronological history of the church.

The pioneers are those who arrived in Utah between 24 July 1647 and 30 December 1868, before the coming of the railroad. To these are added other prominent Utahans who arrived after the coming of the railroad, such as stake presidents, ward bishops and governors.

The author collected the material by travelling around the state and interviewing the pioneers themselves, or their descendants, and following up with correspondence. This volume is, therefore, much like the mugbooks and genealogies created about this time, in that it includes reliable data on recent generations which may not be easily found by modern researchers in surviving records.

*  Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia: A Compilation of Biographical Sketches of Prominent Men and Women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

US0213:  $40.20

Author: Andrew Jenson, Orig. Pub. Date: 1901-1936:  These four volumes comprise more than three thousand biographies of the early leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many accompanied by photographs. The author has included accounts of all the general authorities and many of the presidents and bishops of the stakes and wards.

Andrew Jenson was Assistant Church Historian, and so these sketches carry the authorization of the church. The sketches are organized hierarchically, beginning with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, and continuing through the fifth president, Lorenzo Snow, still living at the time of the publication of this volume. These are followed by accounts of the counsellors to the presidents, the members of the Council of Twelve Apostles, and so on down the church structure.

Sketches of many women are included. This is especially the case in the final volume, which includes biographical information on the leaders of the missions and of the many support groups of the church, such as the Mutual Improvement Associations.

*  History of the Old South Church (Third Church) Boston, 1669-1884, 2 volumes

US0218:  $34.40

Author: Hamilton Andrews Hill, Orig. Pub. Date: 1890:  Hamilton Hill utilized and printed a large number of contemporaneous documents in preparing this comprehensive history of the Third or Old South Church of Boston during its first two centuries. The account of the serious controversies surrounding the formation of this church is especially complete.

In this strictly chronological treatment of the history of the Old South Church, Hill includes throughout the two volumes hundreds of verbatim extracts from the surviving records of the church. During the years when they exist and are relevant, he also quotes extensively from private and public letters and petitions, from Samuel Sewall's Diary and from Boston newspapers.

The Third or Old South Church was founded in 1669 by members of the First Church of Boston who were opposed to the settlement of the Reverend John Davenport as minister of the first church. The secession and founding of the new church were acrimonious and generated dozens of letters and petitions and other documents, many of which are published here and provide an excellent picture of the issues surrounding the organization of a new church in the developing Congregational denomination.  When consulted in conjunction with "An Historical Catalogue of the Old South Church (Third Church) Boston, 1669-1882," US0219 (see below) these two volumes give a comprehensive picture of this important congregation.

*  An Historical Catalogue of the Old South Church (Third Church) Boston, 1669-1882

US0219:  $17.20    

Author: Hamilton Andrews Hill and George Frederick Bigelow, Orig. Pub. Date: 1883:  The compilers of this volume have presented complete lists of those admitted to full communion and those who subscribed to the covenant of the Old South Church for the full span of years stated in the title and have added biographical sketches of members admitted to full communion from 1669 to 1719.

By the middle of the seventeenth century, Congregational churches provided two paths to membership. Anyone willing to go through a rigorous examination of their experience of saving grace, and receiving the approval of other church members, could be a member in full communion, and receive all the benefits of church membership. Anyone who did not wish to submit to the examination of their experience of saving grace, but willing to subscribe to the church covenant, could be accepted to a lesser form of membership which would permit them to have their children baptized.

This volume begins with lists of the pastors and deacons of this church, and then provides full lists of each category of membership, presented first in chronological and then in alphabetical order. The volume concludes with brief biographical sketches of the members in full communion for the first fifty years of the existence of the Third Church.

When consulted in conjunction with the "History of the Old South Church (Third Church) Boston, 1669-1884", US0218 (see above) this volume gives a comprehensive picture of this important congregation.

*  History of the Town of Holland, Massachusetts

US0224:  $28.70    

Author: Rev. Martin Lovering, Orig. Pub. Date: 1915:  Rev. Lovering has prepared the history of Holland, Massachusetts, covering the founding and settlement of the town, and examining several other topics. Many biographical sketches are scattered throughout, and the second half of the book presents compiled genealogies of dozens of Holland families.

The territory that became the town of Holland was originally part of Brimfield, which was established as early as 1714. Holland was set off as a separate district in 1783 and received its charter as a town in 1835. Thus, there had been European settlers in Holland for more than a century before the town charter was granted.

Rev. Lovering arranged most of the historical half of the book by topics, such as schools, churches and the like. In several of these sections, the author included biographical sketches of ministers, soldiers (including all those identified as serving in the Civil War), and physicians. After the historical section and before the genealogical section, there are biographical sketches of many more prominent residents.

A separate chapter transcribes marriages, births and deaths from the 1790s until about 1850. There are also baptisms from one of the churches. The births are arranged by families, with the result that births that occurred before the establishment of the district are included for some families.

The second half of the book, about four hundred pages, comprises compiled genealogies of more than fifty Holland families. Some of these genealogies were compiled by family members rather than by the author. Thousands of inhabitants of Holland are treated in these genealogies.

*  History of the First Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts

US0225:  $28.70

Author: Walter Eliot Thwing, Orig. Pub. Date: 1908:  This volume contains nearly three centuries of the history of the First Church of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and its meeting houses, and is replete with biographical sketches of the ministers of the church, the deacons, ruling elders and other church officers, and hundreds of the members of the church.

The author has chosen to arrange this history around the five buildings that have served as meeting houses. For each of these buildings, he lists the ministers and church oficers. This list is followed by a history of the church and its meetinghouse for that time period, with extensive extracts from the church and colony records.  Next under each meeting house come the biographical sketches of the ministers, the ruling elders, the deacons, and lesser church officers. Finally, for each meeting house we are given the list of church members in chronological order, with the date of admission to the church where known.

For the first meeting house, under Thomas Weld, John Eliot and Samuel Danforth, the list of church members is taken from the records maintained by Eliot and Danforth. These ministers themselves appended biographical and genealogical information to the entries for most of the members, and the author of this volume has added even more such data where he could. Many of the church admission entries for the later meeting houses are also annotated with substantial personal information.

*  History of Utah

US0227:  $17.20    

Author: Hubert Howe Bancroft, Orig. Pub. Date: 1890:  Bancroft, the most prominent and prolific historian of the American West in the nineteenth century, comprehensively covers the history of the area that is now Utah, from the coming of the Spanish to the middle of the 1880s, as well as the history of the Mormon church before its migration to Utah.

Prior to writing this history, Bancroft had written more than two dozen other volumes on Western history, and he applies here his exhaustive methodology, reading all sources available to him. He notes the contentious nature of the literature, so much of which was created by passionate supporters and enemies of the Latter-day Saints. He attempts to maintain his objectivity by presenting in the main body of the text for the most part the official version of the history, and then in the footnotes sets forth conflicting evidence from other sources.

At the time this volume was written, Utah Territory had failed for the fifth time to attain statehood. Bancroft tells the full story of the intertwined pursuit of statehood and the practice of polygamy. Less than a decade after the publication of this volume, these issues were resolved and Utah became a state.  Bancroft paid special attention to the beginnings of settlement at dozens of locations in Utah, including the names of some of the earliest settlers.

*  The Early Records of the Town of Warwick

US0231:  $17.20

Author: The Librarian of the Rhode Island Historical Society [Howard M. Chapin], Orig. Pub. Date: 1926:  This verbatim transcript of the first volume of town records of Warwick, Rhode Island, contains a wide range of documents, mostly from 1648 to 1667, for the first generation of inhabitants of that town, including town orders, land grants, deeds (including Indian deeds) and a variety of lesser items.

Warwick was founded in 1643, but no records have survived from the first five years of its existence. The core of the present volume is a complete run of the town meeting minutes from 1648 to 1667. This portion of the book includes town orders relating to the government of the town, along with appointments and elections of town officers and records of many land grants to individuals.

Another section of the book, covering approximately the same time period, includes dozens of records of grants of land from the town to individuals, as well as deeds transferring land from person to person, including many original sales of land from Indians to the English settlers. This same part of the book includes a few probate proceedings, along with a few apprenticeships and guardianships. The inclusion of these documents in town records reflects the position of Rhode Island as the colony and state that has always had the most localized system of recordkeeping, with deeds and probates recorded at the town level.

Again from this same early time period, the volume includes a handful of court proceedings and coroner's inquests. In addition, there are many records of excise taxes levied for the importation of spirituous beverages.

The book in which all these records are found also included other records, some apparently entered at an earlier time and others certainly written down at a much later date. There are many pages which are partially in a shorthand notation; these turned out to be sermon notes, suggesting that the book had been brought from England to New England by one of the early Warwick settlers and then converted to the purpose of containing the town records.  Then, for several decades in the eighteenth century, those pages or parts of pages that remained blank were employed in recording the earmarks assigned to Warwick inhabitants.

*  Memorials of the Dead in Boston;     

US0235:  $28.70    

(Containing Exact Transcriptions of Inscriptions on the Sepulchral Monuments in the King's Chapel Burial Ground, in the City of Boston.)

Author: Thomas Bridgman, Orig. Pub. Date: 1853:  Bridgman begins this book with transcriptions of hundreds of surviving tombstones in Boston's King's Chapel Burial Ground, and supplements this source material with narrative and genealogical accounts of many of the families who used this cemetery, identifying thousands of relatives of the deceased.

The burial ground treated in this volume was the first in Boston, used from the first years of the town's existence. King's Chapel, the first Episcopalian church in Boston, was not built on these grounds until more than half a century later. Since this compilation was prepared in 1853, many inscriptions that no longer exist or are no longer legible in their original form appear here.

Most of the tombstones represented here are from the seventeenth century or the early eighteenth century. A few of the plots continued to accept burials in the early nineteenth century, but other burial grounds, including Copp's Hill and the Granary, had long been available by that time.

The second half of the book has dozens of articles on those families with many burials in the King's Chapel grounds. These articles were contributed by several writers, with some being composed in narrative form and others in a more standard genealogical arrangement. In either case, these accounts place those buried here in a broader context, and described thousands of individuals related to the deceased, most of whom died and were buried elsewhere.

*  Early Settlers of Alabama

US0237:  $22.90

Author: Col. James Edmond Saunders Orig. Pub. Date: 1899:  Col. Saunders and his family were early settlers of northern Alabama, and in his later years he compiled extensive information on thousands of residents of the Tennessee River Valley, to which his daughter added even more (written) genealogical material, extending lines back into Virginia and the Carolinas.

Saunders began his historical section with a survey of early officeholders of northern Alabama, followed by detailed accounts of the military units from the area that fought in the War Between the States. Saunders could not limit himself to the immediate topic at hand, but always provided much family information on the county officials and soldiers he treated, based on his direct knowledge of the families and their setting.

His granddaughter began to compile more straightforward genealogical accounts of many of the same families, to accompany her grandfather's narrative material. After his death she continued the work, which included abstracts from wills, deeds, newspapers and other sources.

As a result of these complementary efforts, hundreds of families may be seen from more than one perspective. Many of the families are traced back to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, and also traced forward to Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as Alabama.

*  Annals of Portsmouth,

US0239:  $14.90

(Comprising a Period of Two Hundred Years from the First Settlement of the Town; with Biographical Sketches of a Few of the Most Respectable Inhabitants)

Author: Nathaniel Adams, Orig. Pub. Date: 1825:  Adams has compiled a chronological account of the history of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, providing year-by-year entries from 1621 through 1823, based on a wide range of primary sources. Salted throughout the narrative are brief biographies of town leaders, ministers and others important to the town.

The author scoured all sources available to him, including town, county, military and church records. He organized this material into annual accounts of events occurring in town each year, as well as events in the larger world that impinged upon Portsmouth, frequently providing lengthy verbatim excerpts from the records. The topics covered include the usual ones of the foundation of the town, church history and Indian conflicts. Adams also took notice of other less usual matters, such as eclipses and earthquakes.

As might be expected, the annual entries for many of the earliest years are relatively brief, with some years being omitted, largely because of the paucity of records for the beginning years. By the middle of the eighteenth century, and especially during the Revolutionary years, the entries become quite substantial, covering the wide range of important events occurring throughout the colonies.

*  Historical Sketches of the Discovery, Settlement, and Progress of Events in the Coos Country and Vicinity, Principally Included Between the Years 1754 and 1785

US0240: $14.90    

Author: Rev. Grant Powers, Orig. Pub. Date: 1880:  In the early decades of the nineteenth century, Rev. Powers interviewed the surviving pioneer settlers of the "Coos Country" -- the region of exceptionally fertility along either side of the Connecticut River in New Hampshire and Vermont - resulting in detailed accounts of hundreds of settlers. Prior to 1840, the original publication date of this volume, Powers was able to locate about twenty surviving early settlers of the Coos Country. Based on his discussions with them, and on other sources available to him, he was able to present a detailed story of the settlement of several New Hampshire and Vermont towns in the years before and during the Revolution. (Note that the region covered by this volume is not the same as Coos County, the northernmost county in New Hampshire, to the northeast of the area described here.)

The core of his story revolves around Haverhill, New Hampshire, and Newbury, Vermont, two towns which face one another across the Connecticut River. As suggested by the names of these two towns, many of the earliest settlers derived from the older towns of the same names in Massachusetts. The origins and migration routes of many of the pioneers of Coos Country are included in this history.

*  Magnalia Christi Americana; or, The Ecclesiastical History of New-England; From Its First Planting, in the Year, 1620, unto the Year of Our Lord 1698, 2 volumes

(Also commonly known as "Mather's Magnalia")

US0249:  $34.40

Author: Cotton Mather, Orig. Pub. Date: 1855:  Cotton Mather was the most prolific writer of colonial New England. In these two magnificent volumes, he preserves much history of the institution that became the Congregational Church. Most importantly, he collected important biographical information on nearly all the early New England ministers.

Mather knew no moderation in collecting information and putting it in print. Although the work is described as an ecclesiastical history, there is more to it than that. Mather also presented accounts of the founding of the various New England colonies, with biographical sketches of the governors of those colonies and of some other leading citizens. He also included accounts of the early history of Harvard College and of the Indian wars of the seventeenth century.

Mather searched widely for information on the ministers whose lives he delineated. In many cases, he would have known the ministers themselves, or their children or members of their congregations. (He was, of course, grandson of two of the greatest ministers of the immigrant generation: Rev. John Cotton and Rev. Richard Mather.) Mather also made use of such printed sources as existed at that early date.

*  Genealogical Notes, or Contributions to the Family History of Some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts    

US0252:  $14.90    

Author: Nathaniel Goodwin, Orig. Pub. Date: 1856:  Nathaniel Goodwin's career as probate clerk and judge prepared him well for the compilation of the earliest published, well-documented accounts of thousands of descendants (representing hundreds of surnames) of thirty-seven early New England families, most from Wethersfield, Hartford and Windsor in Connecticut, but some from Massachuetts Bay as well.

As a result of his extensive experience with Connecticut probate records, Goodwin was able to provide extensive documentation for the immigrant generation in most of these thirty-seven families. He often provided complete transcripts of the wills of the immigrants, as well as material from the deed registers, in both Connecticut and Massachusetts. Unlike so many other authors of the same and even later periods, Goodwin provided volume and page citations for these records.

The author was clearly skilled in using these early records. On many occasions, in presenting the early generations of these families, he stated explicitly how he arrived at the list of children in a given family, in the absence of vital records.

Goodwin was born in 1782, in the sixth generation of descent from an early Connecticut family. With his early interest in genealogy, he had ample opportunity to collect information from many living members of the fourth and fifth generations of New Englanders, and so the data from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, although not documented, may be considered reliable.  After a century and a half the work of Nathaniel Goodwin remains valuable for the study of the families which he included in his work.

Note: This book is also among the 22 volumes in our popular "Compendium of New England Pioneers, US0400" which is available at 66% OFF the regular retail price of the individual books if purchased separately.:  *US0400 will be available shortly.

*  A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England

US0261:  $14.90

Author: John Farmer, Orig. Pub. Date: 1829:  In this volume John Farmer produced the first attempt to survey systematically the earliest immigrants to New England. Working at a time when published sources were vanishingly few, Farmer compiled a nearly complete catalog of the immigrant generation and laid the basis for similar future compendia.

Farmer's goal was to include in his work all those who had come to New England by 1643, as well as ministers and magistrates before 1692 and graduates of Harvard College, members of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company and Massachusetts Bay freemen before 1662.

To carry out this plan, Farmer himself inspected such records as he could, mostly in New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts, and for the records and families in other parts of New England relied on correspondents. He presented the information in alphabetical order, with many abbreviations in the text.  Farmer's work was remarkable for its time and continues to deserve our admiration.Note: This book is also among the 22 volumes in our popular "Compendium of New England Pioneers, US0400" which is available at 66% OFF the regular retail price of the individual books if purchased separately. *US0400 will be available shortly.

*  Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution, With an Historical Essay

US0263:  $34.40

Author: Lorenzo Sabine, Orig. Pub. Date: 1864:  Sabine has gathered in one place biographical accounts of thousands of Loyalists of the American Revolution, from all thirteen of the rebellious colonies. He has outlined the activities which defined them as Loyalists, and has traced many of them to the Maritime Provinces of Canada and to England.

The author prefaces the biographical material with an historical essay, which outlines the political background to the Revolution, which set the conditions under which some of the colonist chose to remain loyal to the Crown. The essay then describes the treatment of these Loyalists by the "Whigs," as Sabine calls the revolutionaries, and the lives of the Loyalists in the aftermath of the Revolution.

The biographical accounts range from a few lines to a few pages, gathering in one place everything that Sabine was able to discover about each of the Loyalists. He always includes information on the activities of the biographees during the Revolution, that led to their designation as Loyalists. Where he can, he provides information on their residences and activities after leaving the thirteen colonies.  The biographies are presented in two alphabetical sequences, the first of which comprises those Loyalists on whom Sabine was able to unearth a substantial amount of information, and the second of which includes brief data on hundreds more of lesser known Loyalists.

*  Old Westmoreland: A History of Western Pennsylvania During the Revolution

US0275:  $14.90

Author: Edgar W. Hassler, Orig. Pub. Date: 1900:  Westmoreland County was set off from Bedford County in 1773 and during the Revolution encompassed the western quarter of Pennsylvania. Hassler tells the story of the county during the Revolution, episode by episode, with detailed accounts of individuals who took part in the military expeditions.

The author opens with a discussion of the earliest settlers in the county, and also describes the conflicts arising from the claims by Virginia to much of the same territory. For several years both Virginia and Pennsylvania courts operated in much of this territory.

Hassler then begins his Revolutionary account with events in 1774, including the establishment of a committee of correspondence. Chapter by chapter, he narrates each episode occurring in this territory, in which those sympathizing with the Revolutionary side were in conflict with Loyalists, British, and Indians allied with the former two groups.

The various stories tell of espionage, transportation of gunpowder from New Orleans and St. Louis, commando raids, and straightforward military operations. Since most of these events were quite small and limited in time compared with the fighting further east, the author is able to investigate in detail the activities of many ordinary participants.

The various accounts are well documented, with citations to a wide range of both published and manuscript original sources, such as private letters and diaries and official reports, as well as secondary sources prepared during the nineteenth century.

*  Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire

US0288:  $17.20    

Author: Sybil Noyes, Charles T. Libby, and Walter G. Davis, Orig. Pub. Date: 1928-1939: This compilation by three leading authorities treats all immigrants to northern New England prior to 1700, and their descendants to the third generation. By analyzing all available seventeenth century documents, the authors have made this the source of first resort for early Maine and New Hampshire.

The authors deliberately modelled their work on James Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England, but with some augmentations. First, they extended the coverage seven years, to all those who had arrived by 1699. Second, they tried to "give the marriages and deaths of the third generation, instead of only the births." As a result, in their own estimation they have created "a 'Savage' for northern New England."

Because of the frequent conflicts with the Native population during the seventeenth century, many of these families had to take refuge from time to time in various towns in southern New England, and so there are many connections made to families in those towns, especially in Massachusetts Bay. A common feature of these Indian raids was that some of the European settlers were taken into captivity and lived among the Indians or the French, and many of these captives are treated here as well.

An unusual and important feature of this genealogical dictionary is the collection of "lists" at the front of the book. Organized by Charles Thornton Libby, this section comprises hundreds of tax lists, grants of land, merchants' accounts, coroner's juries and all manner of other documents which contain a high density of names of early settlers of Maine and New Hampshire, and even of those who were just passing through. Most sketches presented in this dictionary contain multiple cross-references to these lists, thus guiding the researcher to the underlying original sources.

Note: This book is also among the 22 volumes in our popular "Compendium of New England Pioneers, US0400" which is available at 66% OFF the regular retail price of the individual books if purchased separately. *US0400 will be available shortly.

*  The Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts

US0289:  $45.90

Volume I, 1635-1664 (Salem, Massachusetts, 1916), Volume II, 1665-1674 (Salem, Massachusetts, 1917), Volume III, 1675-1681 (Salem, Massachusetts, 1920).:  These three volumes have collected in one place all probate records for the towns that constitute Essex County. Wills and inventories are provided in full transcription, while all other documents, including letters of administration, estate settlements and the like, may appear in full or in abstract.

For the period covered by these volumes, there was no separate probate court, and most of the documents included here were entered in volumes devoted to a variety of other legal matters, such as colony and county court minutes, town and county deed volumes, and even town meeting minutes.  From 1643 to 1679, the towns of Salisbury, Haverhill and Amesbury were in old Norfolk County, and were incorporated into Essex County in the latter year, upon the creation of the colony of New Hampshire. Probate records for these towns, found mostly in the records of old Norfolk County, have been included here as well.

The records collected here are essential for the study of the first three generations of Essex County families.

*  Pioneers on Maine Rivers with Lists to 1651

US0290:  $14.90

Author: Wilbur D. Spencer, Orig. Pub. Date: 1930:  Most of the early settlers of what is now the state of Maine were fishermen or fur traders, who tended to settle at the mouths of the many rivers in that region. Spencer has systematically surveyed the early settlers of these rivers, providing an essential insight into the lives of these pioneers.

Spencer has produced a narrative of the early events at each of the bays and rivers that he studied, gathering together the details of the earliest settlements in each location, as well as telling of the unusual or critical events occurring there.

Along with these narratives, Spencer has provided two other features that will be especially helpful to the genealogist.

First, he has scrupulously documented each of his statements. The researcher will be led to the original court records and deeds, and to documents in the other published and unpublished collections of miscellaneous documents that survive for this region.

Second, at the end of his story for each river or bay, he appends a list of the settlers of that location, with a brief summary of the activities of that settler there. Since many of these pioneers moved from one location to another, they will appear in more than one of the lists, allowing the researcher to combine these short accounts into a full life.

This volume is an important companion to the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire by Noyes, Libby and Davis, see US0288 above.

Note: This book is also among the 22 volumes in our popular "Compendium of New England Pioneers, US0400" which is available at 66% OFF the regular retail price of the individual books if purchased separately. *US0400 will be available shortly.

*  The Pioneers of Massachusetts

US0292:  $28.70

Author: Charles Henry Pope, Orig. Pub. Date: 1900:  Pope has entries for more than five thousand persons found in the records of Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony between 1620 and 1650. The author follows each resident of these colonies until death, utilizing many sources not employed by Savage and others who had covered the same period.

Pope squeezes into his entries information from ship passenger lists, lists of freemen, church records, town records, deeds and wills. Of especial importance, the author included data from the Massachusetts Archives papers, from the Middlesex County Court Files and from the notarial records of Thomas Lechford and William Aspinwall, sources not mined by previous compilers of similar compendia.

This source provides a comprehensive survey of the early decades of two New England colonies, and must be consulted by all researchers working in this time and place.

Note: This book is also among the 22 volumes in our popular "Compendium of New England Pioneers, US0400" which is available at 66% OFF the regular retail price of the individual books if purchased separately. *US0400 will be available shortly.

*  Compendium of New England Pioneers

US0400:  $103.40

Comprising 14 books, 22 volumes in all.


See other titles in this list for the contents of this compendium.



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