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There are lots of new titles in this newsletter.  We have received new British Census CDs from England and they cover some of the most populous areas on the country.  Many of the new titles are the "Singles" as well as some "Sub-Sets" which we know you like to keep the cost of your research down.

A total of 146 new title releases in this newsletter (a record!).

New releases from Archive CD Books Canada.

New British Census on CD

New Irish Books on CD

News, Gossip, and more.


To find a book on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box.  Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.

Alternatively you can browse through the catalogue using the drop down headings lists.  We have tried to multi-list books where they correspond to more than one category but consider the possibility that the subject you are looking for may be under a related heading.

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*  From the Rideau to the Rhine and Back - 1928

CA0206:  $23.00

Compiled by (Maj.) K. Weatherbe.

The week by week account of the trials, tribulations, disappointments and glories of a group of Canadian engineers as they fought their way across Europe in support of the Canadian fighting machine.  This is the story of the 6th. Field Company and Battalion, Canadian Engineers in the Great War.

From the first entry dated 26 December 1914 when the unit was being formed, until the 31 May 1919 when the unit was discharged, this story brings to life this company of engineers as they worked their way through times of idleness and times of intense activity as they did their work in Winter's chill and Summer's heat.

Major Weatherbe collected his materials into the form of a diary which brought the attendant problem that some entries have little to occupy them while others could fill a whole book by themselves.  Yet he still manages to capture the essentials of the Company's activities, both at a battalion level, and at the level of the individual sappers, in a manner which moves along and carries the reader with it.  One of the most distinguishing features of this book is that it recognizes the "other ranks" as individuals - a rarity at the time this book was written - so that they receive as much attention as the officers.

As well as the nicely balanced writing this 519 page book is deluged with illustrations and maps.  Although some 60 are in collages, altogether there are over 120 photographs and line drawings. Some are quite spectacular, like the dawn shot of shells following their trajectories against a dark sky, while others are quite prosaic, like the sapper posing for his picture while standing up to his ankles in a drainage ditch.  In addition to the pictures there are no less than 27 district and trench maps of the areas where the company operated, most are full page while a few are two page spreads.  The maps contain plenty of detail for the expert as well as enough features to set the scene for those looking for background to their ancestors exploits.

The book is completed with a "Nominal Roll" of all those who served and was as accurate as the official records allowed.

The information in the original of this book was hard to access because it had only a minimal contents list and no index.  We have provided "bookmark" entry points on a month by month basis and have made the whole book text searchable which, together, open this volume up to the researcher and to those needing a quick access to the facts.

We have placed a sampler of our reproduction of this book on our Downloads page so you can see what it looks like before you buy your copy.

This great book has been loaned to us by Marc Leroux. Marc has joined Chris Wight to undertake the mammoth task of making a biographical database of all the Canadians who took part in The Great War. This work will be underway for a long time, but the current data base contents have been made available and can be found at: /   Please visit their site so they know their work is being appreciated.

*  The Irishman in Canada - c1877

CA0113:  $23.00

By Nicholas Flood Davin.

Possibly the first comprehensive history of the Irishman's contribution to the establishment and development of Canada written, and still today one of the "standard works" on the subject.  This book makes an admirable attempt to capture not only the facts of the Irish contribution but also the essence of the impact the Irish character has made on our country.  The author, Mr. Davin, uses a turn of phrase and vocabulary which seems a little out of place some 125+ years later and yet his meaning is still as clear and thoughtful as ever.  At a first glance it might seem that the whole 690 plus page book is all text but a more detailed examination shows that the author has cleverly used poetry for his illustration and there is frequent verse interleaved with the text both to illustrate his subject and to lighten the mood.

At first I was stumped as to how to describe the range of topics discussed here but fortunately my dilemma was resolved by the book itself.  In its closing pages there is the announcement of the preparation of a sister volume "The Scot in Canada" and it carries with it a request for the submission of: Facts regarding early settlers; Facts regarding the early growth of cities, towns and villages; Facts touching the history of Canadian merchant affairs; Facts regarding public men; Facts regarding the clergy, leading men,  literary men, professors, teachers, poets, editors, &c.; Specimens of humour; and Any information not generally known, and realized that this was the same formula which had been so successfully used to compile this book of the Irishman.

Despite the author and publisher having included a 6 page table of contents and an unprecedented 23 page index there is still no way to find all the earlier and influential settlers mentioned, other than by reading through the complete book.  Not, that is, until we had published this version on CD because we have made the whole book text searchable.  At last, the valuable contents of this wonderful book have been fully unlocked!

For those of you unfamiliar with this work and who would like to browse through it before ordering your copy, we have placed a sampler on our downloads page - although I have to be the first to admit that it is impossible to get the true sense of the importance of this book from few pages selected more or less at random.



Only one of Marc's wonderful Great War books this month I'm afraid.  Note to self; Must work harder! :-).  Look for more fantastic Great War books next month.

Still having difficulty making choices about what's next but it's not for lack of choice!  Whatever gets the nod next month I'm sure you are going to love it.


(All prices in $Cdn.)




C1841CHS:  $205.50


Extremely high resolution grey scale scanned images of the original census enumerator's books.

In addition to the full county set, we have made parts of the Cheshire 1841 census available on individual CDs each containing a range of census pieces.

If you do not need the whole county, then this is the opportunity for you to buy smaller parts at a more affordable price for the districts in which you have interest.    (Please see our on-line catalogue for details of the areas covered by each individual CD)

Cheshire 1841 Census Singles and 2CD sets:

There are 29 singles and sets in this series so rather than listing them individually as I normally do let me just list them by price:

$16.10: CDs 1-16, 18-29.

$24.20: CD 17.

All the details of part numbers and areas covered are shown in our on-line catalogue.


C1841HRT:  $60.90    


Extremely high quality grey scale scans of the original census enumerators' books.  CDs are also available separately as singles.  (Please see our on-line catalogue for details of the areas covered by each individual CD)

*  CD1 - HO107/434-435

C1841HRT01:  $16.10

*  CD2 - HO107/436-437

C1841HRT02:  $16.10

*  CD3 - HO107/438

C1841HRT03:  $16.10

*  CD4 - HO107/439-440

C1841HRT04:  $16.10

*  CD5 - HO107/441-442

C1841HRT05:  $16.10

*  CD6 - HO107/443

C1841HRT06:  $16.10

*  CD7 - HO107/444

C1841HRT07:  $16.10

*  CD8 - HO107/445-446

C1841HRT08:  $16.10

*  CD9 - HO107/447

C1841HRT09:  $16.10


C1841MDX:  $591.00


The Middlesex 1841 census covers a huge part of London.

In addition to the full county set, we have made parts of the Middlesex 1841 census available on individual CDs and as multi-CD sets, each containing a range of census pieces.  If you do not need the whole county, then this is the opportunity for you to buy smaller parts at a more affordable price for the districts in which you have interest.  The census is not necessarily organised by logical geographical districts. Be aware that some places occur on more than one CD. (We have not divided the CDs into geographical areas - we have kept strictly to the HO classifications as per the original census references.)  

(Please see our on-line catalogue for details of the areas covered by each individual CD.)


Middlesex 1841 Census Sub-sets:

*  Middlesex 1841 Census Subset 1: HO107/652-669 (17 CD)

C1841MDXS1:  $174.50

*  Middlesex 1841 Census Subset 2: HO107/670-686 (22 CD)

C1841MDXS2:  $225.70


*  Middlesex 1841 Census Subset 3: HO107/687-717 (28 CD)

C1841MDXS3:  $288.10

*  Middlesex 1841 Census Subset 4: HO107/718-741 (19 CD)

C1841MDXS4:  $195.10


Middlesex 1841 Census Singles and 2CD sets:

There are 74 singles and sets in this series so rather than listing them individually as I normally do let me just list them by price:

$16.10: CDs 1-10, 13-25, 27-29, 33, 37-66, 68-71, 73 & 74.

$24.20: CDs 11, 12, 26, 30-32, 34-36, 67 & 72.

All the details of part numbers and areas covered are shown in our on-line catalogue.


C1841OXF:  $85.00


Extremely high quality GREY SCALE scans, which result in large file sizes.

In addition to the full county set, we have made parts of the Oxfordshire 1841 census available on individual CDs each containing a range of census pieces.  If you do not need the whole county, then this is the opportunity for you to buy smaller parts at a more affordable price for the districts in which you have interest.  

(Please see our on-line catalogue for details of the areas covered by each individual CD)

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD1 HO107/872

C1841OXF01:  $16.10

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD2 HO107/873-874

C1841OXF02:  $16.10

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD3 HO107/875-876

C1841OXF03:  $16.10

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD4 HO107/877-878

C1841OXF04:  $16.10

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD5 HO107/879-880

C1841OXF05:  $16.10

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD6 HO107/881-884

C1841OXF06:  $16.10

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD7 HO107/885-888

C1841OXF07:  $16.1

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD8 HO107/889-890

C1841OXF08:  $16.1

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD9 HO107/891

C1841OXF09:  $16.10

*  1841 Oxfordshire Census CD10 HO107/892-893

C1841OXF10:  $16.10


C1841WML:  $44.80


The Westmorland 1841 Census is also available in smaller parts on single CDs

Extremely high quality GREY SCALE scans, which result in large file sizes.

In addition to the full county set, we have made parts of the Westmorland 1841 census available on individual CDs each containing a range of census pieces.

If you do not need the whole county, then this is the opportunity for you to buy smaller parts at a more affordable price for the districts in which you have interest.      (Please see our on-line catalogue for details of the areas covered by each individual CD)

*  CD1 HO107/1156-1158

C1841WML01:  $16.10

*  CD2 HO107/1159-1160

C1841WML02:  $16.10

*  CD3 HO107/1161-1162

C1841WML03:  $16.10

*  CD4 HO107/1163

C1841WML04:  $16.10



*  Cusack's History of the Kingdom of Kerry, 1871

IE0017:  $30.90

M.F. Cusack's history of Kerry is an important nineteenth century work containing a vast amount of information. The book charts the history of the county from earliest times, including extracts from many documents. These include the complete text of the 1673 report on State of Kerry, the Charters of the towns of Dingle and Tralee, etc. The book is particularly valuable for genealogists, as the author publishes important pedigrees of key Gaelic families from Kerry, such as O'Connor, O'Donoghue, O'Connell, O'Mahony, MacGillicuddy, MacCarthy Mor, and O'Moriarty. She also publishes a complete list of members of parliament for the county from 1613, giving extensive genealogical information about each MP.

 The author also had a special interest in the geology, topography and natural history of the county, which is covered in detail including a fine geological map.

 The copy of the book used for this publication was printed for a principal subscriber: Daniel O'Connell of Derrynane Abbey, the son of 'the liberator'. It appears he gave it to his sister, who has handwritten a very interesting family history towards the back of the volume, including a transcript of a document written by 'the liberator' himself!

*  D'Alton's History of Dublin (1838)

IE0019:  $37.10

This book is probably the first really detailed local history published in Ireland. Spanning to 955 pages, it has a wealth of information on virtually every location in the county. It begins with a general account of the county's history in 50 pages. This followed by a tour of every barony in the county, with chapters on each town, village and prominent place encountered. These chapters contain a full description of the topographical, economic and cultural aspects of the area. This is followed by a detailed examination of the history and antiquities from earliest times to 1838.

 D'Alton was especially interested in the local families in each area, and provides a great detail of information about them throughout the book. With some families he even devotes an entire chapter to their history. These include the Vernon, St. Lawrence, Talbot, Fagan, Taylor, Barnewall, De La Field, Stanyhurst, Hamilton and Eustace families.

 However the book contains a wealth of detail on every subject, and remains one of the most important local histories produced in the 19th century. It is an essential tool for the study of County Dublin and its people.


*  Hickson, Selections from Old Kerry Records (2 vols, 1872-74)

IE0020:  $37.10

These two books contain a wealth of historical and genealogical information for County Kerry. Compiled by the celebrated Kerry antiquarian and genealogist, Mary Agnes Hickson, they cover a vast range of topics from the medieval period to the 19th century. These include transcripts of many documents since lost. Some of the articles contained in this publication include the 1641 depositions, details of those who lost their lands in the 1688 forfeitures, persons transplanted from Kerry in 1653 and details of the loss of lands under Cromwell in the 1650s. There is an extensive study of the county in the 18th century, a full list of high sheriffs of the county from the 16th to the 19th century, and details of Kerrymen fighting in continental European forces in 1792. The books contain a great deal of specifically genealogical information too, including gravestone inscriptions, family histories and pedigrees (including Blennerhassett and the Knight of Kerry), the Crosbie family papers, and many genealogical notices. The books also contain three reproductions of maps of the county dated 1600 from the Carew Manuscripts. There are many other topics and articles across the 693 pages in these publications. Also of interest the books contain hand-written detailed notes by their former owner, Ellen O'Connell, the daughter of Daniel O'Connell.


*  Indexes to Irish Wills 1536-1858, 5 vols

IET0037:  $37.10

This series of five volumes was compiled from the existing finding aids at the Public Record Office in Dublin, and published between 1909 and 1920. They contain entries for over 30,000 wills for most of the diocesan consistorial courts of Ireland up to 1800, and many up to 1858 when the administration of wills and probate was removed from church control to the state. Each entry records the testator's name, address and year of probate, as well as frequent reference to social status or occupation. The first two volumes were compiled by William Phillimore Watts. After his death in 1913 the tireless Irish genealogist Gertrude Thrift continued the work. The series was cut short by the destruction of the PRO in 1922.

 But given that the vast majority of the original wills were destroyed in 1922, this index is an essential resource for research. While the books were republished some years ago, they have been out of print for some time. The set reproduced here comes from the Library at Trinity College Dublin, and the publication contains high quality images of all 868 pages, which are fully searchable.

In our on-line catloague you will find a list of diocese covered by these volumes, with the covering dates. Also listed are the counties which are covered by these diocese, with the principal county or counties listed first.

*  Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland, 1899

IET0039:  $30.90

This was the first specifically Irish edition of Burkeís Landed Gentry, and is considerably more detailed on Irish families than what had appeared in previous years in the general British series. It contains detailed genealogies of all the "landed gentry" in Ireland. This group represents the Irish landowners, and those aspiring to this status from among the merchant and professional community. But the value of this source is not just for this narrow group, as the genealogies are extensive, covering all collateral lines, junior branches and in-laws, many of whom would have been of more modest means.

 The genealogies recorded were overwhelming those developed by the Ulster King of Arms (the Chief Herald in nineteenth century Ireland) and are quite valuable and largely reliable. As a source it is important for all those studying Irish genealogy, especially those whose ancestors were part of this social class.

*  The Irish Emigrant's Guide for the United States, 1890

IET0041:  $24.70

While this is the second edition of this book it is the first edition published in Ireland. Much of the contents of this book focus on practical issues facing those emigrating to the United States and looks to dispel any of the romantic notions the Irish emigrant may have had towards America. It does contain many useful tips for emigrating, such as surviving the trans-Atlantic crossing, securing employment on arrival, farming, notes on the climate and condition of the land including prices and also general expenses.

 The guide also contains very useful tips on travelling once you have arrived as well as notes on the history of the country as well as brief notes on each individual state. The guide also included a copy of the American Constitution as well as general advice and observations on the people and notes on naturalization and citizenship.

 The guide concludes with an alphabetical list of the trans-Atlantic steamers and details of the pricing, ports of departure and arrival. This guide was an essential source for those emigrating to America.

*  Statistical Survey of County Clare, 1808

IET0042:  $30.90

The Irish Statistical Survey was carried out under the direction of the Royal Dublin Society. Each county was surveyed with the aim of determining the 'actual state, capabilities and defects of agriculture, manufactures and rural economy'. In practice the surveys contained a vast quantity of local information on almost every aspect of the county surveyed. Because these studies were carried out under central direction the quality of the information provided is good, and given their early date, they remain an invaluable source for the study of each county. They record many details about conditions in pre-Famine Ireland, including social and economic conditions, the growth of population and poverty, education, religion, history, the Irish language and local customs.

Healy Dutton's introduction contains a very stinging rebuke of the wealthy farmers and the gentry for their lack or co-operation in compiling the survey and their "gross ignorance". However, he does also note the remarkable hospitality of the people of the county, though they have yet to learn to "put the cork in the bottle". This is a vital source for anyone with an interest in the history of County Clare.  

*  Tyner's Traveller's Guide Through Ireland, 1794

IET0045:  $18.50

Published in 1794 this book was a companion to the map produced by Alexander Taylor. Tyner's companion gives "The distance by the great roads from Dublin to every town in the Kingdom, the cross roads, and descriptions of the gentlemen's seats near the road". Not only are the directions and mileages included but also detailed descriptions of the journey, which also include many observations on the surrounding countryside and buildings. Included at the end are the great and direct roads from London to Holyhead. George Tyner had added his own map of Ireland to enhance the publication.

Much like Taylor and Skinner's Road Maps of Ireland this is a remarkable and rare publication. In place of the maps are detailed written directions. As a companion to Alexander Taylor's Map of Ireland this is an essential research tool for anyone studying late 18th century Irish history.


*  The Scot in Ulster, 1888

IET0046:  $14.70

Sometimes given the sub title of sketches of the history of the Scottish settlers in Ulster this book was originally published as a series of articles in the Scotsman newspaper in the spring of 1888, which were written by the Edinburgh based journalist John Harrison. Written at a time when Home Rule was becoming increasingly popular this publication attempts to justify the right of the people of Ulster to protest against any separation from the Union with Great Britain.

Harrison traces the history of the Scot in Ulster from the beginning right through the Plantation of Ulster, the Rebellion of 1641, the 1798 Rebellion and beyond the 1801 Act of Union. He emphasises the point that the Scot in Ulster was fundamentally different from the native Irish, that they were in fact two separate races even in 1888. But he hoped that the chasm between the two could be bridged but that would only occur "if they both continue to live in the full communion of that great empire".

This original version also includes the catalogue of the publishers, William Blackwood & sons.


*  Matheson's Special Report On Surnames in Ireland (1894)

IET0047:  $14.00

Published by the General Register Office, this study is the first detailed official work on surnames in Ireland. Sir Robert E. Matheson used the 1890 birth registers to compile an authoritative list of surnames and their frequency and distribution throughout the country. He begins with a list of the 100 most common surnames in the country in order of frequency, and then compares this against those in England and Scotland. This book includes a detailed account of the derivation and ethnology of Irish names, tracing each wave of migration from the Celts and Vikings through to the migration of Russian and Polish Jews in the 1880s.

 Matheson then lists the main surnames (and numbers of births) for each county, following which he provides a fascinating look at the continued local concentrations of many surnames.

 Thereafter the book contains extensive tables of the distribution of over 2,600 surnames in Ireland. These tables give the numbers of births in 1890, and the counties and provinces where these births were recorded.

This publication contains the first edition of this work published in 1894.

*  Mr. Tuke's Fund for Assisted Emigration 1882-5

IET0048:  $30.90

This extraordinary book, was a private collection of 20 separately published pieces relating to work by the Committee of Mr. Tuke's Fund. This fund was established in 1882 to assist emigration from the west of Ireland to America, specifically the Unions of Belmullet, Newport & Swineford in Co. Mayo, and Clifden, Oughterard and the Aran Islands in Co. Galway. 9,482 people were assisted by this fund up to 1885, and this book contains a vast amount of detail about the working of the fund, but also about the experience of the emigrants themselves. This includes extensive descriptions of the places where emigrants came from, the emigrants themselves, the process of emigration (including anecdotal reports on their experiences), where they went (USA, Canada and Australia), a detailed list of the specific places they were settled in the US, dates of emigration and sailing details. Most unusually the book contains extensive letters home from the emigrants on arrival. It also analyses what happened to their small holdings in Ireland after they left, giving a full list of emigrants' names and the townlands they came from.

This one-off book also has an inserted hand written letter from James H. Tuke to the Duke of Bedford, President of the Committee, explaining that he was sending him this copy of the Reports to better understand the experience of his fund to that date.



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.


We are continuing our special of mailing all your purchases (delivered within Canada) without any shipping charge.  For a limited time you can forget those irritating shipping charges and pay only what you see in the catalogue.

For those of you outside Canada, we're sorry but we simply can't afford those higher mailing charges.  We will, however, only charge you enough to cover our shipping costs and if our shopping cart overcharges you for shipping, as it sometimes does, we will rebate the difference.


-     We had a great time meeting new friends during the 2 1/2 day long OGS Seminar in Oshawa.  We are now looking forward to next years Seminar which will be held right here in the Nation's Capital (hosted by the Ottawa branch of the OGS).  We haven't had time to put pictures on the website yet but I'll try and remember to give you the URL for them in the next newsletter.

-     On June 27 we will be attending the meeting of the Irish Research Group of the Ottawa Branch - OGS and giving a presentation on the Archive CD Books project with a special emphasis on our Irish catalogue of titles.  

We will only have a limited inventory of CDs with us so if there is something special you want contact us before the meeting.  All purchases - AND ORDERS PLACED - at the meeting will be TAX FREE!


JUNE 25 (Sunday)  1 -3 pm:  The British Columbia Genealogical Society celebrates the Walter Draycott Resource Centre & Library's 10th anniversary, June 25th, from 1-3 pm.  Free event. All welcome.

#211- 12837 76th Avenue, Surrey, B.C., (76th Avenue and 128th Street)

Phone: 604- 502- 9119 - Library Administrator: Betty Allen

For more information, please call the Library or see the B.C.G.S. website:


JUNE 27:  The Irish Research Group (Ottawa - OGS) meets at the McNabb Community Centre,  180 Percy St., Ottawa on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Discussions include how and where to search your Irish roots and compiling information  about Irish surnames in the Ottawa and outlying areas. Contact: Ottawa Branch Ontario Genealogical Society,  P.O. Box 8346, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3H8




CALLING ALL DESCENDENTS OF "MICHAEL 'DUBH' MACKINNON.  The MacKinnon family reunion will be held in Washabuck on July 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2006. Washabuck is located in Central CapeBreton.

"We have formed a small Reunion Committee so far but if anyone is interested in joining this committee please feel free to do so you would be very welcome. Some particulars have been decided such as the Hall facility, which is the Washabuck Community Centre in Lower Washabuck, and some of the activities are tentatively arranged."

Registration costs are $30.00 per adult; $10:00 per child 12 & under.

Please include your name, full address, phone number, e-mail address, number of people attending and their names along with registration fee to the treasurer of the MacKinnon Family Reunion:-

HILDA MADINSKY, 101 Castle Drive, Sydney, N.S. Canada, B1S 2A5

For further information contact: -

EDGAR BARRINGTON, 3005Kings Road, Sydney Forks, N.S., Canada, B1L1A4

E-mail Edgar Barrington: ; LEO MACDOUGALL:



Come one, Come all to the HAGGERTY FAMILY REUNION this year

from noon Friday August 18th through Sunday afternoon August 20th at the

Illahee State Park in East Bremerton WA. A 100 person shelter (#8) has

been reserved for all day Saturday & Sunday  with a major potluck picnic

planned for Saturday afternoon.

RSVP: Patrick Haggerty @ 360-405-6106. We need to get an idea of the

numbers attending.  


SEPTEMBER 22 to 24 :  The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa announces it's annual Fall Conference:  "Celebrate your Anglo-Celtic Roots."  To be held 22 to 24 September 2006 at the Library and Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St., Ottawa.

The conference will include Lectures from well known personalities, Workshops, One-on-one consultations, and a Marketplace.

Enquires to (613)234-2520, or e-mail to

Web site:



SEPTEMBER 30th, the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum and Archives, 13 Burke Street, Penetanguishene, ON will be holding it's second annual Settlers' Day.

This year they have chosen to feature the Gendron Family of Penetanguishene.

The highlight of the events is the Beck Memorial Dinner held in the evening at a local historical site. The Gendron family will be honoured at this dinner and the focus will be on the family's history. Tickets for the dinner are limited and will sell out quickly.

  Contact: Pam Tessier, Research Co-ordinator, Genealogy Research Centre Penetanguishene Centennial Museum and Archives, 13 Burke Street, Penetanguishene, ON, L9M 1C1, 705-549-2150. e-mail:


OCTOBER 13 & 14, The Alberta Family Histories Society will hosts Calgary's genealogy event of the year, its biennial Expo/Seminar, FAMILYROOTS 2006, at the Carriage House Inn.

The keynote speaker will be David Rencher of the LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake City. He is bound to electrify his audience with his presentation

 'Unlocking The Vault - The ScanStone Project'. He will review the evolutionary work involved in digitizing and indexing the entire Family Search granite mountain records over the next few years - a monumental achievement! 

The FAMILYROOTS 2006 event includes 24 presentations and 11 prominent speakers

 For full details explore

 Register early to ensure you are able to attend the presentation of your choice - space is definitely limited. An earlybird discount applies.

 Submitted by: BILL CAMPBELL, AFHS, Public Relations

The Society kindly invited Archive CD Books Canada to attend this meeting but - unfortunately - we had to decline with thanks.


APRIL 28, 2007:  Biennial Seminar; ROOTS AROUND THE WORLD

Rick Hansen Secondary School Abbotsford, BC

Workshops - Marketplace - Visual Displays


This is also the weekend to get your DNA sampled for Genealogical purposes

See for more details.




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