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A total of 15 new title releases in this newsletter.

New releases from Archive CD Books Canada.

New British Census releases

New British Books on CD

News, Gossip, and more.


To find a book on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box.  Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.  There is frequently more information about the books available on the web site.  All prices in $Cdn.

We frequently shorten a book’s description for this newsletter.  Check our website catalogue for the full description.

*  Report of the Ottawa and Hull Fire Relief Fund

CA0188:  $19.00

While preparing the midday meal in their wooden house in a crowded section of the city of Hull, a woman noticed that a faulty chimney had set the roof on fire.  The family couldn't control the fire and by the time the fire brigade had arrived the fire had already spread to the adjacent shanties and was soon out of control.  From this small beginning started a fire which destroyed large sections of both Hull and Ottawa during the 26 and 27 April 1900.

Despite making 15,000 people homeless and destroying the major part of the industry in both cities the miracle was that only 7 people were killed.  A photographer, R. J. Robillard had the presence of mind to find a vantage point to make a photographic record and the book contains the resulting, half meter long, panorama of the fire burning on both sides of the river.

 Quite aside from the compelling record of the fire this book provides, it also contains a fold out map of the cities of Ottawa and Hull showing the names and locations of the streets in the city at that time.  At first glance this looks like any modern map of the city but a second look shows hundreds of different road names, road layouts not to mention showing the 1900 limits of the city's building.  Shading on the map indicates the area destroyed by the fire.

Published in the following year this book is a complete record of the Fire Relief Fund and includes summaries of the cost of the fire, the relief provided and even a list of the buildings, houses and industrial, rebuilt in an astonishing period of less than eight months.  Fully text searchable.  There is a sampler available on the web site.

We are indebted to the Historical Society of Ottawa for kindly loaning us this wonderful book so we could reproduce it for you on CD.  Please join with us to thank them for their public spirited generosity in allowing us to make this valuable book more accessible.  Another successful Archive CD Books Canada cooperative project.  Also thanks to the Bytown museum who house and maintain the Society's book collection, for their cooperation.   [Description truncated - see catalogue for full text.]

*  Ottawa & Kingston City Directory - 1875

CA0190:  $35.00

Far more than just the cities of Ottawa and Kingston, this directory covers most of the (in 1875) significant communities in Ontario lying North and East of Kingston, i.e.,: Almonte, Arnprior, Barriefield, Brockville, Bryson, Carleton Place, Cornwall, Edwardsburg (now Cardinal?), Gananoque, Garden Island (Nr. Wolf Isl.), Iroquois, Kemptville, Kingston, Landsdowne (now Lansdowne), Lyn, Mallorytown, Merrickville, Morrisburg, New Edinburgh (now part of Ottawa), Ottawa, Pakenham, Pembroke, Perth, Portsmouth (now part of Kingston), Prescott, Renfrew, Richmond, Rochesterville (was part of Nepean Township), Sand Point, Smith's Falls, Westport, & Wolf Island,as well as the Quebec communities lying along the North shore of the Ottawa river i.e.,: Aylmer, Buckingham, Gatineau Point, Hull, Peche, Portage du Fort, & Shawville.

It is both a directory of citizens and a business directory.  The directory of citizens includes - according to the directory itself - "The name of every male from 21 years up ... from the daily laborer up to the wholesale merchant, ...." although there are also the names on many females, presumably where they are the head of a household.  As well as the location of the domicile, the trade or profession is also given for each person.  For the larger communities of Ottawa and Kingston it also provides a classified business directory and a street directory from which the layout of the city's streets can be deduced and the location of the citizens and their businesses placed.  A fantastic resource for finding ancestors.

There are over 700 pages in this directory including many great period advertisements.   Fully text searchable.  There is a sampler available on the web site.

We are indebted to the Historical Society of Ottawa for kindly loaning us this early directory so we could reproduce it for you on CD.  Please join with us to thank them for their public spirited generosity in allowing us to make this rare and valuable book more accessible.  Another successful Archive CD Books Canada cooperative project.  Also thanks to the Bytown museum - who house and maintain the Society's book collection, for their cooperation.   [Description truncated - see catalogue for full text.]


As you can see we have dropped everything to work on the books from the Ottawa Historical Society.  The last one is on the scanner now but it’s the one we have been putting off because it is, as expected, difficult to scan as well as very long.

We have the University of Toronto Roll of Service 1914 to 1918, loaned to us by a friend of the project, sitting on the shelf awaiting the next turn on the scanner.  We haven’t thought further ahead than that but there is no shortage of exciting material on the shelf.


(All prices in $Cdn.)



C1841LEI:  $72.90

1841 Leicestershire Census HO107/587-605 - FULL COUNTY SET

In addition to the full county set, we have made parts of the Leicestershire 1841 census available on individual CDs, each containing a range of census pieces.  If you do not need the whole county, then this is the opportunity for you to buy smaller parts at a more affordable price for the districts in which you have interest.  The census is not necessarily organised by logical geographical districts. Please refer to the list of places on each CD on our web site.

Be aware that some places occasionally occur on more than one CD. (We have not divided the CDs into geographical areas - we have kept strictly to the HO classifications as per the original census references).

*  1841 Leicestershire Census CD1 HO107/587-589

C1841LEI-01:  $16.10

*  1841 Leicestershire Census CD2 HO107/590-593

C1841LEI-02:  $16.10

*  1841 Leicestershire Census CD3 HO107/594

C1841LEI-03:  $16.10

*  1841 Leicestershire Census CD4 HO107/595-596

C1841LEI-04:  $16.10

*  1841 Leicestershire Census CD5 HO107/597-599

C1841LEI-05:  $16.10

*  1841 Leicestershire Census CD6 HO107/600-601

C1841LEI-06:  $16.10

*  1841 Leicestershire Census CD7 HO107/602-603

C1841LEI-07:  $16.10

*  1841 Leicestershire Census CD8 HO107/604

C1841LEI-08:  $16.10

*  1841 Leicestershire Census CD9 HO107/605

C1841LEI-09:  $16.10


*  The War Illustrated - Vol 1

GB0967:  $35.30


A picture record of events by land, sea and air. A series of large weekly publications from 22 August 1914 to 13 February 1915. There are 26 parts to volume 1, all full of fascinating photographs of the war in Europe as well as the effects of the war at home in England. Reports for example, of a Zeppelin attack in Norfolk, and the shelling of Scarborough by a German warship, together with photographs of local people and the damage caused. The volume also contains information on the part played by Canadians and Australians in the war, again with lots of photographs.  FULLY SEARCHABLE IN ADOBE ACROBAT. 2,277 ILLUSTRATIONS !

*  Kent 1913 Kelly's Directory

GB1313:  $35.30

A COUNTY DIRECTORY (places with their residents and trades.)  A PRIVATE RESIDENTS DIRECTORY, and a CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRECTORY plus a superb detailed colour map of Kent in 1913.

*  Surrey 1913 Kelly's Directory

GB1314:  $35.30

A COUNTY DIRECTORY (places with their residents and trades.)  A PRIVATE RESIDENTS DIRECTORY, and a CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRECTORY plus a superb detailed colour map of Surrey in 1913.


If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.


In our last newsletter I asked you to let me know if you would be interested in copies of the Canadian Census Records on CD.  Well, I’m afraid our first thoughts on the lack of demand for this sort of information was confirmed by a rather small reponse.

We say a grateful “Thank you” to those of you who respond saying they would like to have copies of the census on CD.  There were, bacically, two reasons put forward for us publishing copies of what is, after all, already available on-line:  The first was better access.  People with slow speed internet connection find the wait while the images download tedious while others pointed out that they do not have access to the internet at all at their cottages.

The second reason was that not all census records are actually available on line.  We don’t have an exact list, but many of the limited area (i.e., the non-national) census records have not been put on-line.  A brief search seemed to indicate that films are available for at least some of these census records and despite the very limited positive response to this survey we will be looking into the feasability of putting these records on CD.  Please notice I didn’t say we WOULD put them on CD - just that we’d look into it.  I can list more negative reasons against, than positive ones for, doing it so far, but you have highlighted an unserviced area of Canadian genealogy which we may be able to fill.

Thank you all for participating in our survey and a special thanks for the great suggestions.


About a year ago we changed how this newsletter was distributed because it was being blocked in certain geographical areas.  We did retain the administration service of the previous newsletter sender and you had to make your administrative requests, and to view the archives, at the “British-Genealogy” server.  Well that server is going to be taken off-line (it’s reached the end of it’s useful life and isn’t worth replacing for what it does now.)

Over this next month we will be shifting the administration and the archives to our own web site.  As far as you are concerned this change should be “seamless” except that next month I will / should be :-) giving you a new address for access to the archives.  From now on you can send “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” requests to < >  Your e-mail should carry ONLY the word “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” in the subject line and in the message area.

In addition you can send “halt” and “restart” messages to the < > ONLY if you wish to stop the newsletter temporarily.

You will have been receiving a “ mailing list memberships reminder” message every month.  During the transition you will continue to receive these automated messages but you can ignore them.  I will stop them as soon as the transition has been completed.

The next newsletter should contain all the revised administration procedures.


We are still giving away a copy of  “Manners and Rules of Good Society,” CA0009  regularly: $19.00, absolutely free to all new customers.  This book holds the key to the social code of 100 + years ago.  A great help in understanding the attitudes and actions of our ancestors.  Tell your friends.

FOR CHRISTMAS:  Perhaps we can help with some of those people who are so difficult to buy for and give your "piggy bank" a break.  Up until the Christmas vacation we are offering a number of our more "general interest" Canadian books at special prices:-

CA0028, Handbook for the Dominion of Canada, Normally $23.00, Special $19.00

CA0029, Pathfinders of the West, Normally $13.00, Special $11.50

CA0032, Canada as a National Property, Normally $19.00, Special $14.20

CA0037-X2, Stoddart's lectures - Canada, Malta & Gibralta, Normally $19.00, Special $16.00

CA0045, Sunset Canada - British Columbia and Beyond, Normally $23.00, Special $19.00

CA0050, The Pioneers of Old Ontario. Normally $23.00, Special $19.00

CA0056, A History of the Eastern Townships, Normally $23.00, Special $19.00

CA0068, The Century Cyclopedia of Names, Normally $35.00, Special $28.00

CA0076, Down North and Up Along, Normally $19.00, Special $16.00

CA0092, The Tragic Story of the Empress of Ireland, Normally $19.00, Special $13.00

CA0095, Irish (Canadian & USA) Song Books, Normally $19.00, Special $13.00

CA0098, Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War, Normally $45.00, Special $35.50

CA0109, On Canada's Frontier, Normally $23.00, Special $19.00

CA0164, Hudsons Bay or Everyday Life in the Wilds of North America, Normally $13.00, Special $11.50

CA0182, The Loyalists of America and their Times 1620-1816, Normally $35.00, Special $28.00

IN ADDITION, if you want us to ship your order straight to the recipient fill in their address in the "Ship to" section of the on-line shopping cart and type the word "GIFT" in the shipping instructions.  We will gift wrap the CDs and include a "gift" invoice showing your name but not the pricing information.  You will get the regular invoice by mail.  NOTE that the tax and shipping and handling charges are determined by the DESTINATION address.  Not by where you live.  This can work to your favor is you want the gift sent out of the country.

Our shopping cart still tends to overcharge for multiple orders.  If you are overcharged we will make a rebate against your credit card.  We ONLY cover our costs on shipping and handling!


Wellington County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society meets Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005, at 122 Harris Street (at York Road), Guelph.  Come join us for coffee at 7 PM with meeting starting at 7:30 PM.  Catherine Patterson from Trent University will speak on 19th Century Homestead Burials.  For further information, please contact Sue Visser (519) 822-2475.


The Underground Railroad and Ontario Black History Colloquium

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2005, 9:30am - 4pm*

At the Highwayman Inn, Simcoe Room, 201 Woodside Drive, Orillia, ON .

9:00-9:30    Registration; 9:30-10:00    Pam Tessier,  The Davenports of Simcoe County; 10:00-11:00  Rosemary Sadlier, President of the Ontario Black History Society, Four Hundred Years of Black History; 11:00-11:15   BREAK; 11:15-12:00  Dave Osborne, The Black Settlement of Oro Township, Simcoe County; 12:00-1:00    Lunch; 1:00-1:30    Don Ross, Following the Geese North to Canada: The Abolitionist Crusade of Dr. A.M. Ross; 1:30-2:30    Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost, York University,  The Promised Land: Archaeology and the History of Thornton and Lucie Blackburn; 3:00-4:00 (OPTIONAL)    Tour of Passages to Freedom: Secrets of the Underground Railroad exhibition at the Orillia Museum of Art & History

$20.00 members     $25.00 non-members    $17.00 students

Price includes a catered lunch.  Call 326-2159 for tickets!




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