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Welcome to the Archive CD Books Canada newsletter.  This exceptional summer is moving right along  and already we’re half way through August.  Time to get to all those summer genealogy projects before the weather changes.

This newsletter will be published whenever we have enough information to make it worth your while reading, but we expect that will mean there will be about one a month.

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A total of 9 new title releases in this newsletter.

New releases from Archive CD Books Canada.

New British Census on CD

New British Books on CD

News, Gossip, and more.


To find a book on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box.  Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.  There is frequently more information about the books available on the web site.  All prices in $Cdn.

We frequently shorten a book’s description for this newsletter.  Check our website catalogue for the full description.

* On Canada's Frontier - 1892

CA0109:  $23.00

Sketches of History, Sport, Adventure, Indians, Missionaries, Fur-Traders and Newer Settlers in Western Canada.This book originated as a series of articles for Harper's Magazine designed to bring the frontier experience to the Eastern townsfolk of the US.  It records a number of adventures - over a three year period - and brings us a glimpse of backwoods life before it was changed forever by the advance of "civilization."  The author, Julian Ralph, records his experience of the people he encounters, both those of European and of First Nations origins, as well as that of their life and surroundings.

Julian manages to work the essential details into his narrative as well, so this book also provides many facts, in particular on the history, growth and importance of the Hudson's Bay Company.  He gives detailed descriptions of how the company traded with the hunters and trappers and it's reaction to the few rival organizations such as the Northwest Company.

The value of this book is greatly enhanced by the numerous (70) engraved illustrations supporting the narrative.  Even better many of these illustrations are credited to Frederic Remington, the famous US artist who's powerful images of the "West" eventually bought him to worldwide popularity.

The whole of the 325 page book has been formatted for text searches using the "Search" features of the freely available PDF interpreter programs such a Adobe Reader.  The CD is useable with any computer with a CD drive and which can run a PDF interpreter application.  We recommend Adobe Reader V4 or later for maximum compatibility.  There is a free sampler available on our downloads page.

Description truncated.  See web site for full description.

* Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America - 1874

CA0104:  $28.00

There's nothing I can say to describe the contents of this book which isn't already printed in it.

The title page has:  "Lovell's gazetteer of British North America: containing the latest and most authentic descriptions of over six thousand cities, towns and villages in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, British Columbia, And The North West Territories; and general information, drawn from official sources, as to the names, locality, extent, etc., of over fifteen hundred lakes and rivers, table of routes, showing the proximity of the railroad stations, and sea, lake and river ports, to the cities, towns, villages, etc., in the several provinces."

And the Preface contains: "The nature and extent of the labor involved in the preparation of this Gazetteer may be inferred from the fact that there are 6,000 Cities, Towns and Villages within the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland; that each of the 6,000 had to be classed in alphabetical order; the geographical position described; the railway or steamboat connections, postal or telegraphic facilities, distance from important centers; also the manufacturing, mining, agricultural, shipbuilding and fishery industries; and the population, as far as it could possibly be obtained.  Also, that the locality and extent of over 1,500 Lakes and Rivers had to be described.

"This CD is formatted to be read by any of the freely available PDF interpreter applications although we recommend the use of Adobe Reader version 4 or better for maximum compatibility.  It will run on any computer which can run a PDF interpreter and read standard CDs.  We have formatted the CD for text searches although the original book was carefully designed to make all the information readily available through alphabetized listings.  The addition of our "bookmarking" has improved this accessibility to the point where text searching should hardly be used.  A "sampler" of pages extracted from the book is available on our Downloads page.


This one just missed the deadline:  Toronto’s 100 Years 1834 - 1934:  A commemoration of Toronto’s first 100 years of incorporation.

We are presently also working on a large and really wonderful 2 volume book that you won’t want to miss.  This book is in great demand by Canadian collectors and soon it can be yours for a fraction of the collectors book market price.

We have been collecting a number of the wonderful County histories of Ontario and we plan to start publishing these as soon as we can.


(All prices in $Cdn.)


* 1861 Census - British Ships in Home Ports

C1861SH3:  $57.70

RG9/4469-4540.  7CD set.

Ships in ports of all sizes in England and Wales.


We frequently shorten a book’s description for this newsletter.  Check our website catalogue for the full description.

* English Surnames

GB1373;  $21.90

Written by Mark Antony Lower and published in 1843 this book contains essays on historical origins and meanings of English surnames.  A SUPERB BOOK - ONE TO IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS WITH THE MEANINGS AND ORIGINS OF THEIR NAMES.

Sections of the book include: History of English Surnames; Surnames derived from place names; from occupations and pursuits; from dignities, civil & ecclesiastical; from personal and mental qualities; surnames derived from Christian names; from natural objects and signs of houses; from social relations, and periods of age, time, etc.; surnames of contempt; (did you know that Gubbins was from the refuse parts of a fish?); surnames from virtues and abstract ideas; foreign names naturalised in England (and the USA) and the corruption to which such names have been exposed; how surnames change; and historically based surnames.

ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING !  Also included is a list of Latinized names and the Roll of Battel Abbey. This is a list of the names of those supposed to have fought for William the Conqueror at The Battle of Hastings. This Roll comprises the three lists compiled by Leland, Holinshed and John Foxes.

* The London Directory of 1677

GB1369:  $18.70

The London Directory of 1677 is the oldest printed list of the Merchants & Bankers of London. Reprinted in 1878, and arranged alphabetically by surname.

A charming description of the contents appears before the preface; "A collection of the names of the merchants living in and about the City of London; Very useful and necessary. Carefully collected for the benefit of all Dealers that shall have occasion with any of them; Directing them to at the first sight of their name, to the place of their abode.  "Also contains a separate list of all of London's Goldsmiths in 1677.

A book first published just a few years after the Great Fire of 1666. An absolute gem for historians and family history researchers. Fully searchable using Acrobat Reader.

MAPS: A series of CDs providing really high quality digitised maps of the British Isles that you can zoom in on to see the finest detail.  An incredibly useful resource!

* Maps - Vol. 4 - Cheshire, Lancashire & Yorkshire

GB0007-4:  $21.90

See our web site for a detailed list of the locations and dates of the maps included.

* Maps - Vol. 5 - Cumberland, Durham, Northumberland & Westmorland

GB0007-5:  $21.90

See our web site for a detailed list of the locations and dates of the maps included.

* Maps - Vol. 6 - Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Lincolnshire

GB0007-6:  $21.90

See our web site for a detailed list of the locations and dates of the maps included.

* Maps - Vol. 7 - Staffordshire, Warwickshire & Worcestershire

GB0007-7:  $21.90

See our web site for a detailed list of the locations and dates of the maps included.


If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.


Look out for news soon.


After the release of the 1911 census there was a demand for forms by people who wanted to transcribe their parts of the census - both for their own purposes and so it can be submitted to the various bodies who are busy creating indexes.

Archive CD Books Canada is pleased to host five forms of different types and in different formats for the 1911 census and two for the 1901.  They can be found at the bottom of the Downloads page on our web site ready for you to grab the ones you want.

Please join us in a hearty thanks to the wonderful people who gave their spare time to labor long and hard to produce these forms for your favorite pastime.


Don’t forget to introduce your friends to our site so they can benefit from our current special.  All new customers will receive a copy of our recently released  “Manners and Rules of Good Society,” CA0009  regularly: $19.00, absolutely free.  This book holds the key to the social code of 100 + years ago.  A great help in understanding the attitudes and actions of our ancestors.

*  NEW CANADIAN FORUM on British-Genealogy Forums site:

Don’t forget the NEW FORUM for Canadian Genealogy discussions.  You can go to it directly using the following URL :

< >

or if you want to navigate to it through the hierarchy you go through “Family History” - “Place Forums” and then you’ll find “Canada Genealogy” near the bottom of the list.

We are glad to see you are taking advantage of this new forum and there are some interesting threads developing.


The Charlotte County (NB) Archives, located in the Old Goal, will be opened during the following hours for this summer.

Aug 1-31      Mon to Fri     9 am to 5 pm

Charlotte County Archives, 123 Frederick Street, St. Andrews, NB, E5B 1Z1

Phone:  1-506-529-4248


* BHCD Reunion August 27th. 2005 Rockingham, Halifax,NS

British Home Children and Descendants Association will hold their 3rd annual reunion on August 27th, 2005 at the Rockingham United Church Hall, 12 Flamingo Dr. Rockingham, Halifax, NS. Registration 9.00.AM to 9.45AM.

Special speaker will be Dr. Patricia Roberts-Pichette, British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa, who will speak on conditions in Britain's industrial cities in the later 1800's - early 1900's.

Highlight of the afternoon program will be the unveiling of an Interpretive Panel, in Rockingham Centennial Park, to honor John T Middlemore, to preserve the history of the " Fairview Home " Middlemore Distribution Centre and as a Memorial to all Middlemore children who came to Canada.

For more information contact: Cecil Verge, phone: 902-681-6697,

e-mail -



* British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) 2005 Fall Conference

September 23rd, 24th and 25th at the Library and Archives Canada building, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa

Featuring: Else Churchill, Genealogist, Society of Genealogists, London, England and as the “Don Whiteside Lecturer”:  David Phillips, Senior Climatologist, Environment Canada, and media weather personality.

Visit the web site at:

< > for more information, and to register.



NORFOLKLORE 2005, Genealogy Fair, Saturday SEPTEMBER 24th, 2005, SIMCOE, Ontario

10 am-4pm


Junior Farmers Building, Norfolk County Fair Grounds, South Drive, Simcoe (Sales & Displays)

Norfolk Heritage Centre at Eva Brook Donly Museum, 109 Norfolk St.S., Simcoe


Wellington County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society invites you to a special meeting to be held at the Palmerston Railway Museum, 161 William Street, Palmerston on September 27th, 2005 at 7:00 PM.

Guest Speaker:  Bob McEachern, Chair, Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum Association.


For further information, please call AFTER Sept 5th,  (519) 822-2475.


* The Kelowna & District Genealogy Society invite you and your members to attend our 2005 Seminar "Harvest Your Family Tree" to be held in Kelowna, B.C., Canada, on September 30, October 1, 2, 2005.  We have a selection of noted speakers from Scotland, England and Western Canada; something for everyone, whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned researcher.  More information about early bird registration, seminar schedule and presenters is available on the Kelowna & District Genealogy website: .  

Kind regards, Betty Maurice, Advertising Committee, 2005 Seminar -


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