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*  McGill University at War - 1914-1918 & 1939-1945

CA0211:  $23.00

A full and detailed account of the activities and contributions of this world famous university and those of its staff and students to the allied efforts through both World Wars.

The author, R. C. Fetherstonhaugh LL.D. is not only famous for his detailed and accurately reported military histories but he is also an alumni of the university itself.  He has provided a fund of detailed information about the contribution of individuals and all those who could be named are recorded somewhere in the book.  What makes this book so different however are the accounts of the contribution the university itself played in its research efforts both in developing new and improved weapons as well as, for example, developing new ways to produce food and means to combat the diseases and disabilities which always accompany a war.

The book provides three appendices entitled “Honor Roll,” “Honors and Awards," and “List of Persons,” which between them mention over 3,000 individuals (both men and women) and so ensure that almost everyone who made a contribution to the war efforts is recorded in some detail.  We have extracted the names from these appendices and list them in the “More Information” window so you can search for the name or names you are particularly interested in.  Even without this though, if you have any sort of interest in the role McGill played in the World Wars you should have this book in your library.

As useful as this book is on its own we have supplemented that usefulness in this CD edition by making the text fully searchable.  Now you can go straight to your topic without having to read through many pages to get there.  To browse the book before you buy it go to our Downloads page and take a look at the Sampler.  You will not be disappointed.

There is a complete list of all the names in the book’s appendices on our web site.

*  Pioneer Sketches in the District of Bathurst

CA0212:  $19.00

Besides being one of Canada's better known Senators, the author, Andrew Haydon was also a lawyer and historian and this background comes through in his writing.  Being born in Pakenham, Haydon was in an ideal position to “pick up” the local history through his upbringing.  While this book inevitably provides some wonderfully detailed history of the development of the area it is actually written as a series of sketches of the early settlers and so teaches us how they worked and lived together as much as it teaches us how the area developed.

The District of Bathurst was created in 1822 as an administrative area (then) in the county of Carleton.  It has since been disbanded in favor of more localized administrations.  Describing this former district's borders is a little difficult.  The description given in the book is, "Comprising nearly all the area of the present counties of Lanark and Renfrew as well as that part of the present [i.e., in 1822] County of Carleton lying north and west of the Rideau River."  Perhaps a clearer picture of the area can be gained from a listing of the townships it encompassed: Goulbourn, Beckwith, Drummond, Bathurst, March, Huntley, Ramsay, Lanark, Dalhousie, and North and South Sherbrooke, or from the major towns and villages featured or mentioned in the sketches, these being: Almonte*,  Fitzroy, Lanark,  Ottawa (Bytown), Pakenham, Pembroke (was New Miramichi and Campbelltown), Perth, Renfrew, Richmond, and Smithís Falls  (* Almonte has also been known as, Sheppardís Falls, Shipmanís Falls, Shipmanís Mills, Waterford, Ramsayville, and Victoriaville, at various times in its history.)

One of the interesting aspects of reading a history book authored by a lawyer and politician is that he tends to point out the localized results of larger scale and national events, and in several instances this provides invaluable insight into the background to the development of particular locations.  As an example Haydon relates the emigration of British tradespersons to the County of Lanark to the ending of the Napoleonic wars in Europe.  A fascinating but unexpected relationship.This is a wonderful book for anyone with family who lived in this area of Eastern Ontario, not only for the background but also for the chance that they may be named in one of Haydon's sketches.

*  Canada’s Hundred Days

CA0216:  $23.00

From his position as a War Correspondent the author, John Livesey was in an ideal position to write this account of the period between 8th August and 11 November 1918, when the Canadian forces played their part of a series of victories which helped to bring this European conflict to an end.  What made this 100 day period even more glorious at the time was that it marked a significant change in the fortunes of the allied forces who, up until then, had been fighting a rugged defensive campaign.

At a first glance this book appears to be written as a diary but it would be more accurate to describe it as a chronological account, detailing not only the overall campaign but also telling us about the personal experiences of the troops in their trenches.  The author has chosen to separate the book into four parts, each named for, and concerned with, a specific campaign.  This division does lead to a little overlap in the chronology but far from being a disadvantage this allows the reader to read about a single sequence of events without the distraction of the other events taking place at the same time in different theaters of the war.

This is a well written and easy to read book which richly deserves its place as one of the standard reference books about Canada’s part in the Great War.

In addition to the detailed 12 page index which John Livesay provided in his original manuscript we have made the text of the book fully searchable allowing you to quickly check your facts or to find all occurrence of any search term with a single click.  If you want to have a look at some samples of the over 400 pages in this book, or to have a look at a part of one of the three large, and incredibly detailed, maps of the fields of action, we have placed a sampler of the book on our Downloads page.



There are still three more Great War books on loan to us from Marc.  Look for more fantastic Great War books next month.

In the last month we have obtained two more wonderful county histories so I'm being tempted to have them jump the queue.  Then there's all the other great books which would get delayed. Sigh!  I'm beginning to think its going to come down to "Eenie, meenie, minie, moe."  :-)


(All prices in $Cdn.)



*  The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England

GB1368:  $26.70

Joseph Strutt - 1833

Including the rural and domestic recreations, may games, mummeries, shows, processions, pageants, and pompous spectacles, from the earliest period to the present time.  Includes 140 illustrations.

A really fascinating book for those who would like to understand the activities of their ancestors through the centuries.

Fully searchable CD

*  Oxford Men and Their Colleges (1880-1892)

GB1370:  $44.80


By Joseph Foster, 1893

This work continues and completes “Alumni Oxonienses” containing the Matriculation Register from 1880 to 1892 alphabetically arranged as a distinct division, to which has been added where practicable birthdays, schools, honours, and degrees. It also includes cross-references to all the biographical notices under the respective colleges or elsewhere in the other portion of the work, in addition to the index in that volume.

While the Matriculation Register has been placed at my service as before by the University Authorities, the Heads of Houses have allowed me full access to their College Records, from which,in the majority of instances, I have been enabled to glean the birthdays and schools of their members since 1880,thus accentuating and perpetuating the link between the Schools and the Universities. Moreover, from the official University publications, viz.: the Honours register, Calendar, and Gazette, I have incorporated the particulars of the Honours, the degrees, and the appointments relating to each individual. This elaborate array of facts, together with the miscellaneous annotations from Crockford and my own collections, especially parliamentary and legal, should prove a trustworthy and unique guide, such as can be found nowhere else,to the rising generation of Oxford Men, destined to play so large a part in the government and intellectual life of this country.

Fully searchable.

*  Heylyn’s Help to English History

GB1380:  $26.70

Revised and updated by Paul Wright 1773

Not a descriptive history book, but lists and dates of all Kings, together with lists of Bishops, Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, Baronets, and all the mayors of London. Liberally illustrated with their coats of arms.

The fascinating part is that about the Kings, because it covers the Kings of all the separate kingdoms of England and Wales, i.e. South Britain during Roman times, South Britain post Roman (AD 329), Kingdoms of Kent, South Saxon, West Saxon, East Saxon, East Angles, North Humbers, Mercia, English Saxons (from 455 AD), Kings of England of the Saxon Race (800 AD), The Danish Race (1017 AD), The Normans, and so on unto more modern times. The Kings of Wales, Man and Wight. It gives a fascinating insight into the fragmentation of Britain into different kingdoms before the time of the Normans (1066).

*  Melville’s Directory of Kent 1858

GB1381:  $26.70

A descriptive account of each city, town and village, including all residents with trades.

This is a very comprehensive and detailed directory for this early period, extending to 529 pages, plus over 400 pages of display advertisements of various companies in Kent.

Fully searchable

*  Kent 1862 Kelly’s Directory

GB1382:  $26.70

Published by Kelly’s, includes the County Directory, Court Directory and Classified Trades Directory.

Fully searchable

*  Kent 1874 Kelly’s Directory

GB1383:  $26.70

Published by Kelly’s, includes the County Directory, Court Directory and Classified Trades Directory.

Fully searchable

*  Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire 1926

GB1387:  $33.60

A comprehensive directory typical of the later Kelly’s publications.

County Directory of all places and residents with trades.

Directory of private residents

Classified trades directory

Full description and history of the county including the topography and geology, etc.

*  Photography in a Nutshell

GB1389:  $18.40

By “The Kernel” - Lt. Gen. H.P. Hawkes, published 1899

Sections on apparatus, aims, plates and films, exposure, Treatment of Special Subjects, Developers, Development, Fixing, Washing, and Varnishing Negatives, Intensifies and Reducers, Preparing Negatives for Printing, Printing Papers, Printing, Mounting and Framing, Photography in Hot Climates, Lantern Slides and Enlarging, etc.

Plates and illustrations.

155 pages plus 56 pages of fascinating illustrated advertisements.

*  History of St. John’s College Cambridge

GB1364:  $33.60

Thomas Barker, 1869 (Part 1)

A very detailed scholarly history of the college, including transcripts of old manuscripts and letters, etc.

Fully searchable.



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.


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For those of you outside Canada, we're sorry but we simply can't afford those higher mailing charges.  We will, however, only charge you enough to cover our shipping costs and if our shopping cart overcharges you for shipping, as it sometimes does, we will rebate the difference.


Our office is stacked up with CDs to take to Oshawa for when we attend the Ontario Genealogical Societies conference "Buggy Whips to Microchips" on May 26 - 28th.  There will be some great Show Specials for you.  We are getting reports of fully booked up presentation sessions so it looks as if we can expect to meet a great many old and new friends.


Right on queue the on-line availability of the 1851 Canada (or parts, anyway) has been announced. and



26 - 28 MAY:  The Ontario Genealogical Society is holding it's annual seminar, "From Buggy Whips .. to Microchips," between 26 - 28 May, 2006.  It is being hosted this year by the Durham Region Branch of the OGS and will take place at Durham College & University campus, 1910 Simcoe Street N., Oshawa, Ontario, L1G 4Y3.

For full details, program and registration go on-line to: , or call Anne Delong (Registrar) on 1-905-623-6975



MAY 27:  Généalogie Nepisiguit Genealogy of Bathurst New Brunswick will be holding a Genealogy Fair on SATURDAY,   MAY 27,   2006.  The hours will be from 10:00 am to 4:00pm.  It shall take place at 355 Douglas Ave directly across the street from our archives and research centre which shall be open as well.  Lots of parking space in rear of building.

All groups and individuals wishing to take part are more than welcome to join us.  NO ADMISSION FEE as is usual for these fairs.

To reserve a table and/or get more info, please contact:  (please put “GenFair” in subject)  PATSY HENNESSY .   (co-chair of the archives/research centre)


JUNE 10: The Pioneer Scots of Lower Canada: 1763 - 1855, Presented by Lucille Campey.  BIFSGO holds its monthly meeting on the second Saturday of the month - September to June.  Usually at the Library and Archives of Canada building, 395 Wellington St. Ottawa, starting 10:00 am.  See website for more details: or see this newsletter.

BIFHSGO is the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa:

For more information e-mail to or call (613)234-2520:


JUNE 10:  Genealogy and Family History Day presented by the Norfolk County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, June 10, 2006, at Delhi Seniors Centre, 418 Queen St., Delhi, Ontario a Genealogy and Family History Day between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. There is no charge for admission or being an exhibitor.

On display will be family genealogies and histories, photographs and other family treasurers of our family wherever they may be from.Bring your history and participate or come and perhaps we can help you find yours. We would like as many families as possible to be represnted showing of the diversity of our heritage,

For further information or registration contact Irene



10 JUNE:  The CAPE BRETON GENEALOGY & HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION meets on the 2nd Saturday, 8 months of the year.  They don't usually met in December, January, July, or August.   There is no charge to attend their meetings and the seating is first come first seated. (General Seating)  They post their Monthly Meetings announcements on their non members Web Site:

Reminders are posted to genealogy lists one week before the meetings.


July 28th, July 29, and 30th: MACKINNON FAMILY REUNION

CALLING ALL DESCENDENTS OF "MICHAEL 'DUBH' MACKINNON.  The MacKinnon family reunion will be held in Washabuck on July 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2006. Washabuck is located in Central CapeBreton.

"We have formed a small Reunion Committee so far but if anyone is interested in joining this committee please feel free to do so you would be very welcome. Some particulars have been decided such as the Hall facility, which is the Washabuck Community Centre in Lower Washabuck, and some of the activities are tentatively arranged."

Registration costs are $30.00 per adult; $10:00 per child 12 & under.

Please include your name, full address, phone number, e-mail address, number of people attending and their names along with registration fee to the treasurer of the MacKinnon Family Reunion:-

HILDA MADINSKY, 101 Castle Drive, Sydney, N.S. Canada, B1S 2A5

For further information contact: -

EDGAR BARRINGTON, 3005Kings Road, Sydney Forks, N.S., Canada, B1L1A4

E-mail Edgar Barrington: ; LEO MACDOUGALL:


22 to 24 September:  The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa announces it's annual Fall Conference:  "Celebrate your Anglo-Celtic Roots."  To be held 22 to 24 September 2006 at the Library and Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington St., Ottawa.

The conference will include Lectures from well known personalities, Workshops, One-on-one consultations, and a Marketplace.

Enquires to (613)234-2520, or e-mail to

Web site:



October 13 & 14, 2006 the Alberta Family Histories Society will present its biennial Expo Seminar (Calgary's genealogy event of the year), FAMILYROOTS 2006, at the Carriage House Inn.

For further details consult  the website:

Your support would be much appreciated.  Submitted by: BILL CAMPBELL, AFHS, Public Relations

The Society kindly invited Archive CD Books Canada to attend this meeting but - unfortunately - we had to decline with thanks.




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