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While this is an attempt to return to a semblance of our “old” newsletters we are actually still in “full panic” mode, and still totally preoccupied with trying to get a fully functioning website back “on the air.”

Nevertheless, we have managed to complete two of the long outstanding new “books” which were giving us a hard time.  So this newsletter will give you their descriptions, etc., even though we cannot (yet) put them on the website.  (We are still anxious to take your orders in person - we just can’t do it through the website at the moment!)

I’ll give you a better picture of where we are in the ongoing website Saga later, in the News & Gossip section.

Also, after the Christmas / New Year “lull” the genealogy community is beginning to come back to life and getting ready for a new year of exciting and interesting events.  See the News & Gossip & the …Announcements, sections 5 & 6 below.

A SPECIAL note of thanks to those of you who replied to our message of Christmas and New Year cheer etc.  Thank You!  A very welcome “encouragement” in our rather distracted condition. 

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Two new Canadian topic books.  Remember these will not be available on our website until we resolve the current problems, but we are happy to take your orders by email, phone or snail-mail.  

*  Trinity College School  Old Boys At War

     (1899-1902, 1914-1918, 1939-1945 Pub. 1948)

CA0102:   $21.00

This is a rare book, being limited in its original distribution to the men and families of the College’s Old Boys and staff.  It was published in June 1948 by the Old Boys‘ Association, Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario [Canada].   The following is taken from the book’s introductory pages:

“This is the story of T. C. S. boys at war, and more particularly of those who served in the Second World War of 1939-1945.

Trinity College School is of no great age; it marked its seventy-fifth birthday on May 1st, 1940, when a memorable celebration was held at Port Hope. Yet three times its boys have heard the call to war, and three times they have responded in full measure. A number of those who served in the First World War or in the Second World War were only fourteen years of age when war broke out; many of those on active service in the Second World War had already seen service in the First World War. Over a third of all the boys who have entered the School in eighty-three years have enlisted in time of war.

T. C. S. people have often regretted the absence of any complete record of the part played by Old Boys in the South African War and the First World War. A paper-covered booklet was issued in 1919 but the information was far from complete. Only the summaries of such service can now be given, but it will be noticed how the wholehearted and full response of 1914-1918 was reflected in 1939-1945. Those killed in action were most happily much fewer in number in the Second World War, owing, of course, to the different character of the fighting.

In the brief stories about T. C. S. Old Boys in the Second World War there are bound to be many omissions. Despite our every effort to obtain all the important details, it has been found impossible in many cases to give more than the naked outline of the service rendered.

The record speaks for itself. No verbal embellishment can add to this story of simple gallantry and service by a comparatively small group of men who had attended the same School.  But we who knew them well can never forget them and their bravery in defense of the ideals of democracy.”

The book goes on to say that a total of 855 old boys and masters had enlisted to serve in the three wars.  The book opens with a Roll of Honor for those who “fell” in all three  wars.  As the book is, mainly, a tribute to those who served in the 2nd World War, the listings of those who served in the South African and First World War (The Great War) is limited to their name and brief service details.  The listings for the ‘39 - ’45 war is divided into two parts; a Roll of Honor and an Active Service list.  The Roll of Honor provides at least one page per listing, including a picture.  The entries in the Active Service listing are very variable in scope and can provide both a picture and a comprehensive service record or, in a few entries, just a name and a minimal service record.  All listings give the years of attendance at the College. 

A previous owner of this copy of the book [a brother of one who gave his life in the Great War] inserted an addendum consisting of printed entries to be added to specified pages.  Some of these obscured the original printing while others were outside the print block of the page revised.  We have marked these revisions by placing a “shadowed” border around them and where necessary have placed them on an additional page so the original can be read in its entirety.  They can also be recognized by the instruction,  “Page XXX Cut out and paste in.” at their head.

Provided in a digital PDF format on Compact Disk (CD).  Fully computer searchable with search speed enhanced with FastFind technology.  Compatible with virtually all retail model computers and Operating Systems.  Requirements: an optical disk CD reader and PDF interpreter software such as Adobe™ Reader©. 

  Flint’s Medical and Surgical Directory of Physicians of the United States & Canada - 1897.

CA0428:  $30.00

As far as we can tell this is the one and only publication of this Directory by J. B. Flint & Co. of 104 Fulton St., New York, and their “Compiler,” A. L. Chatterton.  The directory provides its own excellent description of its aims and contents so we have copied it here only adding a couple of words of explanation about one area where progress has made significant changes which may make the books words a little difficult to understand for today’s reader:


In the compilation of this Medical Directory, the main intent has been to furnish as accurate a list of physicians as possible. As it is proposed that this shall be the first of an annually published book, any errors which may be detected either of omission or commission in the present issue, and of which we may be advised, will be promptly corrected. To facilitate this purpose, the entire work is kept standing in type, and the assistance of all who are interested in the maintenance of a correct list is solicited to the end that in each succeeding annual issue there may be attained the greatest possible correctness.

For many years a list of physicians has been maintained by this publisher, and therefrom it has been learned that the average changes exceed twenty thousand annually, evidencing the need of a frequently revised and frequently issued publication.

  . . . . . . . .

A feature of this book, which will be much extended in the 1898 edition, is a list of Sanatariums, and in future issues much additional information respecting medical institutions, patterned after New York State in this book, will be given.”

The publication of this directory came in a period when the regulation, and standardization of medical education was just beginning.  This being a State by State & Province by Province activity, it was more advanced in some areas than in others.  Before these regulations were brought into force anyone could “hang up a shingle” and call themselves a Physician, and indeed many who did so were as skilled as could be expected in their age.  Unfortunately there were also the less skilled and it was to rid the profession of these individuals that the regulations were being introduced.  This then was a period during which some Doctors may have come about their education by self-learning, experience and practice, while others had come through some Board Approved School of Medicine and perhaps a period of supervised practical experience.  The way this directory dealt with this dichotomy is explained, in the books words, as follows:

“In addition to the name, where obtainable, there is also given the date and college of graduation. The instances in which this information is wanting are those from whom by direct application or by other methods we have been unable to secure the required data. It does not in any sense follow, however, that these practitioners are not in every way accredited members of the profession. It is even true that there are many of the older and most capable practitioners who are not graduates of medicine at all. Graduates of medicine not engaged in the practice of their profession are not included in this work.”

Provided in a digital PDF format on Compact Disk (CD).  Fully computer searchable with search speed enhanced with FastFind technology.  Compatible with virtually all retail model computers and Operating Systems.  Requirements: an optical disk CD reader and PDF interpreter software such as Adobe™ Reader©.  



Obviously our first priority is returning our website to full function (and publishing this newsletter!).

As possible, work will continue on the original Canadian social history, electronic manuscript, we are proud to be publishing.



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter so you can tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.



The Canadian War Museum’s popular exhibition of the War of 1812 will now be available via a virtual exhibition, and as a traveling version at venues across Canada into 2015.

Here are the remaining dates and places where you can see the exhibit: 

February 14 - May 10, 2015 Diefenbaker Canada Centre, Saskatoon, SK 



Toronto Branch has reached a milestone in its project to index war memorials in the city’s schools! The number of schools in our For King and Country database now stands at 100. The latest additions are The Bishop Strachan School, Davisville Public School, Eastern High School of Commerce, George Syme School, Humbercrest Public School, Keele Street School, Maurice Cody School, Roselands Public School, Victoria College, and York Memorial Collegiate Institute. That’s 10 more schools… and 3,378 more names of students, former students and teachers who volunteered for active service in the World Wars and other conflicts. Our database now contains a total of more than 38,000 names, along with descriptions and transcriptions of memorials, photos and school histories, all fully searchable on-line. Visit our For King and Country pages at to explore this growing collection.



The OGS picks their theme for the 2017 conference (NOTE:  2017, not 16!)  

Is the theme which has been chosen for the Society's conference to be held in Ottawa (the Nation’s Capital); and what a fantastic title!  And the reason that the title of the conference was chosen is that 2017 will be the 150th birthday of the founding of Canada. It will be a super busy time in Ottawa, so why not plan to attend the conference and do some sightseeing during your stay? 

This will be the sixth time that Ottawa Branch will have hosted the conference (plus they co-hosted the 2012 conference in Kingston.)

They already have a small group of volunteers, but they can always have more people join them in this effort.   You can contact them at: 

The webpage is:



Is offering a half-year membership for the period from January 1, 2015 to July 31, 2015 for only $40.00.

This membership will provide you with a copy of the Summer 2015 issue of their newsletter, Connections, and full member's access to their website. Also, they invite members and non-members alike (free for members) to go to their research library in Montreal to access their many books, and use special genealogy searching programs.

To join, click on the membership form below. After printing and completing the form, you can mail it to them, along with your cheque or money order for $40.00.

The membership form is at

The website is at



The Manitoba Museum wants to know if you have artifacts relating to the first time women were allowed to vote in the province. 

A new exhibit called “Nice Women Don’t Want the Vote” will open at the museum on November 5, 2015. The title comes from the words uttered by former Manitoba Premier Sir Rodmond Roblin during a heated exchange with Nellie McClung.

The exhibit will commemorate the 100th anniversary when the Manitoba Legislature amended the Manitoba Election Act on January 28, 1916 to allow women to vote.

“Nice Women Don’t Want to Vote” will run until February 9, 2016 before traveling for the next eight months across Manitoba prior to open at the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa on November 17, 2016.

Anyone with artifacts or a story for the exhibit should contact Roland Sawatzky at (204) 988-0634 or by email

Read the history of how women won the vote in Manitoba at



To recap, in brief:  on 24 November, our Internet Service Provider and web hosting service suffered a major failure in their web hosting service.  The service provider has decided not to release any details but their recovery has involved migrating all the websites on the failed servers onto a completely new set of machines using a different operating system.

This “migration” has been ongoing ever since, supposedly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our website has been gradually regaining content and functionality ever since. 

And now:

As of yesterday all of the site has been restored EXCEPT the part which enables us to submit your credit card for payment and a part you never see which allows us to make changes to the catalogue and perform a few other vital maintenance functions. Since these are the functions which allow us to remain in business we consider them ESSENTIAL and have been doing our best to persuade the service provider to get them working. 

In view of the seriousness of this situation we have initiated an all out action towards a new and separate solution, but this involves a great deal of work and is completely occupying all of our available time.  I don’t want to say more about this now but by “double streaming” a solution we CAN be sure to achieve a resolution as soon as possible.

In the mean time we welcome your eMail, Phone, or regular mail enquiries and / or orders, and we promise we will continue to mail your purchases back to you within 24 (working) hours of accepting an order.



We use our Facebook page to spread the word about notable events, special offers and just plain old “scuttlebutt” which we think will be of interest to Canadian genealogists, and which may have a short “shelf life.” To me, being a Canadian genealogist means having roots in other parts of the World as well as right here.  In an effort to keep focused on the Canadian content I try to filter out a lot of the vast wave of US (only) news which tend to overwhelmed most other news sources. 

Over the Christmas / New Year period we have made more than 30 posts and the 5 most popular were:

News of the 2015 series of Who Do You Think You Are, TV broadcasts.

An Index of the larger genealogy companies - an Who owns Who if you will.

          An explanation of the different calendars used over time in different parts of the World.

          News of a proposed changes in how copies of British vital records are to be served to “clients” i.e., you.

          News of a brief period of free access to Scottish records @ Scotland’s People. (most popular post)

We try and keep the postings to only significant events - as they occur,  but we do also include posts about “specials” and “free access” opportunities which only last a few days.

Add your “Like” to our site and be “in the know!” 


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We also have “soft copies” of everything on our computers, for you to view, and will take your orders for hard (CD) copies - OR we will do an instant download to YOUR portable storage media (including Gleanings), at the normal show discounts.



21 Feb. 2015, Saturday:  Publish Before You Perish

The Toronto branch of the OGS is running a half-day course is intended for those who have already done a lot of family history research. It will outline the steps required to publish your family history in a printed book format.  Instructor: Nancy Conn.

Where/when: Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

For further information visit


21 Feb. 2015, Saturday:  Welcome to Our World: A Day with Top Toronto Genealogists and Family Historians

The Toronto branch of the OGS offers an interactive forum; intended for people who are thinking of getting involved in genealogy or who are beginners in this fascinating field.  Some of Toronto's top genealogy and family history experts will share their perspectives and experiences.  Speakers: Carol Nichols, Janice Nickerson, Guylaine Pétrin and James F.S. Thomson

Where/when: North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge Street, Toronto, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

For further information visit


4 March 2015, Wednesday.  The Toronto branch of the OGS offers a three-week hands-on course (2nd and 3rd classes: 11 and 18 March), “Using Digital Newspapers for Genealogy Research”.  This course will examine the uses of historical newspapers for genealogy research as well as where to find them online.  2015, Instructor: Marian Press

Where/when: Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto times of all classes 6:15 – 8:15 pm.

For further information visit


27 & 28 March, 2015, Friday & Saturday.  The Ottawa branch of the OGS will be holding their 31st annual GEAN-O-RAMA conference.  They have a full program of speakers, presenting between Friday evening and  Saturday evening as well as a large number of vendors in the marketplace, which will be running all the time.  The conference is being held in the Confederation Education Centre, 1645 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario.  Further information/registration can be found at



28 March 2015, Saturday.  The Toronto branch of the OGS offers a fast-paced one-day course: Introduction to Genealogy and Family History.  This will introduce some of the types of records and techniques needed to research your family tree, with a focus on vital records, census and probate records, and how to extract and evaluate data.  Instructor: Linda Reid

Where / when: North York Memorial Community Hall, 5110 Yonge Street, Toronto. Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

For further information visit


Registration is also now open for the first in the spring 2015 lineup of courses run by the Toronto branch OGS in partnership with the Archives of Ontario, designed for both family and local historians:


31 March, 7 and 14 April 2015, Tuesdays.  “Hands-On Early Ontario Land Records.”  This three-week course will provide a hands-on introduction to the land granting process in Ontario and the main types of Crown Land records. Participants will work in small groups following actual case histories through the records.  Instructor: Jane MacNamara

Where / when: Archives of Ontario, York University, 134 Ian Macdonald Blvd., Toronto.  Times:   4 - 7 p.m.

For further information visit


11 April, 2015.   Toronto Branch of the OGS is planning a day-long workshop on “Upper Canada and Canada West Research”.  Advance notice only.  Look for more information coming soon, or go to:< > for the latest news.

For further information visit


25 April, 2015.  The Kitchener Public Library will be hosting their 4th annual Genealogy Fair.  This is a very successful public event which has attracted about  300 participants each year.  And why not, it’s FREE!   There is a full program of presenters and a full marketplace of vendors.  This year it is being held in the newly renovated and expanded Central Library building at 85 Queen St North, Kitchener, ON, N2H 2H1.  Tel. 519.743.0271.  For other questions please contact:



29-31 May, 2015.  The Ontario Genealogical Society will host the Society’s annual conference at Georgian College Campus, Barrie, ON, Canada. The conference theme  “TRACKS THROUGH TIME” originates from the 130th Anniversary of the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway across Canada.

Conference 2015 website:



6 June, 2015.  Toronto Branch of the OGS is planning a one-day workshop on 6 June 2015 on “Genetic Genealogy” and its uses in family history research.  Advance notice only.  Look for more information coming soon, or go to:





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