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Welcome to the Archive CD Books Canada July newsletter.

I recently saw a message from a lady who said she was returning to her computer to do some research because it was far too hot to be outside.  So for those of you deep into mid-summer research we are pleased to bring you:-

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There are many new titles in this newsletter.  We have received a new British Census CD set from England.  Fortunately this one is also being released as individual CDs to ease the pain in the pocket book.  More new great Irish titles and great news about a technology enhancement

A total of 32 new title releases and two re-released CDs in this newsletter.

New releases from Archive CD Books Canada.

New British Books on CD

New British Census on CD

New Irish Books on CD

News, Gossip, and more.


To find a book on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box.  Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.

Alternatively you can browse through the catalogue using the drop down headings lists.  We have tried to multi-list books where they correspond to more than one category but consider the possibility that the subject you are looking for may be under a related heading.

There is frequently more information about the books available on the web site than that which is included in the following descriptions.  All prices in $Cdn.



*  Three Years in Canada, Vol II

CA0215-2:  $19.00

This is an early and rare book describing Canada, in the form of a report to the British Government, its development and the opportunities it offers.  While this is the second of two volumes comprising the whole book it stands in its own right without any loss of information or intelligence.  This is because the author, John MacTaggart, does not seem to have been following any plan for the contents or format of the book but simply collected his observations, interpretations and impressions into a random order and published them.  Perhaps the only exceptions to this rule may be found towards the rear of this volume where he suggests advantageous courses in which Canada's development might be directed.

As well as gathering materials for this book, MacTaggart was employed as the Clerk of Works under Col. John By in the construction of the Rideau Canal from Ottawa (Bytown) on the Ottawa, or Grand, river to Kingston on the St Lawrence at its exit from Lake Ontario.  He earned himself a reputation as a free-thinker and was known for being free with his views, especially when heíd been drinking.  A good deal of these attitudes come through in the book making his descriptions and impressions all the more valuable by probably being more accurate and less influenced by the politics of the day.  On the other hand, he does not hold back in expressing his own opinions and ideas in a way which tends to jar with our current perceptions and knowledge.  Altogether this gives us a wonderful insight into the early development of Canada, its people and its customs.

We have placed a freely downloadable sampler of this great book on our "Downloads" page and it includes the table of contents so you can see the physical and intellectual extent of the topics covered.  To add value for the busy researcher we have fully bookmarked the pages and have made it computer searchable including our optional enhanced "FastFind" search capabilities**.The original of the book is owned by a good friend of the Archive CD Books project, Karen Prytula.  Karen has asked us to dedicate this CD edition of her book to: "Great Aunt Dolly and Great Uncle Harry Rush for helping me so much in researching our family history." and we are pleased to do so.

*  The Medical Services

CA0224:  $28:00

By Sir Andrew MacPhail, Kt., O.B.E., M.D., C.M., LL.D., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., F.R.C.S., professor of the History of medicine, McGill University.  First published 1925.

While standing alone in its own right as a revealing history of this specialized and fascinating aspect of the Great War conflict, this book was also written to become a component of the comprehensive “History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War” being written and produced under the direction and supervision of  Col. A. Fortescue Duguid in his position as the Director of the Historical Section, General Staff.  The project was, however interrupted by the outbreak of the 2nd World War so that only this book and the first part of the overall Official History covering the activities of the first contingent of the C.E.F. (our catalogue number CA0098) were completed and published.

We first heard about this book when we were doing our research for our republication of Duguid's history, together with stories that it had created quite a flurry in official circles because of the rather outspoken and blunt views expressed in it.  Having now had a chance to read it we can understand how it would have caused consternation amongst some senior staff and officials.  Sir Andrew comes from the "tell it as I see it" school and has no hesitation in pointing out political maneuvering, errors, and downright stupidity.  Now that's not to say that this entire book is just an exposé.  Far from it.  This is a fascinating account of how the medical sections of the allied (and occasionally the German) armies dealt with the challenges and unprecedented confluence of an unlimited, mechanized war, being fought in trenches, and a medical discipline which was in the process of transitioning from an art to a science.

Sir Andrew's writing is well planned and well implemented.  He provides the relevant facts clearly, with plenty of reference to his supporting sources, and manages to explain the consequence and outcomes both at the strategic and the individual level.  While its inevitable that such a subject would involve some of the technical language of medicine there is not so much of it that the lay person cannot follow the thread  with ease.

He includes plenty of statistical analysis of the medical consequences of sending over 400,000 Canadians to fight a war in Europe as well as records of the key staff running hospitals and other important medical services.  Also not forgotten are the men and women who actually brought medicine to the battlefield.  Sir Andrew provides a full listing of all the awards received and of all those who gave their lives in the medical service.

We have provided a freely downloadable sampler of pages from the book including the table of contents, a random sampling of pages from throughout, and a small segment of a large and very detailed map of the allied (mainly Canadian) and German trench dispositions on 9th April 1917 showing Neuville-St.-Vaast and Vimy.  Not shown in the sampler is the 24 page index provided by the original book.  In addition to this index, in the actual CD we have made the whole text searchable and enabled the FastFind feature allowing you to make almost instantaneous searches for any word in the book.

This valuable book has been loaned to us by Marc Leroux.  Marc has joined Chris Wight to undertake the mammoth task of making a biographical database of all the Canadians who took part in The Great War. This work will be underway for a long time, but the current data base contents have been made available and can be found at /  Please visit their site so they know their work is being appreciated.


*  Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory - 1871  :- CA0192-S

*  Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory - 1871 (Ontario Section) :- CA0192-O

GOOD NEWS!  At the OGS seminar we met a nice lady, Audrey Underwood, who was interested in our CD versions of the Directory.  It turned out that she had found and rescued her own original copy of this great directory - and hers included the pages missing from the original we borrowed.  Well Audrey has come through with a copy of the pages so we are re-releasing the complete and Ontario only CDs  with a complete compliment of pages.  Please join us in thanking Audrey for her generosity and great spirit!

We have placed freely downloadable images of the missing pages on our web site's Downloads page for you, or if you have already bought a copy of either of these CDs from us and want to get an updated version of it, mail it - in its box - to us at:

Archive CD Books Canada, PO Box 11, Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A2, CANADA together with a check (or MO) for $4.00 in Canadian funds AND YOUR RETURN POSTAL ADDRESS, and we will be happy to send you a new copy (ONLY the Full directory; CA0192-S and Ontarion section; CA0192-O please.)

And as a bonus both of these re-issued CD's are FastFnd enabled** for almost instantaneous searches.

** See News & Gossip below for more details.



The last of Marc's wonderful Great War books next month.

I have a very rare Toronto and the Home district ( includes Simcoe) directory and almanac for 1837 right next to the scanner.  It is missing the first 6 or so pages but all the interesting and valuable information is there.


(All prices in $Cdn.)



*  The Art of Heraldry

GB1390:  $18.40

Published in 1770This wonderful old book describes the coats of arms of many people AND has chapters on all of the parts of coats of arms and their meanings.

Includes name index. A superb reference book on the subject.

*  Devon 1914 Kelly's Directory

GB1391:  $26.70

An excellent full county directory of Devon, with the survey having been taken just before the first world war.

*  Deacon's Court Guide, Gazetteer and Royal Blue Book of Gloucestershire 1880

GB1392:  $26.7

This directory & gazetteer includes Bristol, and also Brislington, Bath (Somerset).

*  Oxfordshire 1911 Kelly's Directory

GB1393:  $26.70

A typically comprehensive Kelly's county directory.Includes a general description of the county, plus separate sections containing a Directory of places and their inhabitants, facilities, history, etc.; a private residents directory and a classified trades directory.

Includes a really excellent section on Oxford, with a complete house by house, street by street directory.

*  Gloucestershire 1885 Kelly's Directory

GB1394:  $26.70

A typically comprehensive Kelly's county directory.

Includes a general description of the county, plus separate sections containing a Directory of places and their inhabitants, facilities, history, etc.; a private residents directory and a classified trades directory.

*  Illustrated London News - January to June 1847

GB1395:  $33.60

*  Cornwall 1914 Kelly's Directory    

GB1396:  $26.70

An excellent full county directory of Cornwall, with the survey having been taken just before the first world war.

Includes a large colour county map and a street plan of Penzance.




C1841SAL:  $95.30


Extremely high resolution grey scale scanned images of the original census enumerator's books.

In addition to the full county set, we have made parts of the Shropshire 1841 census available on individual CDs each containing a range of census pieces.

If you do not need the whole county, then this is the opportunity for you to buy smaller parts at a more affordable price for the districts in which you have interest.    (Please see our on-line catalogue for details of the areas covered by each individual CD)

*  CD1 HO107/899-901

C1841SAL01:  $16.10

*  CD2 HO107/902-904

C1841SAL02:  $16.10

*  CD3 HO107/905-906

C1841SAL03:  $16.10

*  CD4 HO107/907

C1841SAL04:  $16.10

*  CD5 HO107/908

C1841SAL05:  $16.10

*  CD6 HO107/909

C1841SAL06:  $16.10

*  CD7 HO107/910-911

C1841SAL07:  $16.10

*  CD8 HO107/912-914

C1841SAL08:  $16.10

*  CD9 HO107/915-917

C1841SAL09:  $16.10

*  CD10 HO107/918-919

C1841SAL10:  $16.10

*  CD11 HO107/920-922

C1841SAL11:  $16.10

*  CD12 HO107/923-925

C1841SAL12:  $16.10

*  CD13 HO107/926-927

C1841SAL13:  $16.10

*  CD14 HO107/928

C1841SAL14:  $16.10



*  Bassett's Book of Antrim 1888

IET0022:  $30.90

Bassett's Book of Antrim is both a directory and a guide to the entire county in 1888. It is one of the most important sources published for late nineteenth century Antrim, recording details (addresses and occupations) for over 5,000 people in the county. It contains 414 pages of detailed information, as well as an excellent full colour map.The book begins with the history, economy, geology and social life of the county. This is followed by a full directory for every town and village, giving the names and details for all office-holders, professionals, merchants and tradesmen, as well as a full alphabetical directory of farmers and other residents not listed by trade. There is a detailed introduction to each town and village, with information about the economy, history, religion, railways, post, and general character of the place. It includes an extended treatment for Belfast, and the towns of Lisburn, Ballymena and the Coleraine district. The book finishes with an index of places, a list of fairs and markets, and includes many commercial advertisements.

*  The Sligo Chronicle Almanac and Directory for 1878

IET0029:  $14.00

This is a short, yet very rare publication by the Sligo Chronicle newspaper. It contains a complete business directory for Sligo in 1878. It also contains a very detailed set of "Local memoranda" concerning the county, including a history of Sligo county and details about Sligo town, and the towns of Rosses Point, Ballymote, Collooney, Ballisodare, and Easky. This is followed by a comprehensive listing of all the people associated with the various administrative bodies in the county, including MPs, judiciary, Sligo corporation, Harbour Board, Sligo Union, Tobercurry Union, Dromore West Union, Sligo & Leitrim Asylum, County Infirmary, religious establishments, schools and the army.

However the real value of this publication is the range of unusual topics it covers. It has a section on "Profitable thoughts" containing many poems, a section on famous men and women from the county, and more. The book also includes an extraordinary calendar for the year ahead, which contains articles on a divers range of topics both local and international, with 15 illustrations. While only 84 pages, this is a useful book for those studying Sligo and its people.

*  Farrar's Index to Irish Marriages 1771-1812

IET0038:  $30.90

This index by Henry Farrar, published in two volumes in 1897, details all the marriage entries in Walker's Hibernian Magazine 1771-1812.

There are over 12,000 marriages recorded from a time when few other records of this nature survive. As a consequence it is of exceptional genealogical value, recording the names, addresses and some occupations of the couples, and often the names and details of their parents (principally the fathers of the brides). The dates and places of marriage are also recorded, and occasionally a lot of additional detail for selected marriages. We estimate that around 20,000 names are included in this source.

The two volumes also include an Appendix by Sir Arthur Vicars of the births, deaths and marriages recorded in the short-lived magazine Anthologia Hibernica 1793-94.  There are around 1,350 records in this section. In total we estimate that the books contain over 22,000 names across 547 pages.

The majority of the information is derived from "The Hibernian magazine: or compendium of entertaining knowledge", a monthly magazine established in 1771 until it ceased in 1812. It was the main general Dublin journal for this period and covered many topics, from news and current affairs to fashion and the arts. As a consequence it was the main publication for the announcement of marriages.

*  Guy's Directory of Munster 1893

IET0049:  $43.30

Francis Guy postal directory of the province of Munster is an exceptionally important book. It is one of the few detailed directories for Munster from this period, and records over 140,000 names in 1,183 pages. There is a section for each county, beginning with a history and description of the county, followed by administrative office holders, judiciary, religions and clerics, fairs, markets, banks, education, legal, medical, institutions, newspapers, poor law unions, county and city establishments. This is followed by a full postal directory for every village and town in the county. This directory is structured by profession, and is similar to a trades directory, except that it also includes a full directory of farmers in the locality. The list for each place also includes all administrative officials and institutions (schools, churches, etc.) for that area. Each name also gives an address and profession. This is followed by a full alphabetical directory for the county that lists name, profession and address for each person. The county sections that include a city area (i.e. Cork, Limerick and Waterford) have parallel postal directories and alphabetical directories for those cities as well as the county. Each county section finishes with some statistics, and also includes a number of unique illustrations.The following list gives the number of pages and names recorded for each county: Clare: 102 pages, 12,000 names, Cork city and county: 508 pages, 60,000 names, Kerry: 122 pages, 12,000 names, Limerick city and county: 174 pages, 22,000 names, Tipperary: 164 pages, 20,000 names, Waterford city and county: 113 pages, 14,000 names

*  The Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland, 1889-1891

IET0050:  $37.10

In 1885 Alfred Barnard undertook to visit the whiskey distilleries of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. His publication The Whiskey Distilleries of the United Kingdom, published in 1887, has become a world famous guide for that whiskey industry. Following on from that success Barnard undertook a similar project with the noted breweries. Published over three years and four volumes The Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland is a magnificent insight into the brewing industry at the end of the nineteenth century. The primary aims of the volumes were to make the reader aware of the scale and nature of the brewing industry as well as providing some biographical details on the more eminent brewing families, including the world famous Guinness brewery and many other breweries in Dublin and Cork.

Over 110 breweries are covered over nearly 2,200 pages. Many of the descriptions of the breweries are accompanied by detailed sketches or photographs of the premises. If you like beer or even just have an interest in the brewing tradition then you will love this publication.

*  A Little Tour in Ireland, 1892

IET0051:  $24.70

First published in 1859 under the author title of "An Oxonian" this is version is a "new edition" published in 1892. The original release had a very limited print run and there were many calls for a second version to meet demand. Much of this demand was generated by a desire to see the illustrations that accompany the text. Indeed, even the illustrator himself, John Leech, had asked for a new edition to be produced. Leech had died by the time this edition was published. The Oxonian's journey took him from Dublin to Galway, then to Limerick, Killarney, Cork and finally back to Dublin. In-between he visited towns such as Clifden, Kylemore, Glengarriff and Blarney. Also included is a chapter on the famine and it effects in Galway in particular, as told by a local waiter. The author concludes with a trip to Donnybrook Fair and seeing some of the sights before retiring to Morrisson's. The illustrations, both scenic and humours in nature, are sprinkled liberally throughout the 260 pages adding greatly to its value. This is a worthy addition to the travel writings on Ireland.

*  The King's County Directory, 1890

IET0053:  $30.90

The King's County Chronicle newspaper published the King's County Directory in 1890 in an attempt to "give in handy form concise details concerning matters of local character". As well as all having all the traditional aspects of an almanac and calendar, the King's County Directory covers the towns and villages of Offaly, with brief histories of the local areas and lists of the prominent inhabitants. Also included is an alphabetical list of all the parishes in the county as well as lists of all the Guardians and ratepayers for the Unions and the Municipal voters. Due to the level of detail in this publication a real insight into the break down of political structures at a local level is possible.

With over 350 pages, a detailed colour map and place index to accompany the map, this publication is a mine of information for anyone researching County Offaly or tracing their ancestors there.  

*  Tempest's Jubilee Annual 1909

IET0054:  $24.70

The Tempest publishers of Dundalk has been established since 1859, publishing directories of the town, surrounding areas and the county of Louth since 1861. This book was a special edition of their annual directory, to celebrate 50 years of their operation, and consequently it includes a great deal of additional information in 258 pages. Most importantly it includes a 50-year retrospective of Dundalk with 15 articles on that topic, covering issues as diverse as religion, education, sport, railways and what the town might look like in 1959! This is followed by biographies of 124 prominent people from the town and surrounding areas, and portraits are included for 106 of them. The book includes a full business and establishment directory for County Louth and Dundalk town, as well as Ardee, Ballybay, Blackrock, Carlingford, Carrickmacross, Castlebellingham, Collon, Castleblayney, Drogheda, Dunleer, Greenore, Newry and Warrenpoint. It is especially detailed for Dundalk itself, and provides histories and descriptions of that town and the county in general. There is a wealth of statistical information, and the directory lists over 2,000 people. The book also includes 37 full-page plates of illustrations. Many of these are rare or unpublished elsewhere.

In short this is an essential resource for those studying Dundalk and Louth and its people.



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.


We are pleased to announce that all new releases from Archive CD Books Canada will have an enhanced text search feature we are calling "FastFind."  This is actually a new feature which can be applied to text searchable PDF files and which makes finding your search word(s) almost instantaneous.  The CDs which are FastFind enabled carry instructions on how to set up Adobe Reader V6 and V7 to take advantage of this new technology.  (Sorry it's not available in earlier versions of Reader.)  All our CDs will still be fully compatible with versions of Reader from V4 upwards but you can only take advantage of the FastFind enhancement using V6 and V7.  Adobe Reader is a free download and the latest version for your computer can be downloaded by visiting:

Archive CD Books Australia is also implementing this enhanced searching on their new products.  We will keep you updated as other partners include the enhancement.

*  Ontario OGS Seminar, May '06:

As promised last month we have uploaded a couple of pictures of our booth at the OGS Seminar in Oshawa.

(The only time we could get out to take a picture was when all the attendees were in conference - hence, no customers!)

*  Ottawa branch OGS Irish Group.

We gave our presentation to this intimate group as scheduled and they seemed to find it interesting.  So much so that the presentation scheduled to last an hour overran by more than an hour!

*  Family News.

We were both thrilled to hear from Archive CD Books Australia the announcement of the birth of Stephen and Alison Phillips' 6th child. Oliver arrived at 7.30am on Thursday 23 June, a brother for Lachlan, Timothy, Jonathan, William and Isabelle.  (Steve is one of the team running Archive CD Books Australia. :-)  )


July 17-22, 2006 10 am-3 pm  - LIBRARY RESEARCH WEEK

Curtsey of the BRITISH COLUMBIA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY at the WALTER  DRAYCOTT RESOURCE CENTRE  & LIBRARY, #211- 12837 76th Avenue, Surrey, B.C., (76th Avenue and 128th Street)

Featuring research on England, Monday; Scotland, Tuesday; Ireland, Wednesday; Canada, Thursday; U.S.A., Friday; & Europe, Australia and New Zealand on Saturday. See what's available in your area, or ask for some assistance.

The Society's Resource Centre & Library in Surrey, B.C., contains over 10,000 worldwide genealogical & family history related books and periodicals, microfilmed records, CDs & clipping & card files compiled by the Society, including one of 100,000 entries on past British Columbia residents.



CALLING ALL DESCENDENTS OF "MICHAEL 'DUBH' MACKINNON.  The MacKinnon family reunion will be held in Washabuck on July 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2006. Washabuck is located in Central CapeBreton.

"We have formed a small Reunion Committee so far but if anyone is interested in joining this committee please feel free to do so you would be very welcome. Some particulars have been decided such as the Hall facility, which is the Washabuck Community Centre in Lower Washabuck, and some of the activities are tentatively arranged."

Registration costs are $30.00 per adult; $10:00 per child 12 & under.

Please include your name, full address, phone number, e-mail address, number of people attending and their names along with registration fee to the treasurer of the MacKinnon Family Reunion:-

HILDA MADINSKY, 101 Castle Drive, Sydney, N.S. Canada, B1S 2A5

For further information contact: -

EDGAR BARRINGTON, 3005Kings Road, Sydney Forks, N.S., Canada, B1L1A4

E-mail Edgar Barrington: ; LEO MACDOUGALL:



Come one, Come all to the HAGGERTY FAMILY REUNION this year

from noon Friday August 18th through Sunday afternoon August 20th at the

Illahee State Park in East Bremerton WA. A 100 person shelter (#8) has

been reserved for all day Saturday & Sunday  with a major potluck picnic

planned for Saturday afternoon.

RSVP: Patrick Haggerty @ 360-405-6106. We need to get an idea of the

numbers attending.


September 9, 09:30 - 11:30 a.m., British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING followed by "Engineers & Navvies; The builders of the Rideau Canal by Christina Tessier, Director of the Bytown Museum.

Web site:


September 16 from 10 AM to 4 PM:  GENEALOGY FAIR - Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society Inc. is holding a Genealogical Fair  at Millidgeville North School, Boar's Head Road, Saint John, NB.  Admission is Free! The Fair is an "Open House" for anybody interested in genealogy. Come and see what other researchers have been working on - perhaps your family is here!

Talk to people who have genealogical information from the Saint  John area, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI. Browse through reference information used by area genealogists. Most of the exhibitors are folks like you, who have an interest in genealogy. This is an opportunity to share information The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, will be bringing resource material on Saint John, Kings and Charlotte counties from their collection. The New Brunswick Museum and the Kings County Museum, will display resources held at these institutions. Several individuals have produced books and these will be on display.

There is a place for you to display your “brick wall”. Place your problem/query on a letter size sheet and put it on the wall so that all who attend may read it. Later these queries will be placed in Generations, the magazine of the New Brunswick Genealogy Society.

Professional booksellers, who sell genealogically related material are welcome. Lunch can be purchased. If you visit, come prepared with your research to date so that you will be able to use the resources available to you.  Anyone interested in participating in the fair may reserve a table by contacting Joan Pearce by email . or by telephoning (506) 652-1551. Tables are free and are on a first come, first served basis.

 Mary Rosevear, the Editor of Generations magazine was kind enough to extend a personal invitation to Archive CD Books Canada to attend.  Unfortunately we had to decline the kind offer.


SEPTEMBER 22 to 24 :  The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa announces it's annual FALL CONFERENCE:  "Celebrate your Anglo-Celtic Roots."  To be held 22 to 24 September 2006 at the Library and Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St., Ottawa.

The conference will include Lectures from well known personalities, Workshops, One-on-one consultations, and a Marketplace.

Enquires to (613)234-2520, or e-mail to

Web site:



SEPTEMBER 30th, the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum and Archives, 13 Burke Street, Penetanguishene, ON will be holding it's second annual SETTLER'S DAY.

This year they have chosen to feature the Gendron Family of Penetanguishene.

The highlight of the events is the Beck Memorial Dinner held in the evening at a local historical site. The Gendron family will be honoured at this dinner and the focus will be on the family's history. Tickets for the dinner are limited and will sell out quickly.

  Contact: Pam Tessier, Research Co-ordinator, Genealogy Research Centre Penetanguishene Centennial Museum and Archives, 13 Burke Street, Penetanguishene, ON, L9M 1C1, 705-549-2150. e-mail:


October 14, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.,  British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) MEETING, Subject "Leave no Stone Unturned" by Terry Findley, member.

Web site:


OCTOBER 13 & 14, The Alberta Family Histories Society will hosts Calgary's genealogy event of the year, its biennial EXPO/SEMINAR, FAMILYROOTS 2006, at the Carriage House Inn.

The keynote speaker will be David Rencher of the LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake City. He is bound to electrify his audience with his presentation

 'Unlocking The Vault - The ScanStone Project'. He will review the evolutionary work involved in digitizing and indexing the entire Family Search granite mountain records over the next few years - a monumental achievement! 

The FAMILYROOTS 2006 event includes 24 presentations and 11 prominent speakers

 For full details explore

 Register early to ensure you are able to attend the presentation of your choice - space is definitely limited. An earlybird discount applies.

 Submitted by: BILL CAMPBELL, AFHS, Public Relations

The Society kindly invited Archive CD Books Canada to attend this meeting but - unfortunately - we had to decline with thanks.


November 4, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.,  British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) MEETING, Subject "Ghosts of the Great War" by Tony Atherton of the Ottawa Citizen.

Web site:


December 9, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.,  British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) MEETING, Subject "More Great Moments in Genealogy" by BIFHSGO members.

Web site:


APRIL 28, 2007:  Biennial Seminar; ROOTS AROUND THE WORLD

Rick Hansen Secondary School Abbotsford, BC

Workshops - Marketplace - Visual Displays


This is also the weekend to get your DNA sampled for Genealogical purposes

See for more details.


 June 15-17, 2007:  Call for Speakers NBGS CONFERENCE.

Saint John branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Inc is pleased to be

hosting an NBGS conference:  Sources by the Sea - From Parchment to the Internet at Villa Madonna, Rothesay, NB.  See:

The purpose to provide a forum for the members and public to share genealogical

information, to learn more about researching in New Brunswick, and to further the

objectives of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Inc.

Speakers: There will be 9 lectures during the weekend. We are seeking speakers to

present high quality presentations (45-50 minutes in length). Multiple proposals are invited.

The deadline for submitting speaker proposals is July 31, 2006.

Proposals should be sent, either by post or e-mail, to: David Fraser, 124 Gondola Blvd, Quispamsis NB E2E 1J1





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